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Single employment contract with the Emojis and crimes of the stingy tax authority

In the early morning the uppermost tax collector commanded in Poop Emoji to several officials that they should go to the grocer from the Saturn. There Emojis exactly had to examine all employment contracts. Moreover, they should claim the police help for this purpose. On account of ruling discrimination of the Poop Emojis they were clearly underpaid. Moreover, investigators found in a confidential document that the Saturn's owner of the business earned clearly more than he bragged to the stingy tax authority. That's why the Saturn's alien was forced personally from the uppermost tax collector for an additional payment of 129,478 Bitcoins.
When the owner of the store found out this, he contacted his friends from other areas Emojis. Among them many were from the city Crying Laughing Emoji. Two Emojis with whom he was friends also lived in Sad Emoji. They delivered several bread rolls with sad faces to the owner.
The tax collector sent a threatening letter to the owner of the business. Therein he required the entire payment of the owed amount within 24 hours for the arrival of the letter with the receiver. The Saturn's owner became very furious on the stinginess of the mightiest tax authority of the kingdom Emoji. Thus he contacted several his friends. Besides, were many aliens from the Saturn. Moreover, he forced his employed Poop Emojis to be present also.
The mighty tax authority was very unpopular one among the local Emojis and aliens. Finally, many Poop Emojis had strongly become impoverished because of the growing stinginess of this authority. Thus the owner of the food store could use this in his favours. Thus several aliens from the Saturn went together with the Poop Emojis to the tax authority. There they waited, until the uppermost tax collector left the building. Then they attacked the mightiest, stingiest and haughtiest Emoji of the country. Moreover, they stuck to him a concrete plaster on the mouth. The uppermost tax collector could not shout. Then he was brought to the owner of the food store.
Saturn's aliens and Poop Emojis noticed that they were strong enough. That's why they decided a surprise for the owner of the store. First the owner came to the kidnappers. Then he praised them. He handed over to everyone 10 Bitcoins as a recognition for the kidnapping. Furious Poop Emojis with a binding of the owner reacted to it. Moreover, the uppermost tax collector was also tied up. Then Saturn's aliens stuck to the owner the concrete plaster. Then Saturn's aliens and Poop Emojis celebrated their victory over both misers. They looked for valuables. Then they disappeared. Even before the uppermost tax collector was tied up, he pressed an emergency button in his trousers. Thus the whole elite police was alarmed in Poop Emoji and the surroundings.
Within 5 minutes elite policemen in the scene could be present. They found two tied up personalities. They opened first to the both mouth. Then the uppermost tax collector explained that he was kidnapped by the unknown Emojis and aliens of this shopkeeper. Moreover, he showed his identity card and the emergency button. The elite policemen reacted with the arrest of the store. The tax collector decided to headline the business on the name of a relative. Then he stroked the debt of more than 100,000 Bitcoins. The present Saturn's owner wanted to find a defender for his case. Among his friends was also a lawyer from Emoji Symbols. Like other Emojis of his town the lawyer was also to be lived very proudly thereon in the town of the economic centre of the middle south.
At least, the lawyer could take over the role of the defender of the former Saturn's shopkeeper. Thanks to his talent the lawyer could prove the crimes of the tax collector in Poop Emoji. He did this very carefully. An independent police from Emojis of the different regions of the country visited the new owner of the food store absolutely unexpectedly. These Emojis searched everything. They found the proof that the uppermost tax collector handed over the business to a related Emoji. Moreover, they found out that the tax liability was not demanded any more of the new owner. With these documents the former alien from the Saturn could be released early. The uppermost tax collector reacted with the biggest concern.
Thus he wrote in the urban code a law with his both hands: § In Poop Emoji the mostly threatened personality at the expenses of the taxpayers must have several bodyguards. After he wrote this law, he showed this to all Emojis who worked at the tax authority. Then a massive tax increase applied by the tax collector for Poop Emojis. Then the uppermost official of the stingiest authority got own bodyguards. The former owner of the food store decided to leave the country of the Emojis for some time.
The defender of the Saturn's alien remembered this case before the working beginning. After dressed the Emoji, he went outward. He ordered before a taxi by telephone.
The taxi driver came from Mercury and knew the defender from Emoji Symbols already since long time. During the journey the taxi driver had to drive through Japanese Emoji. The reason was that policemen blocked off several highways for military exercises. This time on account of these obstacles the defender had to pay even more to the taxi driver. In spite of these problems could come the Emoji on time with his occupational colleagues. On the way in the room of the gathered lawyers the defender found a multilateral document. The Emoji took the document in his hands. He perused fast. It was an employment contract of an assistant of a solicitor's office from Emoji Clown.
For the defender was not quite clear what this employment contract meant here on the ground. Nevertheless, he laid this employment contract to his acts. He anticipated that he could use this document anyhow.
On time the defender on his regular place sat down. When the main lawyer explained the subject of the legislation, the defender presented quite symbolically the found employment contract. Thereon a young lawyer said that it was his employment contract. Then the defender handed over the document to him. Other Emojis observed exactly the handing over.
Which duties does the single employment contract bring for the employee and the employer?
This was the first introductory question of the main lawyer. In addition immediately expressed himself the young lawyer from Emoji Clown: The single employment contract obliges the employee to the achievement of work for certain or uncertain time in favour of an employer. This must pay as a consideration a wage after periods or after performed work. At this time the announcement reached many stingy employers with Jupiter's roots that Emojis discussed the subject of the employment contract just in juridical technical language. That's why many misers switched on their television sets. On account of big interest in the subject the live transmission was interrupted for some time because of the strain of the TV station.
Many Emojis did not understand, why they couldn't look their legislation live. That's why the engineer stood under massive pressure. After some time the problem was solved.
A stingy alien from the Jupiter who founded a company two weeks ago wanted to know from the lawyers the exact difference between a wage after periods and performed work. In addition a notary public from Sad Emoji expressed himself: A wage after periods is paid out, for example, monthly, weekly or daily. As an example he called the month wage of a young lawyer of 400 Bitcoins. In comparison to the wage for performed work:
In this case the customer must pay, for example, 100 Bitcoins to the enterprise. The employee gets 20 Bitcoins from the stingy employer after performed work. When aliens from the Jupiter heard this formulation, they could hardly think that lawyers did something good for their stinginess.
A group Emojis from Japanese Emoji sent an especially important question to the gathered lawyers. The main lawyer tried to read out this question. However, he noticed that Emojis wrote something into Japanese. That's why he asked a lawyer from the town of the same name with Japanese knowledge what these Emojis wanted to know. Thereon the question translated the Emoji into the language Emoji L:

Which form does the single employment contract need in the kingdom Emoji?
A judge explained to it: The single employment contract should exist for the protection of the employee in written form. Exceptions form only employer-employee relationships among members of the family in family enterprise. Then the judge also wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ The single employment contract is valid juridical only if the contract was signed in writing with signatures of both contracting partners. Employer-employee relationships are excluded from relatives in family enterprise.
Aliens from the Saturn reacted to this law very allergically.
A lazy Emoji wanted to know: Who must produce the agreed work from the employment contract?
The Emoji hoped that he could send a robot at his place to the work. Thereon explained an accuser: The employee is ordinarily obliged to perform the by contract certain work personally. Only a suitable point forms exception in the employment contract. Thus the employee could be obliged to press a button. Then the rest of the work automatically functions. The lazy Emoji reacted made easier. He wanted to know immediately still: Where do I get a work with big automation?
In addition not a single one lawyer knew an answer. After some time a screen appearing from sources of light appeared on the chalkboard. Therein stood: Who has interest in automated working processes, can apply directly here. However, the address was in Pluto. The lazy Emoji hoped in Pluto for made easier terms of employment. But he could not understand the working processes, nevertheless. That's why he had to work diligently in the kingdom Emoji.
Two Emojis and seven aliens from Mars wanted to get to know from the lawyers about the duties of the employee.
A lawyer explained to it a case from own experience in Emoji App:
8888 days ago several researchers worked on a more modern X-ray device very intensely. Before they took this important job, they had to appear before the Third Horror Clown. There they swore to the ruler of the Circus Union that they would explain their work with the biggest care. Moreover, the researchers were obliged to the representation of the interests of the employer in good loyalty. At that time belonged the research institute to the Circus Union. Moreover, the Third Horror Clown wanted to show what diligent Emojis and other people of the union could reach. With it the duties of the employee were clear: Care and loyalty duties.
Moreover, the employee must use all technical devices and other aid for the implementation of the work with big care in Emoji. The employer is obliged to put certified employees for the fulfilment of the suitable works. If the employer ignores this rule and leaves to unqualified employees these devices, the employer takes the responsibility.
When stingy employers from the Jupiter found out this, they had to pull their ears several times upwards and below. Finally, stingy employers saved certified employees to be able to pay a worse wage.
Is an employee bound to one single employer like the dog in the rope?
Three Emojis who finished some time ago a training period with a stingy alien in Jupiter wanted to know this. On this subject explained the former authorised attorney: In Jupiter it is actual in such a way that employees are bound to one single employer like dogs in the rope. This may not happen the Emojis in their native country. That's why he just wrote the following sentence in the code:
§ In Emoji an employee may act with several employers if these employer-employee relationships do not injure the interests of the different employers.
The authorised attorney immediately mentioned an example: An Emoji distributes early in the morning a free newspaper in the mailboxes. Then he goes for two hours as a swimming teacher work in a swimming-pool. The same Emoji three hours works on the afternoon in the lab and examines several microbes with the biggest concentration. Then he distributes by order of a chocolate company free patterns of the chocolate as a publicity campaign to hungry Emojis and aliens who are on the way home.
In this case the employee can include all activities well in his everyday life.
This combination is juridical unproblematic.
After this statement explained the authorised attorney, when it is problematic: In the morning an Emoji works with the chocolate producer Y.
In the afternoon the same Emoji goes to the work at another chocolate factory and does similar works. Both enterprises are competitors. That's why such employer-employee relationships are juridical problematic. In this case the employee could entrust with trade secrets of the first employer in the second or vice versa. This is problematic and not permitted.
After this explanation stingy employers from the Jupiter felt very well.
The main lawyer wrote another law of the protection of the employers:
§ The employee must keep all trade secrets in which he reaches by his employer-employee relationship for himself. He may not sell this to a competitor or deliver some other way. Moreover, the employee must deliver everything in connection with the activity to the employer. Preserved amounts of money, documents and other things belong to it in connection with the work.
For this formulation applauded in particular misers from the Jupiter.
Some Emojis wanted to know something on the subject extra hours in the job:
May an employer from the employee require unpaid extra hours?
A former defender explained to it: Extra hours must be fixed by contract in writing in whole extent. Otherwise extra hours are forbidden legally. Emergencies, with which the life of Emojis, aliens or other living beings is threatened are excluded. Otherwise the employer must adapt his organisation in such a way that no other emergencies working Emojis load timewise. In addition the defender also explained an example: In an office all letters which had to be still sent off on the same day had to be prepared. That's why all Emojis had prepared the letters at the beginning.
Thus nearly 260 letters could be brought on time to the post. If the employer forced these Emojis first to other duties, afterwards shortly before the end of the working hours would remind of the letter dispatch. In this case Emojis would have had to prepare these letters also after the end of their working hours under big pressure. This would be forbidden. Except the employer these extra hours separately in favour of the employees pays. Moreover, the employee must obey commands and instructions of the employer. This is valid, by the way, in every employer-employee relationship in the kingdom Emoji.
After all lawyers, Emojis and other listeners pursued this everything carefully, the main lawyer decided to finish the working day.


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