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What are Emojis used for?

A psychologist from Middle Finger Emoji sat in his job. He read in the newspaper that in the last time many Emojis were shifted to other realities. A curious journalist from Emoji List risked even his arrest when he presented the censored article to the Emojis. In the town of the studied academics, Emojis wanted that nationally will be reported about the phenomenon of the movements to various realities. Thus the affected Emoji decided to report to some local professors in his newspaper about the problem. In particular the following sentence provided for big attention among Emojis:
After the election of the first dictator local Emojis more and more often land in different realities. These experiences concerned not 🌐👪️1️⃣4️⃣ . In the interim Emojis discussed this phenomenon nationally. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji feared that many Emojis would look 💩👥⬅️⬆️👤👺⬆️👥👶⬅️👥⬅️🏕️👥🤬⬅️🥔. When the ruler of Emoji got to know about the publication of the article, he accused the journalist of having damaged his valuable name. 🥶🌲⬆️😩⬆️📰👥⬅️. Against it the team of Devil Emoji in Crying Laughing Emoji celebrated every negative news about the first dictator. The several gigabytes of ketchup salads which the royal entrepreneur gave to his followers belonged to the celebration. ⏰🔄⏱️. For this purpose they went to Japanese Emoji. A charlatan from the Saturn advertised actively after the publication of the article to the fact that he would present suitable tricks to the Emojis in a breathtaking evening. Near the yellow sea the first evening with the charlatan took place. 😈1️⃣ 👤👩👤😤👩🍼🥫➕🐔➕😱. 🆗➕🍽️🦀➕🦞❌️😕. 👥⬅️🦀🍘🪟⚙️.
Stood on a poster: A concert of a singer will take place in the December 31st 2030. Strangely there thought most Emojis. They asked themselves what could mean this date. After this experience the being with shining eyes sent these Emojis to another time on the planet Earth.  ➡️👤🥔❗️🥇📃. 🦋👥😒⬅️. ❗️👥❌️☎️⏰📻️. ➡️👤⏰➕🤑⏱️. ⬆️⏱️🐌⏱️👨‍🍳3️⃣ 🏑🦵⚙️🆕⏰, ➕🥔🏠️. 💩☎️⏰. 😝🔈️➕📱☎️❌️➕3️⃣0️⃣ . 🍧📤️➕☕️🪴➕🍅. 🤐🍅🥔🎾🇷🇸🌏🇦🇺💉👑🦠🧬🔄. After this event made friends the Neptune's alien with the charlatan. Together they appeared before audience. The first dictator and Emojis celebrated the successful return of their local inhabitants and foreign guests.


How does one get more Emojis?

Story: How does one get more Emojis?

What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

Story: What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?



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