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How a joint-stock company is founded in Emoji

Two stingy Emojis discussed with each other how they became economically even richer.
Together with stingy aliens from the Jupiter these Emojis went to the railway station and went to Japanese Emoji. They sat down on a ship and considered about sensible business ideas. After a discussion on the ship Emojis decided to switch on the radio device. By this second all broadcastings were interrupted. The first dictator explained: Finally, we must arrest all criminal Emojis who pelted me with the old and stinking newspapers in the election day. The problem is: We need a lot of new prisons. When stingy Emojis and misers from the Jupiter heard this, was clear to them with which they could become richer. They provided a business plan within 444 minutes. In it they wanted to buy several interesting houses in completely Emoji. Then these houses were altered in prisons.
For this purpose several aliens from the Venus and Mercury were imported. Finally, they had to serve as favourable manpower. When the planning permissions landed in the suitable office, the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji was informed. The haughtiest Emoji of the country reproved the stingy Emojis that they renounced worker of the Emoji Poops. Moreover, the uppermost official complained with the first dictator with great success. Then stingy Emojis with the misers from the Jupiter also had to do Poop Emojis. For this purpose they founded a joint-stock company. Finally, entrepreneurial Emojis and aliens wanted no other problems with the authorities. For the foundation they had to show to the responsible authorities their whole capital which they wanted to invest. Moreover, the uppermost tax collector had to check every bank note with his microscope for injurious illnesses. Finally, employees by the touch of the money should not be allowed to lose their working ability. After the examination the share capital counted 66666 local Bitcoins. During the rebuilding of a building in Emoji Keyboard a construction worker seriously injured himself. He had to be delivered to the hospital. There he was moved into an artificial coma.
At this time the first dictator commanded to deal the gathered lawyer with the regulation of the foundation of a joint-stock company in Emoji.
The main lawyer asked his occupational colleagues: Want we to promote the economic freedom for diligent Emojis?
A lawyer from Star Emoji answered this: Two weeks ago I visited North Mars. There I spoke with two Emojis who emigrated after the death of the last Horror Clowns to Mars. They founded there an architect's office. They chose there a joint-stock company for their enterprise. Besides, both Emojis had to pay 1000 Bitcoins for the foundation to the state. Moreover, they had to deposit the least share capital of 50555 Bitcoins on a bank account. The problem of the Emojis was that they did not have so much money after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Thus they flew to Saturn. There Emojis faked suitable bank notes with the help of the local aliens. Then they flew back to North Mars. There they founded definitively the new enterprise.
The lawyer from Star Emoji experienced this as a very negative example. That's why he wanted that Emojis need no least share capital.
The other lawyers wanted to leave this legal form exclusively for rich Emojis and founders. They could assert themselves. Also the uppermost tax collector welcomed the least share capital of 70000 Bitcoins. Finally, the tax authority could automatically require a capital tax of such enterprises. The uppermost tax collector received an approval from the first dictator that he should lead the legislation in favour of the tax authority. At this time seven Emojis visited an amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. There they prayed against the introduction of the tax duty. At least, the uppermost tax collector suffered a consciousness loss.
So the gathered lawyers had to interrupt their meeting. Finally, the interests of the new legislation with the interests of the stingy tax authority had to agree. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji was delivered to a hospital. Also the injured construction worker was brought in the same hospital because Emojis made a distinction at that time between important personalities for the economy. Thus both Emojis lay side by side.
Suddenly both Emojis awoke in another reality. The uppermost tax collector searched in vain his mighty tax authority. The doctors explained to him that here on our planet no taxes are necessary. The stingy Emoji reacted lost. He asked the doctors where the way led to Poop Emoji. They said him that here no Emojis lived. They said him that the planet was called Trojan. The construction worker and the tax collector looked in the mirror. They could not believe at all, why they looked different. At least, both Emojis had to have breakfast together with other patients. There functioned with both Emojis a special signal. Thus the both recognised each other as real Emojis, although an Emoji had rather orange face. The other was a stingy Emoji Poop. Both Emojis made friends. After their hospital stay both Emojis tried to find out where they landed generally. They asked from the doctors a map with all planets. In this map were absolutely unknown planets. About Emoji was no speech. The uppermost tax collector asked where the tax authority was. A furious doctor said that the concept Tax meant the following in their country: Tax authority is a prison for economic criminals in antique times.
Both Emojis wanted to enquire about the life on the planet Trojan.
They looked for a shopping centre. There they found different products. The curious Emojis visited several stores. They asked the other visitors with which they could buy the goods. A visitor explained that they needed a card with their personal name for the receipt of the goods. Both Emojis asked where they could get these cards. A visitor said them that their city administration was responsible for the assignment of these cards. Then Emojis went back to the hospital and looked in their acts for their cards. Really they found their local names on this planet. Then they went with these cards and took the desired products. On the planet of Trojans all bought products were automatically registered on the names of the subscribers. Thus the city administration controlled the consumer behaviour of the population. Moreover, the inhabitants who covered too many fatty goods received invitations for healthy food. Who lived unhealthily, received vouchers on his card for the improvement of own health. Moreover, the occupation and the job of the card owners stood on the cards. Then realised the tax collector that he was responsible on this planet for the fees of the banks.
As opposed to the planet Halloween, here there was only digitized money in the form of numbers on cards.
The construction worker from Emoji Keyboard had to clean the dirty streets with the help of software in the office. Both Emojis could well integrate themselves into the new reality. Nevertheless, the uppermost tax collector missed his tax authority of Poop Emoji.
He dreamt daily above his job. He tried to find a way out. Thus he visited the researchers who dealt with different planets and the galaxy.
Pluto sent a conformist robot to Trojan at this second. The inhabitants of the planet did not recognise this robot as strangers. Thus the confidential robot had to deliver information to Pluto about both Emojis. The Secret Service of Trojan noticed strange behaviour of a robot. Thus the robot was supervised by the local army. One day the army tried to arrest the robot. At this time the sophisticated robot started to spit small toxic rays from his mouth. Several soldiers fell ill with illnesses similar to influenza. The army of Trojan was helpless. Both Emojis observed this and hoped that them was helped.
At least, the robot spitted two slips of paper to both Emojis from his mouth. Therein stood: You should still stay here some time. Consider the sense of your life!
After this statement disappeared the robot and left footprints on the ground. After some time a big screen grew on the left footprints. Suddenly both Emojis could see their bodies in the hospital. They realised that they were in their native country still in the hospital. The uppermost tax collector wanted to search a canal where the gathered lawyers were to be seen. In reality renounced Emojis on the invention of new laws because of the absence of the tax collector. Nevertheless, a broadcasting of the gathered lawyers appeared on the subject joint-stock company. The haughtiest Emoji reacted very furiously that lawyers worked without him in new laws on the subject.
Thus Emojis, the foundation of a joint-stock company with at least 2 stockholders decided. Moreover, the least share capital had to amount to 100,000 green-red local coins.
When both Emojis saw this, the uppermost official of the tax authority believed that in Emoji no green-red coins were common. That's why Emojis thought that they saw this time a parallel world of their native country. Maybe it was another variation which existed somewhere.
Suddenly the mightiest tax authority of Poop Emoji appeared on television. The stingiest Emoji rejoiced with joy. His joy lasted quite briefly. He felt only a little older himself. Outdoors he saw several protesting Emojis. Moreover, he felt a stinginess attack. The construction worker saw this and asked himself, why he should be here. After a short time he also appeared in the video among the demonstrators. He ran with several Emojis to the uppermost tax collector and pelted him with decayed eggs. Both Emojis started to discuss with each other the video. They asked themselves whether it came in the future really to a discussion between them. Both Emojis tried to find out ones against which was demonstrated in the video. Finally, posters of the demonstrators were so shown that nobody could read something.
After this experience doctors could get both Emojis from the coma successfully. They recovered from their injuries. Their experiences censored the construction worker and the uppermost tax collector. The first dictator was glad about the recovery of the uppermost tax collector very much. He organised even a special party. The diligent Emojis and misers from the Jupiter could transform, in the meantime, nearly 555 buildings into prisons.
Devil Emoji feared that his followers would be pursued by the first dictator for the electoral night. That's why he sent several inquiries for the forgery of the identities of his fans to Saturn. There the identities of the affected Emojis were changed successfully.
Moreover, the royal Emoji tried to distribute his property at different places in the whole country. Thus a nationalisation should be prevented by the first dictator.
Many Emojis supported him with this plan. Most supporters were his employees.


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