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How Emojis dissolved their enterprises

The first dictator decided to have own residence in Emoji Keyboard. That's why he discussed with the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji how he could get money from the tax authority finally. The mightiest official recommended him that he should instruct the gathered lawyers for this purpose secretly. Finally, Emojis should help to contribute the personal issues of the elective dictator financially. Two Emojis accused the first dictator that he demanded money for the luxurious purchase of an immovable from the treasury in spite of his resigned small enterprise to his nephew. That's why the first dictator organised a meeting of the gathered lawyers exceptionally in Emoji Meanings. For this purpose he used his second flat in which he prepared his election campaign. He invited all lawyers to his flat. Emojis also had to bring the law book. The first dictator commanded to write the following sentence in the legislation to the main lawyer of the country: He started to dictate:
"§ The officially democratically elective dictator of Emoji may take money from the treasury for his private as well as business issues in his favours. For this purpose the state may also raise the taxes for Emojis in irregular distances." The main lawyer had to write every word exactly in this command in the code. According to this decision the first dictator quite officially might buy a proprietary house in Emoji Keyboard at the expenses of the taxpayers. He called the house: Guest house for political meetings. Thus the house was presented in public to the Emojis. Some spies from Venus reported that the ruler of Emoji forced to dissolve some Emojis in this building their enterprises at once. To it belonged some environment dirty getting factories in different locations of the country. One day a journalist from Emoji Meanings wanted to create his breakthrough with the newspaper. That's why he decided to write a bad article with wrong facts.
Thus he wrote that several witnesses reported to him personally that several Emojis the famous musician Monkey Emoji stood on the knees begging before the first dictator in this house. The musician tried to persuade the ruler not to let forbid his musical works nationally. At that time this story showed the Emojis how journalists cheat the readers, so that they attain only more attention for their employers.
After this incident the responsible journalist had to apologise publicly on all transmitters of Emoji. All mass media received the command of the ruler to transfer the excuse live. After this event many Emojis had great fear to buy the affected newspaper. Finally, buyers were looked strangely by other pedestrians. The affected newspaper had to undertake something against it. Thus the chief editor of this newspaper instructed a national excuse for publication of wrong facts. Moreover, the responsible journalist was dismissed at once.
At this time an old Emoji wanted to sell his shipping company in Japanese Emoji. Finally, the owner of the company was quite 33216 days old. His children were not interested in the enterprise. Thus he searched for a sales possibility long time. The problem was that nobody wanted to have a shipping enterprise at this time. At least, he could sell all ships separately. His last job was to be extinguished the enterprise names from the commercial book. The old Emoji went to the bureaucrats and explained to them that he dissolved the enterprise. The officials required from him the entire accountancy and a lot of documents about every single activity. The deletion was refused to him. He got angry. Then he decided to contact the gathered lawyers immediately. The gathered Emojis had to deal with the resolution of existing enterprises. They decided to write the following sentence in the legislation: § Who would like to dissolve an existing enterprise, must pay attention to the fact that present employees know this in advance. Moreover, they should have left the enterprise before the resolution.
The person responsible for resolution must inform to all present employees at least 180 days before the resolution. If an enterprise has no debts or other obligations towards third with the resolution, the enterprise may be dissolved within 7 days without other bureaucratic expenditure.
The first dictator sent a message to the gathered lawyers that the ruler of the country of Emojis could force to the resolution of their enterprise.
The lawyers did not react to this decision.
Finally, after this discussion the old Emoji hoped to be able to dissolve his enterprise. Finally, his company existed only theoretically. The next day somebody knocked at the door of the house of the old Emojis. The retired entrepreneur opened the door. Before him stood several four uniformed Emojis. They said that they were sent by the tax authority for the purpose of levy to him. They required several documents which would book the sales of the ships. The old Emoji reacted irritated. Finally, he handed over several documents to the office for registered enterprises. Then uniformed Emojis left the retired enterpriser. In the interim the old Emoji fell asleep in a special sleep.
The pensioner landed on a square aircraft consisting of eight wheels. He belonged to eight pilots of this aircraft. Beside him sat four Emojis who the pensioner knew from his former lives. This time the aircraft was on the way to old Mars. At this time several kings whose languages had absolutely the same letters ruled there. The pensioner had to land together with other Emojis and pilots on Mars under local compulsion. The local police spoke into unknown language with the landed Emojis. They did not understand what these aliens wanted. That's why the pensioner, the pilots and other Emojis were arrested. In the prison they visited linguistic teachers and they learnt the local language. After some time these foreign Emojis had to appear before the king of North Mars. In a castle the king started to question them personally about their origin. Emojis explained to him that they came from the kingdom Emoji. The pensioner affirmed this, although he just lived at times of the state of Emoji. At this time a being with shining eyes appeared before the king. The ruler of North Mars shouted: Lay me immediately on the silvery bed!
The startled Emojis hurried up and did this. Afterwards several servants of the king still ran to him. On time the servants and Emojis laid the king on the right bed. Finally then the king fell asleep and died. The local aliens accused the unknown Emojis that their appearance accelerated the death of the king. That's why the pensioner with other Emojis were arrested again.
At this time there was strong mess in the time movements. The high concentrated alien called Non Sense was separated from Crying Laughing Emoji from his beloved eucalyptuses. By a faulty programming of a student in Neptune Non Sense landed in North Mars. In the middle of the burial of the long-standing king the unknown Non Sense appeared before thousands of mourning on the place before the grave. The local security forces arrested the stranger. He was brought to the imprisoned Emojis in the same prison. While the common meals Emojis got to know the historical personality who seemed in all history books of Emoji.
Non Sense and Emojis were condemned to the common hard labour in the capital of North Mars. There they had to carry heavy stones with their hands. Even the old pensioner was not pitied by the bad Martians. During the work Emojis were supervised by professional aliens. For a short time Non Sense dealt with his tricks beyond the view zone of the aliens. Suddenly they did not concentrate any more upon the working Emojis. Non Sense gained strength. At the same time he called the other Emojis with him to come. He started to send several sunrays to the direction of the aliens with his tricks. After some time the enemies of the Emojis suffered several strong headaches. Then Non Sense forced the Emojis to go with him. They went to a place with several aircrafts. There pilots supervised the airfield. Non Sense used his abilities absolutely shamelessly. All pilots were seriously injured by his sunrays. Emojis reacted very much enthusiastically because of his success.
That's why they supported him with his plan. Finally, the Saturn's alien dreamt about returning to his beloved eucalyptuses in Emoji. In spite of his strong motivation he got lost on the flight route. Thus Emojis with Non Sense landed on the planet Eris.
The big surprise only still came on the adventurers from Emoji. Somewhere in the middle of the wood they left their aircraft. They walked to the mysterious oaks. Every Emoji felt the urgent need to touch an oak with his fingers. After the touch disappeared gradually that Emoji who touched the oak at least only easily. The other Emojis reacted at the beginning a little bit shocked. Finally most Emojis did the same. At the end the pensioner and Non Sense remained. They hesitated long time. They wanted to discuss with each other this whether they should also touch the oaks.
While they still wanted to discuss long this, several local aliens with furiously looking faces came to their direction. Because of fear of a punishment both remained touched the oak with their both hands. In comparison to other Emojis they embraced the oak almost. But where did all Emojis land after the touch of the oak?
They swept in their relatively right time zone. The pensioner woke up from his special sleep. He felt the experienced very really. Then he looked in his room what for literature he had. He found just the history of Crying Laughing Emoji on the foremost shelve of his books.


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