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Duties of the employer in the kingdom Emoji

In the morning a sporty judge was woken at 4:30 o'clock in the morning. He got up fast. Then he drank mineral water. After 2-minute laughter he left his flat. Then he went to his friend to Laughing Emoji. The day began like all other for these Emojis. They went to the fitness centre. Both lawyers started to occur in the pedals intensely. They also discussed the employment contract and everything what was decided on the previous day. After 30 minutes paused both Emojis and ate bread rolls rich in calorie. In the interim several aliens from Mars with many Emojis came to the fitness centre. An alien from Mars began with the instruction of his team. He said them:
"From present day you must exert yourselves as an employee of the theoretical company during at least 1 hour in the fitness centre physically. This was decided thus by the uppermost administrative council of our management. During the last months many employees too often reported as ill. That's why we decided to improve the job satisfaction of our employees with this measure."
Both lawyers observed the faces of the affected Emojis and aliens because of curiosity. Only few theorists were inspired by this compulsive sport. Both lawyers discussed together whether it was legitimately on the part of the employer to force the employees to the sport during the working hours.
After one hour the sporty judge wanted to question the employees of the theoretical company about their well-being. The irritated Emojis and aliens would shout. They said: Who are you and what you want from us?
Thereon the judge explained that he worked just on the legislation Emojis. And not only this. He told them that just the subject employment contract was regulated for the whole kingdom Emoji juridical. Thereon they apologised. Moreover, a queue began. The boss and every employee wanted to express his wishes for the legislation. In addition the judge said that they should send their questions to the editorial staff of the suitable television broadcasting station.
On account of missing fitness centres on the island Emoji Backpack several Emojis from this island specially came to Laughing Emoji for the sportive activities. As opposed to the employees of the enterprise these Emojis from the island recognised the famous lawyers. That's why they put to them several sheets of paper in their pockets quite cheeky without permission. After these events both lawyers said goodbye to all present personalities in the fitness centre. Then they went by Emoji Meanings to the capital. In the city there was a traffic jam because of the cleaning of several dusty chimneys. That's why both lawyers had nearly one delay. Nevertheless, they came only 100 seconds too late.
All lawyers hardly sat on their places the first question from Middle Finger Emoji already came: An alien from the Venus used several chemicals for the care of the agricultural land. The harvest of the strawberries was thereby seriously damaged. This alien works as an assistant of an Emojis in the agriculture. That's why the owner of the ground wanted to know: Is the employee responsible for the caused damage?
For a lawyer an unanswered question still remained: Did the alien from the Venus act without approval of the employer?
Or did the employee neglect the instructions of the responsible farmer?
The affected Emoji explained that this alien acted personally. After this answer the reaction of the gathered lawyers was unequivocal: The alien from the Venus must take responsibility for the damages.
Which duties does the employer have in the kingdom Emoji?
A careful alien from Uranus wanted to know this. In addition a former public prosecutor from Emoji List said: The employer must pay a wage according to the following criteria: Efficiency 80 percent of portion- In addition belongs quality of the performed work. 20 percent of portion for the professional qualification at school. This amount is planned as a firm component of the whole income.
A stingy employer from the Jupiter asked: Can I keep the biggest part of the wage for myself if the employee lives on my costs?
In addition a lawyer expressed himself: In this case the employer may keep only the portion for residential costs for himself, however, not the biggest portion of the income.
Can an employee take part in Emoji in the profit of the enterprise?
In addition several diligent Emojis wanted to hear somewhat from the lawyers. A defender from a village explained: This can be agreed by contract. Moreover, the employer can pay a bonus or other participation in the profit voluntarily as a reward for his employees.
When the uppermost tax collector got to know in Poop Emoji about this rule, he had to force fast the lawyers to an other law. The uppermost tax collector expressed himself in such a way: Who receives a profit sharing from the employer, this should absolutely inform the tax authority by emergency. These profits are punishable!!
The lawyers did not react to the statements of the official from Poop Emoji. The tax collector felt ignored by the Emojis. Because of fury he commanded to his employees to adapt the tax clearance further to the possible profits of the employees. The stinginess of the mightiest tax authority reached other highlight.
An assurance advertises actively in Cute Emoji. That's why this enterprise distributes to motivated Emojis commissions for successfully fished customers. On account of these events an Emoji from Cute Emoji asked lawyers whether this action is legitimate. An accuser explained that commissions may be paid out for employees or single contractors.
Which regulations must I follow as an employer for the payment of bonuses in the kingdom Emoji?
An entrepreneur with roots from the Neptune asked this. He wanted to organise his employees by the important day of the year (1st of April) a big party. Moreover, he wanted to pay to every employee personally 50 Bitcoins cash. On this subject a professor of the jurisprudence of a university in Emoji Opinion expressed himself : A dismissed employee must ordinarily also receive a portion in the bonus. The alien from the Neptune had to check for it whether he or somebody discontinued the employer-employee relationship. He found out that he had to pay extra two Emojis in this case 40 Bitcoins.
The sporty judge from Laughing Emoji wanted to say something on the subject:
Today morning I experienced together with a colleague that employers from Mars forced their employees to fitness exercises in the fitness centre. My question is whether should this action be tolerated in the country of the Emojis?
Thereon began a long discussion about the subject. Most lawyers agreed on the following point: The employer may support such activities financially. However, a compulsion is forbidden. Moreover, the employer may not threaten his employees with a notice of the employer-employee relationship with refusal of the acceptance of such exercises.
When must the employer pay the wage?
Six Emojis who worked for a stingy employer from the Jupiter in Cute Emoji asked this. A human rights activist expressed himself on the subject: The wage should be ordinarily paid out at least on the day before last of one month to the employee.
Can the employer keep back onto the wage?
A stingy employer from Jupiter wanted to know this. A defender answered this:
Basically retention of wages is forbidden. Exception: The employer can prove that the situation of the enterprise and his financial situation are in a very bad state.
However, for it all devices of the enterprise must be auctioned for the payment of the wages. Moreover, the owner of the enterprise must be ready to perform hard labour in favour of the repayment of all owed wages in prison.
When misers from the Jupiter got this statement in their ears, they started to tremble.
At this time Emojis wanted to know whether is juridical problematic, the wage in a foreign currency to pay. The lawyers explained to it: The wage should be ordinarily paid out in local currency. However, the employer can make an exception with profit sharing.
Can an employee who was hindered in the efficiency receive the wage furthermore?
The concerned aliens from the Mercury whom many employees had without work in the enterprise because of the blackout asked this.
A lawyer: In this case basically the employer must pay the wage.
Several aliens from the Saturn wanted to know: With us it often seems that Emojis are hindered by illness in the efficiency. These Emojis required quite cheeky a payment of the wage for the time for the rest when they were ill blameless as can be proved. Is this satisfactory?
The main lawyer explained that basically every enterprise should be insured for such cases. That's why Emojis claim have for the payment of the wage in the case of blameless illness. The maximum of the illness may not exceed 30 days. Heavy illnesses and recreations are excluded after heavy accidents. In this case the wage must be paid out during 90 working days further.
Aliens from the Saturn and Jupiter reacted with big lack of understanding for this generous protection of the Emojis. Thus several employers with Saturn's roots decided to damage the building of the gathered lawyers.
They took several hammers and axes and hit on the rear wall of the building. For lawyers it sounded like an earthquake. That's why several Emojis alarmed the earthquake service. In this case achieved suitable inquiry the persons responsible from Alien Emoji. They sent several specialists to the capital. Several witnesses observed the criminal activities of the aliens from the Saturn. Thereon observant Emojis alarmed the local police. Moreover, several courageous Emojis ran to the aliens from the Saturn with furious fists. They hit to them on the back. This criminals wanted to hit with their hammers and axes on Emojis.
Besides, there fell several parts of the wall and injured the criminal culprits seriously. In the interim policemen and specialists came in the area of earthquake. At the place they found many Emojis and injured aliens from the Saturn. The policemen arrested these Emojis. However, later they were released, after Saturn's aliens admitted having damaged the wall of the building.
After this event explained the main lawyer: Basically enterprises should take out a policy for wage claims.
After this sentence all lawyers wanted to go together to the religious city Heart Eyes Emoji to a common laughter. That's why a special bus was organised for Emojis.


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