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In which state must the tenant return the thing in Emoji?

In an early morning the religious lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji began his day with a 5-minute laughter. After the Emoji was finished with his laughter, he ate eight fresh peaches. After his consumption eight cores remained. He wanted to throw away them. But his conscience hindered him in it. He wanted to mix eight cores not with other rubbish. That's why he went to the close garden. There several Emojis were occupied with their laughter. Thus the Emoji could bury his eight cores in the earth.
Then he felt thirst. That's why he visited a kiosk. There were to his astonishment especially favourable prices of drinks.
The Emoji thought that he was different somewhere. In reality Saturn's aliens rented the kiosk for some time. There shop assistants still distributed a pamphlet which advertised to religion of the Saturn actively to the drink. The lawyer thanked friendly for the drink and the advertising pamphlet. Then he left the kiosk. On his way back home some Emojis who spoke about the same state of the kiosk met him. That's why expected Emojis that their religion was in great danger. That's why the local religious protection police was informed. Several policemen came after 10 minutes to the kiosk. There all advertising pamphlets were confiscated. Afterwards reacted aliens from the Saturn annoyed very much.
After this event these aliens tried to advertise by the hand shake to their religion with the Emojis. Thus the lawyer waited for his train in the railway station. In the interim a Saturn alien came to him. He sat down carefully beside the Emoji. Then he shook to him the hand, after he welcomed him. Thus a conversation began between the both. The lawyer felt almost hypnotised. He wanted to persuade even other Emojis of the Saturn's religion after the conversation. On the working way in the train the lawyer thought about the spreading of the religion of the forgers. Shortly before the arrival in the capital city Emoji SMS the lawyer suffered strong back pains.
He suffered so strongly from pains that he found the way directly to the emergency doctor. After the medical treatment a doctor found a hypnotising substance in the back of the Emojis. After an emergency operation this substance from the back could be removed. Then forgot the lawyer that he accepted the religion of the Saturn. By this second several advertising aliens from the Saturn had an accident during their work. Toxic raindrops fell on their bodies. Thus they lost their consciousness. Emojis found many recumbent aliens on the street. They alarmed the local outpatient clinic of Heart Eyes Emoji. After the resuscitation of the aliens the uppermost head of department had to find out that these aliens did not live at all in Emoji.
That's why they were stamped as illegally entered guests in the religious town. They had to leave the town at once. With big shock these advertising aliens left the kingdom Emoji to the direction of their native country.
At this time assembled Emojis at the round table. The main lawyer wanted to read out just a letter from the hospital of the capital to his occupational colleagues. He read in it: To have to inform of dear lawyers of the legislation Emojis, We are very sad to tell you, that your colleague from Heart Eyes Emoji passed away after a raid in the train in back pains. With sad greetings hospital staff.
After the lecture of the letter many Emojis with one funereal minute reacted as a commemoration ceremony to the dead lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji. The funereal minute was transferred live on television.
In this time the uppermost tax collector sat in Poop Emoji before the television. He shouted to other Emojis in the tax authority that they should interrupt their work exceptionally. He said to them: We lost an especially good taxpayer on this day. That's why we must remain even two minutes in the grief. Finally, this Emoji paid voluntarily taxes after the death of the last Horror Clowns.
At this time the lawyer recovered in the hospital so well that he wanted to go to the gathered lawyers. The doctors gave written permission to him. Then he went very much, however, is late, at least, on time on new subject. He knocked at the door. Then the main lawyer opened the door. He could hardly believe his eyes. He suffered a shock. Before he read out a letter to the other Emojis.
Therein stood quite persuasive that the lawyer died in the hospital. The lawyer wanted to examine together with the other Emojis the letter. However, they had another subject in their agenda. That's why they left the research of the letter to the professional laboratory assistants and other specialists in the area of the fingerprints. Because Emojis had big difficulties with the identification of the author of the wrong letter, they contacted researchers from Pluto. Their occupational colleagues from Pluto examined the wrong letter and their result surprised all Emojis exceptionally: The author of the letter was no liar, but the letter came in the wrong reality to the wrong lawyers.
In another reality the lawyer of the same name died because he laughed not enough before the working beginning.
That's why the letter was sent with the help of the aliens from Pluto to the right lawyers. The main lawyer asked for these events his occupational colleagues:
In which state must the tenant return the rent object to the renter in the country of the Emojis?
In addition a notary public from Emoji for PC wanted to express himself: The tenant must return the thing in a state which has originated from the use according to contract. Moreover, are the arrangements which oblige the tenant to the compensation of the renter after the end of the tenancy automatically juridical invalid.
For misers from the Jupiter this statement was unacceptable. That's why they organised a demonstration in the capital. On account of a lot of disturbed Emojis aliens from the Jupiter had to shift their demonstration to Emoji Meaning. In spite of the opposition of the Jupiter's stinginess this formulation was taken up thus in the law book of the Emojis.
What must the renter consider with the return by the tenant of the rent object?
Several Emojis asked this in their letters to the gathered lawyers.
In addition an honorary justice of the peace described a case from own experience:
In my case more than 4678 days ago a renter from Eris wanted that the tenant paints in the walls light blue after the abandonment of the flat at own expenses. The tenant did not want this. His argument was justified: He used the flat only for a short time and very carefully. Moreover, the tenant had the proof with nearly 76 photos as the flat looked before his rent beginning. At that time the tenant was released from the painting duty judicially. But what must the renter consider?
Irritated aliens from the Jupiter asked this the gathered Emojis repeatedly.
In addition said a fee collector: The renter must exactly check the thing with his eyes, ears, the nose and hands. And the renter must do this immediately. He cannot do this one or several days later and accuse of something the present tenant.
Some misers from the Jupiter felt extremely unwell. The main lawyer wanted to write in the code of the Emojis something:
§ With the return of the rent object the renter must inform the tenant immediately about possible defects. All defects must be identified by the renter immediately.
For this purpose the renter should be able to use all aid on the day of the return. Late claims are valid after the extensive day of the return. With it the renter loses all claims.
Moreover, the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the legislation of the Emojis:
§ By the takeover of the rent object by a new tenant every claim of the renter to the ex-tenant goes out for compensation claims.
In particular renters of especially big things protested against these laws. That's why the term was raised to the check on defects on 48-60 hours. This law led to the fact that innovative Emojis founded a Start-Up together with aliens from Mars. They specialised one delivered of rent object on the check of the defects.
Can the renter keep left things of the tenant for himself?
Emojis above all from Emoji Keyboard wanted to know this. In addition an accuser from his work experience wanted to express himself:
1246 days ago a tenant from Mars left the flat. He left there an old white carpet. The renter had fear at the beginning that the tenant would request for the carpet. That's why he wanted a juridical advice on the subject. Thus he could keep the carpet. When misers heard this story, they applauded the accuser.
However, the Emoji was not finished with his work experiences. He told about another case: 887 days ago a tenant left the flat. Therein several gloves remained. Before several gloves were announced by the factory from Emoji for PC as missing. The renter wanted to say nothing about his finding at the beginning. But by some Emojis who were friends with the renter got to know the local police from this finding in the flat. The renter had to deliver all found gloves to the police. Later the factory got their product. After this history stingy aliens from the Jupiter hid their enthusiasm about the accuser quite deeply in the background of their memory.
At this time the television showed the face of the lawyer who was explained at the beginning of the day in a letter for dead. When the uppermost tax collector noticed this, he contacted other Emojis who worked together with him. Then he corrected the announcement of the dead lawyer. Then the tax authority in Poop Emoji celebrated the return of a good taxpayer. That's why the tax collector applied to celebrate this event wastefully. So sent official the tax authority invitations for a big party to the gathered lawyers. Emojis in the capital city rejected with thanks the participation in the party.
Can the renter allow to take away the things of the tenant by the authorities if the tenant liked to move, but still has debts with the renter?
Many Emojis asked this in writing.
In addition said a former defender from Sad Emoji: In such case the renter can exert his pressure on a tenant. This is permitted, actually. Finally, the tenant still owes at least one rent.
Within which time can the tenant fetch back his things?
In addition said a judge: The tenant must ordinarily appear to the local judge within 30 days. He can fetch his things after the approval with the payment of the rent. Moreover, the tenant must make a partial payment in cash.
By this second news from the yellow sea on the coast from Japanese Emoji reached the gathered lawyers. Several fishermen were fired by armed Emojis and aliens from the Mercury with worm guns. Many fishermen lost a lot of fish after this event. On account of linguistic barriers the police could badly arrange with other Emojis. Thus the thieves managed the escape. The brief Emojis and aliens took unfortunately a boat of the sea police. That's why they could be arrested in Emoji Opinion by the urban police.
A diligent lawyer wanted that Emojis still discuss the subject of the abusive rents and demands. However, most lawyers were quite absolutely tired after the difficult working day. Finally, they had to say goodbye to their occupational colleague. Then the lawyer came to them. What did spectators get on television to see?
For Emojis there was a short summary of the new decisions of the lawyers.


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