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Disabled employment contract in Emoji

A defender of the soil conservation in Middle Finger Emoji had a partially sighted brother. At the times of the Circus Union his brother could work easily in a factory. When the Horror Clowns ruled, might work invalids. After the death of the last Horror Clown a big restructuring began in the succession states. Thus many invalids were dismissed by the new bosses at once. They contradicted the stingy demands of these bosses. Among them were many Clowns, Emoticons, Smiles and Emojis. The brother of the lawyer had to leave his job because he was not too productively in the eyes of the greedy bosses. The lawyer promised to his partially sighted brother that he will consider the rights of disabled to himself with the legislation Emojis anyway.
Thus a son of a judge fell ill on a cold autumn day in November with an inexplicable illness. The son of the judge could not move his fingers any more after this illness fast. That's why he was dismissed by his employer in Emoji for PC at once. A good friend of a state lawyer had four eyes since her birth. That's why she had because of her appearance problems with the job searching. Thanks to the power of the Horror Clowns she could work as an accountant of a chimney-sweep's company in Emoji Meanings for long time. The end of the Circus Union meant for her that this Emoji had to leave the job after 365 days after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Two handicapped Poop Emojis were even simply discontinued thus by a Saturn's employer in Poop Emoji.
Moreover, they received no financial compensation of the performed work before the death of the last Horror Clowns. The Saturn's alien said them: After the end of the Circus Union is a new beginning. This is why I pay no wages for present work. This case reached the gathered lawyers only several months after the death of the last ruler of the Circus Union. Thus many disabled Emojis and aliens complained with the lawyers who worked on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji in the capital.
In Crying Laughing Emoji there was a phase when Saturn's aliens might kidnap handicapped Emojis after arrangement with the former employers. Moreover, there was an other scandal in Crying Laughing Emoji: There several tourists from Poop Emoji were stopped by the policemen because of their appearance. They had to show their identity cards, although in Emoji existed no wearing duty of the identity cards.
This case provided with other Emojis for the biggest outrage since the news about the death of the last Horror Clowns.
An upper public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings wanted to go to his occupational colleagues in the capital. On the way he was bombarded with several advertising materials of the candidates of the state dictatorship. Suddenly the upper public prosecutor had so full hands with political advertisement that he threw away all advertisements on the ground unexemplary for his professional position because of fury. Two sporty Emojis ran at this time to the baker's. Besides, they fell because of the political advertisements on the ground. They seriously injured themselves. So an affected Emoji could not go several days work.
His Saturn's boss dismissed him at once. The local policemen of Emoji Meanings examined the fingerprints on the advertising material after this accident. When they found out that it concerned a local upper public prosecutor, they informed him secretly. The affected lawyer paid an adequate bribery for all policemen, so that his tracks would be nationally published by no means.
At this time achieved Emojis nationally news that because of the noisy election campaign in the capital city the everyday discussion of the gathered lawyers was shifted to Sad Emoji.
All lawyers received this information in the eve that the work on the legislation Emojis would take place this time in Sad Emoji.
After the arrival of all lawyers in the job the defender of the soil conservation from Middle Finger Emoji began his speech:
Today's legislation would like to dedicate to my partially sighted brother and all invalids in Emoji who lost because of greedy bosses their working places after the death of the last Horror Clowns.
This speech of the lawyer touched his colleagues almost to tears. Moreover, the lawyer reminded of the history of the historical personality Sad Emoji who received the whole town because of his sad face. Other lawyers decided unanimously that the defender of the soil conservation from Middle Finger Emoji might write the whole laws on the subject invalid's employment contract.
He said: Now after the restructuring it needs strong laws which an exclusion willing to work invalids prevents and cancels. Then he wrote under the new title in the legislation Emojis the following sentence:
§ Invalid's employment contract means that the jobs must be adapted at the expenses of the national bank to the situation of the disabled.
After 33 seconds the lawyer wrote other law:
§ The national bank must finance and organise jobs suitable for the handicapped.
A stingy Emoji with Jupiter's roots interrupted the speech of his colleague: It may not be forced upon the enterprises to put disabled Emojis and aliens. Finally, the stinginess of the owners of the company with all means must be defended.
The defender of the soil conservation replied: The stingy entrepreneurs are forced by this legislation not to the employ of disabled Emojis.
After this discussion many misers from the Jupiter wanted to express themselves:
We are ready to employ invalids without the takeover of the labour costs. The national bank should pay the wages and we employ the invalids. A trade unionist from Emoji for PC reacted very much angry: What this is for a cheek on the part of the stingy employers!!!
Thereon the lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji explained: No, invalids must not work for misers. They work for the national bank. After this explanation the majority of the gathered lawyers agreed with this law. At least, there reacted many Emojis, aliens and stars with big relief.
Walking-handicapped Emojis reacted especially contently, because after the acceptance of this law the infrastructure would have to be adapted by financial support of the national bank to the impediments on the street.
When Saturn's building contractors got to know about this law, they sent almost incessantly inquiries to the construction of infrastructure suitable for the handicapped in Emoji.
Which specific features does contain an invalid's employment contract?
This interested several employers from Sad Emoj. The defender of the soil conservation explained: The working way must consider the needs of the affected employees. Moreover, employees should be allowed to work in Emoji also at home normally. For this answer the lawyer received an honouring of the biggest disabled person's organisation of Emojis.
By this second contacted an alien from Mars whose deputy fell ill after the death of the last Horror Clowns with burnout and other psychic illnesses. For him this employee was especially valuable.
He wanted to have him absolutely further in his enterprise. Unfortunately, this Emoji had regular fear attacks and did not dare any more to leave his four walls. Thereon the lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji explained: The affected employee should receive the possibility to do his work at home. If necessary should bring by the postal employees or an employee of the enterprise the works to the affected deputy home.
For this solution the alien from Mars with a tomato cake thanked the Emojis.
The judge from Emoji for PC whose son fell ill at the beginning of November still wanted to express himself:
It needs a special agency for invalids which provides for jobs suitable for the handicapped in Emoji. That's why there originated the "Organisation Disabled Emojis are treated as equal to the healthy residents".
This organisation was financed by the national bank. The duties of the Emojis were:
Maximum independence of the invalids in all areas of life. Financial freedom and secure jobs.
The defender of the soil conservation still wanted to mention: The invalids should be allowed to dispose with a quota of maximum 5 working hours of the average wage of an Emojis. Moreover, the job of the disabled Emojis should be protected against job dismantling better.
With this supplement the lawyer got even threatening letters of stingy employers from different cities of Emojis. In spite of these threats had to apologise all affected misers orally and in writing. Some Emojis specially switched on the television.
Later lawyers celebrated their most successful legislation just in the area of the invalid's employment contract. Suddenly it became very windy and cold in the hut where the Emojis assembled this time. That's why all lawyers had to wear warm jackets.
The engineer explained to the lawyers at this time that he got very strong back pains. That's why Emojis decided to finish their day meeting in Sad Emoji.
The lawyers wanted to walk together in the city centre of Sad Emoji. Thus different shop-windows of the local shops looked Emojis. In a shop-window the lawyers stopped a little longer: There several snowmen were issued. A lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji noticed something strange in a mannequin: A snowman moved his eyes and showed his eyes. The other Emojis spoke with each other. A dressed snowman intensified his movements. The lawyer observed him longer and longer and more exactly. After some time he realised that it concerned a real Emoji. He said his occupational colleagues that they should observe quite carefully this snowman. The other lawyers also noticed that somebody could force this Emoji to this work.
That's why they decided to go to the business. The shop assistant welcomed these Emojis quite friendly. Thereon the lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji wanted to question the shop assistant directly about this snowman. The shop assistant reacted first unbelievingly. Thereon two courageous lawyers went to this mannequin and touched him. The dressed snowman turned out an Emoji Poop. The nervous Emoji explained the lawyer: After the death of the last Horror Clown my former boss sold me as slave for other companies. My today's boss made me spy the mannequins and the working shop assistants.
When lawyers and other present Emojis heard this, the urban police was contacted. The owner of the business was found by elite policemen. In his villa the stingy alien from the Jupiter was arrested. The lawyers granted an unlimited punishment for the stingy boss of the company.
In the interim an inhabitant from Sad Emoji took over this company. Moreover, the affected Emoji Poop had to get a compensation of the imprisoned miser. This case became exceptionally from the censorship authority nationally censored. Finally, the former slave felt extremely threatened by the tax authority in Poop Emoji. After this event the lawyers finished their excursion. Some Emojis recognised the famous lawyers who worked on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji. At that time, however, there were no private video cameras with the majority of the population. That's why Emojis disappeared like they came.


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