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Why Emojis may privatise no words from the dictionary for their enterprises

After the end of the Circus Union Emojis used the resulted freedom completely. Some stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots sometimes exaggerated. Four Emojis and six aliens founded more and more enterprises according to words from the dictionary. For this purpose they founded a tent in Middle Finger Emoji. Thus Emojis founded an enterprise called cucumbers. By the registration other farmers might not use the concept Cucumbers for the vegetables of the same name any more. It became more absurd in completely Emoji. 💬🖕👤👨❌️💆‍♀️🇬🇧, 👤👨🏠️🏢❌️🧑🧮💰️➡️👮➕👤👨⬅️👪️.
Now realized the first dictator that a little bit was not right. Moreover, particularly many inhabitants of Star Emoji complained that not enough potatoes were to be bought in the town. Also the most amusing and most optimistic town of the country of Laughing Emoji complained for the first time since long time of the lack of strawberries and apples. That's why the first dictator asked the gathered lawyers to deal with this suddenly appeared problem. 📺🙏👤👨⬅️➕👶👥⬅️, 👤👨➕👤⌨👨⬅️👪️↪️👤👨⬅️🏠️⚡️💬. At least, Emojis had so much work in Emoji Copy Paste that in this city the unemployment remained a long time forgotten. 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ 👤👨⬅️👤🔋👨⬅️🚘️👤🪕👨⬅️. 😍➕👮⚙️.
After this statement gathered lawyers received big positive resonance not only from farmers, but from journalists, writers and other creative Emojis.
Some lawyers with Jupiter's roots tried to defend these privatizations of the words from the dictionaries for the purpose of the moneymaking with their arguments. Thus said a stingy Emoji: 🙏🗣️❓️🦶💵, 👤👨⬅️ 💬. 👤📢👨📁🛄🏠️🏢."
This argument led to mass protests in which several millions of Emojis and aliens nationally took part.
The majority of the lawyers discussed the subject more intensely. At this time achieved Emojis a complaint of a trader from Emoji Clown: 👤👨⬅️👥⬅️❌️♿️🇬🇧ℹ️👪️. 🤴🏠️➕👤👨🙏👤🧸👨⬅️➕💬. 👮⤵️💻️. Nevertheless, Emojis could not agree yet. An irritated defender of the national rights of the Emojis took the code of the country in his hands and wrote the following sentence:
§ In Emoji concepts or words from the dictionary or everyday usage may be privatized not by enterprise exclusively, so that they may derive from it a juridical protected brand.
After this case several stingy Emojis suffered a shock among the lawyers. After their rest paused Emojis their difficult work on the legislation. 🔇➕🧑👪️👮🇬🇧.
Another enterpriser called his company quite officially "Pencil". When other traders wanted to sell pencils in Jupiter, they used the same word. The enterpriser who claimed the name for himself required from other traders the payment for use of the word. Thereon other traders united and refund a common collective complaint against the stingy enterpriser. Emojis observed these court processes with big interest. 🤴➕👤👨⬅️👪️↪️👤♟👨⬅️🏠️.
Finally, after several explanations the first dictator understood what complicated Emojis meant in the new law really. At the end the first dictator signed the new law.
With it every inhabitant of the country might use every word from the dictionary for private or commercial purposes, without one had to pay something to an enterprise for the use.


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