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Political party contract in the country of the Emojis and flood in Alien Emoji

Several Emojis discussed together the forthcoming election of the first dictator of Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns. In an evening two qualified lawyers met in Japanese Emoji. They discussed the forthcoming elections. They agreed that they had to invent reasonable laws for the political party contract. This idea was up to now in no law book of the former Circus Union. That's why both Emojis on their foreheads took down the following concepts: Party contract
The next day a minimally religious Emoji wanted to prepare in Heart Eyes Emoji for his working day. So he already began with the laughter, before he got up.
Then he ran on the toilet. There he saw what hairstyle had his head. So he got his judge's wig. He looked in the mirror with the wig. Then he left his flat in Heart Eyes Emoji. Outdoors already there waited several advertising Emojis who advertised to different candidates. The judge took these pamphlets with thanks. Then he went to the railway station. At this time five Emojis wanted to found own political party in Cute Emoji. Because there were still no regulations for this kind of the contracts, these Emojis chose the group employment contract. Thus they founded a party called: Protection of the Emojis against the Jupiter's stinginess!!
This party was founded at the beginning as a sort of enterprise. That's why these Emojis still complained before the official working beginning of the lawyers in the legislation of the kingdom Emoji. Thereon these Emojis got an automatic answer: Excuse. The next meeting of the lawyers begins only at 9:00 o'clock at the present day. These political Emojis reacted with one unanimously eye to this news.
Suddenly a military spokesman had to inform in completely Emoji: Attention! In Alien Emoji it rains extremely strongly. We ask you to put in safety. Moreover, all inhabitants of other towns should save their friends and members of the family from this town before a possible flood. The judge from Heart Eyes Emoji heard the warning of the military spokesman. He decided to go instead of to the work to go to Alien Emoji to his brother. For this purpose he took an expensive taxi. Then he went with the taxi driver with a tempo of 767,676 terabytes.
Also five party founders from Cute Emoji sat down in their minibus and went to Alien Emoji. There they knew ten Emojis and seven aliens from the Mercury who were interested in politics. After some time several Emojis and aliens from this town could be evacuated on time. On that day it rained so much in Alien Emoji, as never in the last time.
Five party founders from Cute Emoji told the evacuated Emojis and aliens about their party programme all the time during the journey. The saved already had earache because of the enthusiasm of these Emojis on their party programme. After some time the judge from Heart Eyes Emoji brought his brother to Emoji Symbols.
There was an entertainment programme for inhabitants of the flooded town as a temporary offer. The mood of the affected Emojis and aliens should be thereby improved. Moreover, several aliens from Mars wanted that inhabitants from Alien Emoji learn to swim at this time. That's why they invited the victims of the flood for swimming courses. Finally, especially aliens from the Venus wanted to learn to swim. Some misers from the Jupiter found out that in Cute Emoji a party wanted to undertake something against the stinginess of the Jupiter's aliens. That's why they wanted to intervene in the election campaign.
They began with their brainstorming. A good lawyer from Emoji Meaning was contacted for this purpose. After a consultation and careful examination the lawyer calmed the stingy elite of the Jupiter: This party was founded as an enterprise. That's why it threatens the misers by no means.
After long preparations all lawyers came to the day meeting. Several Emojis complained to the cheek of the candidates for the state dictatorship with the gathered lawyers. That's why the main lawyer explained his occupational colleagues that all candidates should advertise decently to themselves. That is the fact that they should not go meretriciously to the Emojis. So a judge from Japanese Emoji wrote the following sentence in the code Emojis:
§ Meddlesome time thefts by canvassers for candidates of the state dictatorship are forbidden juridical.
A politically active lawyer from Emoji List said: "Today I was threatened by several canvassers even on my working way. They tried to hand over to me satisfactory electoral slips of paper with the names of their candidates. I took everything. Then I tore all satisfactory electoral slips of paper quite ostentatiously before several Emojis and aliens from the Uranus. The canvassers reacted partially confused. Many Emojis applauded me for my courage. I thought after the fact that we should invent several laws of the election campaign today in legislation."
The judge from Heart Eyes Emoji replied: "Today I also experienced in my town a similar case. Today so I would like to discuss the political party contract."
All lawyers agreed that the political party contract must be still regulated legally.
What must party founders consider in this contract absolutely?
An Emoji from a village asked this. An accuser from Cute Emoji said: The political members of the future party must express a clear and understandable opinion to the following areas: Domestic policy, foreign affairs, economic policy, environmental politics, national defence politics and financial policy
A political party in Emoji must offer to every area its opinions and solutions for state problems. It is not simply enough to promise something. The credibility of the political Emojis can be strengthened by straight offered solutions with the voters better.
Several politicians reacted caught: Many Emojis and aliens who founded up to now a party made this only because of fun, curiosity or for the purpose of the self representation. Some parties were founded for the purpose of the enrichment of their members at the public expense. It was striking: Most parties stepped like specialists for certain areas of life. Thus a party wanted to permit exclusively yellow apples in Emoji. Another party wanted more competence for policemen. Thus the clothes should be allowed to take off these officials to every suspicious Emoji automatically. Another party wanted to exert itself for the border protection. These Emojis mobilised their followers for the entry ban of the Horror Clowns from the Circus Country.
The main lawyer had enough of specified parties in Emoji. This is why he wrote the following sentence in the code Emojis with the fattest writing:
§ In the political party contract members all positions must communicate on all subjects of the state in writing. Moreover, all solution attempts of the party must be formulated for these problems easy-understandably for everyone. Every outsider should be able to understand within 10 minutes or at most 40 minutes the whole party programme with its solutions.
Some mysterious Emojis and aliens from the Saturn wanted to decode their party programme. After this formulation many candidates for the state dictatorship contacted the lawyers. They explained that their positions were to elaborately for simple Emojis.
A defender from Emoji Symbols insulted these candidates as haughty.
Several Emojis reacted with big fury to this insulting statement. They demanded the throw of these candidates of the electoral slip of paper.
An active Emoji expressed his criticism to the political party contract: If a party liked to adapt its positions in favour of a majority opinion, does it need a new contract?
A lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji reacted to it a little bit allergically: The voter wants to have clear positions for his decision. If somebody changes his opinion, that Emoji should found another party or join to a similar party.
This statement led to a restriction of prodigal foundations of unnecessary parties. Finally, many Emojis founded political parties above all, so that they would become famous in their country. Many Emojis expected in such a way to come to valuable orders. For other Emojis and aliens was vital that they could legally accept briberies as a politician. It was allowed earlier to accept presents and other advantages of the sponsors. Candidates thereby undertook to consider the interests of the sponsors before the interests of the voters. Moreover, the motto of the elective Emojis was secretly: First my sponsors. The rest is second-rate.
Publicly said most candidates: First interests of my voters!
Only one small minority of the candidates was real for the protection of the interests of their voters. But Emojis had to filter big trouble the best candidates of the rest.
However, the legislation of the lawyers could improve the positioning of the parties. Thus voters knew more or less what their party represented.
The unique law of the political party contract announced the gathered lawyers also beyond the kingdom Emoji. Some lawyers were invited to Jupiter or Saturn on this subject. Emojis praised and respected even more their lawyers according to this law. In the Salted Cucumbers authorities wanted to know the exact circumstances, why in Emoji special regulation of the political party contract was decided. For this purpose several photocopiers were dispatched to Emoji. Some lawyers received these photocopiers with the request: Explain to us the backgrounds of the political party contract!
This sentence stood stuck on every photocopier. A lawyer from Emoji Copy Paste reacted very furiously and with a misunderstanding: Why do Cucumbers advertise to their photocopiers with us?
This lawyer was very proud of local photocopiers from Emoji Copy Paste.
The other occupational colleagues partially answered by fax inquiries from the Salted Cucumbers.
Several amusing Emojis from Laughing Emoji sent their strangest advertisement of their candidature as dictators to this time. In comparison to other candidates most Emojis from Laughing Emoji were fun candidates. They wanted to use the elections above all as an entertainment platform. Really they increased the mood of the Emojis with their creative advertisements every time anew.
A tired alien from the Neptune wanted to know something else: Must the aims of the party be also mentioned in the political party contract?
A judge reacted to it a little bit angry: Nevertheless, this must be given under the point Solutions to the problem!!
After this statement disappeared all lawyers from the visibility index of the cameraman.


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