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May Emojis smuggle goods for own need without problems?

Thirty Emojis and twenty aliens visited the country of the Vampires. There they bought meat of the bats. They planned the meat to share into Emoji together with their friends. At that time the first dictator sat in his chair and read what gathered lawyers up to now everything wrote in the code Emojis. By this second aliens and Emojis tried to leave the country of the Vampires with 777 gigabytes meat. After the end of the Circus Union tried police in cooperation with the army to earn the maximum on Emojis. Thus all borders were guarded to former states of the union by policemen and soldiers. 👀🧹💲1️⃣8️⃣9️⃣9️⃣🚽. Thus Emojis with the aliens wanted to bring for own birthday party in Middle Finger Emoji the special meat from the country of the Vampires. The affected Emojis reacted very much indignantly that the state incapacitates them in their decisions. 🦟3️⃣🧹🥤👤⬅️1️⃣ ➡️👤☕️🥤➕👤📖🥤🌄. 🤣🧹💩🟤🌊⤵️3️⃣ 🥛🌊⤵️. 🟤🛒🌊⬅️🪥🌊➡️. 💯💬🤕👍️. He found a newspaper and started to read.
He did not understand the world any more. In this newspaper it was written that a Horror Clown governed in the Circus Union. This irritated the assigned counsel very much. Thus he wanted to find out about this strange reality better. Thus he visited a library in Laughing Emoji. There he found a history book about Circus Union. Then he intensely turned the pages. He started to peruse: 🤣🛠️🚪⬆️👀🥊 promised to give to all inhabitants of the Circus Union free devices with Emojis for Android.
The assigned counsel did not understand this future at all. At the same time he feared that Emoji entered an union again with the Circus Country. 🤔💔➕1️⃣ 🥤🚘️➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🧹2️⃣ 🥤➕⚙️💯. He found a judge from Cute Emoji. He sat with two aliens from the Venus. They played with each other card games. The assigned counsel told him that they worked after the death of the last Horror Clowns on the legislation of an independent state of Emoji. The judge started to laugh. He said: ➕🤔3️⃣-👍️💭➡️👤4️⃣.
There somebody explained that the lawyer never lived here. In the archives of the building only one application of that lawyer was found. He applied as a defender of the rights of the inhabitants of the building. Finally, he found the main lawyer with eight Emojis in Crying Laughing Emoji. There he planted together with other Emojis new eucalyptuses on command of the ruling Horror Clowns. The assigned counsel wanted to ask the main lawyer where the code of Emoji was. The main lawyer replied: 😈🧹🚽🙏2️⃣ . ➕🥃⚪️🔥🆚🪥🧹🏘️.
At this time sat gathered lawyers at the round table and discussed the subject Smuggling of goods for own need. Suddenly there came two Emojis and opened without being asked the door. Then they ran off on the main lawyer. Behind them were another eleven koalas whom they took from Mars. With the smugglers it concerned Emojis from Sad Emoji. After this event the law of the smuggling with a microscope was checked by every single present lawyer. 👨‍🍳⬅️👀➕🦋🔮👀🆕🔂🛒🧑‍🏭️.
Many tourists from different regions of the galaxy and many Emojis protested against this law before the house of the first dictator.
Monkey Emoji supported the protests musically. At least, the first dictator loosened the conditions of entry to the country. Thus all entering tourists were checked with a special device only for illnesses which third could infect.


Emoji after the election of the first dictator

Story: Emoji after the election of the first dictator

How a joint-stock company is founded in Emoji

Story: How a joint-stock company is founded in Emoji



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