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What Emojis can do with problems with their rental object

In a morning a water tank exploded in Middle Finger Emoji. Many Emojis ran in the middle with their pyjamas from their houses. They absolutely wanted to know what happened. Among them was also a judge who appeared clearly late to the work on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji because of his curiosity. The owner of the water tank lent several water tanks the city administration for the purpose of the water supply. On account of his stinginess the owner of the water tanks saved the repair costs. That's why he rented partly dirty water tanks to the city administration of the city Middle Finger Emoji. At least, Emojis of this town remained healthy thanks to their special food.
The judge took down everything in connection with the explosion. Under the curious Emojis were also at least 111 photographers and journalists. Some Emojis from foreign towns offended against the law of the protection of the ground. They came by their heavy vehicles to the protected area. At least, the judge took down the registration numbers of these drivers. The acting mayor applied for help with the judge for the solution of the problem with the renter of the water tanks. Among the present photographers was also an alien from the Neptune. He was wearing special sunglasses. With his sunglasses he could record videos nearly 4.67 hours and save easily. Thus he could overtake all the other photographers by his very extensive video recordings clearly. Many envious photographers noticed that.
Because of envy they tried to mobilise other curious Emojis against this alien. However, the alien from the Neptune also was wearing a protective jacket which he received as a gift from a friend from Pluto. In spite of many envious looks of the Emojis the alien from the Neptune could arrive as the first photographer with his material with the state television. In the meantime, there came the judge from Middle Finger Emoji apologized with his occupational colleagues in the capital city Emoji SMS. On account of a dry autumn many Emojis had not enough water reserves. In particular in Crying Laughing Emoji there were many water thefts after the death of the last Horror Clowns. A lawyer from this town complained of the fact that he was attacked by criminal Emojis and aliens at night.
On account of these events the working day of the gathered lawyers began almost after 2 hours in the normal expiry. The judge from Middle Finger Emoji wanted to discuss the case of his mayor with the exploding water tank. The mayor asked:
What can I do in the name of the city Middle Finger Emoji with the exploding water tank?
How should the town proceed as a tenant in this case?
Thereon a big debate began among the lawyers. Among them was also an assigned counsel from Emoji Meaning.
He knew the renter of the water tanks personally. That's why he tried to defend possibly his friend. Thus he said: The tenant has not used the rental object carefully. That's why the city Middle Finger Emoji owes an entire compensation for the lost water tank. Another lawyer from a small village meant: Maybe there was still before the explosion a small almost invisible hole in the water tank. In this case the renter could have rented quite negligently the rental object in bad quality. After both statements the gathered lawyers on an independent investigation agreed on the part of several researchers from different areas of the kingdom Emoji.
In the interim the mayor wanted to know what he could do. Finally, his town urgently needs an equivalent water tank. That's why decided the majority of the lawyers that the renter must pay a compensation. Finally, the affected town pays the full rent to the renter. That's why obliged Emojis the renter to an equivalent water tank. Only lawyers with Jupiter's roots from Emoji Meaning were rather against it. They voted for a compensation to the renter. The renter of the water tanks looked the whole discussion on television. Then he sent a substitute with his water tank to Middle Finger Emoji. In the interim the proud photographer from the Neptune came to the lawyers. On account of his good sunglasses he also had admissions of the water tank before the explosion.
The renter feared that the photographer came to his disadvantage. The gathered lawyers were very sceptical at the beginning. That's why they accepted these admissions with big care. The renter of the water tanks considered, in the meantime, the photographer from the Neptune to sue. He accused him specially of having done everything. He explained this to the Emojis in a telephone call. When lawyers got to know about this version, they also wanted to classify the photographer from the Neptune as suspects of the explosion. That's why the work increased for the board of inquiry. With the investigation the renter bribed a researcher, so that he pins the blame for the photographer. The researcher accepted the bribery.
At the same time he could not do his work because of his working morale unfair. That's why he presented the true result. The renter shouted completely loudly: Betrayer!!!!
The researcher admitted that the renter of the water tanks bribed him. He accepted the bribery. Nevertheless, he wanted to make his work correct. After this case reacted many aliens from the Saturn with a mass heatstroke. Many Saturn's aliens had to be hospitalised. The researcher received big applause later from the Emojis and the lawyers that he maintained the honest approach in spite of the bribery. The tax collector from Poop Emoji wanted from researcher the payment of tax on the bribery.
But all Emojis and even gathered lawyers rejected this exceptionally.
How was it with the city Middle Finger Emoji after this event?
The renter had to pay at own expenses a compensation with the exploding water tank. Moreover, the city administration might pay a lower rent to the renter. With it finished lawyers this case with all its results.
In the interim a mailman from Emoji Meanings by an electric scooter went to the direction of the gathered lawyers. When Emojis learnt in this town where the mailman went, they absolutely wanted to deliver to the mailman their questions together with the notebooks.
The mailman explained in nice form that he had this time no place for so much paper. He hid that he should deliver a surprise of the wife of a defender. At least, another four Emojis sat down on their electric scooter and went behind the mailman. They took several notebooks with the questions from their town in solidarity. After long journey four Emojis with the mailman came to the gathered lawyers in the capital.
At this time lawyers discussed important questions in connection with the rent.
Can third parties suddenly interfere from nothing with the matters of a rental contract?
A former teacher from a small village wanted to know this. In his case the Emoji wanted to finish his rental contract with the renter. The reason was his notice as a teacher after the death of the last Horror Clowns. The renter refused because this Emoji inhabited not only the leasehold house. Therein lived other Emojis and aliens who still worked in this village. Nevertheless, the former teacher was the first tenant and signed the rental contract as single Emoji. In addition the defender from Emoji Meanings wanted to express himself by this second: The renter must release the former teacher from his function as a tenant immediately.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. The main lawyer took in hand a judge's hammer. Then he opened the door. Before him stood the mailman from the city. He explained that an Emoji sent him specially in the capital. The reason was: The wife of the defender wanted to organise to her husband a surprise in the job. When other lawyers got to know about a forthcoming surprise for their occupational colleague, they made him the job leave for a short time. The mailman explained that four Emojis from Emoji Meanings with a baggage came in questions from the population together with him. The curiosity of the defender conquered him.
That's why he went voluntarily of getting the letters from his hometown of the Emojis. Four Emojis waited for him before the entrance in the house. In the interim the mailman laid the surprise on the working place of the defender. When the Emoji came with full hands with notebooks from Emoji Meanings, it was very quiet in the hall of the gathered lawyers. The defender did not understand what happened. Only when he came to his working place, he noticed a strange smell. He opened a cloth. Therein he found a pot. On the left side of the pot was one more key. On the right side the defender found a lock. He opened the lock with the key.
Therein he found a letter of his wife. Then he found a spoon. Further he found a warm soup. What the Emoji did not know that the spoon had a live connection with his wife. Thus the jealous wife of the defender could make sure that her husband really worked on the legislation Emojis. Some lawyers reacted a little bit with envy to the fact that this defender gets even a soup of his wife delivered. After this event the defender got some questions from his hometown and mentioned the following question:
Can the renter offer a substitute instead of the removal of a lack?
Many Emojis wanted to know this. An irritated lawyer answered this: Sure. But why do so silly questions come to us uncensored?
The defender reacted indignantly. He defended his Emojis from his hometown in the following form: Every inhabitant of the kingdom Emoji may send his questions. Here, finally, we work in future laws of the modern state. An alien from the Venus who lived in Emoji Meanings wanted to know:
Must the tenant inform of the lack the renter orally or in writing?
In addition said a lawyer who also acted as a renter as a sideline: Basically the tenant should use in practice both possibilities.
However, written form has the advantage as an evidence that the tenant could sue a decayed renter later with idleness. In his personal experience he himself had almost forgotten that the door was not repaired in the bathroom of a tenant after 30 days. At that time thus he was condemned by the court for an urgent compensation. After this case he had to remember daily this court judgment. After this question all lawyers decided to go together to the restaurant nearby.


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