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How the employee is protected in Emoji in the job and the other reality of the lawyers

Several Poop Emojis received a letter from the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji. Therein officials of this authority wrote that these Emojis should pay taxes for the current year. Besides, these Emojis already more than 120 days ago paid the taxes for the topical year in the stingy mouth of the tax authority. At this time the uppermost tax collector with several candidates for the state dictatorship Emojis discussed. All candidates had wished a tax increase for Emoji Poops. 📞➡️👥. 🆕👮😂⛽️. In spite of their intensive search these Poop Emojis could flee together with Jupiter's aliens from this town. They fled so far away and came to Heart Eyes Emoji to a religious house. There they applied for asylum with the responsible monks. Among the monks were several visitors who came to the laughter. Among them was also Emoji Guide. He made friends with the Emoji Poops and their friends from the Jupiter.
In the interim the lawyer from Poop Emoji had to go to the mechanic. On account of big problems by his vehicle he took a train.
When the lawyer came with his occupational colleagues, the main lawyer with big pride explained that they travelled exceptionally a small excursion to the town of the sophisticated technologies Emoji App. Some Emojis reacted surprised to this statement. The main lawyer explained to it that aliens from Pluto sponsored their trip there. And this concerns the future Emojis.
On the way a collision happened in the galaxy of two meteorites. 🏢🚧➕💔🥛.
Can an employee in debt accept a deduction of the directly paid out wage for the purpose of the repayment of the debts?
This question was already written on a slip of paper. Strangely there thought the gathered lawyers. Finally, ordinarily there lie no slips of paper on the round table. Nevertheless, Emojis discussed this question normally. In addition a judge from Japanese Emoji expressed himself: In my hometown a father of a family worked for a Saturn's employer. 👮⚕️👮‍♂️🏢🆕.
Can an enterprise change in Emoji of the hourly rate on incentive pay?
An alien from Mars asked this in a dusty letter. On this subject a former defender wanted to say something: Already the famous alien from the Saturn called Tycoon introduced the different possibilities in Middle Finger Emoji. A young accuser wanted to hear an example from younger history Emojis from the defender. In addition told the Emoji: After the death of the Third Horror Clown a chocolate factory got in Cute Emoji big economic difficulties. That's why the uppermost boss had to pay the wage not after time, but on results.
Must the employer equip his employees with the necessary working material?
This question came from an unknown place and was written on a big poster. Most Emojis thought: What silly question!!
Thereon a professor for jurisprudence from Emoji Opinion explained: Of course the employer must make available all required aid and working material for his employees during the working hours.
An Emoji wanted to know: 😂📌🆕🐻⬇️🛠️🏠️➕🗽🚩.
How should the protection of the personality of the employee be regulated in the country of the Emojis?
With this question the main lawyer in spite of strange states wanted to work normally further on the legislation. This is why answered a retired clerk of the court from Alien Emoji: 💔➕💂🚪👤👨⬅️.
The employer may have an influence on the work-free days of his employees. Employees and employers are freely in the choice of the vacation time. The employer must continue to pay the wage for these legal holidays.
A female Emoji wanted to know: How long may an Emoji have maternity vacation after the birth of her baby?
An old public prosecutor from Star Emoji explained: Ordinarily we had practised in the Circus Union up to 60 weeks after the birth. The stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots from Emoji Meaning protested against it.
At the end the gathered lawyers agreed on 26-week paid-up maternity vacation. Suddenly an alien from Pluto came to the Emojis and said: 👮‍♂️🆕😂⛽️🚪⤵️.
When the gathered lawyers left the dusty building, they found on a bench a newspaper with topical events. Thus realized these lawyers that they landed whole 2920 days in the future Emojis.
There they read about a king called Devil Emoji. The alien from Pluto explained the Emojis that they really landed in the future. After this event the alien led these lawyers in an unknown vehicle. There the alien pressed a button. 👮‍♂️🏆️👮➕⚖️🔙➕💌⚖️. The lawyers said goodbye to the visitors of the future fair in Emoji App. Afterwards they found out that their work was not in the dusty room free of charge. At least, Emojis could listen to the decisions from the future in a radio station in good quality.


Duties of the employer in the kingdom Emoji

Story: Duties of the employer in the kingdom Emoji

Can the employer require a bribery of the employee in the country of the Emojis?

Story: Can the employer require a bribery of the employee in the country of the Emojis?



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