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Halloween party of the Emojis and serious work of the lawyers on the legislation

First 31st of October after the death of the last Horror Clowns it was valid in the states of the former Circus Union as the mostly expected day. The reason was that many clairvoyants and other futurologists prophesied the return the late Horror Clowns as ghosts. Above all Emojis in the city of Emoji Meanings expected the important day with the biggest impatience of all times. Finally, there were 11 official monuments to honour of the First Horror Clowns and his friends. At least, many researchers supposed that secretly almost every third inhabitant of this town owned own monument to honour of the Horror Clowns. On account of the biggest celebration of the Halloween lawyers decided to leave unanimously the capital city of Emoji SMS on this day.
These Emojis went to Emoji Meanings. There they wanted to celebrate together with the local Emojis the big party. When the qualified lawyers came to the city, they were recognised by many Emojis on account of their appearance. Although they wore Horror Clown masks, many Emojis were glad about the famous and high-powered guests from the capital. In this time several aliens worked in Pluto on a new programme. Their work strongly influenced the temporal epoch of the planet Halloween. Thus Emojis nationally celebrated the party with the first traditional dance. Ordinarily everybody danced at 15:00 o'clock the first dance. This was valid as an old tradition in the former Circus Union. Also lawyers started to dance. Because of an amusing alien in Pluto several letters moved in a programme.
Thus the dead Fourth Horror Clown unexpectedly appeared in the middle of the dancing masses among the Emojis and aliens. Many dancers reacted with the biggest shock of their life. They feared that the rule of the dead Horror Clowns would return again. The Fourth Horror Clown explained to all present Emojis that he congratulated them on the forthcoming new year. Moreover, he explained that he planned the expansion of the Circus Union for the next year. When some Emojis asked him on which year he just congratulated them, the Fourth Horror Clown answered self-confidently. Besides, that year was already 2920 days in the past. Those Emojis and aliens who stood beside the Fourth Horror Clown explained the "right date" to him.
The former ruler explained that he rejoiced the disguised Emojis with the Horror Clowns masks very much. Moreover, he was persuaded very much of the fact that he was really that year. Some Emojis and other guests wanted to touch the Fourth Horror Clown with their fingers. They did not feel fine at all that a former ruler was so convinced by the actuality of his past. Near a monument suddenly appeared the Third Horror Clown. In contrast to the Fourth Horror Clown Emojis did not notice him. The Third Horror Clown knew the surroundings so well that he went to the mayor of Emoji Meanings. The uppermost politician of the town heard that somebody knocked at the door. He said self-confidently that the waiting person might enter.
The Third Horror Clown opened the door. Then he said that he wanted to contact his uppermost police chief of the capital city of the Circus Union by telephone. The mayor started to rub his eyes with the hands. He opened his eyes and closed them several times. Then he got up. He went to the Third Horror Clown and touched him quite carefully. As a touch he chose the typical political gesture: The handshake. After Emoji felt the genuineness of the Third Horror Clowns in spite of his death more than 3270 days ago in his hands, he apologised to the ruler of the Circus Union. He explained that he felt unwell.
The Third Horror Clown might call his police chief. In the capital of the former Circus Union this old phone number did not function any more. The Third Horror Clown reacted something confused. That's why he commanded to the mayor of Emoji Meanings that he should bring him to the airport. The affected Emoji promised to the ruler to fulfil his wish. He left for a short time the room. Then he contacted the emergency place. For himself he ordered an emergency doctor who would send him in a hospital for psychic sick persons. For the Third Horror Clown he organised several Emojis from the military and police. After some time the mayor was delivered to the psychiatry.
The Third Horror Clown was welcomed by several policemen and the military. All Emojis reacted shocked. The mayor was dismissed later by the psychiatry. At least, reacted soldiers and policemen on the Third Horror Clown as the mayor at the beginning. Later all eager Emojis to the former ruler shook the hand. Thus they were persuaded of his genuineness. A charlatan from the Saturn who had his hidden seat in Crying Laughing Emoji got to know about the strange return of the Third and Fourth Horror Clowns. He wanted to organise a shock for both Horrors Clowns. It was his plan which lock up to both former rulers in the uppermost office of the Circus Union on each other appropriately. The charlatan contacted his friends from Middle Finger Emoji for this purpose.
Among them were several Emojis and Saturn's aliens.
In the interim well-thought-out Emojis what they should make with the Third Horror Clown. Thereon the ruler explained that he wanted to celebrate the party together with the people. The uppermost policeman of Emoji Meanings feared that Emojis would become even more nervous. That's why he wanted to prevent this scenario. He offered to the Third Horror Clown that he would fly together with several bodyguards him to the capital city of the Circus Union. The Third Horror Clown agreed. Together with many Emojis the former ruler was almost brought to the airport. The whole highway was taken with many disguised Emojis. That's why the Third Horror Clown could not be brought to the airport. Thus the uppermost police chief wanted to bring the ruler over a ship of the yellow sea to the Circus Country. For this purpose he chose the port of Japanese Emoji.
In the interim spread several announcements that the Fourth Horror Clown celebrated in the city of Emoji Meanings with the Emojis Halloween. At this time the spreading of the next announcement began: The Third Horror Clown visits the kingdom Emoji. Millions spectators rubbed their eyes. Nobody understood more what was wrong here. At this time a tourist from the Venus with several locals was in a ship. He looked with his binoculars at different directions. Somewhere he got in his eyes the face of the Third Horror Clowns. He could hardly think that the dead ruler lived. He asked his wife what she saw there. Also other aliens from the Venus had to look at the Third Horror Clown with the binoculars. Then realised the tourist that the ruler was really here. That's why he commanded to the captain to drive from Alien Emoji to the direction of the Third Horror Clowns.
The Emoji with roots from the Venus changed the direction of the journey. When the tourist ship approached to the ship with the Third Horror Clown, several aliens from the Venus jumped out in the ship. Then they kidnapped the ship with the Third Horror Clown. Later they landed again on the coast of Japanese Emoji. They explained to the ruler that the ship had problems. That's why they persuaded the former ruler in a minibus to change. Then they went together in the city of Emoji Meanings. There several Emojis looked unbelievingly at the Third Horror Clown. Among them were also the lawyers who worked on the legislation of the country. They said to each other: Before the Fourth Horror clown was and now still there comes the Third Horror Clown. This is the strangest Halloween of my life. A judge from Star Emoji explained this. At 17:00 o'clock it was getting dark very much.
After some time many celebrating Emojis stood on the biggest place of Emoji Meanings. The electricians of the town switched on all lamps. In the interim the Third Horror Clown changed his place. He went to the biggest place of the town. Also the Fourth Horror Clown was on the way to the biggest place of the town. When both former rulers had a distance of 8 recumbent giraffes of each other, a blackout on the biggest place of Emoji Meanings began. Many visitors reacted with big panic. It became suddenly very quietly in the darkness. All Emojis were quiet automatically. Even aliens from Venus and Saturn were passive exceptionally. Only both former rulers loudly complained. They said: During my rule electricians may not work so badly. Then the Fourth Horror Clown heard suddenly that the Third Horror Clown was a nearby. Emojis started to shout loudly. Help!!! The dead Third Horror Clown here! Help!!!! The dead Fourth Horror Clown here!
Both rulers reacted very much confused: Why are we dead?
Both former rulers asked this. Thereon Emoijs explained to them which year they had.
At this time the uppermost boss of the funny aliens came to Pluto. He commanded to him his mistake to correct at once. After some time the young alien corrected something in his programming. Then there disappeared both Horrors Clowns from the succession state of the Circus Union. Moreover, it became very bright on the biggest place of Emoji Meanings.
The charlatan from Crying Laughing Emoji reacted at the beginning very much angry that both Horrors Clowns disappeared. At least, he was glad about the fact that they met each other.
All Emojis discussed this event long time after the celebration of the year. Also gathered lawyers began their working day with this subject.
Which results does have the ending of the employer-employee relationship?
With this question the main lawyer motivated his colleagues to the return in the reality of the legislation. Just an accuser from Heart Eyes Emoji wanted himself to express about too different subjects. That's why he spoke: The results can be different according to initial position. Basically all demands should be finished by all sides. In this case are this: The employee must appear on the last working day. The employer must pay the wage up to the last working day. Moreover, all achievements must be fulfilled by all sides in good quality up to the end.
Moreover, the employee must return all aid in connection with the job in Emoji.
Since when an employer must pay a departure compensation to the former employee?
Many Emojis and stingy aliens from the Jupiter wanted to know this. The defender from Middle Finger Emoji said: If an employee contributed at least one year to the success of the enterprise, the employer must pay a departure compensation. This concerns especially employees whose are at least 10959 days old.
When younger Emojis and aliens got to know about this discrimination, they reacted with several protests. The building of the gathered lawyers got several graffiti: "Old stingy bags". Later older Emojis gave themselves big trouble about the defence of the age arrogance.
A miser from the Jupiter wanted to know:
How much must be the departure compensation?
The main lawyer said: The departure compensation may contain at most four month wages. At least this compensation should reach the month wage.
Emojis reacted very much made easier about this statement. Aliens from the Jupiter complained of the generous legislation in this area.
A concerned miser reacted with the next question: Can I forbid to my former employee, me after the employer-employee relationship to competition?
A lawyer from Emoji Meanings explained: Of course this can be held on in the employment contract. However, the restraint of trade contradicts the freedom of the Emojis. That's why this ban on at most 5 years is juridical valid.
Basically the employee may be hindered in his economic rise under no circumstances by the present employer.
Which results does an offence against the restraint of trade have for the former employee?
Highly qualified Emojis wanted to know this from the lawyers. About this question a notary public from Japanese Emoji expressed himself: The employee must make good the resulted damage to his former employer. If the both cannot agree, they must go to the urban court. In this case several responsible judges must deal with the circumstances.
A trade unionist required from the lawyers that the restraint of trade should be invalid in a certain case: If the employer discontinues the employer-employee relationship, the dismissed employee is allowed to do him competition. The majority of the present lawyers recommended this opinion. Many stingy employers from Jupiter reacted with the biggest misunderstanding of the day.
When do all demands from the employer-employee relationship come under the statute of limitations?
An alien who lived in Alien Emoji asked this. Thereon the diligent public prosecutor wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ All demands from the employer-employee relationship come under the statute of limitations after 3650 days completely and automatically. Moreover, authorities must guarantee an easy and quick procedure for the plaintiffs.
After this formulation paused lawyers. Several Emojis took their video recorders and recorded the historical decisions on their video tapes.


The end of the employer-employee relationship in Emoji and the celebration of the Halloween

Story: The end of the employer-employee relationship in Emoji and the celebration of the Halloween

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