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What Emojis can do with problems with their rental object

In a morning a water tank exploded in Middle Finger Emoji. Many Emojis ran in the middle with their pyjamas from their houses. They absolutely wanted to know what happened. Among them was also a judge who appeared clearly late to the work on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji because of his curiosity. The owner of the water tank lent several water tanks the city administration for the purpose of the water supply. On account of his stinginess the owner of the water tanks saved the repair costs. That's why he rented partly dirty water tanks to the city administration of the city Middle Finger Emoji. At least, Emojis of this town remained healthy thanks to their special food.
The judge took down everything in connection with the explosion. Under the curious Emojis were also at least 111 photographers and journalists. 👨‍🎤👤🎭️➕🪜🔙👤👩⬅️✋🔑🐕️‍🦺🧑‍💼➡️👥👤👩⬅️. In the meantime, there came the judge from Middle Finger Emoji apologized with his occupational colleagues in the capital city Emoji SMS. On account of a dry autumn many Emojis had not enough water reserves. In particular in Crying Laughing Emoji there were many water thefts after the death of the last Horror Clowns. 🎛️👥⬅️👀👤👩⬅️📃, 👤👩📜👤👩⬅️👩‍🍼.
Thereon a big debate began among the lawyers. Among them was also an assigned counsel from Emoji Meaning.
He knew the renter of the water tanks personally. That's why he tried to defend possibly his friend. Thus he said: ⏺️⬆️🔠🗣️➕❓️👤👩🛠️🆕. Many Saturn's aliens had to be hospitalized. The researcher received big applause later from the Emojis and the lawyers that he maintained the honest approach in spite of the bribery. The tax collector from Poop Emoji wanted from researcher the payment of tax on the bribery.
But all Emojis and even gathered lawyers rejected this exceptionally.
How was it with the city Middle Finger Emoji after this event?
1️⃣ 👈️🗺️⚡️👤👩💬.
In the interim a mailman from Emoji Meanings by an electric scooter went to the direction of the gathered lawyers. When Emojis learnt in this town where the mailman went, they absolutely wanted to deliver to the mailman their questions together with the notebooks.
2️⃣0️⃣s💆‍♀️🦋. 🧬💭💄➕🙏👀. ➕🎛️💆‍♀️🙏👀🪞➕💆‍♀️💇. 💔🛠️🎵🗣️🔂👤👩🛑. ❌️🔑➕➕➡️🔂☎️⬇️, 👤👩 💬. 💆‍♀️⤵️🔙. 🥲👤👩⬅️➕👤👩⬅️. ➡️👤🥫🏁🌝. An irritated lawyer answered this: Sure. But why do so silly questions come to us uncensored?
The defender reacted indignantly. He defended his Emojis from his hometown in the following form: Every inhabitant of the kingdom Emoji may send his questions. Here, finally, we work in future laws of the modern state. An alien from the Venus who lived in Emoji Meanings wanted to know:
Must the tenant inform of the lack the renter orally or in writing?
In addition said a lawyer who also acted as a renter as a sideline: Basically the tenant should use in practice both possibilities.
However, written form has the advantage as an evidence that the tenant could sue a decayed renter later with idleness. In his personal experience he himself had almost forgotten that the door was not repaired in the bathroom of a tenant after 30 days. At that time thus he was condemned by the court for an urgent compensation. After this case he had to remember daily this court judgment. After this question all lawyers decided to go together to the restaurant nearby.


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