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What happens with the employee by handing over of the enterprise into third?

After the death of the last Horror Clown a gold rush began under the enterprises in Emoji and other states of the former Circus Union. Several discos were sold in Laughing Emoji at once to misers from the Jupiter. Many employees feared the deterioration of their terms of employment and massive cuts in wages. On account of several confidential sales of the enterprises all officials of the temporary caretaker government became very nervous that they took part only in rare cases in the profits of the enterprise sales. That's why they went to Poop Emoji. There they wanted to get a good advice from the mightiest tax authority.
The uppermost tax collector recommended the construction of a confidential spy police for the supervision of all sales. Thus greedy officials have increased the number of the policemen up to 60000 for the supervision of the enterprises sales. Thus three Emojis tried to sell their ground to aliens from the Saturn in Middle Finger Emoji. At this time eleven policemen were nearby. They recorded on a Dictaphone the conversation of the Emojis together with the prospective customers from the Saturn. Then the policemen went behind the buyers and seller. Then they were arrested by the handing over of the money. All imprisoned still had to pay security to the officials. After this event the officials thanked the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji.
In the interim the temporary officials looked for savings possibilities. Finally, these corrupt Emojis wanted this time for the unwarranted enrichment before the election of the first dictator after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Because Emojis wanted to save money, they went with several notebooks to Emoji Meaning to analyse the law of the thrift exactly. What did stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots make exact?
This examined an official very exactly. In a case he visited several prisons of the town. He wanted to know what imprisoned Emojis and aliens did there. In a prison the documents of the taxable Poop Emojis had to analyse just economic criminal exactly on tax deception. Thus the tax authority with its staff can save real money.
Moreover, the city administration of Emoji Meaning gets a portion of the tax income from Poop Emoji. A well-to-do judge sold a toilet paper factory to several investors from Mars. Because this judge took part in the legislation Emojis, he knew exactly how he could protect legally his income from the sales of the officials. Thus he went together with the prospective customers from Mars in the religious city Heart Eyes Emoji to a place where a lot of monks assembled to the laughter. There the sales were unwound successfully with the handing over of the cash. The entrepreneurial judge went together with his buyers from Mars to the factory. There he said goodbye to his former employees.
The new owner promised the present employees to employ further in the same form in the factory. Really these Emojis belonged to the happy who might work after the takeover of the enterprise still under the same terms of employment.
In another case an alien from the Uranus sold a soup factory to several stingy investors from the Jupiter in Heart Eyes Emoji. In this case present employees feared that they would get worse terms of employment. Really misers explained that Emojis either longer worked for the same wage or should accept a wage shortening. Because there were still no laws in Emoji after the death of the last Horror Clowns, stingy bosses could do everything.
Because of these events professional Emojis had to deal with the subject of the handing over of the enterprise from the old owner to the new owner at the round table.
An accuser asked his occupational colleagues: What happens with the present employees with the change of the owner of the enterprise?
An older lawyer explained: If the present owner sells the enterprise partially or completely, present employees may remain. The new owner can employ the present employees under the same or new terms of employment further.
Most Emojis rejected a protection of the present employees for following reasons: The new owner could substitute anyway for everybody present with more favourable employees.
Instead, the gathered lawyers decided a supervision of the paid out wages by a special authority. Above all Emojis from the economic town Emoji Meaning protested against this new authority. That's why this town was partially released from the new law. And poorer Emojis from this town decided a common strike against the urban stingy elite. That's why stingy employers were forced in Emoji Meaning to higher wages.
A trade unionist required a juridical obliging duty to inform of the present owner about forthcoming sales of the company.
Most Emojis also wanted this law. So the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the code Emojis:
§ The sales of the company by the present owner must be announced at least 60 days before the takeover to the present employees in writing. Moreover, Emojis must be informed about the results of the takeover in a written communication.
§ If the new owner plans a dismantling, he must inform this 60 days in each case before the implementation in writing and orally of the affected Emojis. Moreover, the local authorities must be informed about that.
Must Emojis justify their notice as an employer or employee?
Twelve curious Emojis wanted to know this from the gathered lawyers absolutely.
In addition an unsalaried lawyer from Emoji Copy Paste expressed himself: Only if a contracting party likes to know this, the employee or employer must justify his decision.
When can the employer or employee in the kingdom Emoji discontinue the employer-employee relationship?
This question interested many bored Emojis and aliens. In this case a representative of the employees explained his opinion: The employee can inform in the normal case 60 days before the job change his present employer. Vice versa the duration also amounts 60 days. Every contracting party must be informed in the country of the Emojis always 60 days before the end of the employer-employee relationship in writing.
Who would like to finish the contract, must also send a written letter by registered letter.
When employers' associations heard this formulation, they protested in writing and orally. That's why explained Emojis: With notices for economic reasons the employer must inform the responsible authorities 120 days in advance about a mass redundancy. Finally, the suitable authorities must prepare new jobs or training facilities for affected Emojis.
An alien from the Saturn wanted to ask: In my enterprise work above all trainees. When can I discontinue the employer-employee relationship?
A former clerk of the court answered: With a trial period the employer can finish the employment contract after 4 working days. The trial period may last in Emoji at most 5 weeks.
How long may the trial period of the employee last?
Four Emojis above all from Laughing Emoji asked this. Several lawyers said that the maximum of the trial period may amount up to 8 weeks.
Since when is valid in Emoji mass notice?
Seventeen Emojis wanted to know this. Thereon lawyers began an extensive discussion on this subject. Finally agreed Emojis on the number of at least two employees in an enterprise.
Misers from the Jupiter protested against this decision completely loudly. Because in Jupiter at least ten employees must be dismissed, so that can be spoken of a mass notice.
What should authorities do with a mass redundancy?
Tax-paying Poop Emojis asked this. A lawyer answered: The municipal authorities must offer services like working search, continuing education possibilities and an improvement of the professional situation.
At this time some Emojis still wanted to ask something, but most lawyers wanted to visit together a restaurant in Heart Eyes Emoji. For this purpose they ordered a minibus to the religious town. After long journey Emojis arrived in the restaurant. Then they recovered from their complicated mental effort in the legislation of the country.


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