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Why Emojis may privatise no words from the dictionary for their enterprises

After the end of the Circus Union Emojis used the resulted freedom completely. Some stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots sometimes exaggerated. Four Emojis and six aliens founded more and more enterprises according to words from the dictionary. For this purpose they founded a tent in Middle Finger Emoji. Thus Emojis founded an enterprise called cucumbers. By the registration other farmers might not use the concept Cucumbers for the vegetables of the same name any more. It became more absurd in completely Emoji. Thus some greengrocers called their cucumbers simply the green banana. More and more stingy aliens and Emojis got to know about the extremely easily earned money by abusive registration of the words from the dictionary as a property of the new enterprise. That's why Emojis hoped when they found out about the urgent day meetings of the lawyers that they wrote, finally, a decent law on this subject. Many affected Emojis wrote several letters to the gathered lawyers during several months.
In spite of many letters from the population ignored lawyers at the beginning this problem of the Emojis. At least, there grew the mountain of the furious protest letters of the affected Emojis. One day the situation dramatically escalated. Several farmers from all areas of Emoji assembled in Middle Finger Emoji and protest against the name abuse by bad stingy Emojis and aliens. They stood with the posters: "Our language and their words are the property of all Emojis and not of single miser!!"
Some furious Emojis took several stones in their hands and went together to the owners of those farms who registered several words of the vegetables and fruits in the brand register of the state of Emoji. There they rubbed intensely several stones with each other and from it there originated multiple fire from the hands of furious Emojis. Then several small wooden tents were pelted with fire. In these tents there were several gigabytes in potatoes. After the resulted damage to property all suspicious Emojis were arrested by policemen. The first dictator commanded mass custody for criminal Emojis. After some time many Emojis noticed that there were not enough vegetables and fruits. Finally, important farmers had been arrested.
Now realised the first dictator that a little bit was not right. Moreover, particularly many inhabitants of Star Emoji complained that not enough potatoes were to be bought in the town. Also the most amusing and most optimistic town of the country of Laughing Emoji complained for the first time since long time of the lack of strawberries and apples. That's why the first dictator asked the gathered lawyers to deal with this suddenly appeared problem. More and more members of the family of the imprisoned farmers showed their courage to the gathered lawyers, while they contacted the Emojis by telephone.
The first dictator spoke even before the population on television. His speech looked very embarrassing. Many Emojis insulted the ruler as a full fool who not even perused the texts of the protesting Emojis in the protests. Aliens from the Venus found out in their native country that Emojis suffered from lacking amounts in vegetables. That's why they sent emergency aid to Emoji. Thus they sent several million gigabytes in potatoes and carrots. In Uranus several flying saucers with several gigabytes were donated in spinach to the Emojis. In the whole galaxy the food situation of the Emojis was shown as catastrophic.
The whole situation weakened the reputation of the first dictator not only nationally, but also aliens from other galaxies felt the new ruler in Emoji as government-incapable. Only aliens in Jupiter remained neutrally in this situation. Though the government of Jupiter sent several food to the Emojis, but after the end of this crisis Jupiter sent especially high bills. So the state of Emoji fought with a high-level indebtedness because of the misers. Saturn sent several olives to Emoji during the food crisis. Later Emojis had to send before all photocopiers as consideration to Saturn. At least, Emojis had so much work in Emoji Copy Paste that in this city the unemployment remained a long time forgotten. Finally, in spite of this only positive effect in the whole story Emojis wanted to solve the problem. Thus discussed gathered lawyers together, as they should regulate the words from the dictionary and in general from the everyday usage in the law book.
A former public prosecutor from a village explained: "We cannot allow that some enterprises or single people privatise the words from the dictionary so far that they would be entitled to require for it money."
After this statement gathered lawyers received big positive resonance not only from farmers, but from journalists, writers and other creative Emojis.
Some lawyers with Jupiter's roots tried to defend these privatisations of the words from the dictionaries for the purpose of the moneymaking with their arguments. Thus said a stingy Emoji: "In this manner enterprises innovative products with secure trade names should be financed like carrots or lemons better."
This argument led to mass protests in which several millions of Emojis and aliens nationally took part.
The majority of the lawyers discussed the subject more intensely. At this time achieved Emojis a complaint of a trader from Emoji Clown: In his town somebody registered an enterprise with the name Fridge. That's why other entrepreneurial Emojis might not use this concept on their sales slips of paper, without to pay them to the suitable enterprise for this concept at least 100 Bitcoins monthly. After this story opponents of the privatisation of the words from the dictionary were as a trade name almost in the majority among the gathered lawyers. Nevertheless, Emojis could not agree yet. An irritated defender of the national rights of the Emojis took the code of the country in his hands and wrote the following sentence:
§ In Emoji concepts or words from the dictionary or everyday usage may be privatised not by enterprise exclusively, so that they may derive from it a juridical protected brand.
After this case several stingy Emojis suffered a shock among the lawyers. After their rest paused Emojis their difficult work on the legislation. At this time wanted Neptune's aliens who got a book about linguistic morality presented in Pluto that local programmers prevent the privatisation of the words from the dictionary in Emoji anyway. All lawyers were sent at this second to Jupiter at once and without being asked. There Emojis saw how in the courts an enterprise defended its absurd demand in court. A big retailer thought that it might use the pale yellow colour alone juridical alone. Emojis felt this as absurd. Even stingy Emojis thought: What kindergarten!
They did not know that they were in their favourite Jupiter. Another enterprise had the name of a colour. The other enterprises were sued over and over again for compensation because they used exactly the same colour in their adverts.
Another enterpriser called his company quite officially "Pencil". When other traders wanted to sell pencils in Jupiter, they used the same word. The enterpriser who claimed the name for himself required from other traders the payment for use of the word. Thereon other traders united and refund a common collective complaint against the stingy enterpriser. Emojis observed these court processes with big interest. A software manufacturer called his large-scale enterprise quite simply "Software". Ordinarily courts defended in Jupiter the interests of the misers. The principle was: Stingy aliens first!
Thus all other users had to pay on occasion for the use of the words from the dictionary to the first paid-up and registered owner. Thus the political elite of the Jupiter got rich even more. This led even to the fact that inhabitants of Jupiter had to pay for every debate of a registered word regularly to the owner.
Emojis reacted with big compassion with the population of Jupiter.
After these negative experiences in Jupiter all lawyers were sent at once to their places. After their return to the round table all Emojis signed without exception the official confirmation of the before written law. According to this decision no more enterprise could privatise a word for itself alone or rent into three parts. Imagination words which existed in no dictionary were excluded. Thus all farmers without exceptions could market, for example, the word "Potato", "Tomato" and other products of this kind with the same names and sell. A payment to one single enterprise for the use of the word was officially strictly forbidden. Many journalists celebrated the new law especially long. The first dictator feared that mass media could use big uncensored freedom of the press by the new law. That's why the ruler sat down on his job and took down at own hands his wish: The law of the restriction of the freedom of the press for the protection of the Emojis.
When the first dictator visited the gathered lawyers, he insulted them about the new law of the free use of all words from the dictionary without payment. The gathered lawyers explained to the ruler that the new law concerned only one privatisation of the words. Insults are not permitted with the new law with impunity.
Finally, after several explanations the first dictator understood what complicated Emojis meant in the new law really. At the end the first dictator signed the new law.
With it every inhabitant of the country might use every word from the dictionary for private or commercial purposes, without one had to pay something to an enterprise for the use.


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