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The construction of prisons for political prisoners in Emoji

This time many Emojis waited very impatiently for the next meeting of the lawyers.
Finally, they more exactly wanted to pursue the new legislation about the joint-stock company.
Many Emojis dreamt of own enterprise. The face of the uppermost tax collectors from Poop Emoji poisoned the optimism. Moreover, the first dictator strengthened the influence of the tax authority still in the first week after his election, although he promised Emojis, only to introduce the entire tax duty in the new year.
The haughtiest official from the tax authority required a special chair for his most valuable butt. He complained with the gathered lawyers because of the easy chair for the most important personality after the first dictator. In the interim the construction of new prisons was instructed for political caught Emojis by the first dictator. Entrepreneurial Emojis and aliens from the Jupiter took over this order. In Venus the special chair could be produced for the stingiest and most envious Emoji.
The gilt chair with soft seat marked the importance of the uppermost official from Poop Emoji. The gathered lawyers discussed the laws of a joint-stock company.
The uppermost tax collector required a least share capital of 77777 local Bitcoins. Moreover, he wanted that Emojis pay a least capital tax of 777 Bitcoins for the founded enterprise. Other demands of the haughtiest Emojis were: Income tax of 50%. Misers from the Jupiter, aliens from the Saturn and stingy Emojis from Emoji Meaning were unanimous against too high taxes for enterprise.
Thus agreed Emojis on a profits tax of 40 percent. Stingy Emojis were against high taxes. Nevertheless, the state stinginess could assert itself. By skilful excuses the first dictator supported the mightiest tax authority of Emoji. Because of the introduction of the tax duty stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots threatened the other Emojis with the independence of the city of Emoji Meaning from the whole kingdom. The tried opposition in the town of the stingy Emojis led to a command of the first dictator. The new ruler commanded the restoration of rest in the economic metropolis.
The army and police might shoot at the demonstrators pitilessly. During the opposition sat the uppermost tax collector with the gathered lawyers and required the introduction Dividend-tax of 37 percent.
Moreover, the stingiest Emoji required other bureaucratic taxes and fees for joint-stock company. Moreover, he required a special income tax for the uppermost Chief Executive Officer. Many misers felt seriously injured in their stinginess. The opposition against the taxation of the joint-stock companies led in Emoji Meaning to too many seriously injured Emojis and aliens. Older stingy Emojis and aliens lost their consciousness as they got to know about new Dividend-tax on television.
Among the seriously injured Emojis was also an assistant of Devil Emoji who was responsible for the collection of several old stinking newspapers. During his stay in the hospital he experienced like some other Emojis his throw out from the physical body. Before him stood an unknown being which existed only of shining eyes.
This being spoke with the affected Emojis telepathic. Emojis hardly realised where they landed, they were in another physical body. In comparison to similar cases with other Emojis these Emojis experienced something strange:
The reality was to 90 percent like they knew. Only the assistant of the future ruler did not work with his famous employer. He was in this reality a homeless dreamer who collected old newspapers. With old newspapers he earned 10 Bitcoins per month. It was an economic relegated team after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Earlier he was a general of Crying Laughing Emoji and earned 177 Bitcoins per month. In this reality he could not climb up long time economically. He heard just that in the tax authority of Poop Emoji in the land lottery nearly 4666333 Bitcoins were raffled. The assistant played every week in his reality. This time he also tried his luck. What was very strange that the uppermost tax collector was not in this reality with the gathered lawyers. Instead, he organised the land lottery and hoped for the enrichment of the tax authority. In this reality realised the assistant that the stingiest Emoji could not build up so good contact with the first dictator.
The assistant sat beside two Emojis and four aliens from Mars. They saw which numbers he wrote on his sheet. Thus he chose the following numbers: 7 5 2 0 9 8
His observers also chose 7 5 2 0 9 8. In the evening the uppermost tax collector stood beside his deputy and announced proudly the winning numbers: 7 5 2 0 9 8
The assistant reacted so strangely to his profit that he wished for never again to returning in his previous reality. The proud tax collector said that seven Emojis or aliens marked this time all right numbers. This is good for the impoverished tax authority. He explained this to the big celebration of the state. Therefore calculated the responsible Emoji that the profit of 4666333 Bitcoins was distributed on Emojis or aliens 666,619 per winner. Of course the stingiest tax authority might be glad mostly. Every winner received 323323 Bitcoins. Emojis and aliens could only dream of so much money in their country. The assistant searched his friend from his other reality the owner of the ketchup factory Devil Emoji. He looked in completely Emoji for the enterpriser.
Many Emojis asked themselves what wanted this lottery winner of the enterpriser.
When the assistant found his friend from the other reality, he asked him, when they fight against the first dictator, finally, from his throne. Devil Emoji said that the time did not come yet. Only in 1111 days. The enterpriser wanted to offer a job in the administrative council to the assistant. The assistant rejected with thanks the offer. He decided to buy with won money several flats at different places in his native country. Thus he had a flat in Japanese Emoji. Moreover, he bought an enterprise which produced silvery paper for golden times of the Emojis.
By the visit of an event in Emoji Meaning the assistant recognised the other Emojis and aliens from Mars who sat before beside him. These were the same personalities who also won in the land lottery. The assistant remembered that these Emojis and aliens lay together with him in the other reality seriously injured in the hospital. By a conversation with them, they decided to found together an enterprise in favour of Emoji. The first dictator sat on his chair and considered how he could start to improve the economy of state Emoji. In this reality the ruler wanted to allow to build a hotel. However, the building should remind of the Horror Clowns prisons.
Thus these Emojis, the assistant and aliens from Mars applied with the first dictator for the construction of the hotel.
This time the first dictator planned his appearance before big audience in Emoji for PC.
The most famous relative of Devil Emoji made music in this town before big audience. When the audience found out that the first dictator spoke in this town before the people, several Emojis left the hall. Monkey Emoji was very furious, although he received the earned money in spite of this event. Thus the musician decided to pelt the first dictator with several boxes with bananas.
The musician was arrested. After this event the first dictator changed his plan. He stroked the word Hotel from his vocabulary. Instead, Emojis and aliens had to finance the construction of a big prison. As a model of the building served the biggest tax authority of the country. All seven Emojis and aliens recognised each other that they came from another reality. They feared that their return could be connected with many pains. Moreover, they feared the return to their reality because they were there no rich Emojis and aliens. Moreover, they had no VIP's status.

The first dictator wanted that these investors visit him at the round table. Finally, he was interested in the other expansion of the prisons in Emoji after the attack of the musician on him with his speech.
The assistant wanted to compare in this other reality also the work of the gathered lawyers. Thus he switched on secretly the television set in the visit of the first dictator.
By this second Emojis discussed the subject: How many teeth at least had Emojis to have legally?
This reminded the assistant that he should leave definitively from this reality anyhow.
His sudden wealth by the land lottery prevented the motivation to the return. Thus he concentrated upon the life in this other reality. In the conversation with the first dictator concentrated Emojis and aliens on their thoughts. The speech of the dictator became flown through simply by the ears.
After the conversation seven lottery winners discussed what flew to them by the heads in the visit of the first dictator. It was strange for them that they could notice to themselves nothing of the big speech of the ruler. Then they sat down on a taxi. The taxi had at least two drivers in this reality. The aim was the backup of the security. On the street would shout several Emojis: Freedom for our musician Monkey Emoji!!
On the highway appeared a monster. The eyes of the taxi drivers were closed by the look of the monster.
The assistant felt a known being in the monster. Other aliens and Emojis had the same experience. The monster saw more and more like the being from shining eyes. After some time the taxi seriously had an accident. Both taxi drivers were very slightly injured. Seven Emojis and aliens passed away in this reality. After some time they awoke on their beds in the hospital. The doctors explained to them that they recovered, finally, completely.
In the other reality their corpses were buried on the same day. The tax authority took over the whole property which by the land lottery these Emojis and aliens won and invested. The first dictator stood together with the uppermost official of the tax authority and spoke about the loss of good investors. In this memorial service made friends the first dictator with the uppermost tax collector in the other reality.
The return of the recovered Emojis was hard. They remembered this daily how important they were for the society and the first dictator there.


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