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The end of the employer-employee relationship in Emoji and the celebration of the Halloween

In an early morning Emojis began their preparations for the traditional celebration to honour of their home planet Halloween nationally. At least, importers from Ceres also sent the suitable masks. A lot of Emojis dressed above all as Horror Clowns of the former Circus Union. The death of the last Horror Clowns strongly influenced the inhabitants this year. That's why above all older Emojis wanted to wear the masks with the face of the First Horror Clowns. Even the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji had an especially good idea in his stingy brain. He bought nearly 666 Horrors Clown masks at the expenses of the Emoji Poops. 🏃‍➕🥡🍽️👨‍🍳. Among the Emojis this subject was the most-discussed in the whole kingdom Emoji. Also serious lawyers began their working day with this subject.
A defender from Emoji Art got ostentatiously a calendar from his backpack and showed the today's date quite proudly with his ten fingers. He went to each of his colleagues and pointed at 31st of October. Several angry Emojis said, why they appeared today generally to the work. Finally, every decent Emoji would have to prepare for the big party to honour of Halloween.
In spite of their annoyance a former notary public calmed his colleagues: Today we finish our work exceptionally earlier. A young assistance lawyer from Japanese Emoji wrote the following sentence on the chalkboard: 🔜✋🍾➡️📡🧼🛠️*️⃣➕*️⃣ 🥘📡🍰🍽️. Among the rest, other reasons for the notice are: Wrong personality in the wrong job. A failed communication among the employees.
Thereon a public prosecutor from Middle Finger Emoji got up and pointed with his middle finger of his left hand at a poster with the concept employee. He urgently wanted to express himself about the lawful reasons of a notice without financial results for the employee. Quite independently the public prosecutor got the law book of his place and wrote the following sentence:
§ 😂⚙️💬. ➡️👤🦥➡️👤🌊🧹⚫️🌊🍾🛠️🌊😝🪥➡️👤👀.
When stingy politicians from Emoji Meaning heard this law friendly to employee, they tightened quite immediately two Horrors Clown masks successively on their face. 🪥🌊🪥🥫➕🍾🆕. 🤘➕🍃➕🪥🛠️➕🧹➕💩. So a stingy defender wrote the following sentence in the code of the kingdom Emoji:
§ The judge can be contacted any time by a contracting party for the contesting of the notice in his job.
Which results does the unwarranted resolution of the employment contract have for the contracting parties?
Emojis and alien from the Neptune wanted to know this. The specified professional lawyer for legal issues of the employment contract in Crying Laughing Emoji answered: 🏃‍♂️⬆️➕🤔➕🧬.
After the hearing of these opinions Emojis decided an unlimited prison sentence for heavy offence against the employment contract and all laws in this connection.
A religious defender from Heart Eyes Emoji did not accept this unlimitation of the punishing. He said: The maximum penalty for offence against the laws of the employment contract and other regulations should be limited to at most 6666 days. That's why Emojis began a small vote about this proposal of the religious Emoji. ⚙️➕🗑️🛒➕➡️👤☔️🔥🌡️🌊➕🔥🛒➕👫🪥. Also a lawyer friendly to employer countered: Lazy attacks on the part of employees are not permitted. After this sentence several Emojis tightened Horror Clown masks. Then they took stinking eggs and pelted the building of the gathered lawyers.
What happens in the death of the employee or employer in Emoji?
A clown from Emoji Clown wanted to know this. Good question and suitably to Halloween, said a notary public. At the same time he explained what happens in this case: 💯☎️🪥💡⚙️➕⏱️➡️👤😷⤵️. 🥇👀➕⬇️🧽⤵️💆‍♀️➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ☎️. That's why they finished their discussion. Then all present lawyers left the building. Later they prepared for the big party. Outdoors Emojis went disguised on all streets of the kingdom. Remarkably in this autumn it was: Nearly 67 percent of the Emojis dressed as a historical Horror Clowns of the former Circus Union. With it the statistics office for Halloween registered a new record in Horror Clowns among the Emojis of all times.


Notice of the working contract in Emoji and professional kidnapping in the gallery of the judge

Story: Notice of the working contract in Emoji and professional kidnapping in the gallery of the judge

Halloween party of the Emojis and serious work of the lawyers on the legislation

Story: Halloween party of the Emojis and serious work of the lawyers on the legislation



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