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Can third party take debts of Emojis?

Two Emojis founded before the end of the Circus Union a factory in Middle Finger Emoji. They specialised in dog food. Thanks to other entrepreneurial Emojis these producers profited from good mentors. Moreover, they received generous loans even from stingy Emojis with Jupiter’s roots from Emoji Meaning. Also aliens from Mars supported this factory financially. Finally, Mars and other importers profited of the dog food by cheap wages of the working Emojis in former Circus Union. Thus several traders sold the dog food at different places of the planet Mars. Their profit margins were very high. Nevertheless, local aliens bought abroad these products from the area of Emoji. The success of the dog food factory in Middle Finger Emoji led to an interesting conflict with a clever Emoji from Poop Emoji.
Also there three Emojis with six aliens from the Mercury founded a small factory who wanted to sell dog food especially for dogs of the Emojis. As opposed to the factory in Middle Finger Emoji sold Emoji Poops these products above all to animal homes in Emoji. Finally, most dogs lived above all at animal homes in the country of the Emojis. Most inhabitants of Emoji had above all spiders and other insects as voluntary domestic animals which came by open windows to their flats or houses. Dog owners were above all professional dog holders who coached dogs for police applications or other similar purposes. After the death of the last Horror Clown several misers from the Jupiter came to Emoji. They searched local stores with their eyes very exactly. They were interested above all in dog food. Finally, many aliens knew abroad the dog food from the production of Middle Finger Emoji.
The more favourable dog food from Poop Emoji discovered misers in a specialist shop for animals. They used this information in own favours. Thus these misers decided to import in cooperation with the Emojis and aliens from Poop Emoji the dog food. Stingy importers founded several distribution places in Jupiter and Mars for this purpose. Traditionally misers sold in their home planet the dog food more expensive than in Mars. Nevertheless, the new product from Poop Emoji became much more popular than the present dog food from Middle Finger Emoji. Emojis who were before successfully abroad meant this one quick descent of the dreamlike rise. Within short time Emojis in Middle Finger Emoji had more and more debts with their investors and credit grantors.
These Emojis had to orient their business anew. For present credit grantors this was temporal too extravagantly. At this time several aliens from the Uranus as tourists visited the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji.
They were very much enthusiastically from the interesting religion of the local Emojis. They decided to laugh with the Emojis together. Really the mood of the aliens from the Uranus improved over nearly 67 percent. They felt special desire for their life. Thus they decided to visit spontaneously also other big cities of Emoji. For this purpose they asked a monk who spoke the language of the aliens from the Uranus. He recommended to them to visit several interesting areas in Emoji. Thus they visited several monuments to honour of the First Horror Clowns and the first April in Emoji Meanings. On the basis of a lot of dust in the city tourists from the Uranus also wanted to visit a healthier and realistic town. Thus they landed in Middle Finger Emoji. There they visited many woods. After a savings ornamental way full of pleasure they went to a restaurant. Before the entrance sat several sad Emojis and cried. They begged for help. They urgently needed investors for the rescue of their factory for dog food.
These aliens asked these Emojis, why they were so sad. They told the tourist with their fingers and very often used their middle fingers. Tourists from the Uranus decided to take the debts of the former successful factory. These Emojis might further work in the dog factory on a new and improved draught. When competitors from Poop Emoji got to know about the slow rise of the dog food factory, they tried to defend themselves judicially against the existence of the factory in Middle Finger Emoji. Thus the opposing Emojis wrote in their complaint: The takeover of the debts of the dog factory by third party offends against the competition between owners. Thus would have to go according to their opinion which founders from their own means the dog factory finance. If is not possible, the dog food factory must be sold compelling into three parts. In this case other enterprisers should receive the possibility of a takeover anyway in similar branches.
The judges of different courts looked in vain for suitable laws for this case in their present law books. That's why they alarmed the gathered lawyers about the missing legislation in Emoji in the area of the takeover of the debts by third.
The main lawyer asked his occupational colleagues:
Can third take the debts of the resident Emojis or aliens in our country?
An accuser from Crying Laughing Emoji wanted to mention a similar case from his work experience: 12467 days ago several Emojis founded a swimming-pool in Crying Laughing Emoji on their own costs quite in solidarity. Finally, sporty Emojis with Saturn’s aliens also wanted to swim in cold winter outdoors. Thus every prospective customer also invested money from his own confidential bag. By an unsettled case many supporters of the swimming-pool could not fork out any more the costs themselves. That's why some Emojis and inhabitants from Middle Finger Emoji found out about this state. Thus an anonymous enterpriser from this town sent a lot of money for the preservation of the swimming-pool.
Some Emojis supposed behind this enterpriser a successful alien from the Saturn who was very long-lasting. Even then this was no problem that third took the debts anonymously and without considerations. Why should this be different in the today's time?
The accuser finished his speech with this question. An economic lawyer from Emoji Meaning wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ In Emoji the credit grantor or an investor in special cases may conclude a contract of surety ship with a guarantor in addition to a loan contract or other similar contract forms. All three contracting partners must discuss this contract with each other undersign and prematurely. In it the duration, the risk of the investment, the names of the contracting parties and the beginning as well as the end of the contract must be contained. Also the purpose of the investment and possible scenarios must be picked out as a central theme by the completion of the contract between the contracting parties. The limit of the guarantor must be written quite fat in the contract.
The guarantor may also transfer his contract to a third. For this purpose the other contracting partners must be informed within 40 working days in advance. Every change under the contracting parties must be discussed in writing with new spare partners in writing and be signed. By all changes the responsible archive must be informed immediately. There Emojis sort the suitable copies according to the suitable date.
Every contract must contain anyway compelling two copies. A copy is ordinarily hidden in the archive by Emojis at a confidential place. The other copy must be slightly available always ready for courts.
When aliens got to know in Pluto about this law, they sent other servers to Emoji with suitable pictures of the Emojis for Android.
At this time aliens from the Jupiter wanted to know about the gathered lawyers whether there were restrictions for the role of the guarantor in Emoji.
The main lawyer calmed the questioners: No. Who takes a duty as a guarantor, must be simply at least 7300 days old and dispose of the suitable amount themselves. Moreover, this amount must be available as a savings amount of the guarantor regularly freely. With several guarantors they must divide in solidarity the amount by the number of the guarantors.
Suddenly several servers appeared on the round table of the gathered Emojis which were specially programmed for Emoji by aliens from Pluto. The unsuspecting lawyers asked themselves who brought these devices them on the table. On a device they found instructions for the use of Android in the future of the planet earth. They did not understand the connections at all. That's why they informed Emojis from the technology town of Emoji App.

Thus these Emojis came together with aliens from the Neptune. They had to bring the devices to Emoji App. There examined Emojis with Neptune’s aliens these devices more exactly. They found out that in future the word Android increased in meaning. At the same time they said that it still needs long time for this step. That's why all servers from Pluto were put into archives somewhere for futurology in Emoji. After this event the gathered lawyers recommended the help of the aliens from the Uranus for the financially groggy dog food factory from Middle Finger Emoji. Even lawyers from the competition town of Poop Emoji were unanimous for this support.
When can the creditor of the guarantor require the takeover of the financial responsibility?
A group of concerned Emojis which saved the money for these purposes asked this. An assigned counsel from Heart Eyes Emoji answered this: If the debtor announced verified bankruptcy, the creditor of the guarantor can require the payment of his investment. A public prosecutor from Emoji Meanings still wanted to complement:
If several guarantors stick for a certain amount, they must take only this amount if necessary. Emojis required a practically oriented example from the lawyer. Thereon the public prosecutor explained: In a case Emojis with aliens from the Neptune needed 10000 local Bitcoins for the construction several tents of wood for tourists in Middle Finger Emoji. When the stingy bank owners granted to them this amount in the form of a loan, they also required united guarantors for emergency case. Thus they spontaneously decided to look for guarantors. They found several inhabitants in Middle Finger Emoji who appeared as guarantors in the contract. Thus there were 1000 guarantors with 10 Bitcoins in each case per individual. After this detailed explanation Emojis thanked the gathered lawyers for the pleasant legislation. Afterwards Emojis finished their day meeting. Outdoors several meddlesome canvassers for candidature of the first dictator in Emoji after the circus union waited. Lawyers had to cover their faces with papers. Only so they could protect themselves from these meddlesome Emojis very well.


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