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What was the first Emoji?

Most Emojis are valid as especially in a good mood. Above all sad Emojis or Emoji Poops with other exceptions single other Emojis are excluded. The first dictator commanded the gathered lawyers partially to deal with the history of the Emojis. Actually, the lawyers would have to defend themselves against it. Finally, they were no historians. That's why all lawyers went together to the city of Emoji Face. There at least 29 historians dealt with the question: How did the first Emoji look at that time?
A historian explained the Emojis that they are, actually, also extraterrestrials.
Another historian underlined the fact that the first Emojis were discovered in the history books 333,333 days ago and were mentioned. Some lawyers reacted shocked. They thought that Emojis were no extraterrestrials. The first dictator noticed that in the last time very often reality movements would take place in Emoji.
That's why the ruler wanted that lawyers or other Emojis find as far as possible the first Emoji of all times. Moreover, the first dictator required that Emojis adduce to him evidences of the first face of Emoji. For this purpose the dictator sent several cameras to all lawyers. At this time a delegation of aliens from the Uranus visited a continuing education in the area of the superlatives highest technologies in Pluto. The informatics professor Setag Lib wanted to teach personally the students from Uranus.
During the first lecture of the professor a curious student from Uranus tried to program something in his screen. By his attempt all gathered lawyers landed in an interesting historical scene in Emoji Face. There were two Clowns and three Emojis with amusing faces. They brought several gigabytes in gold, silver and diamonds. They tried to hide all treasures underground. Finally, there were in the primitive time no surer safe deposits. Anyway these ancient Emojis with the Clowns had to dig almost during 1 week.
Suddenly several modern Emojis stood before them. The ancient inhabitants were occupied so with their work that they hardly noticed these Emojis. The lawyers started to speak with each other. The ancient Emojis and Clowns interrupted their work. They asked these unknown Emojis, where from they came. The lawyers explained that they were in search of the first Emoji. The ancient inhabitants explained that they understood not completely. A clerk of the court asked these ancient Emojis which year they were. Thereon everybody explained together the year. Now realised lawyers that they landed about 888 years in the past. A lawyer asked the ancient Emojis, why they hide their valuables and don't use them.
A Clown explained that there were, unfortunately, not enough inhabitants. That's why valuables were hardly valuable. The other ancient Emojis explained:
We hid gold and other valuables for better days. Modern Emojis compared this action to the hamster. By this second suddenly appeared an unknown Star in the area. It concerned the most famous inhabitant of Star Emoji. The lawyers and the ancient Emojis did not understand what was wrong here. Star Emoji also asked himself what he made here. The main lawyer asked him directly whether it was the most famous Star of Emoji. The affected Emoji asked back: Who is the most famous Star in Emoji?
A lawyer from Star Emoji said: This is that Emoji after whose name the town of the same name was named. Star Emoji affirmed. A judge wanted to know where the Star will hide in 888 years. Star Emoji started to laugh. Then he started to do magic.
After some time all lawyers and the ancient Emojis with a Clown became transparent. In the meantime, the professor Setag Lib was angry at the inability of the students from the Uranus. His fury reached the suitable computer. At short notice all Emojis were sent to the confidential room of the first dictator. The dictator was very much angry about the fact that all lawyers with unknown Emojis and a Clown landed in the most confidential room.
He commanded to his Secret Service to put all undesirable Emojis from the room directly on the special garrotte. The ancient Emojis suddenly got special forces. The first dictator from his confidential room was brought by several old sentences by the air on a garrotte beside other lawyers and ancient Emojis. The ruler asked the main lawyer who these Emojis and Clown were. A clerk of the court said that these Emojis from the beginnings of the amusing people came. Then the dictator wanted to invite these Emojis on the yellow carpet. The ancient Emojis asked the other lawyers where they were generally. The main lawyer said that this time you were in our reality 888 years later. The ancient Emojis and the Clown wanted to go together to Emoji Face to that place where they hid their treasures. The first dictator decided to accompany these Emojis with hard armed policemen.
At the putative place the dictator let only these ancient Emojis dig out their treasures. Then he arrested the ancient Emojis. The found treasures had to be brought to the first dictator for the investigation.
By this second the first dictator wanted to touch a golden ring with his hands. After his touch with both hands and eyes all lawyers, ancient Emojis and the Clown were moved into the time of the election day of the first dictator. At this time several Emojis collected flown away electoral slips of paper in Emoji Face. The first dictator said that he was elected. The other Emojis laughed at him. The dictator started to shout.
The first elections in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns annoyed the first elective dictator extremely.
Finally, he could not think that he landed together with other Emojis only 17 days in the past. At that time he was only one candidate among many. Moreover, concerned Emojis of the local police announced that the candidate with the number 3 claimed in Emoji Face to have been elected already.
When policemen came to this place, they accused the first dictator and the gathered lawyers of being as a double of the real Emojis. They were arrested everybody. Finally, they were accused of the abuse of the authoritarian personalities. An alien from Mars was brought at this second in the same prison cell like the famous Emojis. He told these Emojis that he always believed in parallel worlds. Some time ago he was in Mars and saw the uppermost Egoist with his both eyes quite alive. Then he was called by other aliens ill. Then he fled to Emoji. He visited his sister who worked in the state of Emoji as an economic juggler on the stock exchange in Emoji Meaning.
Because of unlawful entry the alien from Mars was arrested. All prison inmates wanted to make Selfies with famous Emojis this time. Finally, other Emojis suspect these inmates that they would have to be real anyway. The reason was that there were no beauty operations for masses. That's why they saw that it was no chance that the famous lawyers from the state television were here. In addition was a serious candidate for the state dictatorship here. At this time aliens in Pluto reprogrammed the reality of the Emojis.
After some time disappeared all Emojis from this reality. The ancient Emojis with the Clown were sent back to the antiquity. The lawyers landed in their time. With the exception of a professor for the protection of the employee's rights. This Emoji landed in a dust extraction plant in the city of Emoji Meanings. The air at this place was very dusty. The professor could not breathe. He shouted whether somebody was here.
After some time two employees came to him. Both Emojis found the lawyer without masks at an injurious place. That's why they took a mask which was especially for visitors. They handed over the mask to him. Then the professor was brought to the hospital. There doctors had to take away the remains of the inhaled dust with the help of a medical vacuum cleaner. Then the professor could be sent relatively healthy home.
The responsible student from Uranus was reproved by the informatics professor Setag Lib for his inability. Finally, the professor for the protection of the employee's rights had to suffer because of bad achievement of the student needlessly. That's why the student had to make good for his behaviour. Thus the student decided that the affected Emoji should win a lot of money as a next one with the land lottery. For this purpose the student sent the right numbers to this Emoji. Moreover, he sent him the wish to take part without exception in the land lottery. For this purpose he sent the command:
<Motivation> ! Professor § £££$$$, Win ^ Land lottery "Enter" </Motivation>
After the input of this command the affected Emoji felt the urgent need to play in the land lottery. He ran in a record-breaking tempo to the sales place. There he filled within 6 seconds all numbers. And paid for the registration of his notes. After two hours he looked on television the drawing.
The informatics student still noticed that he should adapt the suitable numbers in the land lottery. Thus he wrote the command:
<Land lottery> ! Today {Following Numbers; 1,2,23,34,45,6} </Land lottery> --send
Then all desired numbers fell with the land lottery. The affected professor did not believe his eyes. He really won, although he never played before in the land lottery.
In the interim the picture of the first Emojis from ancient time landed on the table of the first dictator. It really concerned an Emoji who looked like the urban symbol of the city of Emoji Face.


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