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May Emojis play for money and do bet?

Several Emojis and aliens from the asteroid Vesta discussed with each other which town or which village would have earned the title of the nicest in Emoji. For this purpose organised Emojis with other prospective customers a bet in Alien Emoji. Two misers from the Jupiter sat by chance behind these loud Emojis and took down the wish of a bet. While Emojis with the aliens from Vesta discussed the kind of the bet with each other, misers from the Jupiter already started to invest their coins into the first professional and commercial sweepstakes. For this purpose they contacted a Japanese-speaking Emoji from Japanese Emoji who provided good and favourable employees for every purpose. This time stingy aliens asked him to search favourable construction workers for several smaller sales places nationally. Thus the mediator from Japanese Emoji helped them with the most favourable construction workers. He sent several inquiries to different construction companies in Emoji. A strange construction company, from criminal aliens and Emojis with Saturn's roots offered offers especially favourable to the mediator.
The criminal Emojis founded this enterprise briefly, after nationally the communication about the death of the last Horror Clowns wandered like a ghost everywhere. They founded their enterprise not officially in Crying Laughing Emoji. Instead, they hid a sign with the company name behind an eucalyptus in the wood. There stood the name of their enterprise. So that these Emojis look serious, they decided to advertise for their enterprise quite especially. Thus they looked in Saturn for a suitable piece of furniture for their purpose. Afterwards imported Emojis from the Saturn a special sofa to Emoji. In a bus stop in Crying Laughing Emoji they put the sofa as a bench. Thereon they wrote a phone number of their enterprise and in this way they looked for employee and orders for the new building contractor. At this time both misers who wanted to earn the big money with the sweepstakes were in a coach in this town.
When both misers saw this sofa, they got out voluntarily early of the coach. Later they remembered that the mediator from Japanese Emoji recommended this enterprise for the construction of the sales places as the most favourable supplier. That's why both misers decided to contact these Emojis personally. Then they wanted to find out whether these Saturn's Emojis paid really low wages. That's why both stingy aliens from the Jupiter applied with this building contractor as a construction workers. After they found out the wage, they still wanted to know their profit margins. That's why they contacted two Emojis who should control that building contractor as detectives.
Thus both detectives came to the suspicious building contractor and required their accountancy documents. Finally, they explained to these Emojis that they had to check the financial situations of the local enterprises of the urban check place.
Thereon these Saturn's Emojis refused documents to deliver. Finally, they had no documents for their foundation. Both detectives reacted very much disappointed. Their grounds were justified. Finally, these Emojis advertised quite prominent to their building contractor with the put down sofa in a bus stop. Saturn's Emojis explained that they founded only the enterprise with the first sign. When the misers from the Jupiter received this information from the detectives, they were very sceptical.
That's why they asked of their mediator from Japanese Emoji for a successful and very favourable building contractor. Thus the mediator recommended a building contractor from Poop Emoji. Thus diligent Emojis had to announce all orders of the foreign by emergency of the mightiest tax authority always immediately. That's why Emoji Poops wanted to reject the misers with their order for the construction of the sales places at the beginning. Later they agreed on a higher amount. Thus stingy investors from the Jupiter had to pay even more to the building contractor. In the interim Emojis with the aliens from Vesta in Alien Emoji discussed their candidates for the best town or the best village of Emoji.

In quick tempo the first sales places were built for sweepstakes. Thus many Emojis addicted to play and aliens nationally wanted to take part in this bet. Misers promised to the players that the town or the village which receives most naming is appointed the winner. In this case the winners would win 100 Bitcoins. In reality stingy aliens paid attention to the fact that that town or village wins which was mentioned in the least. Of course the misers destroyed several slips of paper quite strongly. Thus they appointed Emoji 2 the nicest town in the country of the Emojis. This result surprised all players and this play reached even the gathered lawyers. It was a big riddle for Emojis that just this unoccupied town was chosen the nicest. Finally, the First Horror Clown still had to evacuate the inhabitants of this town at that time. In the former Circus Union play bets were officially forbidden. Who was got with such plays, had to expect on a heavy hard labour by the regime Horror Clowns.
Because of big disappointment of the Emojis all lawyers decided the subject "Play and Bet - money earn" to discuss.
The first question was: May Emojis play for money and do bet?
This subject provided for big interest above all with the aliens from the Jupiter and Saturn. Finally, these variants were very popular there. Also Salted Cucumbers wanted to risk everything that Emojis play bets legalise for money. Finally, the elite of Salted Cucumbers had a confidential plan that more and more social classes become planet-far addicted to play. Thus Cucumbers wanted to strengthen the dependence of the other inhabitants of the galaxy of the Salted Cucumbers. Addicted to play abroad and in the Salted Cucumbers the whole economy grows. Thus their strategy was also in dealing with the Emojis. Thus cucumbers tried to manipulate the gathered lawyers with the legislation by special promises. In spite of the attempted briberies reasonable laws could invent before all lawyer who saw the aliens addicted to play with his own eyes in Saturn. Thus they wanted to permit very much controlled play bets partially. These play bets must be controlled by the local authorities and be organised. Moreover, every player must be registered in the data bank with his full name. When the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji got to know about this legislation, he required the connection of all commercial play bets with the tax authority.
Finally, the stingiest authority took over the biggest lottery of Emoji a short time ago. Because of above-average motivation of the tax authority lawyers decided unanimously to grant all commercial play bets of the kingdom in the biggest building in Poop Emoji. Moreover, they wanted that some players got no admission because of their age to the play. Thus the minimum age on 7777 days was put. Younger Emojis might take part with the written approval of their parents in the commercial play bets. Moreover, decided lawyers that every player automatically had a play barrier of 7 days after the last play. Thus play addiction could be already prevented in Emoji. Moreover, there were other restrictions: Every player might spend per month at most 4 Bitcoins on all plays. This was controlled by the data banks. For this purpose Emojis got the modern servers which appeared from Pluto during the last days at different places of Emoji.
Misers from the Jupiter who organised the commercial play bet about the nicest town of Emoji wanted to ask something lawyers. When a public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings found out their question and their professional background, he sent secretly several elite policemen to the stingy aliens. They had to look for proofs. By a very luxurious investigation Emojis could prove these misers that they cheated the players. That's why the public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Private play bets for money are officially forbidden in Emoji. Play addiction is reached by a restriction of the participants in the play bets or lotteries. Every player may spend per month at most 4 local Bitcoins.
According to this decision misers from the Jupiter had to clear up their sales places. They decided to be to blame for the yellow, white and transparent aliens in Jupiter with their play bets. At least, it was permitted in their native country.
At this time achieved Emojis in all areas of the country important news: A programmed snowman fled in Sad Emoji for unsettled reasons. Police and army required to take precautions from the population. That's why lawyers wanted to finish their legislation exceptionally earlier. The main lawyer took the microphone and requested: Dear spectators, We ask you to go on the search for the fled snowman. The police. Army and all Emojis need your help in this difficult situation. Hardly he finished his speech, an officer knocked at the door. A defender from Sad Emoji opened the door. The informant explained that the fled snowman on the roof of a train was stopped in Alien Emoji by disconcerting passengers. That's why lawyers decided to work in their laws. Thus they underlined the right of the Emojis on very much controlled play bets with fat writing still with a ruler.
An accuser from Japanese Emoji still wanted to mention duties of the organizers of the play bets quite briefly: The winners are entitled to their profit, after they contacted at the organising authority. The uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji pressed the emergency button in a phone cabin: He wanted to remind the gathered lawyers of the fact that the tax authority must transfer first its punishment of every profit to its own bank accounts. Only, secondly, there comes the winner, in the first is always the stingiest tax authority. The uppermost official of Emojis wanted to have written this sentence in the law book officially. The lawyers refused at the beginning. On account of his power could the tax collector write this sentence by his close Emojis. Suddenly lawyers heard loud singing outdoors. They got up together. Everybody went to next windows and looked, why the population was there so loud. Outdoors several candidates went for the dictatorship of Emoji with high noses before eager Emojis and they sang a song. They praised the death of the last Horror Clowns and the end of the Circus Union. They welcomed democracy. They sang over and over again about the forthcoming democracy. The longer lawyers listened to them, only the word Democracy the more often got stuck in different tones in the ears of the Emojis.
At this time different foreign prospective customers tried to steer the democracy in Emoji in their favour. In reality all candidates wanted to be dependent not from the elective people, but from their true sponsors from abroad. In particular Salted Cucumbers interfered with the election campaign in the background.
For most Emojis the whole preparation on the first elections was rather a spectacle which abused only the attention of the voters. That's why several Emojis organised secretly groups of the opposition of the elective dictator. The making music relative of the future king Monkey Emoji supported musically these candidates with his violin. Finally, he spied in the opposing camp the slogans and other decisions of the candidates. Then he informed his related Devil Emoji as regularly as a newscaster. All the same which candidate should win, the true winner was the stingiest tax authority in Poop Emoji.


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