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Notice of the working contract in Emoji and professional kidnapping in the gallery of the judge

On account of the annual commemoration ceremony day to the tragedy of the former successful town of Emoji 2 decided Emojis to spend exceptionally there the whole day, although the area was not necessarily recommendable for the health. Thus several radiologists explained that Emoji 2 should still remain unoccupied. In spite of this warning all lawyers visited together the desolate area Emojis with the cameraman. On account of the powerlessness of all temporary officials nobody could persuade these Emojis of a non-visit of the desolate area. At least, several Saturn's traders came to the lawyers and tried to sell to them Horror Clown masks.
Several Emojis agreed to the purchase. With these masks they visited the desolate town. There several wild boars came to the Emojis. Moreover, there were exceptionally many pigeons at one single place. A former public prosecutor considered to build a monument to honour of the town leader of Emoji 2 on this day in the town of the freedom Emoji Free. With it he wanted to demonstrate the borders of the freedom symbolically. In the area of the dead town experienced Emojis something unusual. When they spent 55 minutes in the surroundings, a shape unexpectedly appeared in the form of a male Emojis before their eyes. It was the geometrical form of the long-standing town leader Emoji 2. He reacted very much pleased about the visit of the courageous Emojis in his town.
The lawyers commemorated nearly 67 minutes the victims of the poisoning. The commemoration ceremony was transferred live on the state television. After some time started Emojis and other spectators to complain at the transmitter. Finally, they wanted to look the legislation on the subject notice of the employment contract. They were angry at the long commemoration ceremony of the lawyers. After this complaint reached the main lawyer, he decided to spend exceptionally the discussion in new laws there.
When is a notice to be judged by the employer for Emojis as abusive?
An alien from Mercury who produced an injurious energy drink in the kingdom Emoji asked this. His drink was liked in particular in Emoji Meaning very much.
On account of the thrift of his customers he had to lower every eighth Tuesday the production costs. Nevertheless, his next plan was quite reasonable the notice of several Emojis.
A defender answered this question: Abusive notice is valid in the following cases: 1. Personal quality of the employee (race, health, pregnancy)
2. Risen stinginess of the owner of the company 3. The employee belongs to a political party which fights against the interests of the employer. 4. Too extensively accumulated information about the employee. 5. If the aim of the notice is, prevention of the justified claims of the employee of the employer. 5. If the employer liked to rid himself from his duties by the notice. 6. If Emojis or other citizens of the kingdom had to assume a political office or activity by emergency in their town or in favour of the country. 7. If the owner of the company decides to rename the company name or anew put down, so that the working contracts could be concluded anew and made worse. 8. Pretense of a bankruptcy for the purpose of the quick release of the employer's broads duties towards the employees.
What happens with abusive notice all the same by which contracting party?
About this question expressed themselves three Emojis: In this case the guilty party should pay a compensation to the other side.
How high should the compensation amount?
Concerned employers from Mars asked this the gathered lawyers. A former representative of the employees of a factory in Cute Emoji expressed himself in such a way: In my long-standing practise employers had to pay maximum three month wages under the rule of the Horror Clowns in such cases. Vice versa employees had to accept a long-early wage shortening as a punishment. Nevertheless, this was in very rare cases in such a way. Above all two Emojis because of comfort did not want to work any more. Besides, the whole factory got in a heavy crisis. Finally, there were not enough specialists at that time in their area. That's why the local court in Cute Emoij forced both Emojis to the other employment.
They complained of the bad organisation in the factory. After the exact examination their discomfort was rejected by the Third Horror Clown personally. Moreover, the regime of the Circus Union feared a deterioration of its valuable reputation in the population of the whole union.
At this time the ghost of Emoji 2 appeared before the main lawyer and looked quite furiously at him. The lawyer suffered a light shock. In spite of this event Emojis discussed their legislation further.
What must do the contracting party which claims a compensation because of abusive notice?
An intelligent trade unionist from Japanese Emoji who spoke exceptionally several languages of the former Circus Union asked this.
A verified judge explained: The suitable party must send a written complaint to the responsible local court. Therein all grounds must be logical understandable and checkable. In addition also concealed evidences may be used.
When Saturn's employers heard this formulation, they came to the area of the gathered lawyers. There most Emojis were deflected by their colleague cleverly. Then the affected judge was taken by two talkative aliens from the Saturn to another direction. Then seven Saturn's aliens came from the back to the judge and kidnapped him in a dusty saucer which was stationed there still since the conflict with the Egoists from Mars.
There Saturn's employers to the judge stuck mouth with a copper plaster. Moreover, he also got handcuffs.
At this time other Saturn's aliens tried to get to believe an indisposition of the judge in the other Emojis. That's why they explained the lawyers that their colleague had to be brought in a hospital. For attentive Emojis who observed the scene in the television was clear that a little bit was not right. That's why nearly 22244 Emojis announced a missing announcement of a judge to the policemen from different areas of the kingdom.
While the search from different policemen began in completely Emoji, Saturn's aliens fled to Emoji Art.
There they had bought a gallery shortly after the death of the last Horror Clowns. There a lot of paintings of the local Emojis were exhibited. The gallery was closed for renovation purposes for some time. That's why somebody hardly anticipated that there a kidnapped judge could be.
At that time, however, an ambitious detective worked with the specialisation on fingerprints also footprints at the elite police of Crying Laughing Emoji. On account of his success just after the death of the last Horror Clown the detective was asked particularly for the search for heavy criminals very much.
Thus the detective was contacted by the uppermost police chief of his town for this purpose. He promised a quick promotion in his career to him if he found this judge.
In the interim at least 100,000 policemen from completely Emoji were in search of the missing judge. On account of high intelligence of the kidnappers of the judge the search developed extremely difficultly. Thus Saturn's aliens kidnapped several aliens from the Venus. They forced them, at the places where they kidnapped the judge to leave their footprints as fast as possible. At least, they did this in all parts of the way to Emoji Art up to the gallery. Thus the tracks were repaired up to the artistic town successfully. The detective from Crying Laughing Emoji found in the scene a broken fingernail of the kidnapped judge.
The fingernail was destroyed by a Saturn's alien unintentional easily. The detective took the fingernail very carefully with his tools. Then he asked of several policemen for a fingerprint device. Then the device showed unknown fingers in the screen. On account of the complexity of the case aliens from Pluto interfered with the case. Thus the screen showed not only the hand of the affected kidnapper, but also his face and the whole body of the alien could get policemen together with the detective in theirs eyes. Then Emojis had 222 seconds to print out the whole profile of the criminal.
Moreover, they saved the whole photo in a disk. Then policemen had to deliver several copies of the search photo to their colleagues from different area. By fax the photo spread among the policemen. Besides, the mass media were not specially informed. The escape of the kidnapper should be thereby prevented. Moreover, several photocopiers from Emoji Copy Paste were used for this purpose. This ended with a consumption of all paper stocks of the policemen. The search led up to the town border of Emoji Art. Then no more footprints could be pursued.
That's why the detective informed other policemen that they should search whole city Emoji Art. Every Emoji and alien was under the suspicion to hide the judge with itself. At this time several kidnappers of the judge noticed that a state of emergency was exclaimed for the whole town by the policemen. That's why Saturn's aliens decided to flee in a quick tempo in the subterranean tunnel with the judge. The judge could be hidden by the complexity of the tunnel in a subterranean room in such a way that outsiders would get the impression that there nothing was a suspect. However, the detective was extremely defiant and curious.
He never made half things. That's why he took a group of curious Emojis with himself on the search for the kidnapped judge. The kidnapper who was to be seen on the search photo sat down on the terrace of the house. He drank a poisoned juice. After some time he fell from his chair on the ground. Two attentive Emojis who were on the move with the detective saw the alien in request with their eyes. Then they informed the detective. Then this information reached other Emojis and policemen. Then several elite policemen went to the house. They destroyed the front door. Then all objects were analysed with several devices. There nobody hid.
After some time several clever aliens allowed to destroy the building of the gallery by a programmed earthquake from their subterranean tunnel. There several policemen were seriously injured. Partially the tunnel was also damaged. The escape route in the tunnel was blocked by several heavy stones. That's why Saturn's aliens left the kidnapped judge from the custody and fled with their flying saucer to Saturn. Emojis were very glad at the end that nobody died of this freeing action. Also the kidnapped judge could be found.
After this adventure lawyers wanted to answer one more question:
Is a notice abusive untimely?
This wanted to know a pregnant Emoji. In addition said a lawyer: In this case the employer may not give notice. In the following cases may not be discontinued: In the birth, with the fulfilment of a political duty, with burials of a member of the family of the employee or after the accident and heavy illness.
When may the employee not give notice?
Many Emojis wanted to know this from the lawyers. In this case explained a justice of the peace:
If the employer is hindered in his efficiency, the employee may not give notice. After this question all lawyers said goodbye to each other. Then the main lawyer decided for the future that all occasions needed in the legislation Emojis the protection by the bodyguards.


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