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How does one get more Emojis?

Several researchers worked in the city of Emoji Meanings in their lab. Their job was to produce a curative sweet of the special leaves of a conifer against bald head pains of the Emojis. For this purpose researchers nationally looked for voluntary Emojis who would take part in the experiment. By this second researchers from Pluto, Neptune and Uranus together in the Salted Cucumbers discussed the medicine of the future. In the country of the cucumbers were also representatives of other nations from different planets of the galaxy. Also a representative from Emoji was sent at the personal command of the first dictator there. An accuser with residence in Poop Emoji had daily at exactly 5:55 o'clock in the morning for inexplicable reasons mediocre to strong bald head pains. 😊🥇🥔🧓. 🛠️➕🥈➕🧓3️⃣0️⃣ 1️⃣9️⃣0️⃣0️⃣. A doctor checked the general health of the Emojis at first. Moreover, lawyers might choose a healthy drink for the conversation with the psychologist. Most Emojis chose juices from Middle Finger Emoji.
Moreover, Emojis might still look an amusing short movie about Emoji or other countries. ♻️🧓🖋️➕🚼️🔀. 😉🎵9️⃣0️⃣ ☎️❌️👹💛❌️👥⬅️. Suddenly he saw how participants of the experiment from the screen disappeared gradually. The results of the experiment were transferred on the ruling Emoji after a short time. The ruler disappeared from his office.
By several movements in the atmosphere all participants and the first dictator landed in a military area of the star Kepler-37. The local inhabitants reminded Emojis of the inhabitants of Star Emoji.
The local Stars spoke a strangely sounding language. No Emoji could copy even these tones. 😁💬➕🏠️2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣5️⃣ 🤔➕⤵️🏘️. 🖕➕👥⬅️➕🌐🍦👑🦠➡️📱👥, 🥜🍽️🦀.
The first dictator shouted: What should be the whole theatre?
The gathered lawyers asked him how he came generally to them. He said that he observed the experiment live with his both eyes. Later he disappeared to the lawyers. 🧭✂️🔮📡🍸️🍽️🎉💒🎁👊🎳➕🥤, 📤️➕🥈🍸️🍽️➕🤔➕⚙️💜❌️➕👤👩🏞👤🏖👩⬅️✋. Finally, they spoke their own languages with the exception of the Japanese-speaking Emojis from Japanese Emoji. By a chance such an Emoji landed in Japanese area. Suddenly Japanese noticed that this Emoji knew their original language. 🛠️➕➡️😀👤➡️🔥. It was a big pride to be a real Emoji.
The first dictator thought that he could become on this planet the head of state.
The big solidarity with the Emojis in several areas of the galaxy led to the fact that the disappeared Emojis nowhere appeared. Finally Pluto was asked for help. There the diligent informatics professor 😅🛒🥔4️⃣ . 🛠️🖥🥔2️⃣ 🌃👥. The positive effect of this adventure led to the fact that people the 100,000 Emoji could planet-far celebrate. Moreover, several high-tech companies on the planet Earth undertook to simplify even more Emojis for all platforms. The first dictator decided to deal more intensely with the future of Emoji abroad.


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