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What are Emojis used for?

A psychologist from Middle Finger Emoji sat in his job. He read in the newspaper that in the last time many Emojis were shifted to other realities. A curious journalist from Emoji List risked even his arrest when he presented the censored article to the Emojis. In the town of the studied academics, Emojis wanted that nationally will be reported about the phenomenon of the movements to various realities. Thus the affected Emoji decided to report to some local professors in his newspaper about the problem. In particular the following sentence provided for big attention among Emojis:
After the election of the first dictator local Emojis more and more often land in different realities. These experiences concerned not only visits in parallel times, but in possible scenarios of the past, the future and changes in the suitable times. The psychologist was interested above all in what Emojis on a foreign planet generally would be used for. In the interim Emojis discussed this phenomenon nationally. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji feared that many Emojis would look from this second for a way to escape from the reality of the tax duty. Moreover, the stingiest and haughtiest official suspected the first dictator that he specially provokes these reality movements. That's why the official looked for proof means against the first dictator. When the ruler of Emoji got to know about the publication of the article, he accused the journalist of having damaged his valuable name. That's why the first dictator commanded to the gathered lawyers that they condemn the journalist to a public excuse under threat of a punishment. Emojis obeyed the command of the ruler.
The responsible journalist nationally apologised that he called the first dictator and his election as a reason for the movements to the realities in his article. Against it the team of Devil Emoji in Crying Laughing Emoji celebrated every negative news about the first dictator. The several gigabytes of ketchup salads which the royal entrepreneur gave to his followers belonged to the celebration. During this celebration Saturn's friends of the entrepreneur wanted to deal with the movements of the realities. For this purpose they went to Japanese Emoji. A charlatan from the Saturn advertised actively after the publication of the article to the fact that he would present suitable tricks to the Emojis in a breathtaking evening. Near the yellow sea the first evening with the charlatan took place. Particularly many stingy aliens from the Jupiter were interested beside Emojis in this event.
They faked even specially several bank notes, so that they would be admitted to this event. Many poor Emojis complained that they were not admitted because they could pay not enough. Thus above all elitist Emojis and rich misers from the Jupiter came to this event. Among them was also the curious psychologist. In reality the charlatan did not know the methods of the reality movements, but he was a normal magician from Saturn. He could inspire his audience, at least, with the virtual reality and holograms. Some Emojis really thought that the charlatan showed them another reality before eyes.
The psychologist sat irritated in the hall. He thought: I wanted to know, actually what Emojis on the foreign planet are used for. By this second the charlatan wanted to show another trick to his spectators. Suddenly appeared a being which existed only of shining eyes. At once all Emojis, stingy aliens and other guests left their physical bodies. The charlatan remained only. He reacted shocked. Finally, he never experienced in his life an unexpected mass death of his guests. He feared that his reputation falls at once to the negatives. That's why he further decided to work on his tricks. All disappeared visitors landed on the screen of the people. These were students, who made personality tests for the admission of an education.
They had to mark there faces of the Emojis. Later psychologists analysed the personalities of these students. Finally, every single Emoji expressed a certain emotion. By marking the certain Emojis psychologists could identify the exact profiles of the students. Moreover, persons tried to identify in advance with the help of the Emojis future criminals, so that these would be observed in advance by several state officials. Thus tax rises should be also provoked by fear.
The first dictator decided to send several his spies to Japanese Emoji. They should visit the charlatan in his event. These special Emojis came to the place of the event. It was very strange for them that it was extremely quietly in the hall. Then spies of the ruler decided to go to the hall. They opened the door. The charlatan showed his tricks to the "dead" Emojis and aliens. Spies of the first dictator had this impression when they entered into the hall. They found the highly concentrated charlatan at his work. Then a spy shouted to the charlatan: What should be this mass death of the Emojis and aliens?
The charlatan continued his tricks. Then the spy shouted several times still nothing but. Then the charlatan looked at the spies and the dead spectators. He played the role that he noticed for the first time this. He reacted shocked. Thus he also seemed for the spies. They questioned the charlatan about his already performed tricks. Moreover, the charlatan had to show his present tricks exclusively to the Emojis. The charlatan explained that probably all present Emojis were shifted to another reality. When the first dictator found out this, he decided to send the charlatan for a short time in pre-trial detention.
In the interim eager Emojis saw how they were used after the event of the charlatan on the planet Earth. Among them were also many stingy aliens from the Jupiter who already thought about new commercial possibilities. They tried to store to themselves all information in their memories.
Stood on a poster: A concert of a singer will take place in the December 31st 2030. Strangely there thought most Emojis. They asked themselves what could mean this date. After this experience the being with shining eyes sent these Emojis to another time on the planet Earth. This time the normal Emojis saw how people handle with their signs. They did not understand, why they were used as a language on another planet. Stingy aliens hoped secretly to take photos of Emojis and to sell their photos to persons on the planet Earth. What they did not know about that they would still need extremely long patience for it. Finally, it happened these nearly 9000 days before the beginning of the popularity of the Emojis among the people.
In the prison the charlatan was forced by policemen to make specifics about the disappearance of the visitors of the event. The charlatan showed the trick to the policemen, while implementation all Emojis from their physical bodies disappeared. A prison neighbour of the charlatan from the Neptune observed the trick of the charlatan with big interest. Suddenly there disappeared the policemen. The alien from the Neptune applauded the charlatan very much loudly. That's why other policemen came to the scene and asked what happened here. The prison neighbour motivated the charlatan the legendary trick to repeat. Finally, he wanted to get rid so of all police Emojis. The magician rejected this. The policemen wanted to know what the charlatan hid. Thereon the prison neighbour explained these Emojis what happened before in the prison cell. In the beginning the policemen did not believe these statements. That's why they decided to look for missing Emojis. After long search they found no policeman. In the interim the prison neighbour tried to persuade the charlatan of the other use of the trick.
The charlatan agreed under a condition: The policemen should release him at once, so that he would not see the face of the Neptune's prisoner any more. After policemen nowhere found their colleagues, Emojis decided to contact the elite police. The uppermost elite police chief said that the charlatan should be put at once on a garrotte. For this purpose policemen must proceed very carefully. Finally, the prisoner may not doubt a positive action of the Emojis. In the interim the first dictator was informed about the disappearance of the policemen by a trick of the charlatan. This time he had a big problem: On the one hand he wanted to punish the charlatan quite hard and pitilessly. On the other hand, he was firmly persuaded of it that dead Emojis and aliens were not at all dead and they could return, nevertheless, anyhow.
The first dictator decided to go to the charlatan to the prison cell. He wanted to discuss with him together how the explained trick could bring back all disappeared Emojis. The charlatan discussed possible scenarios with the first dictator. The prison neighbour listened with big interest. In the interim agreed both interlocutors that several researchers and other specialists should codiscuss. That's why several Emojis from different professional guilds were invited to the discussion in the prison. After intensive discussion different proposals of the participants were tried out. The Neptune's prison neighbour observed the discussion on the other side of the prison cell with big interest. At the same time he was very envious of the charlatan that he was in the centre of the solution. At this time a young information scientist played a game on the computer in Pluto. Suddenly appeared on the screen: Attention: The Neptune's prison neighbour of the charlatan in the state of Emoji reached a high level of envy!
There is urgent need for action!
The young information scientist looked at the whole discussion and at the subject with a mouse click. Then he sent by command the only right solution to the brain of the Neptune's prison neighbour. Suddenly the neighbour of the charlatan shouted to the direction of the talkative Emojis: I already observe since some time how you look for a solution. I got an idea which was not tried out yet. The charlatan reacted with an envious expression. Then the first dictator decided that the prisoner might tell his idea. The prison neighbour wanted to obtain his immediate and unconditional release from the prison for the successful case. The ruler of Emoji promised to him to release him with the success. After these concessions the Neptune's alien began his statement: The performed trick must be perform in reverse sequence. The charlatan considered very carefully how he should realise the trick from his end.
He wanted to renounce even this. The first dictator threatened with a hard punishment if the charlatan did not endeavor. That's why he tried to make this trick reverse. Really all disappeared policemen swept at the beginning to their places. Then he had to repeat the reverse trick again. After some minutes all Emojis and stingy aliens returned to their physical bodies. They forgot most experiences of their adventures. They remembered only that on the planet Earth Emojis were used for too different purposes. After this success the Neptune's alien was celebrated for his proposal. Also the charlatan got an invitation of the first dictator for the successful implementation of the reverse trick. After this event made friends the Neptune's alien with the charlatan. Together they appeared before audience. The first dictator and Emojis celebrated the successful return of their local inhabitants and foreign guests.


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