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Single employment contract with the Emojis and crimes of the stingy tax authority

In the early morning the uppermost tax collector commanded in Poop Emoji to several officials that they should go to the grocer from the Saturn. There Emojis exactly had to examine all employment contracts. Moreover, they should claim the police help for this purpose. On account of ruling discrimination of the Poop Emojis they were clearly underpaid. Moreover, investigators found in a confidential document that the Saturn's owner of the business earned clearly more than he bragged to the stingy tax authority. That's why the Saturn's alien was forced personally from the uppermost tax collector for an additional payment of 129,478 Bitcoins.
When the owner of the store found out this, he contacted his friends from other areas Emojis. Among them many were from the city Crying Laughing Emoji. Two Emojis with whom he was friends also lived in Sad Emoji. They delivered several bread rolls with sad faces to the owner. 🧦❌️§➕🐾🧦➡️👥➕⬇️1️⃣5️⃣ . Then he stroked the debt of more than 100,000 Bitcoins. The present Saturn's owner wanted to find a defender for his case. Among his friends was also a lawyer from Emoji Symbols. Like other Emojis of his town the lawyer was also to be lived very proudly thereon in the town of the economic centre of the middle south. ➡️👤⬇️🛋️⬇️.
Thus he wrote in the urban code a law with his both hands: § In Poop Emoji the mostly threatened personality at the expenses of the taxpayers must have several bodyguards. After he wrote this law, he showed this to all Emojis who worked at the tax authority. Then a massive tax increase applied by the tax collector for Poop Emojis. Then the uppermost official of the stingiest authority got own bodyguards. The former owner of the food store decided to leave the country of the Emojis for some time.
The defender of the Saturn's alien remembered this case before the working beginning. After dressed the Emoji, he went outward. He ordered before a taxi by telephone.
The taxi driver came from Mercury and knew the defender from Emoji Symbols already since long time. During the journey the taxi driver had to drive through Japanese Emoji. The reason was that policemen blocked off several highways for military exercises. This time on account of these obstacles the defender had to pay even more to the taxi driver. In spite of these problems could come the Emoji on time with his occupational colleagues. On the way in the room of the gathered lawyers the defender found a multilateral document. The Emoji took the document in his hands. He perused fast. It was an employment contract of an assistant of a solicitor's office from Emoji Clown.
For the defender was not quite clear what this employment contract meant here on the ground. Nevertheless, he laid this employment contract to his acts. He anticipated that he could use this document anyhow.
🧦🧬❌️⏱️🐾❄️🌡️🌡️7️⃣5️⃣ . 😝🧦🥿❄️🌡️🐾. However, he noticed that Emojis wrote something into Japanese. That's why he asked a lawyer from the town of the same name with Japanese knowledge what these Emojis wanted to know. Thereon the question translated the Emoji into the language Emoji L:

Which form does the single employment contract need in the kingdom Emoji?
A judge explained to it: ➡️👥⌚️📺️💆‍♀️❄️🌡️🐾. 👀➕➡️👥🌆🥿➕💆‍♀️💡🧦. 💆‍♀️❗️➕🧦. 🦙🧦❌️. That's why he had to work diligently in the kingdom Emoji.
Two Emojis and seven aliens from Mars wanted to get to know from the lawyers about the duties of the employee.
A lawyer explained to it a case from own experience in Emoji App:
8888 days ago several researchers worked on a more modern X-ray device very intensely. Before they took this important job, they had to appear before the Third Horror Clown. 🐾❤️🧦💋➡️👥.
🍧📤️➡️👤🥫💯🍧🍻2️⃣3️⃣ 1️⃣ ☄️⏱️🍽️⛓️➡️👤💡➡️🪄➡️👤*️⃣*️⃣.❤️🛠️➕🥶🧄🍋🥤. 🍧📤️➡️👥👫. 📤️3️⃣0️⃣ 🎚️🌊💯🍧.
Thus nearly 260 letters could be brought on time to the post. If the employer forced these Emojis first to other duties, afterwards shortly before the end of the working hours would remind of the letter dispatch. In this case Emojis would have had to prepare these letters also after the end of their working hours under big pressure. This would be forbidden. Except the employer these extra hours separately in favour of the employees pays. Moreover, the employee must obey commands and instructions of the employer. This is valid, by the way, in every employer-employee relationship in the kingdom Emoji.
After all lawyers, Emojis and other listeners pursued this everything carefully, the main lawyer decided to finish the working day.


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