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How does one get more Emojis?

Several researchers worked in the city of Emoji Meanings in their lab. Their job was to produce a curative sweet of the special leaves of a conifer against bald head pains of the Emojis. For this purpose researchers nationally looked for voluntary Emojis who would take part in the experiment. By this second researchers from Pluto, Neptune and Uranus together in the Salted Cucumbers discussed the medicine of the future. In the country of the cucumbers were also representatives of other nations from different planets of the galaxy. Also a representative from Emoji was sent at the personal command of the first dictator there. An accuser with residence in Poop Emoji had daily at exactly 5:55 o'clock in the morning for inexplicable reasons mediocre to strong bald head pains. That's why the affected Emoji had to have breakfast always immediately and extinguish thus his pains from his brain very early.
For a short time functioned that. The next day his suffering began again. That's why the accuser wanted to take part together with other affected Emojis in this experiment.
One day the sweet was ready for the experiment. That's why all voluntary Emojis were informed by the research centre immediately in writing. Extremely many known lawyers were present with this experiment. Above all many Emojis were concerned by bald head pains who were seen by the live transmission in the distant marriage by millions of Emojis. Some researchers investigated the reasons for the problem of the affected Emojis. The principal reason were the rays of the video cameras which led even to loss of hair with some Emojis. This loss of hair caused later also bald head pains. One day, finally, affected Emojis might go to the experiment to the city. That's why the gathered lawyers had to cancel their day meeting at the round table. Finally, most lawyers were concerned by this problem more or less.
For the experiment every participant had to bring special red boots. Moreover, a special yellow cap belonged to the equipment. Finally, Emojis thought that the consumption of the sweet could lead with special clothes to better results. Moreover, Emojis were prepared psychologically and psychically for the consumption of the sweet of experts. Thus a psychologist asked every single participant for his favourite recollection from his present life. The affected Emoji had to tell this experience to the psychologist. A doctor checked the general health of the Emojis at first. Moreover, lawyers might choose a healthy drink for the conversation with the psychologist. Most Emojis chose juices from Middle Finger Emoji.
Moreover, Emojis might still look an amusing short movie about Emoji or other countries. Then all participants were brought together in a yellow space. There all walls were yellow painted. Moreover, was also yellow the whole pieces of furniture.
By the yellow mood Emojis forgot fast that outdoors was murky winter. Finally, after long preparations Emojis might consume the unforgettably sweet. The whole experiment was recorded by supervision videos. Finally, the first dictator was interested in the success or failure of this experiment especially strongly. The reason was that the dictator was concerned by a light loss of hair. The ruling Emoji feared that he could get later also bald head pains. That's why he interrupted any other work. He observed the whole experiment from his office.
At this time the first Emojis started to consume their sweets. The first dictator felt how his heart knocked faster. Suddenly he saw how participants of the experiment from the screen disappeared gradually. The results of the experiment were transferred on the ruling Emoji after a short time. The ruler disappeared from his office.
By several movements in the atmosphere all participants and the first dictator landed in a military area of the star Kepler-37. The local inhabitants reminded Emojis of the inhabitants of Star Emoji.
The local Stars spoke a strangely sounding language. No Emoji could copy even these tones. The Stars discussed with each other some minutes, until they sent Emojis to the planet Earth. Several lawyers remembered that they landed some time ago on this planet. This time Emojis landed in 2040 of the planet Earth. Many people were very addicted to new Emojis. Already there existed at least 90,000 official Emojis who could substitute for every everyday word successfully. Only some progress-hostile people denied themselves because of their arrogance to translate their technical language, finally, into the picture language. The fans of the Emojis knew not only every single Emoji by heart, but used Emojis as a communicative device in their everyday life. Linguistic schools taught the people their original languages which their forefathers could still use more than 50 years ago easily. From the point of view of the economy nobody more needed a translator because all same picture language used worldwide.
Also tourists could come to an agreement easily with the help of the Emojis worldwide.
All signs were marked worldwide with Emojis. Suddenly the lawyers and the first dictator landed somewhere in a wood on the planet Earth. There strollers saw the strangers. Immediately they identified these strangers as real Emojis and would shout: We always knew that Emojis would visit us sometime!
The lawyers and the first dictator experienced something strange. Suddenly hair grew on their bald heads. Later this hair fell on the ground. From this hair there originated several new Emojis. Suddenly several 100,000 Emojis were born in this way on the planet Earth.
The first dictator shouted: What should be the whole theatre?
The gathered lawyers asked him how he came generally to them. He said that he observed the experiment live with his both eyes. Later he disappeared to the lawyers.
The eager strollers wanted to make a big Selfie with the Emojis. Thus the people called Selfies who were transformed into videos.
Later mass media reacted on the planet Earth with the following headlines: Unknown Emojis conquer the whole planet in the rapid tempo. At some places expected persons really that real Emojis could arrange damages. That's why certain people wanted to fight against the invasion of the living Emojis. The fans of the Emojis strongly rejoiced when they got to know from the mass immigration of the Emojis. They tried to catch these Emojis as domestic animals. Several politicians feared that they would not be perceived by the immigration of the Emojis any more from the simple population. That's why politicians planet-far tried to fight against the immigrants. The gathered lawyers and the first dictator were arrested by greedy people. They wanted to sell these real Emojis on the Internet to the highest bidder fans. The first dictator was bought at an auction by a local dictator. The human dictator wanted to use the first dictator of Emoji like a clever domestic animal. Thus he forced the first dictator to massage his back. The ruler started to get angry so strongly that his buyer became allergic.
That's why he closed the Emoji in a room. Then the human dictator wanted to establish a zoo with several Emojis for their fans. Thereby he wanted to earn a lot of money with this zoo. The opponents of the Emojis on the planet Earth collected most Emojis and brought them to different places. Then several zoos were established. The problem of the Emojs was that they could understand no one. Finally, they spoke their own languages with the exception of the Japanese-speaking Emojis from Japanese Emoji. By a chance such an Emoji landed in Japanese area. Suddenly Japanese noticed that this Emoji knew their original language. That's why a big organisation originated for equalization of the Emojis with the people. This organisation demanded the planet-wide release of all Emojis regardless of their language. By the rising fame of this organisation to the strengthening of the rights of the Emojis on the planet Earth one succeeded in reaching big respect of all other people for real Emojis in the Japanese area. Now lawyers and the first dictator on the planet Earth felt particularly honoured. It was a big pride to be a real Emoji.
The first dictator thought that he could become on this planet the head of state.
Thus these Emojis were shown extremely often planet-far in all mass media. The interest in real Emojis continuously rose among the people.
At this time all researchers from the Salted Cucumbers returned to their countries and planets. That Emoji who flew at the command of the first dictator to the health conference searched in vain the first dictator in his office. That's why he alarmed the bodyguards of the ruler. They also did not know where was the first dictator. The absence of the ruler reached all Emojis in the mass media. The researchers in Emoji Meanings also did not know what caused their strange experiment really. They discussed the disappearance of the participants of their experiment together with the biggest worry. Nobody knew what would be to be done. That's why Emoji had to instruct a national and international search for the disappeared Emojis.
The big solidarity with the Emojis in several areas of the galaxy led to the fact that the disappeared Emojis nowhere appeared. Finally Pluto was asked for help. There the diligent informatics professor Setag Lib had to use a special search engine for the finding of the Emojis from all times for the search.
This search engine was used only in very special cases. Several results were indicated by this search engine. Among them was the planet Earth. The professor could search all living beings in the today's time. There were no results. Instead, the search engine showed the following sentence: Did you mean Emojis in the future of the planet Earth?
The professor affirmed this question. Then he was asked by the search engine: Do you want to find Emojis on the planet Earth from the next 100 years?
The professor affirmed. Then he found several millions Emojis on the planet Earth. Then he used a function which could indicate the number of the Emojis on limited number with the right names. Suddenly the first dictator was shown on the first position quite prominent. The search engine showed his exact place of residence on the planet Earth in 2040 according to the used calendar year of the planet.
Then the professor was asked: Do you want to find other Emojis who came here at the same time?
Then he affirmed. Then all Emojis appeared in the searching results who were valid as missing. Then the professor with a special command had to shift all Emojis from this future to their time. He marked all affected Emojis with a click. Then he shifted all Emojis without exceptions to their places before this adventure. Emojis were glad about the return of the disappeared lawyers and the first dictator. After this trip affected Emojis had no more doubts that they would become so famous on the planet Earth once. Finally, even the sceptical dictator accepted this.
That's why the organisation of a casting began for Emojis. At least, no Emoji had more bald head pains after this adventure. The researchers had to handle, nevertheless, very carefully with their developed sweet. Finally, they did not know which negative results their sweet could cause. The positive effect of this adventure led to the fact that people the 100,000 Emoji could planet-far celebrate. Moreover, several high-tech companies on the planet Earth undertook to simplify even more Emojis for all platforms. The first dictator decided to deal more intensely with the future of Emoji abroad.


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