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May Emojis smuggle goods for own need without problems?

Thirty Emojis and twenty aliens visited the country of the Vampires. There they bought meat of the bats. They planned the meat to share into Emoji together with their friends. At that time the first dictator sat in his chair and read what gathered lawyers up to now everything wrote in the code Emojis. By this second aliens and Emojis tried to leave the country of the Vampires with 777 gigabytes meat. After the end of the Circus Union tried police in cooperation with the army to earn the maximum on Emojis. Thus all borders were guarded to former states of the union by policemen and soldiers. Emojis who brought goods from abroad had to hand over the products and pay high duties. Thus Emojis with the aliens wanted to bring for own birthday party in Middle Finger Emoji the special meat from the country of the Vampires. The affected Emojis reacted very much indignantly that the state incapacitates them in their decisions. Emojis were ordinarily no meat consumers.
That's why this looked very suspicious. Some Emojis complained of this state. Finally, there were sometimes other Emojis who crossed the border with foreign meat with Horror Clown masks. In such cases policemen and soldiers had to undertake great fear a little bit against it. Some real Emojis without masks criticised this and complained with the gathered lawyers. Really a former assigned counsel tried together with his family to carry out an experiment.
Thus he flew to Circus Country. There he bought nearly 77 gigabytes of potatoes. He wore a special mask with a bald head and a long neglected beard. His wife and other members of the family had no masks. Thus the assigned counsel tried to document the work of the customs officers. The policemen and soldiers refused to tolerate the Emojis to smuggle the potatoes from the Circus Country. They wrote as grounds: Foreign potatoes threaten the security of the dictator elective anew. That's why Emojis had to hand over this to the state. But what did make customs officers, policemen and soldiers with the confiscated goods?
Properly. They declared the goods as destroyed, the power of the holy state seemed for Emojis justified. In reality all products were distributed secretly among the high-ranking politicians and officials. The victims were the normal population. Moreover, duty sent several press releases to different mass media. In it the successful cooperation between duty, police and army was promised with the seizure by goods. The assigned counsel tried to repeat for the second time his experiment. As he made already before, this Emoji had also hidden this time a Dictaphone in his pocket. This time he bought even 117 gigabytes in pumpkins in Circus Country. Now he was not disguised. Also other Emojis were dressed normally. This time the assigned counsel was admitted easily with other Emojis without punishments. Nobody was interested in pumpkins. Moreover, no slip of paper with a possible menace was provided for the first dictator. The assigned counsel reacted amazed. He asked his Emojis: Which logic had police in Emoji?
Are potatoes more dangerous than pumpkins for the first dictator?
By this experiment the assigned counsel had big doubts about the work of the gathered lawyers and the state. At this time an alien from Neptune wanted to visit the first dictator of Emoji absolutely. Thus he visited a space of a software enterprise in a city. There he clicked on the start button of an old dusty computer. This led to an alarm in a big server in Pluto.
The uppermost programmer and professor for informatics called Setag Lib visited his student. He wanted to show him how one can shift several Emojis from a place to the other. He began his complicated explanation. The student hardly understood something. He got information that in Neptune an alien clicked the wrong start button. He wanted to ask his programmer on this subject something. Setag Lib had no time. He had to work on new operating system. The informatics student started to program in a mess. Suddenly the assigned counsel landed in the future Emoji's. This future irritated the lawyer very much. He landed 9125 days in the future. He wanted to visit his colleagues. He found only one former administration of the Horror Clowns. He did not want to disgrace himself with the Emojis. Finally, he was intelligent enough. Thus he tried to find out by the purchase of a newspaper which year he landed. He found a newspaper and started to read.
He did not understand the world any more. In this newspaper it was written that a Horror Clown governed in the Circus Union. This irritated the assigned counsel very much. Thus he wanted to find out about this strange reality better. Thus he visited a library in Laughing Emoji. There he found a history book about Circus Union. Then he intensely turned the pages. He started to peruse: After the death of the so-called last Horror Clown, a relative of the First Horror Clowns came to the power of the Circus Union. Thereby he prevented the end of the mighty state. The assigned counsel decided to look at the television. There the ruling Horror Clown praised the big influence of the Emojis on the planet earth. Moreover, the Horror Clown told his plans to all inhabitants of the Circus Union. He said that thanks to Emojis the Circus Union on the countries of the planet earth could be extended. Moreover, the Horror Clown promised to give to all inhabitants of the Circus Union free devices with Emojis for Android.
The assigned counsel did not understand this future at all. At the same time he feared that Emoji entered an union again with the Circus Country. On the other hand, Emojis were strongly promised by the new ruler. Now realised the assigned counsel that he landed in a possible future. He tried to find the law books from the future. Thus he visited the library again. There he found only known old codes of the Circus Union. He found no book which was adapted especially to the needs of the Emojis. He thought that his work was free of charge. He looked for his colleagues. He found a judge from Cute Emoji. He sat with two aliens from the Venus. They played with each other card games. The assigned counsel told him that they worked after the death of the last Horror Clowns on the legislation of an independent state of Emoji. The judge started to laugh. He said: I am retired for a long time and enjoy my spare time with my friends. Moreover, he said him that he saw this assigned counsel only in the court at the work. He said him that Emojis should found by no means own state. This would cause a political earthquake. The assigned counsel noticed that he landed in wrong reality. At least for him was clear that in this reality Emojis had no climbing out possibilities from the Circus Union. After this discussion the assigned counsel visited the main lawyer in his putative place of residence.
There somebody explained that the lawyer never lived here. In the archives of the building only one application of that lawyer was found. He applied as a defender of the rights of the inhabitants of the building. Finally, he found the main lawyer with eight Emojis in Crying Laughing Emoji. There he planted together with other Emojis new eucalyptuses on command of the ruling Horror Clowns. The assigned counsel wanted to ask the main lawyer where the code of Emoji was. The main lawyer replied: We have good laws in the Circus Union. This is why we must work in no new laws. The assigned counsel knew that he should return anyhow from this wrong for him future.
At this time the informatics professor Setag Lib visited his student at the work. He was shocked when he saw what his student caused in Emoji. He had to intervene immediately. Thus he did the work within six seconds. Suddenly there disappeared the assigned counsel from the wrong future. He landed directly before the door of the gathered lawyers. There he apologised to the Emojis for his delay. He told them his experience. Of course nobody believed him. The main lawyer said that he planted to no eucalyptuses up to now. Moreover, other lawyers recommended for the assigned counsel to recover at home.
He declined. He wanted to tell about his smuggler attempt. When Emojis and especially aliens from the Saturn heard this on television, they raised not only their attention, but also the volume of their television sets. After he told his experiences with the duty, police and army, Emojis had to invent new laws of the prevention of arbitrary seizures.
Thus they provided a long list with forbidden contrabands. The first dictator reacted infuriated. He wanted that the state takes away valuables from the Emojis. This failed to him exceptionally.
When aliens with roots from the Mercury and several criminal Emojis got the entire list before their eyes, they planned a demonstration for the protection of the economic freedom. Moreover, several stingy investors from the Jupiter contacted and required the shortening of the list. They complained of the strong protectionism of the Emojis. Finally, many stingy investors wanted to extend global trade clearly. They were reminded of the fact that they should contact the first dictator first, before they would take serious steps.
Then several Emojis and stingy investors wrote open letters to the new government of Emoji. The first dictator decided independently that Emojis might legally smuggle goods for private need from the close foreign countries.
At this time sat gathered lawyers at the round table and discussed the subject Smuggling of goods for own need. Suddenly there came two Emojis and opened without being asked the door. Then they ran off on the main lawyer. Behind them were another eleven koalas whom they took from Mars. With the smugglers it concerned Emojis from Sad Emoji. After this event the law of the smuggling with a microscope was checked by every single present lawyer. Then a smuggling was permitted by living being and animals officially by bureaucratic approvals.
Moreover, lawyers found out that these Emojis stole these koalas from a zoo in South Mars. Then the animals had to be supplied with help of 40 veterinarians and be brought to Mars.
The first dictator commanded better protection with the duty after this event. Moreover, every tourist had to be exactly checked for bacteria and microbes before the entry to Emoji. Thus illnesses should not be imported from abroad to Emoji.
Many tourists from different regions of the galaxy and many Emojis protested against this law before the house of the first dictator.
Monkey Emoji supported the protests musically. At least, the first dictator loosened the conditions of entry to the country. Thus all entering tourists were checked with a special device only for illnesses which third could infect.


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