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Political party contract in the country of the Emojis and flood in Alien Emoji

Several Emojis discussed together the forthcoming election of the first dictator of Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns. In an evening two qualified lawyers met in Japanese Emoji. They discussed the forthcoming elections. They agreed that they had to invent reasonable laws for the political party contract. This idea was up to now in no law book of the former Circus Union. That's why both Emojis on their foreheads took down the following concepts: Party contract
The next day a minimally religious Emoji wanted to prepare in Heart Eyes Emoji for his working day. So he already began with the laughter, before he got up.
Then he ran on the toilet. 🤣👀👤👩👮👤👩⬅️👱👱🔨➡️➕😀🏠️. At this time five Emojis wanted to found own political party in Cute Emoji. Because there were still no regulations for this kind of the contracts, these Emojis chose the group employment contract. 👤👨🪒👤👨⬅️😀💡🪒👤📖📰.
👤👩🧺. 👤👩🛠️🧺👤👩🔙➕🧺➕🛳️💺. These political Emojis reacted with one unanimously eye to this news.
Suddenly a military spokesman had to inform in completely Emoji: Attention! In Alien Emoji it rains extremely strongly. We ask you to put in safety. Moreover, all inhabitants of other towns should save their friends and members of the family from this town before a possible flood. The judge from Heart Eyes Emoji heard the warning of the military spokesman. He decided to go instead of to the work to go to Alien Emoji to his brother. For this purpose he took an expensive taxi. Then he went with the taxi driver with a tempo of 767,676 terabytes.
Also five party founders from Cute Emoji sat down in their minibus and went to Alien Emoji. 1️⃣ ⏱️👀🍽️🌽. After some time the judge from Heart Eyes Emoji brought his brother to Emoji Symbols.
There was an entertainment programme for inhabitants of the flooded town as a temporary offer. The mood of the affected Emojis and aliens should be thereby improved. 🤔 3️⃣5️⃣ 🧑‍💼🦋🎺🛳️💺👤👨▶️➕*️⃣ 🤔🧐. A good lawyer from Emoji Meaning was contacted for this purpose. After a consultation and careful examination the lawyer calmed the stingy elite of the Jupiter: 👧⚙️❌️➡️🏃‍♂️⚙️⏱️🔜. 😂⚙️➕👀🤔.
A politically active lawyer from Emoji List said: "☎️➡️👤👥. ➡️👤🥫👤📖➡️👤🙄👥⬅️❌️. ❌️👀🔂🪒👤👨⬅️🧣🪒❌️💡. 🚘️🧑‍🤝‍🧑🪒👤👨⬅️🧣💡👤👨. ❌️🚚➕⚙️👀❌️⬇️🛋️🚦. 👤👩🪞⌚️🎥🍽️🍕✋. In the Salted Cucumbers authorities wanted to know the exact circumstances, why in Emoji special regulation of the political party contract was decided. For this purpose several photocopiers were dispatched to Emoji. Some lawyers received these photocopiers with the request: Explain to us the backgrounds of the political party contract!
This sentence stood stuck on every photocopier. A lawyer from Emoji Copy Paste reacted very furiously and with a misunderstanding: Why do Cucumbers advertise to their photocopiers with us?
This lawyer was very proud of local photocopiers from Emoji Copy Paste.
The other occupational colleagues partially answered by fax inquiries from the Salted Cucumbers.
Several amusing Emojis from Laughing Emoji sent their strangest advertisement of their candidature as dictators to this time. In comparison to other candidates most Emojis from Laughing Emoji were fun candidates. They wanted to use the elections above all as an entertainment platform. Really they increased the mood of the Emojis with their creative advertisements every time anew.
A tired alien from the Neptune wanted to know something else: 👤👩🤱👩‍🍼👤👩⬅️👶. 👥❌️☠️.
After this statement disappeared all lawyers from the visibility index of the cameraman.


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