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The loan and the day adventures of the Emojis

On Tuesday a former lawyer from Poop Emoji visited a game house together with his colleague from Middle Finger Emoji. For this purpose both Emojis met in the capital. There many Emojis and aliens organised unlawful games. The forbidden game industry could reach its highlight after the death of the last Horror Clowns. The games were forbidden at the time of the rule the Horror Clowns because it was about the money. Many Emojis became partial so addicted to play that they hardly left the game house. Both lawyers also wanted to be present for a short time. After 14 minutes a player felt unwell. That's why doctors were called for the help.
After some time the player had to be fetched at the outpatient clinic. During the Emoji had to be reanimated, some Emojis with aliens from the Saturn left the game house. Together they went to the ambulance. There they looked in the quick tempo with their bad looks for valuables. They found some devices. They stole nearly 9 devices from the ambulance. Later doctors with the unconscious player returned to their outpatient clinic. There they did not find the required devices. Some Emojis got to know in the live broadcasting from the theft on the state television. Emojis became very furious on this disrespectful theft. Both present lawyers noticed that the time began for the working beginning in the legislation.
That's why both Emojis left the game house. Because both lawyers were too decayed to walk 20 minutes up to their job, they sat down in a bus. During the journey several armed Emojis with aliens from the Venus got up. They threatened the bus driver with a paper gun. The criminal Emojis drew to the bus driver handcuffs. In this time tried aliens from the Venus to take over the controls in the bus. Then they drove the passengers with an extremely quick tempo by different highways Emojis.
Both lawyers regretted in the interim that they did not go on foot to their job.
The criminal aliens in cooperation with the Emojis tried to provide for rest among the passengers. They explained to them that this bus was especially efficient. That's why they needed this bus. Among the passengers were also courageous Emojis from different areas of the kingdom. Among them was a lawyer with own solicitor's office in the capital city Emojis. He came daily from Alien Emoji to his job. An assigned counsel from Emoji Face loudly started to get angry. He said that he must defend in court his criminal son. However, with it he meant not his own son, but a young Emoji of his best friend.
At this time a criminal Emoji recognised that it was for himself about the defence of his best friend. He decided to release the other Emojis from the captivity as a hostage in the bus. However, aliens from the Venus went so fast that hardly somebody could detain they. On a narrow street the bus went just and on the other side Emojis with the aliens from the Saturn went even faster. Both vehicles collided. The collision led to heavy injuries of the aliens from the Venus. On the side of the Emojis with the aliens from the Saturn tried to flee these extraterrestrials from the vehicle. Thus the stolen devices from the ambulance remained in their vehicle.
The Emojis in the bus noticed that from the other vehicle several strangers fled. That's why they left the bus and ran thanks to their fury faster than cheetah. The both lawyer friends made pressed an alarm button. Then there came several policemen and also doctors. Aliens from the Venus were delivered to a prison hospital. Criminal aliens from the Saturn hid behind the old eucalyptuses in Crying Laughing Emoji.
Furious Emojis could find them there. In this direction the police dog also led other Emojis. There aliens from the Saturn could be arrested. In the interim all present lawyers had to examine the vehicle of the aliens from the Saturn. There they found 9 stolen devices from an ambulance. Both lawyers realised that they had not got simply thus into the bus.
In the interim a lawyer from Emoji Keyboard noticed that he slept away his working hours. This was so embarrassing for him that he needed a good excuse. In spite of his problem he could still come relatively fast in his job. Thus the boss of the enterprise which was responsible for the keyboard Emojis wanted to present the newest product to several Emojis. However, he had the problem that nobody had interest in new product at this time. Thus he spontaneously visited the lawyer. The Emoji opened the door and got to know about the problem of the boss of the keyboard enterprise. The uppermost boss offered to the lawyer to fly together with him with a helicopter in the capital. The lawyer accepted the invitation.
The uppermost boss flew together with the lawyer and a pilot from Mars. On account of technical disturbances the helicopter had to make a forced landing on a mountain in Emoji SMS. The uppermost boss contacted the local police because of the disturbance. That's why several policemen and even more curious Emojis came to the mountain. With especially organised cable railway policemen could save three present Emojis from the helicopter. Then the uppermost boss of the enterprise from Emoji Keyboard decided that they go on foot to the building of the gathered lawyers. After 60 minutes they were with the lawyers. Emojis reacted with the biggest applause since long time. Finally, all experts were present without exception.
The proud entrepreneur presented his new keyboard only theoretically with a written sketch. Finally, the keyboard remained in the helicopter. After these events explained the main lawyer: Why do we have daily a new obstacle of our lawyers before the beginning of the working day in the important legislation Emojis?
Thereon no lawyer had an answer. However, internally many specialists said themselves: We search ourselves partial adventures in the early morning.
After long break a young Emoji from a village tried to give an explanation: Maybe we want to experience our legislation also practically. For that he received big applause from other Emojis.
The main lawyer repeated what the late colleagues missed.
In our today's meeting it is about the loan. In the code a former judge wrote before the following sentence:
§ A loan contract originates if the loan giver to the borrower lends a thing or money to a certain duration. Besides, the loan may be paid interest under no circumstances. Compensation claims because of offence against the contract are reserved.
Stingy aliens from the Jupiter reacted very much anxiously about the fact that this time their stinginess was not satisfied. Thus they all stroked loan possibilities for Emojis from their agenda.
The boss of the keyboard company wanted to persuade lawyers to the fact that loans would be paid interest at least on business. This rejected the majority of the lawyers in a vote.
Most Emojis reacted with big satisfaction to this decision.
At this time an emergency announcement reached the gathered lawyers: In the city Emoji Meanings came several questionable bottles from the Salted Cucumbers. Several mailmen opened these bottles and seriously injured themselves. The affected Emojis had to be hospitalised. On account of this event a lot of Emojis and aliens had a big panic. The lawyers decided the construction of a Secret Service in an emergency meeting. The aim should be above all the protection of the Emojis against foreign spies.
What can act the loan giver if the borrower does not recognise his before preserved loan and the loan refuses to pay back?
This question reached the lawyers from an alien from the Eris who finished a continuing education in the accountancy in the kingdom Emoji. Because this alien to an Emoji lent a loan, he wanted to find out in advance about possible problems and their solutions.
A former accuser from Cute Emoji asked from his colleagues that he might write in the code a sentence on this subject. A judge handed over the law book to the Emoji. Therein wrote the accuser:
§ A loan contract should be concluded anyway in writing if present contracting partners this missed, they should make up for this. Otherwise it needs for orally concluded loan contracts at least two witnesses of the side of the accuser.
With this formulation normal Emojis and lawyers were contented. The alien from Eris thanked the lawyers with a strange song from his native country. Not a single one Emoji understood something.
How long time has the borrower for the repayment of the loan?
An alien from Mercury wanted to know this. In addition said a notary public: Basically this should have been agreed in the loan contract in writing. If both contracting parties renounced it, the borrower must have repaid his loan within 60 days completely.
The alien from Mercury was so thankfully the lawyers that he distributed several bottles to diligent Emojis with healthy drinks from Middle Finger Emoji.


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