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What can Emojis do with the shares?

Gathered lawyers discussed at the round table what Emojis could make with the shares. In particular misers from the Jupiter and aliens from Mars and Saturn were interested in this legislation. A defender of the enterprise stinginess from Star Emoji wanted to express himself on the subject: 7788 days ago 10 Emojis founded together an enterprise with 7 aliens from Mars. At that time Horror Clowns still ruled. Every new joint-stock company was checked before the foundation by the uppermost Horror Clown in the capital of the Circus Union with microscope and other confidential devices. Moreover, the ruler on each of the single share had to leave his stamp. Thus a share was valid in the former Circus Union juridical valid. That's why there were relatively few joint-stock companies. Nevertheless, courageous Emojis and other people dared to found such costly enterprises. The special was: If the ruling Horror Clown died, many of his followers wanted to buy something where the ruler left his fingerprints.
Thus also it passed after the death of the Third Horror Clowns. The founders of the joint-stock companies could sell their shares as souvenirs to Emojis and other prospective customers for dreamlike prices. The joint-stock company was not sold by this action. Rather shares were rather souvenirs as well as outdated bank notes. Many collectors paid generous amounts for these souvenirs. The gathered lawyers applauded their colleague for the interesting contribution. By this second the phone rang with the Emojis. The main lawyer answered the phone. It was the first dictator personally. He required in the legislation the introduction of the signature duty of the dictator on every share with a minimum value of 100 Bitcoins. Moreover, he required that lawyers force Emojis to pay with the printers of the shares share-tax. Per share the least amount 3 percent of the given value should be paid to the tax authority.
Misers from the Jupiter reacted indignantly about this demand.
The uppermost tax collector praised his boss with a loud applause. Moreover, he promised to lower the income taxes for Emojis, if thanks to the share taxes especially high income came to the stingy mouth of the tax authority. This was only one psychologically calming statement. Finally, nobody planned a realistic financial discharge for Emojis. An owner of a joint-stock company in Emoji Keyboard decided to contact during the transference of the live broadcasting immediately the first dictator. First he wrote a minimum value of 100 Bitcoins on every desired share. Then he was received by the first dictator personally. On every suitable share the mightiest Emoji signed. The shareholder did not know that his personal details were transmitted directly to the stingiest tax authority. Later the owner of the joint-stock company got an invitation to the local tax office in his hometown. There he had to pay for every share a tax. After the payment of share-tax he strongly started to tremble.
The owner of the company experienced every day strong nightmares. He felt persecuted by the tax authority. One day he could not awake any more. Before him appeared a being with several shining eyes. Immediately the entrepreneurial Emoji with the name Hattps left his reality. The being with shining eyes led him within few seconds by several Emojis. Hattps did not understand, why he could move by all Emojis easily. The being with shining eyes sent him by thought the way, which Hattps had to go through. In the interim many employees of his enterprise worried about the absence of Hattps. Thus the local hospital was contacted by concerned Emojis. Really a lifeless body was found by Hattps. The doctors and the nursing staff tried to reanimate the enterpriser. They had to find out that the survival chances of the enterpriser were small. The first dictator got to know about this case. He commanded to the hospital staff to have to revive the unconscious Emoji.
Some hospital employees searched in the room for valuables. They found strange papers. They understood nothing. With exact looking Emojis noticed that the word Bitcoins stood on these papers. Thus they recognised these papers as bank notes.
They took all shares for themselves. They found the personal signatures of the first dictator. After this event these hospital employees wanted to fight against the first dictator faster. Finally, the value of such shares increased when the ruler is not in office any more. The unconscious body of Hattps was connected to life-preserving devices.
Hattps landed after some time in a known town of Emoji. It was the high tech city of Emoji App. More than 24 hours he had to spend there. He observed diligent Emojis who worked on the virtual reality. Hattps wanted to visit his house. The being with shining eyes made impossible such visits, while such thoughts from the brain of the enterpriser were extinguished immediately. Thus Hattps had to look as information scientists worked on Emojis for Android. In this informatics department Emojis worked diligently on special hardware and software. These products were adapted especially to the needs of the people from different countries of the planet earth.
In the interim the state of health of the unconscious enterpriser got worse in the hospital. When the first dictator found out this, he commanded the installation of the best medicine to the rescue of the enterpriser.
The being with shining eyes hastened to move the enterpriser to another location. Thus he flew by several 100,000 Emojis and aliens within the shortest time.
He needed no airplane and no flying aid for his trip. He already landed in Saturn. There he had to collect in the tax authority the religious tax of local aliens. He played the role of the uppermost tax collector in the capital of Saturn. There he controlled other employees. They played with their smartphones different games on which Emojis were to be seen.
Hattps felt big pride in his people who were very popular even in Saturn. At the same time he asked himself whether this reality really existed. Thereon he tried to find an answer.
Thus he tried at the beginning quite cheeky to force the being with shining eyes, to move his location to Emoji. This attempt led to the fact that Hattps was shifted by the uppermost tax collector in the capital of Saturn within the shortest time to Jupiter. There he sat before a large amount of bank notes. He looked what it was in the space still. He found his identity card with the citizens of the Jupiter. Moreover, he found a notebook with comics. In it several drawn Emojis were to be seen.
He found a lot of files with drawn Emojis with himself. On his table he found several more valuable shares than he had in his life in Emoji. The total value of these shares exceeded 30,000,000 millions Jupiter's Bitcoins. Hattps enjoyed his wealth in the biggest city of Jupiter. Suddenly several aliens knocked at the door. Hattps opened the door. There came several officials who should not find declared property with the tax return. At the same time there sat this Emoji and thought what this fiction has to do on the part of the being with shining eyes. These officials confiscated all shares and all bank notes.
The enterpriser took it laxly. Finally, he knew that he would not live forever here.
Suddenly still there came several policemen and arrested Hattps. Moreover, he was photographed several times. Later his face was shown in completely Jupiter in this reality. He had no break in the prison. Over and over again there came curious journalists and irritated him in the prison. He felt strongly traumatised. He wanted to commit suicide. The being with shining eyes sent a thought at this second in the brain of the Emojis.
Then Hattps asked the being with shining eyes decently to bring him back in his body and reality. After some time Hattps was brought back to Emoji.
He was in another reality. This time the ruler of Emoji was the former main lawyer. He invented during his term of office as a head of government every day a lot of new laws, which Emojis daily had to learn. Moreover, he required of Emojis that they should concentrate upon the advancement of the technical progress.
Thus there were independently flying Emojis without aid nationally. Hattps wanted to know which year was in this reality. He found 2050 in the calendar. He did not understand what this number mean. The being with shining eyes sent him thereon a thought. Then he realised that it concerned a strange calendar of the planet earth.
This time he visited the ruling main lawyer and realised that it was not he. It was his clone. This ruler explained that Emojis clone regularly themselves, so that they could live on a little bit. At least, their energy lived on in these clones.
He also wanted to visit his house. There he found his own clone. This confused him very much.
Moreover, he found digitized shares with his clone. The value of the shares changed any time because of variations on the stock exchange.
Moreover, many aliens from the Uranus lived in Emoji in this reality. Moreover, several Emojis from historical times were revived in medical labs. Hattps could think about enthusiasm hardly of the return in his reality.
Beside historical Emojis Hattps could also fish interesting information from the air. His enthusiasm for the life of local Emojis strongly rose. He could not think at all to return in his own reality. He started to pray that, finally, he dies in his real reality. The being with shining eyes changed the perception of Hattps. After some time he landed in the time of the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. Before his eyes were several combative Emojis and Clowns. Moreover, he found the nervous city guide Aki. He spoke with the most famous monk called Heart Eyes Emoji. Hattps wanted to go behind the famous monk. The long-lasting Emoji noticed this and required respect. In spite of this request spied Hattps the monk. He wanted to experience the famous scene and the victory personally. Emojis ordinarily learn in the historical lessons how Emojis and the Circus Union defeated the Egoists from Mars.
The being with shining eyes sent the owner of the company in another reality.
This time he landed in the country of the Bosses on the planet Halloween. At least, the reality concerned his time. Thus Hattps owned own joint-stock company. He hid his shares behind his cushion. Moreover, he visited a concert with singing Emojis who came as tourists to the country of the Bosses. This time he tried to return possibly in his native country. He bought even a flight ticket. He thought that he was, finally, with his Emojis at home. On the way with the taxi the highway was closed because of several sun-having a bath sea dogs for all vehicles. Policemen had to get the animals back in the sea. Hattps reacted very furiously to every obstacle. At this time appeared the huge being with shining eyes on the highway. All shares of Hattps on the highway were thrown at some time. Hattps also wanted to look what threw this being. He still reacted angry as before. He asked himself, why he had to experience this everything. He also wanted to find an answer. This failed to him. He suffered a shock state in the country of the Bosses.
Then he appeared in the room where his physical body lay. Some doctors decided the movement of the body for a preparatory place for burial. Hattps tried to return in his body with all forces. The being with shining eyes had to carry him in his physical body. He felt caught cold when he awoke. This time he was in his reality. The first dictator got to know about the recovery of Hattps. Together with other Emojis he visited him. At home he noticed that his shares were absent. He refunds an announcement at the police. The fingerprints were taken. For thieves of the shares the whole became too embarrassing. They brought back all stolen shares to the entrepreneurial Emoji. The next day he found all shares without exception in a big suitcase packed.


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