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What is a lending contract in the country of the Emojis

In the early morning of Monday several bakers went to Cute Emoji on the way to work to a filling station. There these Emojis waited for the truck to which should bring them traditionally to their job in the big baker's. About this tradition also got to know aliens from the west of Venus. A religious leader worked in the last time very actively in the printers, so that his local aliens could spread their religion in Emoji actively. Thanks to several spies from the Venus the responsible religious leader decided to kidnap these bakers. For this purpose he sent several advertisers from his surroundings to Cute Emoji. There also lived a notary public. He had still got as a gift before the death of the last Horror Clowns a truck as a recognition for his achievements.
That's why he had to rent after this event a big parking bay. Exceptionally there did not function the truck of the chauffeur who should bring the bakers to their job. Because the truck leader was a good friend of the notary public, he contacted him. The notary public decided to help without resistance the Emojis in this difficult situation. Advertising aliens from the Venus were, however, already on site with the bakers. Thus Emojis sat down in the wrong truck. Before they had been informed by their chauffeur about the problem by the truck by emergency.
After 30 seconds came the truck leader by his spare truck of the notary public. However, at the waiting place were no bakers, but singing Emojis poured the plants.
The chauffeur did not understand what happened here. He asked these Emojis whether they saw no group of pink green dressed Emojis at this place. Thereon they affirmed. They explained that a truck went together with the Emojis to the left. The truck leader noticed that a little bit was not okay. Finally, the truck went in the wrong direction. That's why this Emoji alarmed his employer, the baker's and the local police.
In this second the truck with the bakers drove unobtrusively by several highways of the kingdom Emoji. On account of a petrol lack aliens from the Venus had to stop in the middle on the highway. They had big problem. They tried to draw the attention of other drivers to themselves.
Thus two Emojis with two aliens from the Saturn on the advertisers from the Venus became attentive. They stopped their vehicles. Because of fear two aliens from the Venus sat down in the vehicles of the Emojis and aliens from the Saturn. They tried to flee. Then Emojis and aliens from the Saturn came to the truck. There they discovered many unknown Emojis. They opened the door. The bakers were glad that they came, finally, in their job. The Emojis and Saturn's aliens did not understand what happened. The disappointed bakers noticed only by this second that they were left in the middle on the highway. Emojis realised that they were kidnapped. The brief aliens from the Venus got in Crying Laughing Emoji in a difficult police control.
The problem was that they could not turn. Thus local policemen noticed that in these vehicles were strange faces. In addition said a policeman whose memory was especially good: I have never seen these extraterrestrial faces in my long-standing work at the police. That's why I must examine them for microbes. After some time these aliens were moved by Emojis in a temporary solitary custody. Meanwhile, the policeman analysed the registration number of the vehicles by which these aliens came to Crying Laughing Emoji. There he found the names of the real owners of the vehicles. He decided to question the imprisoned aliens about their names. After questioning he recognised the theft.
In the interim an announcement of the national police place reached the local policemen that a truck with waiting bakers was kidnapped in Cute Emoji. The uppermost policeman in Crying Laughing Emoji began a questioning of the aliens from the Venus. After some time he decided to inform the national police place. The notary public from Cute Emoji had to inform his friend from Japanese Emoji about the kidnapping of the Emojis by unknown aliens. At least, this friend worked as the uppermost police chief of his town and surroundings. At this time bakers had together a big problem with two Emojis and aliens from the Saturn: They were only by the truck on the highway. Nobody was nearby.
At this time a bus with many monks from Heart Eyes Emoji was on the way on the move by the traditional autumnal laughing day in the nature. The monks went by the area where Emojis with the bakers and aliens from the Saturn were. Thus the bus stopped. Then all Emojis with the Saturn's aliens were taken in the bus. They decided to bring them in the city Emoji Meanings. The uppermost police chief from Japanese Emoji went together with the notary public to the city Emoji Meanings, after he got to know about the arrival of the bakers there at the police place. There the notary public fetched together the affected bakers with the police chief by his truck. Then he left his truck to his friend.
The police chief brought the bakers to their job. The other Emojis and aliens from the Saturn had to fetch their vehicles in Crying Laughing Emoji. The police chief from Japanese Emoji helped them in this case.
The notary public sat down on an express and came to his job after a short time.
The main lawyer repeated the subject of the day: Lending contract in the kingdom Emoji
He said what such a contract is exact:
§ By the lending contract undertake the loaner to leave to the borrower a thing for free use.
When the notary public from Cute Emoji heard this, he remembered his own case with the lending of the truck to his friend for the purpose of the bringing of the Emojis to their job.
Can such a contract be concluded in writing or orally?
An alien from the Uranus asked this. He lent three Emojis without consideration a studio with music instruments. In addition a judge expressed himself: Juridical such lending contract can be concluded orally or in writing. From the point of view of the burden of proof written contract would be better, in any case.
May the borrowed thing leave of the borrower to another?
Eight Emojis wanted to know this. A defender from Poop Emoji explained to it: Only if both contracting parties agreed to this point in writing. If the borrower in spite of ban leaves the borrowed thing to a third, he must take for possible damages the costs.
Which costs must take the borrower for the borrowed thing?
An alien from the Neptune asked the present Emojis this. For this question a former public prosecutor wanted to present an example from his work experience: 11675 days ago a dog owner had to deliver his dog to a trust person temporarily during his prison stay. The dog owner chose his brother from Emoji List.
His brother had to buy at own expenses the food for the dog. Therefore the case was clear: The borrower must take the usual costs for the preservation of the thing. In the case of animals food and veterinarian's visits belongs for emergency case. For special cases an adequate financial compensation can also ask the borrower from the loaner. With several borrowers they must be liable in solidarity for the thing.
When can the lending contract be finished in the kingdom Emoji?
An alien from Mars wanted to know this from the gathered lawyers. In addition a lawyer expressed himself:
Such a contract ends basically, after the borrower had used the thing. Exception: The loaner needs the thing for urgent reason. In this case the thing should find back the way to the owner.
Moreover, the loaner can claim back the thing because of the regulated offence also early. If one of the contracting partners dies, the lending ends.
On the last statement three Emojis wanted specifics. They wanted to know:
If the loaner dies and the thing is still used by the borrower, can the thing, nevertheless, not still use by the borrower?
When gathered lawyers heard this complicated question, a crisis meeting began on this subject. After an extensive discussion agreed Emojis on the following law:
§ The borrower is allowed to use further after the death of the loaner with existing need the thing. In this case the role of the loaner on the lawful heir or several heirs goes over. If the loaner has no heirs, the thing may use the borrower up to his own death.
More and more Emojis were interested according to the new law above all in the possibility of a lending. For aliens from the Jupiter this law was a real obstacle for the expansion of the stinginess. Finally, many Emojis started to lend together things without financial considerations.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door. Before him stood a presenter of a telecast. He invited Emojis to a big debate of the candidates in the land dictatorship. At this time there were many Emojis who absolutely wanted to take over the dictatorship of the country. Exceptionally finished lawyer their meeting and went early to the big debate of the candidates. The lawyers wanted to enjoy to have to be once not in the centre of the population.
Thus they went together with several accompanying Emojis to the city Emoji Meanings. There the lawyers thought that they might sit somewhere in the background. However, this was not the case.
They got very prominent places in the hall. The candidates reacted with big joy that so honoured personalities would listen to them.
After only 6 minutes several lawyers left ostentatiously the debate. Even the cameraman moved his attention from the candidates to the discontented lawyers. Several Emojis in the hall took their binoculars to find out exactly who just left the hall.
Some lawyers got from irritating presenters in their mouth immediately several microphones. They wanted to know from the Emojis, why they left the debate so fast. Most lawyers answered this very alike:
The candidates must experience first a re-education of their actions and their appearance. So a mess, got angry an older lawyer about the candidates. For observers of the scene was clear that all candidates might already expect no support from the serious lawyers.
The main lawyer remained in contrast to his colleagues on his place. He took down most time the vocabulary of the running for election Emojis. Really only mutual disrespectful terms of abuse came from the mouths of these Emojis. Objective discussion about problems of the country was no subject.
Thus the main lawyer explained his occupational colleagues that they missed behaviour only without decency of the future political elite Emojis. That's why the serious lawyers organised a minute's silence to the time of the last Horror Clowns. At that time, at least, every politician had to appear as decent. For Emojis this debate was not more than just an entertainment.


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