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How is a trading company founded in Emoji?

Three entrepreneurial Emojis looked in their brains for interesting and not dull commercial possibilities. They wanted to draw inspiration somewhere. For this purpose these Emojis took an atlas with different places of the galaxy. They looked every single planet with their eyes. Later Emojis decided to fly to Jupiter. There they visited several small villages. In a village they found a trading company which offered especially products for the agriculture of that village. The eager Emojis took down all names of the offered products. Later they looked according to contact information of the manufacturers. What did the Emojis so particularly in this Jupiter's trading company like? 💆‍♀️😫🥫😞. Also in their hometown Alien Emoji these Emojis had especially stingy friends from the Jupiter. 😷🛠️🧑‍⚕️🥫➕👀🧬🥺😂👀4️⃣ , 💆‍♀️➡️👤🧑‍⚕️1️⃣. Emojis with aliens looked for a careful preparation a better location for their business. Finally, Emojis were moderately successfully in Alien Emoji. They tried to found a commercial branch in Emoji Face because of discontent of their success. Before they had to rent at a hotel in Emoji Face three rooms. There the entrepreneurial Emojis spent the night. ⬅️🥇⏱️5️⃣ 1️⃣ 🧓🖼🥇👨‍🏫.
Beside this portrait also hung a portrait of the long-standing town leader of Emoji 2.
At night especially strong noises started to disturb at 0:00 o'clock the sleeping Emojis. After some seconds all three Emojis were woken. 👀➕💬⏳️🚪⬆️🔮❌️👨‍🏫😂. He heard how they planned to occupy the tax authority of Poop Emoji with help of Scary Clown and his friends. Scary Clown said that he did not want to occupy this building, but his aim was the freeing of the Emoji Poops from the slavery. The First Horror Clown said that he disempowers the misers from the Jupiter in Crying Laughing Emoji in close future with his ambitious circus army. Three Emojis applauded the First Horror Clown with their six hands. The bright Emoji looked everywhere for the faces of the speaking Emojis and Clowns in the surroundings. 💩💬👨‍🏫🦘. ❌️🤔➡️👤🤔. 🤩💆‍♀️👤📖2️⃣7️⃣. ❌️😂6️⃣ 🐶😴👤👩🤒🥇⏱️🎯. There their expansion occurred in Emoji Face. Here Emojis celebrated great success with their agricultural products. Even the uppermost official of the tax authority from Poop Emoji bought at the expenses of the taxpayers a shovel for the excavations of the potatoes with a branch of these Emojis.
Later the entrepreneurial Emojis still wanted to go to Japanese Emoji. They hoped to open there a new commercial branch. When they were by their vehicles on the highway, the spirit of Emoji 2 appeared before them. They had to stop. 👼🛑⛏️🧹🛑💨. 🙇😞💰️➡️, ☠️🐱😴, 🎭️🐱❌️2️⃣ . All information must be slightly accessible publicly. For this purpose the enterprise is taken down in a register for enterprises in Emoji. Every town in Emoji must have a local register office for all enterprises. Moreover, the book about enterprises of each of the single city of Emojis by responsible authorities is updated all 444 days. Further information about the trading company: Credit standing and foundation capital must be updated regularly if owners raised the capital or lowered. Except this information must be exactly described about the owners. Belong to it: Names, addresses, original education, commercial contact, position in the enterprise. ☮️2️⃣0️⃣➕. 👍️💖🆕🪴➕🍳➕🧑. A clerk of the court from Emoji Symbols said that with this legislation no corporations are considered. He promised to them that suitable legislation is still discussed by the lawyers together. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji required the value added tax duty for all enterprises. The gathered lawyers had to write the suitable law without resistance.
At this time many Emojis received quite many documents for the forthcoming elections of the first dictator after the end of the Circus Union. This led to a shortage of the paper in Emoji. 👨‍🦲🛒➕🛏️🧑. 🐶😴1️⃣ ➡️👤⬅️. 1️⃣ ⏳️🚘️👤⬅️.
At this time a candidate for land dictatorship spoke in Emoji List about his electioneering programmes before big audience. When the candidate wanted to present his documents before the Emojis, three hares came and jumped on his head. Several bodyguards tried to catch the hares. 🛑💡⤵️🏠️, ➕👤👩⬅️👍️👤👩⬅️🚪⬆️. 🙏👤👩⬅️🧑➡️➕🛠️➡️👤💆‍♀️👍️. According to an investigation of the veterinary surgeon the owners of the hares could be investigated. The candidate handed over the golden egg quite proudly before several cameras to the police.


Which easy enterprises Emojis founded

Story: Which easy enterprises Emojis founded

The last preparations of the Emojis for the elections of the first dictator

Story: The last preparations of the Emojis for the elections of the first dictator



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