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Protection of the tenants against abusive demands of the stingy renter

Two Emojis with Jupiter's roots could earn after the death of the last Horror Clowns by a pyramid system a lot of money. They flew to Jupiter and bought several buildings in the biggest town of the Jupiter. Moreover, these Emojis tried to buy the state bank of the planet. The local legislation hindered them in it. After the takeover of several buildings in the biggest town the Emojis increased the rent by 48 percent. Several company owners had to give up their shops because of the stinginess these Emojis definitively. On account of unsafe political development after the death of the last Horror Clown many Emojis feared that the quality of life gets worse massively.
In comparison to their activity in Jupiter these Emojis themselves showed big understanding for the fight against the stinginess of the renters in the kingdom Emoji. Thus both Emojis made friends with the gathered lawyers on a hungry day. Both Emojis wanted to remain, actually, in their native country. That's why succeeded them strategically in winning the trust of the lawyers. Thus they sponsored the lawyers a dinner.
Emojis said that in the kingdom something like in Jupiter may not happen with the rents. Lawyers praised these Emojis. Some lawyers just from Emoji Meaning trusted these Emojis by the purchase of recommended shares.
Both Emojis sold, actually, shares of dead companies. What were these companies in detail?
Emojis call dead company an enterprise which was put down in the book of the enterprises of the country as a company. However, then none or only very much few shops was explained by the company. Many investors founded such enterprises at the times of the existence of the mighty tax authorities for the purpose of the mistake. Nevertheless, the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji could find out such companies with its special microscope. Many Emojis and aliens who invested in dead companies money partially lost their property. In spite of the loss the tax authority wanted to get tax on the losses of the Poop Emojis.
After the dinner the lawyers left the restaurant and promised both Emojis the next day to consider the protection of the tenants from the stingy renter with the legislation.
The next day the defender from Crying Laughing Emoji woke up 30 minutes later. He took the wrong pocket with the other contents than he planned. On the working way the defender sat down in the middle of the train. Beside him sat both Emojis who sponsored the day before the dinner of the lawyers. They reminded the defender that on this day the stinginess of the renters should be prevented in the kingdom Emoji legally. The defender felt strong hunger.
He reached in his pocket with his right hand. There he got insect protection means. With big fury he reacted strongly angry about the fact that he took these means instead of his breakfast. Behind the defender sat just three Emojis who worked in the service of the insect protection. Their noses felt the hostile smell by means against insects. Thus these Emojis got up. They went to the defender and would shout at him. The lawyer did not understand, why these Emojis were angry so much. They called him insect murderer. Then the defender understood that Emojis identified his means. That's why they threatened the lawyer that they will sue him because of the possession by means against the insects at the uppermost court of Emoji.
Thereon the defender laughed so loud that all other passengers of the wagons sent their looks to his direction. He said with big pride and big arrogance: I am an employee of the uppermost court. At the moment I work together with other Emojis on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji. I can adapt every law to own needs.
Thereon would shout many Emojis: What an arrogance!!!
After some time the train came in the aim. The defender went to his occupational colleagues.
Before the working beginning the main lawyer of the present Emojis required identity card proof. Most lawyers could prove their identity.
When does a rent be valid as abusive in the kingdom Emoji?
An assistant of the former judge on the chalkboard took down this question. In addition notary public from Japanese Emoji expressed himself: The rent is valid as abusive if the amount 1/1200 of the market value of the rental object per month exceeds.
For stingy renters from the Jupiter was unclear, why the notary public wanted to correct their profit massively down. Many aliens from the Jupiter required from the Emojis, that they a rent per month on at least 1 percent of the purchase price with annual rent rises by other two percent. This demand was rejected by the gathered lawyers.
On account of this discussion aliens from the Uranus wanted to interfere. They asked: When rents are not valid in the country of the Emojis as abusive?
An accuser from Emoji Art answered this: Only if the rent thing can offer an added value, a rent increase can be accepted juridical. Renovations to the value preservation and repair may not lead automatically to higher rents. Cost increases can lead to the rise of the rent. Higher costs belong to it for the cleansing staff or higher fees for waste removal.
Can the growing stinginess lead among the renters to the higher rent?
Seven Emojis from different regions of the kingdom wanted to know this from the lawyers.
In addition said a former clerk of the court: A general illness in the growing stinginess of the renters must be treated medically. No reason for the increase of the rent may lead this.
Moreover, rent increases are satisfactory only if rent associations and tenants associations can agree on this.
When stingy aliens from the Jupiter heard the last sentence, they drew a deep breath so loud that some Emojis supposed earthquake.
The main lawyer wanted to write something in the code of the kingdom Emoji:
§ The rent always amounts to 1/1200 of the topical market value of the rental object per month.
After this formulation reacted many Emojis and also aliens from the Mercury with big satisfaction. Finally, many aliens from Mercury tenants of immovable were in the country of the Emojis.
Can the renter fix an appointment for rent increase obligingly in the rental contract?
An alien from the Saturn wanted to know this. To this question said a lawyer: In the rent contract this can seem, but the tenant can let to explain this point at the court for invalid. Grounds: The renter uses the situation of the tenant shamelessly. Moreover, it could concern of an abuse.
When can the renter increase the rent?
Many Emojis asked this in their reading letters. In addition a lawyer from Emoji App said: The tenant must be ordinarily informed at least 90 days before the rent increase. All present lawyers agreed with this opinion.
How can the renter reach a juridical valid message of a rent increase the tenant?
A strange alien from the Venus asked this. In addition said a dutiful Emoji:
The message of a rent increase must be dispatched before the dispatch to the tenant to the local court of the affected town. In this manner urban lawyers should be informed about the contribution of the renter to the inflation of the kingdom.
Many stingy aliens from the Jupiter reacted very much angry. That's why they left ostentatiously the place at which the legislation Emojis was broadcasted live.
Finally, urban lawyers must be able to check the rent increase for different criteria. Inside they take down with themselves whether they do classify this increase as justified or not.
With missing grounds the renter can count on problems of the local court.
Many misers from the Jupiter who looked up to now still the broadcasting could not act any more. Their stinginess suffered a shock state.
Many Emojis had to alarm emergency doctors to the shocked misers.
What can the tenant do with a stinginess attack on the part of the renter?
Record-breaking ten thousand Emojis wanted to know this. This question was asked by the population especially often from different Emojis independent of each other.
About this problem a judge from the graduate's town of Emojis expressed himself:
The tenant can protest in writing with the justice of the peace against the rent increase or change of the rental contract at the expense of the tenant. The protest is valid as a juridical document against the abuse of the renter.
In this second many renters from all regions of Emojis contacted exceptionally. They argued their rent increase with the felt growing stinginess. Moreover, these renters complained that they can undertake nothing against their growing stinginess. They explained that they were born thus. The judge from Emoji List recommended a therapy for the lowering or massive restriction of the growing stinginess to these renters.
At this time a representative of the tenant's association came to the room of the gathered lawyers and required another law of the protection of the tenants. Under the pressure of the presence of the representative of the organisation Emojis had to write something.
§ The tenant's association may exactly examine every rent increase and investigate the reasons for it. For this purpose interested tenants should contact at the tenant's association themselves.
§ During the protest on the part of the tenant is valid the present rental contract.
With this law an association got for the first time own law in the history Emojis.
After that all members of the rent association applauded the courageous lawyers for the law.
Many Emojis with stingy roots trembled because of fear. Then they raised their stinginess and required an exception for their economic town Emoji Meaning. That's why were increased rents in this town quite uncontrollably.
Suddenly lawyers heard very strong wind. Several trees lost their coloured sheets. Outdoors would shout eager Emojis: Autumn!!!
In this positive event the main lawyer decided the ending of the day meeting with his occupational colleagues.


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