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The last day before the election of the first dictator in Emoji

On the last day before the big election a candidate from a small town searched in several archives for special documents. He looked for his identity card and passport. This Emoji was 21143 days old on this day. At this time he visited a mathematician in Emoji Keyboard. The specialist had to work out the digit sum of the day in the election day of the candidate with his pocket calculator. Thus the mathematician wrote the following calculation on his note: 21144 = 2+1+1+4+4 = 12=3
The candidate thanked the mathematician for this important calculation. By this visit this candidate stuck the number 3 on his tie.
Then the candidate visited an event in Emoji Keyboard. He told the Emojis about his plans for the country after his election. He looked so persuasive that Emojis felt him as a winner without elections. By this second advocates of Devil Emoji collected even more newspapers. Many Emojis donated even voluntarily their old newspapers. As a countermove they received discounts for the best ketchup Emojis. Devil Emoji organised a publicity campaign: Bring an old newspaper and receive a discount on tomato ketchup!
This marketing led among Emojis for big discussions. Nobody understood what the entrepreneur planned with the old newspapers. At least, reached this action that most Emojis spoke about this strange entrepreneur. Several candidates for land dictatorship feared that Emojis dealt with a young entrepreneur too much. That's why a candidate from Japanese Emoji commanded the combustion or damage equipment in the property of Devil Emoji.
Thus several fans of the candidate from Japanese Emoji tried to attack a local supermarket with products of Devil Emoji. All tomato ketchups were thrown away by criminal Emojis of the shelves. Moreover, all tomatoes from the supermarket were stolen. The owner of the supermarket reacted very much angry about this vandalism in his business. He alarmed police. Policemen had to transfer all fingerprints carefully on their papers. Then tracker dogs were depended to find these criminal Emojis.
Nearby there sat several aliens from the Venus on a bench and discussed the forthcoming elections of Emoji. Suddenly several smeared Emojis with tomatoes and red painted faces came to the aliens. They wanted to sit beside them. These aliens left the bench. The red Emojis sat and enjoyed their success against the famous ketchup. After some time came the policemen with their tracker dogs and arrested the red Emojis with remained tomatoes. They were condemned to a prison sentence of 3333 days because of vandalism and destruction of important food. They tried to justify themselves. This failed. An Emoji, who the candidates with the number 3 supported had a Dictaphone with himself when the candidate from Japanese Emoji said his silly command his fans. He went to a police place and said what the candidate demanded of his followers. The policemen had to arrest the candidate temporarily. After the payment of a bribery the candidate was released. In spite of this effort this candidate from Japanese Emoji had to find out his defeat as one of the first candidates.
In Emoji Keyboard applauded Emojis to the candidate with the number 3 loudly. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji became more and more nervous. Finally, he feared that the influence of the tax authority would decrease after the election of the dictator. That's why he had to try to find out anyhow who wins the elections really. That's why he visited the whole day different clairvoyants in completely Emoji. He tried to get from them their opinions. All together he visited exactly 40 clairvoyants. Of it 2 clairvoyants mentioned the candidate with the number 3 as a definitive winner. The other clairvoyants mentioned quite different names. The uppermost official decided a tax increase for Emojis because of rising nervousness. He felt pressure to reach all mentioned candidates with his feet. The haughty Emoji visited a candidate with Saturn's roots in Crying Laughing Emoji at the beginning. The reason was that a clairvoyant mentioned him at the beginning as strong leading. The candidate explained to the haughty Emoji that he had many important appearances. That's why he rejected the official several times. He had to appear before ten thousands Emojis. The work of the tax collectors from Poop Emoji developed as especially difficult. He felt big pressure. That's why he decided to use his power.
Thus he contacted the elite policemen and they had to make at his command every well-chosen candidate let at least 10 minutes for the uppermost tax collector. During an event in Emoji List unexpectedly came 10 policemen and ran quite cheeky to the stage and forced the candidate that he should come along to the tax authority to Poop Emoji. Emojis who would shout this experienced, what should be this nonsense. Furious Emojis decided to go after this event together with aliens from Mars of Emoji List to Poop Emoji. There the big building of the tax authority was several times sprayed with graffiti. The gathered lawyers decided to spend the week-end before the big elections together. They decided to visit the amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. There Emojis prayed for a better future of their country after the election of the first dictator. Moreover, Emojis discussed real chances of the candidates. Most lawyers agreed that the candidate with the number 3 wins the elections. Their logical grounds were that Emojis saw a known Emoji from the times of the Circus Union in this candidate.
Finally, he was a leading politician from Emoji in the former Circus Union.
At 12:00 o'clock all monks assembled in Heart Eyes Emoji and began with the special prayer of the day for the elections of the first dictator in Emoji.
Emojis were stopped in it by a strong wind from going in to the amusing houses. Thus monks renounced on a prayer in favour of the first dictator. Instead, they concentrated upon a prayer for Emojis and in general for people. Only now there ended the wind. Monks realised that they should pray for Emojis and not for a dictator. A strange candidate from Emoji Backpack promised to his followers that he would spend the night at night before the elections absolutely in a prison. He did this really. He wanted to remind with this event symbolically of victims of the First Horror Clowns. Many Emojis were inspired by his action. That's why this candidate had a lot of votes above all from his home town Emoji Backpack.
At this time organised Devil Emoji in all important towns of Emoji the special positions to which steadily old newspapers were distributed. Moreover, he took down every small detail how his followers should fight against every elective dictator actively. Some spies from the Jupiter who were on the move for Salted Cucumbers in Emoji had to set on fire several old newspapers. Above all stingy Emojis fought against the stinking old newspapers of Devil Emoji in Emoji Meaning. They wanted no descendant from the former royal family as a new ruler of the country, although his forefathers were very friendly to stingy aliens from the Jupiter. Thus several old newspapers were destroyed in Emoji Meaning by opponents of the monarchy.
By this second the uppermost tax collector considered in Poop Emoji which candidate would have the biggest chances for the profit. He examined every candidate whom the clairvoyants forecast to him as a winner. He worked on this brainstorming during nearly 124 minutes. He realised that most candidates were rather unknown Emojis. That's why only the candidate with the number 3 was the most relevant winner. After the official realised this, he sat down on his vehicle and went to the airport. Then he flew to Emoji Keyboard. There he hid under the Emojis in the audience. Beside him sat two Neptune's aliens who recognised the stingiest Emoji. They discussed with each other in their mother tongue something. An alien left for a short time his place. He went to a cosmetics machine nearby. There he bought an adhesive. Quite carefully he crept under the chairs of the seated Emojis up to his place. He considered the leg positions of the uppermost tax collectors.
Then he opened his glue and splashes it in the surroundings of the official. Later the shoes and the trousers of this haughty Emojis became viscous and dirty. When the affected Emoji noticed this, both aliens from the Neptune were already away. In spite of this incident the official with the most promising candidate wanted to speak after his speech. Moreover, he invited him in a restaurant at the expenses of the Emoji Poops in the town of the keyboard.
There the tax collector advertised to the entire introduction of the tax duty for all Emojis without exceptions. The candidate felt very well to eat at the expenses of the taxpayers. He signed a suitable document with the uppermost official. Then they said goodbye of each other. After this event the candidate also visited Emojis in Emoji Meanings, Emoji SMS and other bigger cities.
At this time several attentive Emojis contacted the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji and told him about many graffiti in the building of the tax authority.
When the uppermost official found out this, he asked his special police to find the criminal Emojis. Later several Emojis explained who came from Emoji List that they took revenge for the disturbance of the speech of their candidate. Then the uppermost tax collector decided to introduce very high taxes independently in Emoji List.
The Emojis could not defend themselves any more. Finally, the stingy Emoji from Poop Emoji was very mighty.
Devil Emoji thanked very much his followers that they donated so many old newspapers to him. Moreover, he called his followers above all in Emoji SMS and Emoji Meanings particularly to prepare many newspapers. Moreover, Devil Emoji sent his personalities to the polling places. There they should find out about the newest state of the elections all 5 minutes. The candidate with the number 3 also wanted that he is shown on television how he shook the hands of the Emojis. He also did this.
At this time monks decided to eat a cucumber soup in Heart Eyes Emoji. Thus they calmed their nerves before the big day in Emoji.
The candidate from Japanese Emoji who badly behaved decided to bribe possible voters. Thus he wanted to deliver to them several small coins, so that they elect him. An alien from the Uranus helped the Emojis with the organisation of the first elections after the end of the Circus Union.


The last preparations of the Emojis for the elections of the first dictator

Story: The last preparations of the Emojis for the elections of the first dictator

The first elections in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns

Story: The first elections in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns



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