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How stingy Emojis earned their money on the stock exchange 9167 days ago

While some Emojis still mourned the death of the last Horror Clowns, other Emojis tried to use this unsafe time for new possibilities of the moneymaking. One day several employees of the censorship authority from Laughing Emoji had more than enough of their activity as overseers of the most confidential laughing formula of the country. After the election of the first dictator the financial situation intensified of these Emojis. They noticed that many traders raised their prices every day by 0.10 Bitcoins. Thus their income lost massively to buying power. This meant for these Emojis that they could shop with their wage less and less. That's why they decided, before it was getting too late to discontinue their work as a overseer of the most famous laughing formula of Emoji at once. On account of complicated laws of the gathered lawyers they planned an adventurous common disappearance from their hometown. By this second an alien from the Saturn practiced a new computer language in a continuing education course in Pluto.
This alien might make exceptionally discontented Emojis happy. For this purpose he might also select some Emojis. The Saturn's information scientist had big honour to have the famous professor Setag Lib personally as a coach as the cleverest alien of his home planet in Pluto. The informatics professor handed over a list with discontented Emojis to the student. Among them were also some lawyers who worked on the legislation of Emoji. Finally, some lawyers were discontented with the fact that the first dictator could influence every new law strongly or forbid. The student chose discontented employees of the censorship authority and a lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji who waved in his hometown regularly to the inhabitants of the town by his famous journeys with the donkey. The professor asked the student: Which qualities did these Emojis lack, so that they would form their life more contently?
The information scientist from the Saturn had to click on every single Emoji. He perused all qualities of all Emojis. He noticed that these Emojis lacked a very growing stinginess. Thus he said the professor Lib. Missing stinginess led to the fact that these Emojis undertook no risks in favour of their economic rise. Moreover, there did not experiment the affected Emojis with their abilities. That's why they wasted their unused potential. The professor affirmed this formulation. However, he warned the student against giving to these Emojis too much stinginess. He said that an overdose of the stinginess affected very negatively. That's why he required to program a reasonable measure in stinginess. After this conversation the single-minded alien from the Saturn began with the programming. By this second affected Emojis felt strong tiredness. That's why they all went to bed. While to the sleep the information scientist integrated the new qualities to these Emojis. The next day the affected Emojis felt strong need to travel to Jupiter.
Even the employer of the employees of the censorship authority allowed to them to undertake this trip at the expenses of the state. These Emojis had to look in Jupiter as local misers protected their valuables against theft. There they met two emigrants from Emoji who already came after the death of the Third Horror Clowns to the biggest town of Jupiter. Both emigrants looked regularly for other prospective customers to whom they could recommend their system. They acted with a banana system on the stock exchange. The employees of the censorship authority met the lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji near the stock market place in the finance town of Jupiter. They recognised the famous Emoji who worked together with other Emojis on the legislation on television. They started to speak with him. Just by this second the former emigrants were on the way to the stock exchange. They came with very expensive bicycles to this finance place. They heard known language. Thus they started to discuss with the Emojis and the lawyer the topical life in their former native country. The stinginess of the Emojis slowly started to grow when they found out how emigrants earned their money on the stock exchange. By this second the informatics student organised several demonstrations against the censorship authority of Laughing Emoji.

That's why foreign employees were asked not to appear to the work. Instead, the city administration transferred 50 Bitcoins to closed employees. At this time interested Emojis started to invest their money on the stock exchange. They bought several shares at the beginning. Quick they noticed that they could earn with it no quick money. That's why all Emojis decided to invest together a Bitcoin for common risky investment. All together they invested 12 Jupiter's Bitcoins. For this purpose they opened a bank account which was in the names of all Emojis. Thereby they wanted to earn together their money. On the first day looked all Emojis together as they wanted to invest their money. Before every purchase and every transaction they discussed every step together. Then they decided on the next step. On the first day they trebled their used amount. Thus they already had 36 Bitcoins on their trader account. After the first day they wanted to distribute their day profit together. Finally, they feared that they could lose their earned money by big risk. Thus 24 Bitcoins were transferred to a common savings account.
On the second trading day Emojis began with 12 Bitcoins again. The second day was less successful. This time Emojis earned only 6 Bitcoins. At the end of the day they transferred the earning of 6 Bitcoins to their savings account. On the third day these Emojis began with 12 Bitcoins again. The third day was very much irritate afloat for them. Finally, they lost in the middle of the day almost half. The second half of the third day began with 7 Bitcoins. Emojis had to proceed more carefully and more thought-out with their decisions.
This time Emojis noticed how from their seven Bitcoins incredible 777 Bitcoins became. On the fourth day Emojis decided to minimise their risk. This time thus they invested only 7 Bitcoins. The profit of 770 Bitcoins was shifted to the common savings account. On the fourth day the first day half began so well for Emojis that the lawyer requested the other Emojis to transfer prematurely the high profit of 4444 Bitcoins immediately to the savings account. Finally, he wanted to transform no profit into loss by risk. The other Emojis obeyed him. Thus the investment amount was lowered at the midday upon seven Bitcoins. Really experienced Emojis their nightmare on the stock exchange. They lost their seven Bitcoins in the second half of the day.
The stinginess of the Emojis had grown so strongly that they mourned seven minutes the lost Bitcoins. The next day, nevertheless, most Emojis wanted to trade again on the stock exchange. On the fifth day they invested 5 Bitcoins and earned 77 Bitcoins. Thus several days of the Emojis passed in Jupiter on the stock exchange. By careful common cooperation these Emojis could earn a total of 60777 Jupiter's Bitcoins. While in Jupiter this money was not a lot worth, Emojis could change this money in Emoji in local Bitcoins. In Emoji they noticed how rich they became, actually, on the Jupiter's stock exchange for relations Emojis. That's why they decided to apply their strategies on the stock exchange of Emoji Meaning. These Emojis became addicted in this kind of investment on the stock exchange. Several Emojis lost most easily earned money on the stock exchange. That's why they went voluntarily to Laughing Emoji and worked at the censorship authority. The other Emojis could develop their financial success on the stock exchange. Thus they became financial jugglers. Moreover, they founded consulting firms on the subject risky investments on the stock exchange.
Some successful financial jugglers founded their own schools at which they taught prospective customers as one should handle with the loss or profit. Local stingy Emoijs and aliens with Jupiter's roots praised the new financial jugglers as a good model for the town of the thrift and prosperity. The failures accepted their old life as overseers of the laughing formula. At least, they might hear every morning several jokes on the radio. A research team from Emoji List wanted to examine the success of the financial jugglers mathematically. Finally, Emojis wanted to know a successful formula for the financial success. The researchers examined all decisions of the successful brokers. Nevertheless, they failed because of the regulation of a single successful formula. Finally they explained the disappointed Emojis that everybody itself should invent its successful formula. This statement motivated single-minded Emojis to remain in the realisation of their ideas. The first dictator visited every Monday evening during his term of office one private hour with a successful financial juggler. Finally, he wanted to protect himself financially.
One day a journalist visited the school of a financial juggler and found the list with the names of the students. Among them were many famous Emojis and the first dictator. The journalist copied the list and published this in his newspaper. His chief editor praised him. The first dictator was strongly criticised. Finally, the ruler of Emoji should concentrate himself on his work better. After this criticism the first dictator had to deal secretly with the stock exchange trading. For this purpose he organised a special team at the expenses of Emojis.


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