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Collective agreement in the country of the Emojis

After the end of the Circus Union many Emojis wanted to protect themselves from the notice by employers better. That's why active Emojis founded several employee's associations. Above all diligent Emojis wanted to protect themselves with all means from the loss of their jobs. That's why they united in bigger groups. These Emojis organised mighty professional organisations for the protection of their occupation before the end. Moreover, Emojis worked diligently on collective agreement. Thus they forced the substitute of the single employment contracts by the common employment contracts.
Above all Emojis in the musical city of Emoji Pop complained of the bad terms of employment. The stingy elite of the Jupiter fought against every attempt of the Emojis to introduce a collective agreement in enterprise. Finally, stingy aliens from the Jupiter controlled a lot of enterprises with their stinginess.
Above all several manufacturers of music instruments rejected the introduction of the collective agreement. Emojis in Emoji Meanings who fought for the collective agreement were especially active. Moreover, Emojis received big support from the local aliens with roots from the Mercury. Together they undertook a surprise trip to Emoji Pop. There they visited several factories which were against the collective agreement of their employees. They discussed with the diligent Emojis a reasonable action against stingy owners of the factories. After a confidential meeting they met a defender who lived in Emoji Pop. He belonged to the group of the gathered lawyers who worked on the legislation Emojis. He recommended them to lay down the work together on a certain day. For it several employees of the factories arranged with each other of the desired day. One day several stingy owners of the companies, that all employees experienced the work boycott.
They stood with posters: Yes, to the collective agreement, no to the single employment contract!
This motto accompanied the protesting Emojis. Moreover, they left their jobs and organised an unallowed demonstration. Several misers from the Jupiter got to know about protests by their spies. That's why they organised a crisis meeting. In the interim Salted Cucumbers got to know about this opposition. That's why Cucumbers promised their support in the fight against protesting Emojis to the misers. Salted Cucumbers sent several specified soldiers to Emoji Pop. They tried to suppress the opposition against stingy layer of Jupiter. Moreover, Cucumbers tried to conquer the town. Several musicians and other creative Emojis made music and sang so loud, until all Cucumbers fled from Emoji because of strong earache. These Cucumbers applied asylum in Jupiter. At that time stingy aliens from the Jupiter had to accept a collective agreement.
So the misers from the Jupiter had to organise 30 days a memorial service to the success of the employees.
In Salted Cucumbers the Secret Service organised a grief which lasted during 444 days.
The reason was the defeat of the soldiers against employees in Emoji Pop.
The defender who helped the protesting Emojis and aliens from the Mercury had to hurry up to the work. He received just a phone call of a judge from Japanese Emoji. The judge was friends with the defender still from the common study time. The judge explained that he could not appear on time in the job. This is why he asked his friend whether they could not go together to the work. The defender was glad that he not only was late. That's why both lawyers met in the port of the yellow sea. There was an express to the capital city of Emoji SMS.
In the train several Emojis talked in Japanese. The defender from Emoji Pop felt a little bit unwell. Finally, he understood no Japanese. That's why his friend translated almost literally these talks. The Japanese-speaking Emojis wanted to visit an amusing house in the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji in the next time. The judge translated this to his friend. The defender answered this: One day maybe I should learn Japanese. An other funny translation came from the mouth of the judge: One week ago I was with three Emojis in Middle Finger Emoji. In a puddle was a small fox. We decided to save the fox from the puddle. Thereon we took our bath towels. Thus we dried the fox. When the defender heard this story, he wanted to hear no other translations of the Japanese-speaking Emojis more.
After some time the defender and the judge with his were in Emoji SMS with occupational colleagues.
This time a lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji took over the guidance. He said that today the collective agreement was discussed. The lawyer hardly said the subject, the defender from Emoji Pop wanted to express himself on this subject: The collective agreement must be concluded between all responsible employers and several employees together. The representation of the contracting parties by employee's associations and employers' associations is advantageous. Besides, the associations of independent authority must carry out regularly surprise visits and controls.
Many misers from the Jupiter reacted with a big misunderstanding.
Basically the collective agreement must orientate itself by the regulations of the regulated single employment contract.
Every change to the disadvantage of the employee can be announced directly to the urban justice of the peace. Emojis wanted to ask several questions on the subject. That's why the telephone line of the gathered lawyers suffered a heavy failure. A former professor for labour legislation in the Circus Union from Star Emoji wanted to know: Who must sign this employment contract and the collective agreement may be concluded only orally?
Thereon explained the defender: The collective agreement must be approved by all employees and employer in writing.
An angry alien from the Neptune said: In my company nationally work 7647 Emojis and 7756 aliens. I would have to waste so much paper for this expensive employment contract. This is too costly for me!!
The entrepreneur from the Neptune insulted the lawyers as idiots. Thereon explained the defender: Basically the collective agreement should be signed by the represented of the employees and employers. The affected contracting parties find out all conditions of the contract by their representatives. After this statement the entrepreneur from the Neptune apologised to the lawyers orally. Moreover, he sponsored several sweets of a factory from Cute Emoji. Most lawyers wanted no sweets because of health doubts. That's why Emojis donated these sweets rich in calorie to poor Emojis and aliens.
Which duties have employee's associations and employers' associations in a collective agreement?
An alien from the Mercury wanted to know this. The defender said: The first point which both associations must follow is the observance of the industrial peace between the contracting parties and the observance of the regulations of the collective agreement.
The defender complemented his opinion:
Moreover, employees and employers may determine nothing else what was not regulated in the collective agreement. For the observance of the collective agreement suitable associations can take over certain duties in this connection.
At the end the defender wrote the following sentence in the law book Emojis:
§ The laws of the state of Emoji are above every concluded collective agreement. Also other employment contracts have a less value than the law of the country.
Many employers criticised the power of the kingdom Emoji.
A lawyer suddenly started to cry. His colleagues asked him what happened. The Emoji explained that he remembered his former life in Sad Emoji. A short time ago he saw how he observed the First Horror Clown while touching the ground of Sad Emoji together with other Emojis.
At this time paused the lawyers and ate pears from Middle Finger Emoji which sent them their fans from this town.
At this time Emojis worked in Emoji App in a protected lab on the advancement of the server. On the first server Saturn's aliens showed big interest. Finally, they wanted the Internet of the Emojis to spam with the messages of their religion.
The uppermost religious leader thought about the development of a browser with which the homepage would indicate a religious welcome site from the Saturn. The attention of the Emojis should be thereby concentrated upon the advertisement. That's why several Saturn's
spies came to Emoji.
They looked with their GPS devices for the place of work of both Emojis. Nearby they found an excavator. Some Saturn's aliens decided to steal the excavator. That's why they sat down in. Then they went in the whole surroundings. They did not know that the excavator was so programmed that it could go only at certain places. Thus aliens from the Saturn went to an unknown direction. Also their GPS device confused them stronger. Sometime two Emojis noticed a pointlessly going excavator. They alarmed the local police. Both aliens from the Saturn were questioned about their wandering by the policemen. The suspicious aliens explained that they wanted to drive to Middle Finger Emoji. They already forgot the right city name. That's why policemen of Emoji App explained to them the exact way. The Saturn's aliens went so far, until they landed in Crying Laughing Emoji.
They came to the city centre. There the mayor of Crying Laughing Emoji was just to grant the purchase of several new excavators. Suddenly both aliens from the Saturn knocked at the door in the urban parliament. Because of fear of kidnapping four Emojis opened the door. Thereon the guests from the Saturn asked where was the square device. Four Emojis did not understand which device these aliens searched. Then these parliamentarians asked whether they had seen a square device somewhere. In the hall it became extremely quiet. Finally, all present parliamentarians started to look for related devices in their brains. At the end Emojis said together: Unfortunately, our brain showed 0 results on the subject "square device". Suddenly the ghost of the Saturn's alien called Non Sense appeared in the parliament.
He shouted on his compatriots from the Saturn. Then both Saturn's aliens left the town parliament. They fled to an unknown place. A parliamentarian went for a short time outward. There he found an excavator before the parliament building. At this time the announcement about a stolen excavator reached several towns of the kingdom Emoji. In Crying Laughing Emoji nobody still knew about the stolen excavator. The parliamentarian ran to his colleagues. There he explained to them that somebody gave an excavator to the town. Most Emojis applauded. Their joy lasted only short time. After some time a policeman from Emoji App knocked at the door of the parliament. He said that nationally a stolen excavator from his hometown was searched. A parliamentarian decided to check up the excavator before the parliament building by the policemen.
The policeman thanked and apologised for the theft of the valuable working hours of the politicians. After the break the lawyers were interested in the capital city in this case. They wanted to know exact circumstances. They began their analysis on the subject: What did both strangers want to know in the parliament of the Crying Lauging Emoji?
Also they intensely dealt with the concept "square device". Some clever Emojis mentioned the server which was celebrated some time ago as the first server in Emoji. Thereon these Emojis got the honouring: The smartest brains of the day


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