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What was the first Emoji?

Most Emojis are valid as especially in a good mood. Above all sad Emojis or Emoji Poops with other exceptions single other Emojis are excluded. The first dictator commanded the gathered lawyers partially to deal with the history of the Emojis. Actually, the lawyers would have to defend themselves against it. Finally, they were no historians. That's why all lawyers went together to the city of Emoji Face. There at least 29 historians dealt with the question: How did the first Emoji look at that time?
A historian explained the Emojis that they are, actually, also extraterrestrials.
Another historian underlined the fact that the first Emojis were discovered in 👥🤒💬🏤✉️📅1️⃣1️⃣. The first dictator noticed that in the last time very often reality movements would take place in Emoji.
That's why the ruler wanted that lawyers or other Emojis find as far as possible the first Emoji of all times. Moreover, the first dictator required that Emojis adduce to him evidences of the first face of Emoji. 💩🛀➕🛏️➕🚚❌️➡️👤⏱️➡️👍️👤😃🚾. By this second suddenly appeared an unknown Star in the area. It concerned the most famous inhabitant of Star Emoji. The lawyers and the ancient Emojis did not understand what was wrong here. Star Emoji also asked himself what he made here. The main lawyer asked him directly whether it was the most famous Star of Emoji. The affected Emoji asked back: Who is the most famous Star in Emoji?
A lawyer from Star Emoji said: 😃➡️👤*️⃣➕*️⃣ ➡️👤🥫🏷️➡️👥. At this time several Emojis collected flown away electoral slips of paper in Emoji Face. The first dictator said that he was elected. The other Emojis laughed at him. The dictator started to shout.
The first elections in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns annoyed the first elective dictator extremely. ♿️🆕🇸🇳🌍️🥃. Then he fled to Emoji. He visited his sister who worked in the state of Emoji as an economic juggler on the stock exchange in Emoji Meaning.
Because of unlawful entry the alien from Mars was arrested. All prison inmates wanted to make Selfies with famous Emojis this time. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑➕💯➕🎶➕🏠️📐🦐. This Emoji landed in a dust extraction plant in the city of Emoji Meanings. The air at this place was very dusty. The professor could not breathe. He shouted whether somebody was here.
After some time two employees came to him. Both Emojis found the lawyer without masks at an injurious place. That's why they took a mask which was especially for visitors. 👪️🏃‍♂️🧑‍💼🛀➕😷🛠️💯🇺🇸🌲⬆️.
In the interim the picture of the first Emojis from ancient time landed on the table of the first dictator. It really concerned an Emoji who looked like the urban symbol of the city of Emoji Face.


Why were Emojis created?

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How stingy Emojis earned their money on the stock exchange 9167 days ago

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