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Which easy enterprises Emojis founded

Many creative Emojis tried after the death of the last Horror Clowns their enterprise luck in Emoji. Finally, many Emojis hoped that they climb up economically. Thus seven Emojis with two aliens from the Neptune founded a restaurant in Laughing Emoji. Their specialty were the orange cakes in the form of riling and squirrel. Thus they used particularly many carrots as main ingredients. In addition they also took from peels of citrus fruits. Completely at the end they still laid small onion pieces on their cake, so that it looked also good optically. Before they opened their restaurant officially, Emojis with Neptune's aliens signed an easy contract of their common cooperation. Thus they wrote very much in detail which duties every single participant had in the restaurant. Thus two Emojis had the shopping area of products above all as their major tasks. An alien had to collect above all the money in the cash of the customers. The other Emojis had to bake the cakes according to a confidential recipe. For this purpose they always hid in a special space. This place was always closed with at least two keys. The confidential recipes of the Emojis were hidden in several safe deposits. Thus they organised in Laughing Emoji. The founders of the restaurant also wanted to score with the quality of their products. That's why Emojis looked carefully for the best carrots in their country. They were ready also to be undertaken a long trip by completely Emoji.
This time the buyers on carrots from Emoji List agreed. Thus they went regularly in this town to the well-chosen farmer. In comparison to this harmless business idea some aliens from the stingy social layer of Jupiter wanted to let build somewhere in Emoji a tunnel. They looked for a suitable location. Most Emojis were against the construction of a tunnel.
At this time the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji got to know about the plans of the misers from the Jupiter in a newspaper report on investors from abroad. He looked according to contact information in the newspaper article. To his regret he found nothing. That's why he contacted the responsible Emojis from Emoji Meanings.
For data protection reasons the editors might give no information to readers about the names of the investors. The uppermost official from Poop Emoji took the available photos with the faces of the aliens from the Jupiter and instructed several policemen on the search for the investors. Policemen copied several times the photos and distributed this to soldiers and Emoji Poops. Moreover, the tax collector invested in several advertisements nationally with the title: In request, these investors from the Jupiter for an urgent order in Poop Emoji. After the text came the photo from that newspaper article. Many Emojis puzzled what important order was in Poop Emoji that just investors from the Jupiter were searched. Also restaurant owners in Laughing Emoji could not hide their laughter any more. Thus a baker of the cake laid by chance a side with this advertisement of the official in his cake. Besides, he did not notice this at all.
At this time an accuser from Laughing Emoji was very hungry. He visited the restaurant nearby. There he had an interesting choice in menus and cakes. He was interested an orange fox with covered onions for one. When the accuser began to shift the cake in his mouth, he tried to bite quite with relish. Suddenly he noticed something strange. He thought, what bad taste. This was very irritating. He was not able any more. He spitted the crumbs of the cake. He did not believe his eyes what he had before himself. He read about investors in request from Jupiter for Poop Emoji. He remembered the newspaper. He reacted very much angry and ran to the responsible Emojis with the plate and advertisement. He required the repayment of the full price of the bad cake. Finally, his experience was absolutely unforgettable in the restaurant. The affected restaurant owners reacted very sadly about this case. They refund the whole price for him. Moreover, they wanted to give to the accuser also hush money, so that he would not pass on this case. At the beginning the accuser did not want this, but he noticed that from his annoyance he handed over the evidences to Emojis. Thus he was content with the small compensation of the cashier from the Neptune.
By this second the stingy investors from the Jupiter felt strong pains in their faces. That's why they visited a doctor in Emoji Meanings.
These investors were hardly at the doctor, the doctor's assistant showed them a newspaper article with their faces. Also the doctor's assistant recognised both misers as personalities in request for Poop Emoji. This advertisement showed the assistant them. They had experienced big shock. The doctor gave apple juice from Middle Finger Emoji to both investors. Then they felt better again. They thanked the doctor's assistant with toys of a tunnel for the information. Then they searched a phone cabin. There they contacted the uppermost tax collector. The uppermost official from Poop Emoji sat already as stuck in his chair and waited for a phone call of the aliens in request.
Thus he told them that he absolutely want to built a tunnel in Poop Emoji. Finally, the tax authority on this way still wanted to require money by ways through of commercial and non-commercial vehicles. Moreover, the uppermost tax collector promised to the misers that Poop Emojis were especially favourable employees. After this conversation these aliens from the Jupiter were glad so much that they could build a tunnel with the cheapest manpower. So they wrote in their job advertisements that they searched construction workers for a tunnel in Poop Emoji.
When attentive Emojis more exactly examined these job advertisements, they collected together a complaint against the construction of a tunnel. Their grounds were: They were against the big holes underground. Finally, several quintillions insects and several Thousand animals would be critically threatened by the new tunnel. Most Emojis organised a common referendum against the construction of the tunnel. Even Poop Emojis supported unanimously the referendum. The uppermost tax collector organised a common memorial service with the stingy investors because of their loss. As a revenge he promised a tax rise for Emoji Poops and the introduction of the tax duty for all Emojis.
At this time gathered lawyers looked together for a subject which they still wanted to have in the legislation. That's why they organised a brainstorming.
Later they agreed on the regulation of easy enterprises in Emoji.
In the interim two Emojis and three aliens with roots from the Mercury wanted to release the city of Emoji Meanings, finally, from its dust. That's why they bought several vacuum cleaners and looked for other voluntary employees for their enterprise. Thanks to many favourable trainees they could count more and more money in their pockets. Really traditional chimney-sweeps felt big competition by these Emojis and aliens. Thus they complained with the gathered lawyers.
The main lawyer asked his occupational colleagues: What should I write under the easy enterprise?
In addition a president for legal protection from Cute Emoji expressed himself: Who founds an easy enterprise in Emoji, must conclude an easy contract between the founders. In it the purpose of the enterprise and the single activities of the single contracting parties must be exactly described. Moreover, every cofounder must introduce his contribution in the enterprise. Belong to it: Certain investment amount, efficiency, necessary things for the foundation. The founders must take responsibility for their duties. Moreover, founders must stick for debts in solidarity.
A stingy Emoji with Jupiter's roots from Emoji Meanings wanted to know:
How is the profit distributed in an easy enterprise?
A lawyer with specialisation on commercial law from Middle Finger Emoji reacted to this question: The profit and the loss must be distributed among all founders. Regardless of special activities of the single cofounders. Stingy aliens from the Jupiter and stingy Emojis decided to become active according to this law rather than investors.
How businesses and processes decided in easy enterprises?
Two aliens from Ceres who founded a private kindergarten for foreign manpower in Alien Emoji on a property wanted to know this.
A former justice of the peace from Cute Emoji said: All cofounders must ordinarily come together by a discussion to a common decision. If this does not help, every cofounder must correct own demands down. The best parts of all cofounders must seem in the final solution.
Finally, it was important for Emojis that in an enterprise every opinion and demand is considered at least partially.
Who is the manager at easy enterprises in Emoji?
Saturn's aliens from Emoji List wanted to know this.
The accuser from a village explained: Basically all cofounders should belong to the management. They can determine the manager and his deputy by a vote.
The main lawyer still mentioned: Every cofounder must confirm every explained activity in writing if it is economically relevant.
Some Emojis criticised this inexact definition and required an example. Thereon he explained: I meant the receipts. The other works which generate no turnover must not be confirmed in writing.
Which duties have cofounder in easy enterprises?
Four Emojis from Emoji for PC who founded a small factory for underpants 24 days ago wanted to know this. Thereon a judge from Laughing Emoji explained: You also have to go very diligently even if you must divide the profit with other cofounders!!
Moreover, you must explain the works very carefully.
What can a bullied cofounder do?
An alien from Mars who founded a small enterprise with other aliens and Emojis in Cute Emoji together asked this.
A defender of the employee's rights from Alien Emoji said: In this case the affected cofounder must collect proofs against the disagreeable cofounders and deliver a complaint to the local court.
By this second the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji contacted the gathered lawyers and required the supplement of the law with the following sentence:
Every enterprise is automatically taxable and must show its income to the tax authority in detail. In this case it plays no role if the affected enterprise is not in Poop Emoji.
The lawyers wanted to vote against this law. The uppermost official from Poop Emoji reacted very furiously to the decision of the lawyers. That's why he contacted the police and army in the defence of the stinginess of the tax authority. In the interim Emojis from Emoji for PC wanted to advertise to their underpants. For this purpose they went to the candidates for land dictatorship and distributed to them underpants. Suddenly several Emojis from unknown direction ran and stormed the building of the gathered lawyers. After a short time somebody knocked at the door. A well dressed Emoji stood before the lawyers and explained that he should get the law book at the command of the caretaker government in his hands. He said that he had to touch the code in the name of an official. Then this Emoji might write a law with his both hands in the law book.
In it he wrote for the first time the entire tax duty for all Emojis, aliens, inhabitants and enterprises in Emoji. Moreover, he showed the new law to the cameraman. All spectators reacted shocked. Moreover, the tax authority was mentioned by Poop Emoji as the only authority in the law which might take away the money from the Emojis. For spectators this bad law was so bad that several Emojis had to correct their diligence down. The economic crisis could begin thanks to this law lighter. The tax collector applauded with his both hands loudly. He explained this day as wonderful for whole Emoji. The gathered lawyers wanted to cancel the whole code after this event. A clever lawyer wrote under this law: Lifted on the same day, as agreed.
Then he showed to the spectators the correction. In spite of the temporary abolition the law could be applied later to all Emojis. When the uppermost tax collector left the building of the lawyers, he was pelted by furious Emojis and other inhabitants several times with filthy plastic bottles. In spite of this attack the mightiest official could be protected with the help of the police of the tax authority on his return.
An assigned counsel still wanted to write the end of the easy enterprise in the law book:
The contract of the easy enterprise ends in Emoji if all present contracting partners reached their purpose. Other reasons: If single cofounders lost the interest to this enterprise. Moreover, entire bankruptcy of the enterprise can also mean the end of the contract. A court must confirm this in writing.
According to size of the unpaid debts former cofounders must also still pay back after the end of the enterprise partially.
According to this decision finished Emojis their discussion. At this time the wife of a judge did not pay attention to her hares. That's why there fled three hares from her flat. Then hares on a field ran and ate several recumbent carrots in Emoji List.


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