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May Emojis play for money and do bet?

Several Emojis and aliens from the asteroid Vesta discussed with each other which town or which village would have earned the title of the nicest in Emoji. For this purpose organized Emojis with other prospective customers a bet in Alien Emoji. Two misers from the Jupiter sat by chance behind these loud Emojis and took down the wish of a bet. While Emojis with the aliens from Vesta discussed the kind of the bet with each other, misers from the Jupiter already started to invest their coins into the first professional and commercial sweepstakes. For this purpose they contacted a Japanese-speaking Emoji from Japanese Emoji who provided good and favourable employees for every purpose. 🌝➕1️⃣2️⃣ 👤⬅️➕1️⃣5️⃣ 👤👩⤵️👤⬅️. They founded their enterprise not officially in Crying Laughing Emoji. Instead, they hid a sign with the company name behind an eucalyptus in the wood. There stood the name of their enterprise. So that these Emojis look serious, they decided to advertise for their enterprise quite especially. Thus they looked in Saturn for a suitable piece of furniture for their purpose. Afterwards imported Emojis from the Saturn a special sofa to Emoji. ❤️▶️👤👩⬅️📐🐘👤👩⬅️. 😂👤👩⬅️⚕️👤👩⬅️🛠️🔂. 👤👩⬅️🆕👩➕🎭️👶👤👩⬅️. 🎩👤👩⬅️💡🧑. Thus the mediator recommended a building contractor from Poop Emoji. Thus diligent Emojis had to announce all orders of the foreign by emergency of the mightiest tax authority always immediately. That's why Emoji Poops wanted to reject the misers with their order for the construction of the sales places at the beginning. 💩➡️👤🙏🏑🙏🧬➡️👤👥⬅️. Thus they appointed Emoji 2 the nicest town in the country of the Emojis. This result surprised all players and this play reached even the gathered lawyers. It was a big riddle for Emojis that just this unoccupied town was chosen the nicest. ➡️👤👤⬅️💡. 😃4️⃣0️⃣'➕🙏🎁➡️🏠️👍️🏠️!🙌🧑‍🎓️➕🥇📐🐘👧➕💆. 💡🧑💆‍♀️. 😅❌️🎰➡️.
Misers from the Jupiter who organized the commercial play bet about the nicest town of Emoji wanted to ask something lawyers. When a public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings found out their question and their professional background, he sent secretly several elite policemen to the stingy aliens. They had to look for proofs. By a very luxurious investigation Emojis could prove these misers that they cheated the players. That's why the public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ 🎰➡️➕🌲⬆️➡️👤2️⃣ ×🛠️👥⬅️➕⬆️👥⬅️. ➕⛏️✋🛠️👤⬅️👉️👌. ❌️👥🌲⬆️❌️⤵️⏱️🆚🌲⬆⬆️➕🤔.
At this time achieved Emojis in all areas of the country important news: A programmed snowman fled in Sad Emoji for unsettled reasons. Police and army required to take precautions from the population. That's why lawyers wanted to finish their legislation exceptionally earlier. The main lawyer took the microphone and requested: 2️⃣0️⃣👤👩⬅️👤👩⬅️🧬➕🤷‍♂️👥⬅️. 👤👩⬅️🏫👤😂👩⬅️⚕️. ➕📐🐘🌃👀👂️📐🔬🐘👧➕💩⌛️. Suddenly lawyers heard loud singing outdoors. They got up together. Everybody went to next windows and looked, why the population was there so loud. Outdoors several candidates went for the dictatorship of Emoji with high noses before eager Emojis and they sang a song. 🛠️➕🍧➕🧬👫⏳️.
For most Emojis the whole preparation on the first elections was rather a spectacle which abused only the attention of the voters. That's why several Emojis organized secretly groups of the opposition of the elective dictator. The making music relative of the future king Monkey Emoji supported musically these candidates with his violin. Finally, he spied in the opposing camp the slogans and other decisions of the candidates. Then he informed his related Devil Emoji as regularly as a newscaster. All the same which candidate should win, the true winner was the stingiest tax authority in Poop Emoji.


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