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Who checks in Emoji the paid share capital?

This time discussed gathered lawyers who should check the paid share capital of the Emojis. Exceptionally there renounced the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji this job to transfer on the tax authority. Instead, the stingiest Emoji wanted that local tax offices with their microscopes check every Bitcoin of the share capital. Several stingy aliens from the Jupiter rather wanted that this job assumes the office for registered enterprises. Up to now this also was in such a way. Most lawyers recommended a vote. Several Emojis complained, that the vote specially manipulable in favour of the mighty tax authority. Finally, the first dictator tried to influence the decision in advance. Thus the dictator commanded that the office for registered enterprises must work together with the tax authority. A former judge wrote this in the law book Emojis. At this time several thousands of Emojis and aliens from different areas of Emoji assembled. They demonstrated against the first dictator in Alien Emoji. The demonstration was sponsored by the ketchup enterpriser Devil Emoji.
On that day the first dictator should appear as exclusive before 100 Emojis. For this purpose several bottles with cream gel from the Saturn were brought. The demonstrators opened their bottles and pelted the first dictator with the liquid. Then there disappeared disguised demonstrators from the place. After this event amusing Emojis feared in Laughing Emoji that criminals could try again to steal the most confidential laughing formula. That's why they strengthened their preventive measures. Also the urban censorship authority had to strengthen its influence. After this event the first dictator commanded to find all criminal Emojis. Thus all policemen and all soldiers nationally had to look for the criminal Emojis.
Devil Emoji had good commercial contacts with different countries. Thus he organised for all involved Emojis a political asylum in different locations of the planet.
The treating doctors of the first dictator recommended to their patient to recover at home from the attack. The first dictator commanded to the mass media to dramatize the attack on his personality at most. Thus journalists had to report that there was a tried murder of the first dictator. The first dictator was brought home. There he fell asleep. He started to dream. In his dream he worked as an assistant of Devil Emoji. He had to check for the command of the king the paid share capital of every corporation.
After this dream awoke the first dictator and took down his strange dream in his notebook. Then he fell asleep again. This time he had a longer dream. He spoke with different Emojis from all areas of the country of the future. Moreover, he met the most famous entrepreneur from Middle Finger Emoji called Tycoon. He recommended him to withdraw early from his office as a dictator. Otherwise a bad future threatens the first dictator. Then the dictator moved in completely Emoji in his dream. Later he woke. He felt that he sweated. Then he took down single details of the dream. Above all the conversation with the former enterpriser from Middle Finger Emoji influenced his other political action. Thus all public appearances were stroked before Emojis from his appointment calendar immediately and without other considerations. Instead, he strengthened the influence of the tax authority clearly. In every town and in every village several offices were altered to tax offices. This time the first dictator visited several architects in his country. In Laughing Emoji he sat together with two Emojis and an alien from the Mercury. They had the best plans for the rebuilding of the political buildings. Thus several tax offices were so built that they were earthquake-proof. Moreover, the departments of taxes always had the best protection from natural disasters and criminals.
Moreover, the first dictator said to his subordinated employees:
"In order for us to have a strong state, Emojis must get punished financially. For this purpose the meaning of the tax authority must be raised. Thanks to this authority Emojis and the whole population can become state slaves." This speech might be emitted in the mass media not in this form. The politically correct version of this speech looked thus: "Without our holy tax authority we do not further the state of Emoji." Thus journalists presented this statement to the population. Many Emojis mocked the first dictator as a second largest follower of the tax authority after the uppermost official.
An older Emoji called Ytu sat before the television in a village. Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. Ytu opened the door. Before him stood several Emojis. They came with the first tax return. They had the job to stamp every Emoji as a penal-liable citizen. Thus the stamp "Taxable Emoji" was confirmed in the identity card. Moreover, these Emojis handed over the first tax return to every citizen. Then they said goodbye with stingy greetings of the tax authorities. Ytu started to read what was asked in the tax return.
When he read that the tax offices wanted to know so many details from his life, he suffered a cardiac arrest. He read that the stingiest authority of the country wanted to know where the citizen hid exactly his coins or laid. Moreover, the authority threatened with unlimited punishments with refusal of a friendly cooperation in favour of the state stinginess. Who does not deliver the tax return within 60 days to the state, must count on a least punishment of 600 Bitcoins. Many Emojis suffered similar shock states when they experienced the infinite stinginess of the state.
Several Emojis left at the same time their physical body. They were accompanied everybody by the being with shining eyes in other reality. These Emojis landed together in the past of the city of Emoji Art. They landed in the period more than 212,430 days ago. At that time aliens from the Uranus ruled in this town. These Emojis sat before a wooden house and beefed. They said each other, why they were sent to this primitive time. At this time came several soldiers from the Uranus and required from Emojis that they pay money to them. Among them was also Ytu. He said: What a cheek!
Only we have been expelled from our time and these idiots still require money of us already also here. The fury of Ytu grew upwards. In comparison to Emojis and inhabitants who were valid in this time as normal citizens Emojis and Ytu had quite different strengths. They could defend themselves against the stinginess of the Uranus' professionally. Thus these Emojis refused to pay money. The soldier tried to injure the disobedient Emojis with an ancient gun. Ytu hit the soldier with his furious fist so strongly that the soldier died. The other Emojis praised Ytu as a big hero. Ytu said self-confidently other Emojis: Thus we must also fight against our tax authority with ourselves.
Other Emojis applauded Ytu loudly. The inhabitants of the old time were not accustomed themselves that there were so loudly Emojis. Thus they were circled by aliens from the Uranus and Emojis of the old time. Ytu said: We try it peacefully with them. The inhabitants of the old time did not understand the communication of the modern Emojis. That's why aliens from the Uranus and inhabitants of that time tried to attack the guests from modern times. Ytu reacted fast.
Other Emojis from his time followed him. They rubbed themselves the hands. Within short time Emojis from modern time had produced fire. With this fire they expelled all aliens from the Uranus and primitive Emojis.
Then primitive Emojis and aliens from the Uranus did not try to undertake any more an other attempt.
After these events modern Emojis were shifted by the being with shining eyes in other future. This time Emojis experienced, as local population discovered its talent in the art. These gifted Emojis wanted to portray voluntarily the strange guests from the future.
Later these artists also wanted to sell their art to the guests for high prices. Modern Emojis explained friendly that they have no money. This is why they renounced a purchase. Several artists reacted angry. Some artists wanted to complain at the authorities. Finally, Uranus practiced big pressure on the artists, so that this high tax revenue could generate to them.

This explained some artists the modern Emojis. They promised to the artists to release them from the stingy aliens from the Uranus. Many artists felt these Emojis as crazy. Nevertheless, some artists supported these Emojis. They said them exactly where Uranus practiced its power. Then Ytu with other Emojis than consideration for nice portraits decided to release this artist's town from the stinginess of the aliens from the Uranus.
Ytu learnt together with other Emojis how he could produce petrol from the air. Thus modern Emojis went for too different castles of the haughty aliens from the Uranus and burnt their mighty castles. Many aliens from the Uranus feared that a mightier civilisation tried to expel them from the town. That's why several aliens from the Uranus fled to their native country.
The artists thanked the modern Emojis for the freeing from the haughty tax collectors from the Uranus.
Later the modern Emojis from the ancient time of the artist's town were shifted in the time of the rule of the Easter Eggs by the being with shining eyes.
It was the time more than 70,000 days ago. At that time the children of the local Emojis were enslaved cleverly. The Easter Eggs called this kind of work as an education. In reality child employment was legalised thus. This time the modern Emojis and Ytu were no fighters against the tax authority or elite. They were themselves a part of this elite. They profited from child employment. Finally, they had several joint-stock companies. With these companies they needed secretly child slaves, so that they pay attention to their shares.
Moreover, the modern Emojis checked their paid share capital even every Wednesday. One day the modern Emojis noticed that half of their share capital was absent. Some Emojis reacted shocked. Ytu took this calmly. It was clear to him that he would be also soon expelled from this reality.
After some time the modern Emojis from this time were moved into the time the ruling Horror Clowns. In comparison to known Horror Clown it was above all Scary Clown. He visited the artist's town with his successor the First Horror Clown. Only this time the modern Emojis had to sell special portraits to both clowns. This time Ytu might portray the First Horror Clown and Scary Clown. Then the future rulers of the Circus Union left the modern Emojis.
After these events the being with shining eyes hurried up to bring all modern Emojis 766,500 days in the past. This time Emojis understood no word what the local aliens spoke. Finally, modern Emojis were in the old Saturn. At that time Saturn tried to conquer all countries. The modern Emojis looked too suspicious. They were arrested by Saturn's aliens. The uppermost police chief liked Ytu. That's why he allowed to dismiss him from the prison. Ytu tried to release the other imprisoned Emojis. Thus the being with the shining eyes sent him extensive linguistic proficiency of the old Saturn's language. Ytu could negotiate with the uppermost police chief about the release of his friends successfully. One single condition was that Emojis would bring him money or smartphone. Thus a magician from Pluto came to the Emojis. He taught them to conjure valuable objects. Thus Ytu used this knowledge for the production of the old Saturn's coins. These goods handed over Emojis together with Ytu.
After these events all Emojis were sent back in their bodies. Before them sat the uppermost tax collector and congratulated them for their return as taxable Emojis. Beside him were several officials of the tax authority who exactly explained filling the tax return.
Together with the taxable Emojis the first tax return was filled in favour of the tax authority. Many Emojis experienced a dismantling of their motivation to earn money. The first dictator commanded the investigation of rising means for motivation to work. The ruler did this without to inform the population. Some inhabitants complained to putting off Emojis who lowered their working quality in different professional guilds.
At least, amusing Emojis did not lose their mood in Laughing Emoji, although the tax office sent already very much complicated and irritating tax return to the urban population. The gathered lawyers agreed that the paid share capital should be checked above all at the banks. Stingy aliens from the Jupiter rejoiced with stingy Emojis after this decision. The first dictator accepted this decision. Then stingy Emojis and aliens advertised in the newspapers actively that they would check the paid share capital very much with pleasure.
Normal Emojis did not understand what was meant with it. Entrepreneurial readers understood that with this decision additional costs were guaranteed by the foundation of a joint-stock company.
Now company founders had to consider several times whether they chose a joint-stock company as a legal form for their enterprise. The uppermost tax collector was distrustfully compared with the banks. That's why he discussed this decision with the first dictator. Together they decided to supervise Emojis in the banks on the payment of the share capital. Thus hidden video cameras were installed in most banks. Even employees of the affected banks knew nothing about the state supervision.


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Story: Must joint-stock companies be checked in Emoji by third?



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