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Group employment contract in Emoji

Before the beginning of the working day of the lawyers in the legislation of the kingdom Emoji an assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard wanted to book a table for his colleagues and himself in a restaurant. The phone customer was a waiter from Japanese Emoji. He got this employment because his predecessor organised a long-standing memorial service to the death of the last Horror Clowns for sad Emojis. So the boss of the restaurant looked for a new employee for customer inquiries. Because of the lack of time an Emoji with Japanese knowledge was employed in the capital city. The boss of the restaurant did not notice that his representative employee was able to do no Emoji L language. The employee from Japanese Emoji worked before as a waste fisherman of the yellow sea. He belonged to the department for the environment protection of the former Circus Union in Emoji. The assigned counsel wanted to order just something in the restaurant.
The waiter spoke with him in Japanese. The assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard understood no Japanese. He thought first that he called somebody in Japanese Emoji. He tried several times to call the same restaurant. After several attempts he reacted very much angry. The assigned counsel dialled the wrong number. This time a waiter answered the phone in Emoji Meaning.
The lawyer was glad that he reached, finally, an understanding employee in another restaurant of the capital. However, this was not the case. The waiter from Emoji Meaning said that all wishes of this Emojis were considered. The assigned counsel wanted to know the price. The waiter answered this: 1020 Bitcoins costs the whole menu. Moreover, the tip per waiter at least 120 Bitcoins must be paid by every guest separately.
The assigned counsel loudly started to get angry. He said that he was in Emoji and not in the biggest city of Jupiter. The waiter replied: You must understand that you are here in Emoji Meaning!!
The assigned counsel apologised for the wrong phone call. The waiter said: If you cancel your order with us, I must settle to you the wasted time for the conversation. The assigned counsel reacted very much indignantly: What cheek!!! I will pay nothing for it. Thereon the waiter explained that his stingy boss with Jupiter's roots was responsible for discomfort of the bill. Thereon the assigned counsel required the stingy boss of the restaurant of Emoji Meaning. The uppermost boss explained:
You stole from our employee nearly 20 minutes for a conversation that yielded no financial profit. Now as an excuse you must pay 150 Bitcoins to our restaurant for the demand of our employee and our electricity with the occupation of the phone by empty order. The assigned counsel had got a fright very much from this extreme stinginess which was so indecent in Emoji Meaning. He explained to the boss of the restaurant: You demand is abusive and unlawful. Thereon the stingy Emoji replied: My demand is legitimate anyway and justified. Finally, you claimed the valuable time of my employee and did not want to order any more. Thereon the assigned counsel explained quite proudly:
Your machinations are consumer-hostile. I work on the legislation Emojis and can put an end to the stingy crimes in Emoji Meaning. When the stingy Emoji heard this, he apologised nearly 100 times orally and required the town to leave alone of the thrift and the stinginess. The assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard started to write several notes on the subject "Group employment contract in the country of the Emojis". Thus he wanted to prepare for the today's subject. The assigned counsel felt uncontrolled hunger. This time that's why he ordered by a sure phone connection two megabytes of cheese of a Star. The cheese steeped in tradition was produced in Star Emoji still at times before the birth of the most famous citizen of the town.
As an address of delivery he gave his job with the gathered Emojis.
At this time two monks began the new day in Heart Eyes Emoji with their day prayer. Two religious lawyers visited the amusing house together before the departure to their job. Suddenly an official from the mightiest tax authority of Poop Emoji appeared in the amusing house. There many Emojis laughed together with other believers. The official interrupted the laughter of the Emojis with a loud noise. He explained that he looked in search of new voluntary taxpayers for the impoverished Poop Emojis. After this call several voluntary Emojis from solidarity with their fellow citizens from Poop Emoji contacted at the tax authority there. In reality the population became impoverished in Poop Emoji because of steadily rising taxes.
After the prayer both lawyers sat down in a train. Suddenly the assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard appeared before his both colleagues from Heart Eyes Emoji. He sat before on the place where both religious lawyers sat down. He was to be met gladly his occupational colleagues in the train and still on his place. He wanted to report these Emojis about the stinginess of the Emojis in Emoji Meaning. They agreed that such a thing may not happen in the kingdom Emoji. They wanted to pick out as a central theme a law on the subject "Ethics in economy" one day at the round table.
When all lawyers appeared in their job, the main lawyer began his presentation.
The today's subject deals with the group employment contract.
Thereon a lawyer explained this concept to his colleagues: It can happen that several Emojis would like to work together in small groups. It can be that they found together an enterprise. Besides, every Emoji does his duties. In this case Emojis should conclude a group employment contract with each other. Therein competences of every member must be exactly described. Conflicts should be thereby prevented among the diligent Emojis. The lawyers agreed that every contracting partner exactly knows his duties by the group contract. Moreover, his deputy should be determined with the failure of a member. Also the third deputies must be mentioned there if both contracting partners could not fulfil the group contract.
How can such a contract be finished or be given notice?
Four Emojis and alien from Mars who decided a professional cooperation some time ago wanted to know this.
An Emoji with a bald head wanted to answer this question: Every member should inform the others about his resignation in advance at adequate time. At least 30 working days the duty to inform amounts. In difficult cases the withdrawing at least 45 working days must inform the other members. This is above all the case when, for example, up to now 4 Emojis divided the costs for the rent of the office with each other. Also other members should be able to prepare for such changes better.
Which duties have Emojis in a group employment contract?
An alien from the Uranus who rented a common house for commercial purposes in Alien Emoji together with other aliens and Emojis wanted to know this.
The assigned counsel from Emoji Keyboard said: The members of the group employment contract must keep to professional secret towards outsiders. Moreover, they must divide correctly and fairly their working hours and their duties. The differences will be with different group employment contracts. Grounds: It is a difference whether these Emojis use only the offices with each other or whether they have together an enterprise. At this time the uppermost tax collector expressed himself by telephone in Poop Emoji on the subject very critically:
Emojis could easier use group employment contract for the purpose of the tax deception!!
The gathered lawyers replied together: The mighty tax authority has enough means in the defence of its stinginess. Another alien from Alien Emoji wanted to ask a little bit by telephone. The telephone line was interrupted. The responsible engineer explained to the Emojis and the lawyer that the problem could not be solved so fast. That's why the discussion had to be finished in the legislation early.


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