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What is a life annuity?

Sparing Emojis feared after the end of the Circus Union that their old-age pension would not reach with their retirement. That's why they also wanted to have a private old-age insurance. That's why several ageing Emojis founded the first private assurance for old-age pensions in Sad Emoji. Every sparing Emoji deposited 10 percent of his property at this assurance. Thus this assurance was led by all insured persons. At this time two aliens from Mars visited a building in Laughing Emoji. Suddenly an alarm started to cause very loudly noises. Amusing Emojis noted that somebody came to the building with the confidential laughing formula. That's why the censorship authority became very active. Thus Emojis sent at least 777 soldiers and 333 policemen to the building. Both aliens from Mars were shouted: Away from the building!!
When both tourists did not obey, officials of the censorship authority commanded these foreign guests to arrest at once. At this time an older Emoji visited the prison in Laughing Emoji. Finally, there his son had to dismount because of too quick driving on the big highway during nearly 666 days. He told him about the private assurance founded anew in Sad Emoji which he founded together with other Emojis before. While he spoke enthusiastically about this new old-age insurance, four policemen with the aliens from Mars came to this prison cell. Both guests from Mars explained the Emojis that they did not know at all how confidential was the place. They made an application for pardon because of the ignorance. The application had to be sent to the responsible defender for foreign tourists from Laughing Emoji. Thus a defender received this letter on his table. He discussed this situation with other local Emojis. Finally the discussion lasted long time. In the interim both aliens from Mars got to know the son of the older Emojis in the prison. They heard very much enthusiastically about the foundation of the first private old-age insurance in Emoji. They realised that they could earn money in Emoji still with such an assurance. Both tourists from Mars were released after 11 days from the prison. But why did these innocent aliens sit so long in the prison?
The defender agreed already on the same day to the release. Until the decision landed in the heads of the officials and the bureaucrats, several days still passed.
When both tourists from Mars were sent in the freedom, they flew first to their native country to Easter Egg Country. There they collected several things and flew back to Emoji. They looked for a location for the foundation of their assurance for life annuities. They consciously avoided the city of Laughing Emoji because of the negative experience with the censorship authority. If they found a shield with the name Laughing Emoji, they turned round immediately in another direction. They looked according to the information of in completely Emoji where the average life expectancy of the Emojis was the highest. By diligent reading they determined that in Heart Eyes Emoji lived very long-lasting monks.
The oldest monk lived in this town even shortly before the victory against Egoists from Mars. From this knowledge the first foundation of the assurance of both aliens followed in the religious town. They advertised actively to join to the private life annuity for the motivation of the religious Emojis. Most Emojis were not interested in assurance in this town. They trusted their positive faith. That's why the successful dreamers from Mars noticed that they would become impoverished here faster with their company. That's why they disappeared from this town as well as they before came.
They examined the history of the town king Star Emoji much more exactly.
How they found out, no death of the most famous Star of Emoji could be academically proved. Thus they sat down in a train and went to Star Emoji.
There they founded their private life annuity insurance. This time many Emojis wanted to conclude the private old-age insurance. Both enterprisers celebrated their success. Moreover, they looked for other locations. They won over with anxiety making after the death of the last Horror Clowns in other towns. When many candidates for state dictatorship found out this, they used their fame for foundations of such old-age insurances. Only in Sad Emoji third had no chance for the establishment of a life annuity insurance. Finally, local Emojis were there the first private insurers. Several candidates founded above all in Emoji Keyboard these life annuity insurances. Many Saturn's aliens tried to take over these assurances. Thus two Emojis were persuaded by a stranger to sell several life annuity insurances to certain investors from the Saturn. Thus Saturn's aliens with phoney money paid the promised amount. One day thus some candidates with supposed wealth stopped with the attempt in a restaurant to pay 30 Bitcoins longer. Finally, the phoney money was not accepted by the cash.
So these Emojis became very nervous. Even the restaurant owner had to appear from his luxury flat with the toothbrush in the mouth in his restaurant. He took his microscope and examined the money. He had to find out that these 30 Bitcoins had too many microbes. That's why he alarmed the local police. Thus at least 60 policemen examined these 30 Bitcoins very carefully. After a long check all 30 Bitcoins got a common stamp: Verified forgery. That's why several journalists came faster than every means of transportation to the scene. The affected candidate was photographed by all sides. Thus this candidate was presented to the Emojis in different mass media. He had to throw away his candidature in a waste bag before running camera under pressure from ten Emojis. The gathered lawyers found out from many concerned Emojis that offers of private life annuity insurance became very popular. That's why many Emojis feared that they could need compelling such a life annuity. The lawyers decided to invent suitable legislation.
Which conditions must a life annuity contract fulfil for its juridical validity?
A professor for insurance being asked this his occupational colleagues. Thereon explained a defender from Sad Emoji: Such contracts were concluded in my hometown in writing between many local insured Emojis. That's why I would also like to make other insurers do this in writing.
There was no opposition on the part of his occupational colleagues to the written form of the contract.
The son of an older Emojis from the prison of Laughing Emoji wanted to know about the following law: Can I leave bequeath the life annuity in the death of my father?
An old judge reacted to it very furiously: This youth wants only the money of its parents. The health of the parents does not interest them. What for egoists!!!
The judge was angry so much that he suffered a cardiac arrest. His occupational colleagues alarmed the emergency place. Within short time there came several doctors and got the unconscious judge in a hospital. A clerk of the court from Emoji Keyboard explained: The life annuity insurance may be paid out, when the insured person the age of 21900 days officially reached. Also his heirs must become old at least in such a way, before they could leave bequeath the money. The only third generation may receive with 16000 days partially a smaller amount of the inherited money. Commercial private insurers protested against this law. They wanted that Emojis profited possibly themselves from their life annuities from a minimum age of 25550 days. They also hoped to exclude every possibility of the bequeath. Thus they wanted to earn possibly a lot of money with life annuities.
If the insured person cannot pay his amount, the insurer can exclude the insured Emoji from this voluntary assurance after 4 months. With it the insured person loses all claims to life annuity. A lawyer friendly to state from Heart Eyes Emoji said this sentence. Finally, several Emojis wanted to prevent private old-age insurances.
How often must the life annuity be paid out?
Emojis from Sad Emoji who founded together own assurance on this subject asked this.
The main lawyer reacted to it: An assurance must ordinarily pay at least every two months its life annuity.
At this time a collision of WLAN-radiations of Neptune with a flying coconut occurred in the galaxy. That's why several photographs with the eager people from the planet earth suddenly fell to Emoji who integrated into their Selfies Emojis in their devices. Several Emojis noticed that they had some sheets on their heads. They looked these. Some unknown beings were to be seen there with known faces of the Emojis. Even a CD fell on an alien in Star Emoji. In it were stored special Emojis for Android.
The problem of the Emojis was that they had no own computers at the times after the end of the Circus Union. That's why affected Emojis threw these CDs in a waste bag. Later looked before all aliens from the Mercury specially for these CDs. Finally, they needed in general CDs for their research. Neptune had the problem that the Internet did not function for some time any more. Thus appeared on the screens in Neptune several amusing Emojis. Several owners of these computers reacted strongly angry that they could use their Internet not normally. The gathered lawyers got to know about these events in the middle of their discussion. Emojis started to puzzle whom they got to see on these photos with their own faces. The lawyers hardly examined these events, several aliens from the Neptune sent their complaints to Emojis. In it they required of them that they extinguish their faces from their screens. Emojis reacted very nervously. Finally, they got only a short time ago their first server. That's why advanced Pluto had to intervene in this case. After some time the problem was solved in Pluto within 2 seconds. Only the pictures with the people remained as a recollection of this event with the Emojis. Neptune got its Internet again. Aliens from the Mercury hid the CDs with the Emojis for Android somewhere in their archives. The lawyers finished their day meeting.


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