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How is a trading company founded in Emoji?

Three entrepreneurial Emojis looked in their brains for interesting and not dull commercial possibilities. They wanted to draw inspiration somewhere. For this purpose these Emojis took an atlas with different places of the galaxy. They looked every single planet with their eyes. Later Emojis decided to fly to Jupiter. There they visited several small villages. In a village they found a trading company which offered especially products for the agriculture of that village. The eager Emojis took down all names of the offered products. Later they looked according to contact information of the manufacturers. What did the Emojis so particularly in this Jupiter's trading company like? Emojis ordinarily knew the aliens from the Jupiter as especially stingy. Also in their hometown Alien Emoji these Emojis had especially stingy friends from the Jupiter. In the small villages of Jupiter the enterprisers who had decent prices still hid. After this business visit abroad Emojis returned to their hometown. They provided a list with useful products for the agriculture. Because these Emojis were able to do hardly foreign languages, they looked for the aliens who would work as a buyer of the goods in their new enterprise.
Thus Emojis looked above all for aliens with linguistic proficiency from the Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury. After a quick search the suitable candidates with suitable linguistic proficiency contacted three Emojis. Thus the initial team had 7 employee. Emojis with aliens looked for a careful preparation a better location for their business. Finally, Emojis were moderately successfully in Alien Emoji. They tried to found a commercial branch in Emoji Face because of discontent of their success. Before they had to rent at a hotel in Emoji Face three rooms. There the entrepreneurial Emojis spent the night. In every room at the hotel there were several pieces of art (above all old paintings of censored artists).
On a painting two female Emojis with red clothes were illustrated. On the second painting three Emojis and a Horror Clown were illustrated. In the second picture four personalities played a card game which was played at the times of the rise of the First Horror Clowns because of fear in rural areas by Emoji. With the third Emoji there hung a portrait of Scary Clown which was drawn with pencil by his fan.
Beside this portrait also hung a portrait of the long-standing town leader of Emoji 2.
At night especially strong noises started to disturb at 0:00 o'clock the sleeping Emojis. After some seconds all three Emojis were woken. They looked what was wrong. The first Emoji left his room and tried ones to find out, where from the noise came. He thoughtlessly heard according to speaking Emojis somewhere on the stairwell. He was very curious. That's why this Emoji ventured the first step to the direction of the speaking Emojis. He exactly tried to hear what they discussed. He heard how they planned to occupy the tax authority of Poop Emoji with help of Scary Clown and his friends. Scary Clown said that he did not want to occupy this building, but his aim was the freeing of the Emoji Poops from the slavery. The First Horror Clown said that he disempowers the misers from the Jupiter in Crying Laughing Emoji in close future with his ambitious circus army. Three Emojis applauded the First Horror Clown with their six hands. The bright Emoji looked everywhere for the faces of the speaking Emojis and Clowns in the surroundings. He looked in vain. Only these historical personalities spoke always continuously louder.
That's why he decided to go to his both business partners. In the interim other two Emojis experienced the same what their business partner heard. When three Emojis discussed with each other this event together, they decided to go together to the noises. Suddenly these ghosts of three Emojis and the Clowns appeared before the eyes of the guests from Alien Emoji. Three Emojis experienced an "already seen moment" at this time. They remembered absolutely unexpectedly their early life. Three Emojis recognised to themselves in their last life at the times of the First Horror Clowns. They were these three Emojis who were illustrated together with the most famous ruler of the Circus Union in the picture. At that time really they supported the plans of the Horror Clowns. They were victims of the rule of the miser from the Jupiter more than 35000 days ago in Crying Laughing Emoji. That's why they praised the troublemaker from the Circus Kingdom. They supported him with the fight of the economic elite. An Emoji started to cry when he remembered how his brother was shot by the stingy economic elite in the factory. Then he took confidential plans together with other suppressed Emojis and went to the Horror Clowns. Moreover, he helped the general of the circus army in the search for the mayor No Emoji. After these recollections of the former common life in Crying Laughing Emoji three Emojis fell asleep in the stairwell.
In the early morning reacted employee of the hotel shocked when they found three recumbent Emojis on the stairwell. They alarmed the local hospital and police. Finally, they thought that these three Emojis were dead. When they awoke, they asked themselves where they were. Finally, they were on the beds of the medicine researchers who should examine the causes of death of the Emojis. They said that they experienced at night something strange. However, they were dead by no second. After a medical control all three Emojis were released. Then they looked for a suitable location for their local branch. Later they found a good place. There their expansion occurred in Emoji Face. Here Emojis celebrated great success with their agricultural products. Even the uppermost official of the tax authority from Poop Emoji bought at the expenses of the taxpayers a shovel for the excavations of the potatoes with a branch of these Emojis.
Later the entrepreneurial Emojis still wanted to go to Japanese Emoji. They hoped to open there a new commercial branch. When they were by their vehicles on the highway, the spirit of Emoji 2 appeared before them. They had to stop. They had fear that they would cross Emoji 2. Outdoors Emojis said him that he should keep the highway for them. Emoji 2 said: I have died for a long time. I wanted that you never forget what happened in my hometown. There the whole area was destroyed because of toxic factories. At this time the Emojis remembered a portrait in a hotel room of Emoji Face. Then they sat down in their vehicle and went to their aim to Japanese Emoji. There they found a suitable place for their next branch. After these events Emojis paid attention to the import and sales of products free of poison in their enterprise.
At this time lawyers wanted to write something on the subject trading company in the legislation Emojis.
A former assigned counsel from Alien Emoji expressed himself in a sentence:
§ A trading company can be founded by at least two inhabitants of the kingdom Emoji. All managers must be mentioned together with the short descriptions about the enterprise. All information must be slightly accessible publicly. For this purpose the enterprise is taken down in a register for enterprises in Emoji. Every town in Emoji must have a local register office for all enterprises. Moreover, the book about enterprises of each of the single city of Emojis by responsible authorities is updated all 444 days. Further information about the trading company: Credit standing and foundation capital must be updated regularly if owners raised the capital or lowered. Except this information must be exactly described about the owners. Belong to it: Names, addresses, original education, commercial contact, position in the enterprise.
When Saturn's aliens heard this last sentence, they organised several protests in Crying Laughing Emoji together with local Emojis.
The judge from Japanese Emoji still wanted to complement: The company headquarters must be put down anyway in the book of the enterprises. Also the foundation date must be slightly discoverable. Moreover, by changes all owners of the trading company must sign in writing.
When misers from the Jupiter found out this, they deplored the silly approach of the Emojis. Finally, many stingy aliens from the Jupiter had trading companies in Emoji in the form of a stingy corporation. A clerk of the court from Emoji Symbols said that with this legislation no corporations are considered. He promised to them that suitable legislation is still discussed by the lawyers together. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji required the value added tax duty for all enterprises. The gathered lawyers had to write the suitable law without resistance.
At this time many Emojis received quite many documents for the forthcoming elections of the first dictator after the end of the Circus Union. This led to a shortage of the paper in Emoji. That's why contacted concerned Emojis the gathered lawyers because of this problem. The main lawyer said: You should use less paper for pointless waste!!
When aliens got to know in Mars and Jupiter about the paper problem of the Emojis, they sent their offers to the import of the paper from Mars. Misers from the Jupiter wanted to put up the above all first recycling container in Emoji. Finally, they wanted to process thus the old paper in Jupiter and sell.
At this time a candidate for land dictatorship spoke in Emoji List about his electioneering programmes before big audience. When the candidate wanted to present his documents before the Emojis, three hares came and jumped on his head. Several bodyguards tried to catch the hares. This failed to them. In the interim the wife of a judge searched desperately for her hares in completely Emoji List. At this time two thieves from the Venus with a golden egg from Emoji Symbols tried to flee before the policeman. That's why they ran blind through the streets and collided on the candidate of the state dictatorship. Thereon there jumped three hares on the thieves and the candidate hardly believed his eyes: He had a golden egg in his hands. He thought that this was a sign for his election. At least, Emojis elected by the majority him, because of this event in Emoji List. Later three hares were caught by the present audience. According to an investigation of the veterinary surgeon the owners of the hares could be investigated. The candidate handed over the golden egg quite proudly before several cameras to the police.


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