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Disabled employment contract in Emoji

A defender of the soil conservation in Middle Finger Emoji had a partially sighted brother. At the times of the Circus Union his brother could work easily in a factory. When the Horror Clowns ruled, might work invalids. 😁📔⏱️👧🛠️🎓️👤👩🎛️👤👩⬅️🚘️🏤. Among them were many Clowns, Emoticons, Smiles and Emojis. The brother of the lawyer had to leave his job because he was not too productively in the eyes of the greedy bosses. The lawyer promised to his partially sighted brother that he will consider the rights of disabled to himself with the legislation Emojis anyway.
Thus a son of a judge fell ill on a cold autumn day in November with an inexplicable illness. The son of the judge could not move his fingers any more after this illness fast. That's why he was dismissed by his employer in Emoji for PC at once. A good friend of a state lawyer had four eyes since her birth. That's why she had because of her appearance problems with the job searching. Thanks to the power of the Horror Clowns she could work as an accountant of a chimney-sweep's company in Emoji Meanings for long time. The end of the Circus Union meant for her that this Emoji had to leave the job after 365 days after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Two handicapped Poop Emojis were even simply discontinued thus by a Saturn's employer in Poop Emoji. 👤👩🤶🥎👤👩🛠️👤👩⬅️☎️👤👩⬅️. Thus many disabled Emojis and aliens complained with the lawyers who worked on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji in the capital.
In Crying Laughing Emoji there was a phase when Saturn's aliens might kidnap handicapped Emojis after arrangement with the former employers. Moreover, there was an other scandal in Crying Laughing Emoji: There several tourists from Poop Emoji were stopped by the policemen because of their appearance. They had to show their identity cards, although in Emoji existed no wearing duty of the identity cards.
This case provided with other Emojis for the biggest outrage since the news about the death of the last Horror Clowns.
An upper public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings wanted to go to his occupational colleagues in the capital. On the way he was bombarded with several advertising materials of the candidates of the state dictatorship. 🤣👀🛣️✋🎡❌️🧬➕💖1️⃣'🗺️. ❌️🔂👀🍽️🎳🥣. 💭➡️👤🎁➡️👤⬅️1️⃣6️⃣🐐🙏➡️👥🗣️❓️👥🐷. 😁👀👼.
At this time achieved Emojis nationally news that because of the noisy election campaign in the capital city the everyday discussion of the gathered lawyers was shifted to Sad Emoji.
All lawyers received this information in the eve that the work on the legislation Emojis would take place this time in Sad Emoji.
After the arrival of all lawyers in the job the defender of the soil conservation from Middle Finger Emoji began his speech:
🪒👤👨⬅️😀🪒➕😱👤👨⬅️🪟👤👨🔫👤👨⬅️. 🍽️👤👨➕☄️⏱️➕👀🔙.
➕🔂👀👤👩👶👤👩⬅️📱☎️👤👩⬅️🎡➕⌚️🎥👤👩9️⃣5️⃣ ⬇️. 👤👩⬅️☎️👤👩⬅️🤣4️⃣ , 👥⬅️🥫👀☎️🌃📱💡⬆️. 🤯👥☎️➕💀. 🙏👥☎️⬇️➕👀💀🛣️3️⃣0️⃣ 📐🐘.
❌️🛣️👀📐🐘📰➕🛣️🗺️. 🔂👀👤👨⬅️➕👤👨⬅️😀😕👤⬅️➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 💡🪒👤👨➕🪒. 🤔👀👤👩💂👤👩⬅️💄🪟🪞.
By this second contacted an alien from Mars whose deputy fell ill after the death of the last Horror Clowns with burnout and other psychic illnesses. For him this employee was especially valuable.
He wanted to have him absolutely further in his enterprise. Unfortunately, this Emoji had regular fear attacks and did not dare any more to leave his four walls. Thereon the lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji explained: 🔉👎️ℹ️👤👩😂👤👩⬅️🛠️⬆️.🪟🪞👤👩⬅️👮. 👤👩👮🌝🥋🧑‍💼🛣️, 👤👩⬅️👮🚘️4️⃣0️⃣👤👩⬅️💄. After this event the lawyers finished their excursion. Some Emojis recognized the famous lawyers who worked on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji. At that time, however, there were no private video cameras with the majority of the population. That's why Emojis disappeared like they came.


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