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Which duties have entrepreneurs in Emoji and the theft of the silvery key

The first snow fell in Sad Emoji. Some depressive Emojis took big pleasure in the first snow. Several aliens from the Uranus prepared for the forthcoming wintertime. Thus several skiing areas were opened. At this time six Emojis and their friends from Mars came to the skiing area of Sad Emoji. There were also guests from the Jupiter with Emojis from Emoji Meaning. Together they wanted to go skiing. First Emojis with the aliens had to deposit their valuables in a house wall. The owners from the Uranus of the skiing area did not notice how some Emojis with Saturn's employees looked at several valuables from the house wall exactly with their microscopes. Saturn's aliens could not resist their desire to pinch several silvery keys.
After Emojis with the aliens had enough of the skiing, they wanted to go to a restaurant. A miser from the Jupiter wanted to get his jacket from the house wall. That's why he required of the employees in the cash that they hand over him his jacket. When the miser got his jacket, he looked for his key for his vehicle. With big shock he noticed that his silvery key was absent. He was very furious. He went to the cashiers and required the return of the silvery key. The unsuspecting cashiers asked other Emojis. Nobody wanted to provide honest information. Thus the stingy alien left very furiously the cash. Then he returned. He required an urgent conversation with the owner of the skiing area. After some time the alien from the Uranus came to the miser.
Because the alien from the Jupiter was able to do no language of the Emojis, his friend from Emoji Meaning translated his problem. The owner of the company decided to send several employees of his company on the search for the disappeared key. Meanwhile, Saturn's aliens fled with their stolen goods in an unknown direction. They noticed sometime that they had a silvery key with themselves. However, nobody knew the purpose of the key. That's why the thieves drove to their good friends in Middle Finger Emoji. There lived several Emojis who maintained good relations with Saturn's aliens. This was valid as a tradition which reminded of the famous Saturn's entrepreneur.
When criminal aliens came with the Emojis, they asked for the help to the identification of the purpose of the silvery key.
Immediately eight Emojis examined the silvery key with their devices. Because in Middle Finger Emoji no vehicles were admitted, could help not a single one Emoji the thieves with the key. The Saturn's aliens were disappointed very much by their friends. Then they left this town. Suddenly an alien remembered two amusing Emojis with Saturn's roots in Crying Laughing Emoji.
They worked as a shoemakers on an old lane in the city centre. Because of their craft were persuaded Saturn's aliens of the fact that these Emojis could identify the function of the silvery key. Saturn's thieves went to a discussion to Crying Laughing Emoji. There they visited both shoemakers. Both Emojis got at the same time ten magnifying glasses. A shoemaker still got his telescope and tried to look at the key with every eye individually.
He lost his consciousness. He fell on the ground. His business partner and criminal aliens forgot the silvery key and undertook everything to the resuscitation of the unconscious Emojis. Then they decided to contact the local hospital. While most criminals went together with the other shoemaker to the hospital, a criminal alien with the unconscious Emoji remained in the space. The shoemaker simulated his unconsciousness before in reality. He recognised the high value of the silvery key because he made an education in the jeweller with rich Emojis. The shoemaker got up. The Saturn's alien wanted to say something. Thereon the shoemaker hit with a boot on the Saturn's alien. The thief lost his consciousness really. The shoemaker took the silvery key and several his valuables and left his business. Then he returned.
He decided to burn the business. Thus he wanted to simulate the death of the Saturn's alien and his own death in the business by fire. That's why he also got the unconscious thief outward. There he hid him behind bushes. Own business burnt. The shoemaker fled definitively. Several attentive Emojis noted the fire. They renounced because of solidarity their drinks and tried to extinguish the fire by the water in their bottles. In the interim the other shoemaker, Saturn's aliens and several doctors from the emergency came to the burning place. The Saturn's aliens and the shoemaker reacted stunned. The shoemaker shouted: My workplace burns!!
The Saturn's aliens shouted: Our silvery key burns!!
At this time several policemen were also contacted by Emojis.
Thus the urban police sent several full water pots over the fire place. The fire place with water was poured by a helicopter. After some minutes the fire was extinguished completely. Luckily only old newspapers were damaged by the fire. Partially the water was poured by the helicopter on Emojis and several trees. Thus the unconscious alien from the Saturn woke up after some time in the bushes. He looked for known personalities nearby. Later he was accused to have caused the fire in the business of the shoemakers and specific homicide of the other shoemaker. During his custody he explained to the uppermost policeman that his Saturn's colleagues came because of the silvery key to Crying Laughing Emoji. Thus his colleagues were also arrested. For Emojis and aliens the state was very strange that the unconscious shoemaker disappeared without a trace.
In this time the miser from the Jupiter was angry that he could not find his silvery key. Also the whole skiing area in Sad Emoji was intensely searched. Even other skiers looked voluntarily for the silvery key.
The gathered lawyers looked for well-chosen questions of Emojis. Finally, they wanted to fill the law book with good and sensible laws.
A judge from Cute Emoji wanted to regulate the relation between entrepreneur and his customer legally.
Which duties does entrepreneur have towards his customers?
The gathered lawyers nearly 124 minutes dealt with this question incessantly. Later agreed Emojis on the following principles:
§ The entrepreneur commits himself to the production of a product or performance of a service. The customer must pay the bill of the entrepreneur according to agreed appointment for the performed order. The entrepreneur must conclude before the performance of his achievement a written contract with the customer. All arrangements must be confirmed in it together with a signature. The entrepreneur can conclude a preparatory contract with the customer.
Therein can be agreed the place of the fulfilment. Moreover, the juridical place can be regulated thus in the contract. Also the handing over of the made thing and the preservation of the financial reimbursement can deviate from the actual place.
Stingy aliens from the Jupiter thanked the judge from Cute Emoji for the detailed and reasonable regulation of the enterprise activities in Emoji.
At this time the shoemaker from Crying Laughing Emoji looked for the vehicle whose silvery key he had with himself. Because this shoemaker only knew that this key came of a vehicle, he searched more intelligent Emojis in his surroundings. He visited a station where an office was of all phone numbers of the kingdom. There he paid 0.12 Bitcoins for his information. There he received several suppliers from Emoji List.
There he found a certified garage mechanic. Thus the shoemaker drove to Emoji List. There looked the garage mechanic the silvery key with his both eyes. Then he got one more microscope. Then he found on this silvery key completely behind his own fingerprints. Then he went to the shoemaker and shouted at him:
Where did you get this silvery key?

The whole situation with the stolen key was too embarrassing to the shoemaker. He said that he received this key from unknown Emojis. Besides, these were Saturn's thieves. The garage mechanic explained that this car key of his vehicle came which he rented to a stingy alien from the Jupiter two days ago. Thereon the garage mechanic contacted the tenant of his vehicle by telephone. The miser answered the phone. He sat very nervously at his five-stars hotel. The both talked into foreign language. The shoemaker understood no word. Behind him stood nearly 20 Emojis. He reacted something shocked. The miser jumped out of joy upwards. Then he went very proudly to Emoji List. There the stingy alien received his silvery car key. The shoemaker reacted very much angry that he burnt own business.
Later he returned to Crying Laughing Emoji. Many Emojis were very glad there that their favourite shoemaker was still alive. He was surprised himself that the business was saved by the policemen. Later the shoemaker had to remain for some time in the prison. The reason was that policemen found his fingerprints on the fire place with suitable devices. The lighter had his fingerprints. Emojis of this town had surprised very much at the fact that the shoemaker burnt own business. Later this Emoji was interviewed at least every second Friday about his behaviour by irritating journalists. He justified himself with the menace by Saturn's aliens. In reality he dreamt about a better life beyond his business.
Thus he could look persuasive in eyes of the Emojis.
The stingy aliens from the Jupiter and aliens from Mars left Emoji. The gathered lawyers received a message that the silvery car key was found. Emojis reacted with big relief that they did not have to intervene this time juridical.


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