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Who checks in Emoji the paid share capital?

This time discussed gathered lawyers who should check the paid share capital of the Emojis. Exceptionally there renounced the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji this job to transfer on the tax authority. Instead, the stingiest Emoji wanted that local tax offices with their microscopes check every Bitcoin of the share capital. Several stingy aliens from the Jupiter rather wanted that this job assumes the office for registered enterprises. Up to now this also was in such a way. Most lawyers recommended a vote. Several Emojis complained, that the vote specially manipulable in favour of the mighty tax authority. Finally, the first dictator tried to influence the decision in advance. Thus the dictator commanded that the office for registered enterprises must work together with the tax authority. A former judge wrote this in the law book Emojis. At this time several thousands of Emojis and aliens from different areas of Emoji assembled. They demonstrated against the first dictator in Alien Emoji. The demonstration was sponsored by the ketchup enterpriser Devil Emoji.
💻️💩⬆️👤⚙️🏠️➕😝🔙. After this event amusing Emojis feared in Laughing Emoji that criminals could try again to steal the most confidential laughing formula. ⬆️👤😎👤👨⬅️➕🤐👤👨⬅️🔙👍️⬆️👤🛠️§➕🛒🔙👗. Moreover, he met the most famous entrepreneur from Middle Finger Emoji called Tycoon. He recommended him to withdraw early from his office as a dictator. Otherwise a bad future threatens the first dictator. Then the dictator moved in completely Emoji in his dream. ⬆️👤⏱️👤👨➕🥫👀1️⃣ 👁️. These Emojis landed together in the past of the city of Emoji Art. They landed in the period more than 212,430 days ago. At that time aliens from the Uranus ruled in this town. ⬆️👤🪟💻️👥⬅️👤👨⬅️🛰️📚️. 💻️➕⌨️🛠️🐘🛰️🚚⏱️, 💯➕🤜⬆️. 🧑‍🏭️➕⏩️. 9️⃣🥛🖥️🛹➕➡️👤➕🎵. ⤵️🥷➡️👤🥫*️⃣*️⃣ 🫀❌️🤟🛹✨️🖋️.
After these events modern Emojis were shifted by the being with shining eyes in other future. This time Emojis experienced, as local population discovered its talent in the art. These gifted Emojis wanted to portray voluntarily the strange guests from 💯➡️👤⚙️🏠️⚪️🛹🛰️🤔⬆️👤⬆️🛹👤⬅️. 👨💯➡️➕👏⬇️. 🎶🛠️🛰️➕👀👤⬅️⚙️⚫️📑⤵️🔝. 👤🛒📑➡️. ➡️💯👤🥫💻️⚪️🛹. That's why he discussed this decision with the first dictator. Together they decided to supervise Emojis in the banks on the payment of the share capital. Thus hidden video cameras were installed in most banks. Even employees of the affected banks knew nothing about the state supervision.


What can Emojis do with the shares?

Story: What can Emojis do with the shares?

Must joint-stock companies be checked in Emoji by third?

Story: Must joint-stock companies be checked in Emoji by third?



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