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Why young Emojis wished a mini joint-stock company

Two Emojis and three aliens with roots from the Mercury walked in the biggest wood in Middle Finger Emoji. Somewhere in the wood they noticed that there were complicated ways. They noticed that there were places which Emojis probably avoided. That's why they visited a store. There Emojis looked for a certain device which could identify footprints. With the help of this device Emojis found out that up to now at least during the last 40,444 days not a single one traveller ventured to rise on this mountain. The diligent Emojis and aliens absolutely wanted to mount this mountain with own forces. For this purpose they began with own production of suitable equipment. 😄🛏️🛗⬆️💯🛏️. ➕🚾🛰️➡️👤➡️🏭️👤🏙️#️⃣👤⬅️. The problem was: These Emojis already invested a lot of money for the whole material of their future company. That's why they contacted the gathered lawyers by telephone and required the introduction of a mini joint-stock company for start-ups.
An assigned counsel from Emoji App started to formulate the suitable law:
§ A mini joint-stock company needs only one official registration for the verification of the enterprise founded anew. This kind of the enterprise is valid as a preparatory form for the big joint-stock company above all for diligent company founders without big capital. A mini joint-stock company can be transformed easily and without other bureaucratic laws into the joint-stock company. The mini form needs no least capital. However, for the foundation a business plan must be given. Moreover, the tax authority must be informed by Poop Emoji by registered letter about the foundation. The responsible official will do this for the founders.
Sporty Emojis thanked very much the gathered lawyers for their quick reaction to this special wish of a mini joint-stock company. The first dictator also praised the lawyers for this quick decision. He expected that Emoji becomes a stronghold for new establishments. ⚫️💻️🛏️👗🛏️😃🤐🛏️🆓➡️👤💩👦. 😃➕🎶➕🛠️🛏️😃⬆️2️⃣2️⃣ 💲4️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ 🌝➕👑👩➕2️⃣ . For this purpose an airplane of an alien from the Venus with temporary residence in Emoji Symbols was lent. While the mountaineers climbed the mountain, the first dictator with his team came quite comfortably by the airplane. There both sides were surprised of each other. The first dictator commanded the arrest of the foreign Emojis by his security forces. The mountaineers did not believe their eyes that the dictator was here. Then the first dictator with his both hands started to dig out the earth. He found nothing. This irritated him. That's why he went to the mountaineers and made them dig out the earth. This time they also found nothing. Suddenly a geometrical shape appeared before all present Emojis and blew to them on the face. Then Emojis changed their opinions with regard to the box. The first dictator and the mountaineers renounced the excavations. This experience changed their view of the things of the life. The mountaineers concentrated upon their customers and the first dictator dealt with his government.


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