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Protection against unlawful dismissal with the rent of living rooms in Emoji and the barking of a dog

In a Friday morning an assigned counsel from Middle Finger Emoji heard strange noises. Because of curiosity he left his flat without locking up the door with the key. Outdoors several Emojis argued because of informal problems.
The assigned counsel wanted to know what it was with these arguing Emojis about. An Emoji got angry about it that the lawyer should not interfere with the privacy. The assigned counsel reacted to it quite clearly: 🌝🥫➕👥🥫👥❌️💡.
He came absolutely unexpectedly to the Emojis and aliens. He explained to them that he had especially good aerial boats for a favourable price. Thus he sold eight aerial boats from a material which could be used only once. The material can be compared to the plastic bags. After the crossing of the river Emojis further went to the left. After other 660 seconds they were already before the house in which the barking dog was locked up.
The door was closed especially well. That's why required Emojis different tools. By this second appeared an alien from Mars who sold craftsman's tools in Cute Emoji. He was near the river and stole secretly cleared branches. From them he produced tools.
In this morning he was got by the looking Emojis. ➡️👤3️⃣-👤💡➕👀. The policemen noticed that they should rather swim with their forces through the river. Then they jumped out of their aerial boats in the cold river. They swam nearly 30 minutes. Then they left the river wet. They forgot in the interim that they would have to open a strong door. When they came with the Emojis, the policemen asked how they could help. Thereon they noticed that they lacked the most important tools. So they contacted the uppermost police chief. The police chief sat down after this events in a small airplane of the military. He flew to the place of the barking dog. After a short time he was with the Emojis and the wet policemen.
He analysed and studied the door. Then he bombed carefully the door. He received big applause from present Emojis. In spite of the doorway the dog was not found yet. Emojis went together with the policemen to a subterranean bunker. There they found the barking dog strongly starved. The uppermost police chief commanded the investigation of the fingerprints in the whole surroundings. Moreover, policemen found a lot of plastic materials further below. They remembered with this material the seller of the aerial boats. For them was clear that this charlatan was guilty in the animal cruelty. That's why they wanted to find him together with other Emojis.
The dog had to be sent according to the local laws to the veterinarian. The dog could recover later from his malnutrition.
The search for the charlatan developed very difficultly. The naive policemen looked for the charlatan together with the Emojis near the river. However, there they found only broken aerial boats. The uppermost police chief found out that among the Emojis was an assigned counsel. Moreover, the Emoji explained that he should be in one hour with his occupational colleagues in the capital Emoji SMS. Thereon the police chief flew together with the assigned counsel to the gathered lawyers. When the both sat in the airplane, an announcement reached the uppermost police chief from aliens from Pluto.
In the fact stood that the responsible charlatan hid in a subterranean bunker in Crying Laughing Emoji. There the Saturn's alien tried to build a new residence near the ancient eucalyptuses. Thereon the uppermost police chief of Middle Finger Emoji apologized to the assigned counsel. He said him that he liked to mobilize the local policemen for this operation. So he contacted his colleague from Crying Laughing Emoji by coded emergency call. Then local policemen came to this region. They could arrest the charlatan after a surprise.
Later the alien from the Saturn was moved in a prison to Emoji Meaning. Because Emojis hardly had good places for own prisons in the town of the most valuable ground.
After this success the assigned counsel with a small delay could come with his colleagues.
At short notice on account of a medical treatment of the main lawyer a lawyer from Star Emoji substituted for him. He asked his occupational colleagues:
When do Emojis and aliens need a protection against unlawful dismissal with the rent?
The assigned counsel from Middle Finger Emoji explained to it: ➡️👤➕⏱️🥉👤➕2️⃣ ➡️👤.
On account of these statements contacted immediately seven Emojis the experts who acted professionally as renters at different places. They wanted to know:
When can the renter discontinue the rental contract in the kingdom Emoji?
In addition a lawyer expressed himself: The renter can finish the rent contract without protection against unlawful dismissal with the following cases: If the tenant does not pay his rent. The renter needs the rental object on own need. In this case the renter must give an adequate time for the tenant for the search of a new rent object. Moreover, the renter can claim the rent object for his relative or friend without protection against unlawful dismissal. An old Emoji was interested in the following subject:
I rent a flat in Poop Emoji.
On account of my age I soon need help with everyday activities. That's why I would like to sell this flat. Can I do this and finish the rental contract with the tenants?
Several Emojis answered this unanimously: ➡️👤🤣➡️👤🤝➡️👤👉️👌3️⃣ ➡️👤🎁.
Who takes the resulted costs for the process between the tenant and renter?
Two concerned Poop Emojis asked this. On this subject an economist wanted to answer himself among the lawyers: The costs must be taken from the party which offended against the law. On account of this statement became some Emojis in Poop Emoji very nervous.
The reason was that Poop Emojis lost because of their discrimination regularly in court. This changed only when the king Devil Emoji took over the power in the country.
A lawyer who worked in the tenant's association corrected this rule. He wrote on his part the following sentence in the law book Emojis:
§ With the first authority the procedure is free. With wilful process guidance the criminal party can be obliged to the takeover of the procedural costs.
Suddenly a big blackout provided for a panic among the lawyers. All existing communicative devices could not be used any more. Even the emergency call phone did not function without electricity any more. Also on the street many Emojis ran.
This was the biggest blackout after the death of the last Horror Clowns in the capital city of Emojis.
➡️👤3️⃣👤➕🔍️1️⃣ ➕🧩. ⏱️➕🔍️⚙️➡️👤➕➡️👤🙏. 👥⬅️🙏👂️. ➡️👤🙏🗣️👥⬅️➕🦊. ➡️👤🏤🗣️👥⬅️➡️👤🧬➕➡️👤⚙️➕➡️👤🛠️➡️👤🔮. After long time all stolen things to their owners could find the way.
The tired Emojis of the capital city and all affected employees from other towns of the kingdom Emoji extended their week-end by several days.


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