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How a joint-stock company is founded in Emoji

Two stingy Emojis discussed with each other how they became economically even richer.
Together with stingy aliens from the Jupiter these Emojis went to the railway station and went to Japanese Emoji. They sat down on a ship and considered about sensible business ideas. After a discussion on the ship Emojis decided to switch on the radio device. By this second all broadcastings were interrupted. The first dictator explained: Finally, we must arrest all criminal Emojis who pelted me with the old and stinking newspapers in the election day. The problem is: We need a lot of new prisons. When stingy Emojis and misers from the Jupiter heard this, was clear to them with which they could become richer. They provided a business plan within 444 minutes. In it they wanted to buy several interesting houses in completely Emoji. 🪝🍕🔝🪨➕🥫✂️💩, the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji was informed. 🏆️5️⃣ ⤵️🔝➕➡️😈👤🥫🎁➡️. After the examination the share capital counted 66666 local Bitcoins. During the rebuilding of a building in Emoji Keyboard a construction worker seriously injured himself. He had to be delivered to the hospital. There he was moved into an artificial coma.
At this time the first dictator commanded to deal the gathered lawyer with the regulation of the foundation of a joint-stock company in Emoji.
The main lawyer asked his occupational colleagues: Want we to promote the economic freedom for diligent Emojis?
A lawyer from Star Emoji answered this: ➕⬆️5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ❤️👥⬅️🏘️➕❌️💡👤⬅️🧹. At this time seven Emojis visited an amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. There they prayed against the introduction of the tax duty. At least, the uppermost tax collector suffered a consciousness loss.
So the gathered lawyers had to interrupt their meeting. 🛒➕🪥👥⬅️👥😯⬅️➕🥇🆕. 🤕❗️💔➕2️⃣ 💻️🛃. The diligent Emojis and misers from the Jupiter could transform, in the meantime, nearly 555 buildings into prisons.
Devil Emoji feared that his followers would be pursued by the first dictator for the electoral night. That's why he sent several inquiries for the forgery of the identities of his fans to Saturn. There the identities of the affected Emojis were changed successfully.
Moreover, the royal Emoji tried to distribute his property at different places in the whole country. Thus a nationalization should be prevented by the first dictator.
Many Emojis supported him with this plan. Most supporters were his employees.


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The construction of prisons for political prisoners in Emoji

Story: The construction of prisons for political prisoners in Emoji



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