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Can the employer require a bribery of the employee in the country of the Emojis?

In Crying Laughing Emoji a retired judge organized the construction of a big hotel ship after the death of the last Horror Clowns. For this purpose he got several aliens from different planets. Among them many were from Mercury and Venus. Emojis puzzled what the old judge planned so. After the hotel ship was ready for the use, the judge searched a possibility for the sales at the top price. For this purpose he contacted suitable traders. Among the traders were two Emojis and an alien from the Saturn. The judge met all prospective customers personally in Emoji Symbols. The reason was the good accessibility of all Emojis and the alien from the Saturn.
During the conversation with the single prospective customers a miser from the Jupiter sat behind the table. He had particularly healthy ears. He could pursue the whole conversation with the first prospective customer. He looked himself for investment possibilities in the kingdom Emoji. On account of his high intelligence the stingy alien all talks with all prospective customers spied quite carefully. 😂🔗💯🧑‍💼🔍️🚂📃. The Saturn's entrepreneur already sold travelling by the hotel ship, although the purchase process was not concluded yet. At this time the miser from the Jupiter moved his residence from Emoji Symbols to Japanese Emoji. For some time he flew to Jupiter to procure the required capital for the hotel ship. Really the Saturn's alien bought the dream ship from the old judge. 👨🔗√➕🔗💯. 👥💯🥫⏱️🏋️🎥. The authorized attorney worked beside his activity in the enterprise of the miser also on the legislation Emojis in the capital city Emoji SMS. One day the miser from his high-ranking employee required the payment of a bribery to the stingy boss. His grounds were: The authorised attorney could bring the burnt hotel ship not very free of charge to the stingy boss. At this time several Emojis who supported the young Devil Emoji from the royal family were on the move.
These observers noticed the unknown alien who spoke with every candidate. ➡️👤💡🚧➡️👤1️⃣👈️🔗⤵️📐🦐🧑‍💼➕🔗💯.
Then the gathered lawyers discussed the reverse case. In addition many Emojis had to say something. That's why an old notary public from Poop Emoji began: In my work experience an entrepreneur from the Mercury wanted to pay a bribery to the uppermost tax collector 7777 days ago. For this purpose he sent my nephew who finished at that time a training period in jurisprudence with the alien from the Mercury. 😂💪🥫🪀⏱️➕§❓️🥫❌️🎁➡️⬆️.
After this story the other Emojis refused to report about their work experiences in the area of bribery. This is why wrote the courageous lawyer from Star Emoji:
§ Bribery of the employee in favour of the employer is forbidden juridical. The affected employee must inform about such cases the Secret Service of the state Emoji secretly.
Many employers experienced cardiac arrest when they got to know about this hard employer-most hostile law. Thus several mighty employers decided to put the production in the country of the Emojis. 👮🥫🏢💯😂.
Can Emojis become early-retired?
Two Emojis asked this. An Emoji was incapacitated with 20075 days after a heavy accident. The other Emoji was too old for the employers.
In addition an insurance expert expressed himself among the lawyers: The Emoji had an accident can receive achievements of the invalid's assurance. The old Emoji can become early-retired.
After this question an innovative Emoji from Emoji Keyboard explained: In my activity as a laboratory assistant I developed unique means which is suitable to the cleaning of the keyboard best of all. The problem: I work as an employee for a miser from the Jupiter. He refuses that I am involved by the profits in the sales. All gathered Emojis explained to it:
The employer must pay an adequate portion in the success to the innovative employee as a motivation bonus. The lawyers agreed on a least portion of 40 percent. However, other Emojis wanted that in this case the innovative employee should take part in the enterprise also financially compelling. After these discussions all specialists agreed on a break.


How the employee is protected in Emoji in the job and the other reality of the lawyers

Story: How the employee is protected in Emoji in the job and the other reality of the lawyers

What happens with the employee by handing over of the enterprise into third?

Story: What happens with the employee by handing over of the enterprise into third?



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