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The first elections in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns

Many Emojis were slightly nervous when they were on the way to the polling places.
Two Cucumbers distributed in Middle Finger Emoji several toys in the form of snakes free of charge in the polling places of this town. Many unknowing Emojis accepted thankfully this present. But why Cucumbers distributed these toys free of charge in Emojis?
These snakes contained a connection with the servers of Salted Cucumbers. There sat several marketing experts who wanted to analyse the purchase behaviour of the Emojis.
The aim of this enterprise was adapted the specific production by products to the needs of the Emojis. These snakes were suitable as a key chain. With this strategy hoped Cucumbers that Emojis would always carry the present with themselves. Thus they would be able to spy out at least the gifted Emojis. Moreover, this snake also collected the wishes of the Emojis which they expressed in their talks with others. Afterwards Cucumbers tried to launch suitable products in Emoji.
Curious spies from Venus wanted to know how much the mightiest tax authorities earned on the planet Halloween. Completely too most highly the stingiest tax authority from Emoji landed. In the election day spies from Venus felt big pressure to visit the symbolic building in Poop Emoji. In the election day the city administration of Poop Emoji organised the biggest elections just in the tax authority.
Several local inhabitants and other Emojis from neighbouring towns and villages elected the first dictator in the tax authority. The uppermost tax collector was so curious on this day that he welcomed every voter personally with the entrance. Moreover, the stingiest authority at the command of the uppermost official provided confidential personality profiles on account of the fingerprints on the electoral slips of paper. Later the tax authority owned the biggest data bank in fingerprints in completely Emoji. In the high-tech town of Emoji App a robot welcomed every voter into several languages in the polling places. Several Emojis concentrated by the completion of the electoral slips of paper in their thought upon the greeting robots. That's why nearly 20 percent of the electoral slips of paper had especially interesting names: Greeting robot for President!
In the election day the gathered lawyers had to supervise the expiry of the first elections at different places in Emoji. The state was prohibited that a lawyer might supervise the elections in his hometown. Thus a lawyer from Poop Emoji had to supervise the elected Emojis in Japanese Emoji. When spies from the Venus wanted to be admitted in the tax authority, the uppermost tax collector identified them as foreign bodies. That's why he alarmed immediately the local police. He argued this with the fact that these aliens from the Venus were absent in the register of the taxpayers. These spies were arrested by Poop Emojis. With it there failed the attempt of Venus.
In the capital of Emoji SMS the building of the gathered lawyers was transformed to a polling place.
Some Cucumbers tried to pose with phoney passports as Emojis. An attentive local alien with roots from Uranus noticed that these Emojis were very strange. That's why he said the responsible lawyer who observed the elections. The problem was that these wrong Emojis already gave their votes. That's why all electoral slips of paper had to be got from the box bag. Several researchers had to look with their devices for fingerprints of the wrong Emojis. That's why the lawyer from Alien Emoji decided to use a new box bag for the other voters. At this time aliens noticed in Pluto that Emojis wasted a lot of time for the search of the phoney electoral slips of paper. That's why they sent several right thoughts to the researchers, so that they identify faster the invalid electoral slips of paper. After a short time all researchers took together the right electoral slips of paper with their hands. The present lawyer praised the researchers for their diligence. In Japanese Emoji the old tax authority was used temporarily as the polling place for Emojis. That's why tourists could not visit the building. Some tourists from the Saturn absolutely wanted to visit the building of their forefathers in Japanese Emoji. That's why they bought several Horror Clown masks. Disguised aliens from the Saturn went to the old tax authority of Japanese Emoji. Not a single one observer or monitor noticed that these were no admitted voters. Thus these tourists visited the old tax authority easily. They were welcomed even in Japanese by Emojis.
These Emojis wanted to give even, to these tourists electoral slips of paper. Saturn's aliens took these papers and smiled. Then they threw these empty electoral slips of paper in the cardboard box. At least, they wrote something in their mother tongue. Emojis identified these electoral slips of paper with the counting up as invalid.
In the middle of the polling places several journalists announced in the mass media that many Emojis got free snakes as a key chain in Middle Finger Emoji. Partial these key chains exploded. That's why at least 100 Emojis complained at the urban police in Middle Finger Emoji. That's why the uppermost police chief commanded to find the responsible donors.
During the search policemen found several criminal aliens from the Jupiter who wanted to smuggle the local earth with a lot of aid. At this time the son of Tycoon sat in an office in Emoji Meanings and supervised the electoral process. He concentrated upon the elections so much that every phone call became as superfluous for him. He looked just as two Emojis filled their electoral slips of paper. Suddenly there rang the phone. A policeman informed the lawyer about the theft of the earth in Middle Finger Emoji. The lawyer said that the accusation could occur against the thieves only after the elections. Thus several misers from the Jupiter were arrested.
In the meantime, Jupiter paid phoney money to the responsible Emojis. After the successful bribery were released all misers to Jupiter at once. Later aliens from Jupiter tried to steal the valuable earth from Middle Finger Emoji sometimes again.
In Alien Emoji several lawyers from Eris as an electoral observers also had to check passports of the elective voters. An Emoji with Jupiter's roots tried to uninstall a robot in Emoji App. Other Emojis asked him what he wanted to do with the robot. Thereon he explained to them that he had to repair the robot. Then these Emojis helped him even. Thus they became coculprits. Later there disappeared the stingy Emoji with the robot from the polling place. Because of this event the proud town on the technical progress had to hide its pride completely behind in the archive.
In comparison to other towns amazed Cute Emoji its voters by the entry of the polling places with local sweets. When aliens got to know in Mars about these events, they sent several toothpastes to the Emojis to Cute Emoji. Thus the townsmen could still try out a new toothpaste from Mars.
In Heart Eyes Emoji the local monks with good jokes spoilt themselves. Several canvassers for different religions came to the polling places to Heart Eyes Emoji. There they tried to distribute different pamphlets to religious Emojis. Partially still pamphlets with different religions were thrown together with the electoral slips of paper in the urns.
Emoji Keyboard had big problem by the first elections. The reason was the outdated infrastructure in the city. This led to a big scandal among Emojis. In Emoji Keyboard many voluntary Emojis and aliens had to build several small tents for the elections independently. For electoral observers the work was especially difficult in Emoji Keyboard. That's why gathered lawyers had to carry out one more crisis meeting in the evening before the elections. Thus they decided to accept the factory of the most famous enterprise of Emoji Keyboard as the only polling place.
Thus Emojis elected their first dictator also by the majority in this factory for keyboards.
The biggest problem of the stingy Emojis in Emoji Meaning was that they had to spend for the first time so much money in their history. At least, Emojis decided to save with the polling places cleverly. Thus the building was not heated, although it was cold winter. Moreover, Emojis saved with the costs for lamps. The whole electricity was excluded for this building. Moreover, voters were asked to print the electoral slips of paper with themselves at home. In the waiting room Emojis had to wait very long. Finally, only two Emojis had to deal with all elective inhabitants.
The working Emojis had to take down the names of the voters on toilet paper. Finally, this paper cost in the least money. The clerk of the court from Heart Eyes Emoji felt the thrift of these Emojis strongly. He reported about his experiences later his colleagues who do not come from this town.
From Emoji Face journalists announced that many electoral slips of paper flew away by strong wind from the urns. Many Emojis had to help to the police to bring back all electoral slips of paper unread. Some Emojis used the chance and tried to fake the electoral slips of paper. Later the elections had to be even repeated in Emoji Face. Two candidates could hope afterwards still for their victory.
In contrast to other towns experienced voters of Crying Laughing Emoji strange greetings of unknown dead aliens by the entry into their polling places. That's why there came extremely many journalists from other areas of Emoji to Crying Laughing Emoji. Even several historians came. They wanted to find out whether it concerned with these aliens historical personalities. Between two historians a quarrel about a voice began. Emojis said the journalist that they supposed the former mayor Non Sense in the city centre. He tried to build as the first mayor unsuccessfully the first tax authority.
Emojis in Laughing Emoji were quite loose. They wrote some names on their electoral slips of paper. For them the whole elections were a big joke. Some Emojis wrote even the original laughing formula according to the motto: Our laughing formula for President!
In Emoji Town several electoral observers were kidnapped by several furious Emojis.
Finally, local Emojis wanted to spend more money on education instead of pointless elections. The end of the Circus Union left many wounds with the impoverished Emojis.
In Emoji Town the persons responsible for the elections did not notice that electoral observers disappeared. This did not interest them.
In Emoji Pop Emojis made music in the polling places. So the lawyers got strong headaches. In Neptune aliens tried to deal with the other action with the first dictator. Thus the government of Neptune took down possible scenarios according to election of a certain dictator. Neptune wanted to boycott a dictator from a small village politically. The candidate with the number 3 was called satisfactory.
In Sad Emoji voters experienced a big dropping of cotton from the clouds. Emojis were very happy when they saw this. In spite of strong competition several candidates sat for land dictatorship together in a restaurant and told each other several unique jokes. Thus Emojis tried to improve their mood anyway. Independent of the election result.


The last day before the election of the first dictator in Emoji

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Count of votes in Emoji

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