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What can Emojis do with the shares?

Gathered lawyers discussed at the round table what Emojis could make with the shares. In particular misers from the Jupiter and aliens from Mars and Saturn were interested in this legislation. A defender of the enterprise stinginess from Star Emoji wanted to express himself on the subject: 7788 days ago 10 Emojis founded together an enterprise with 7 aliens from Mars. At that time Horror Clowns still ruled. Every new joint-stock company was checked before the foundation by the uppermost Horror Clown in the capital of the Circus Union with microscope and other confidential devices. Moreover, the ruler on each of the single share had to leave his stamp. ⭐👜🛰️🦭🛠️🧥🥞➕🥫🚾➕🥙👜. An owner of a joint-stock company in Emoji Keyboard decided to contact during the transference of the live broadcasting immediately the first dictator. First he wrote a minimum value of 100 Bitcoins on every desired share. 👜⬆️🛰️🛒🦐👜2️⃣ ➕💯.
Hattps landed after some time in a known town of Emoji. It was the high tech city of Emoji App. More than 24 hours he had to spend there. He observed diligent Emojis who worked on the virtual reality. Hattps wanted to visit his house. The being with shining eyes made impossible such visits, while such thoughts from the brain of the enterpriser were extinguished immediately. Thus Hattps had to look as information scientists worked on Emojis for Android. 🦣➕5️⃣-🪝🥫🏪5️⃣ 👯‍♀️🧥4️⃣ 📐🐘👥🧥1️⃣ 👜. 💩👜👗🛒❌️👜⌛️. 😀🛰️👜. 💻️⬆️👤⏱️⤵️. He spoke with the most famous monk called Heart Eyes Emoji. Hattps wanted to go behind the famous monk. The long-lasting Emoji noticed this and required respect. ⬇️🛋️💻️🔚😍🥫👤🤝👤👁️🎚️🌜💻️⬆️👤. At home he noticed that his shares were absent. He refunds an announcement at the police. The fingerprints were taken. For thieves of the shares the whole became too embarrassing. They brought back all stolen shares to the entrepreneurial Emoji. The next day he found all shares without exception in a big suitcase packed.


The construction of prisons for political prisoners in Emoji

Story: The construction of prisons for political prisoners in Emoji

Who checks in Emoji the paid share capital?

Story: Who checks in Emoji the paid share capital?



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