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What is a publishing contract in Emoji?

In Japanese Emoji several authors from different countries visited a book fair for interplanetary literature. Several authors wanted to present their books to the audience from completely Emoji. The caretaker government which took over the political business in the country of the Emojis after the end of the Circus Union had to search from all areas of the country before translators. Finally, every author spoke in his mother tongue. A Saturn's author was the next speaker. He spoke about his book " ⏱️🗣️🥍➡️👤⚡️👥⬅️". He underlined that he wrote this book specially for the book fair. The audience began several times to laugh. From that there originated even a wide echo. Even several mountains trembled.
Also the yellow sea reacted to the laughter of the Emojis and aliens. 🐍👥⬅️🧬ℹ️👎️👥⬅️➕🧑‍🏭️🗺️. 🙏⌛️🗺️❗️🫀. He wrote the book into language of the east Venus. That's why he looked for a publisher who could translate his book into Emoji in local language.
He remembered Emojis who were able to do his language in Emoji Meanings. In spite of the dust was the biggest advantage of this city that it was very big. This had the advantage that everybody could disappear there easily. Policemen often had trouble with criminals who fled from other towns. Because the criminal alien was able to do only few words of the Emoji L, he communicated with the Emojis with the help of his pocket calculator.
At that time was also common the numbers language as interplanetary. Thus he reached Emoji Symbols. There he found a train to Emoji Meanings. In the city he could find by several detours a publishing company for his book. There the publisher specialized in literature from the Venus. The publisher wanted to see the book with his both eyes and peruse in rest. 📐🐘👤🤝👤➕👯‍♂️➕💗. 🛹🗜️👥⬅️🇳🇱➕🛠️🇳🇱🏦🏤🐦️🏦⚙️. He came originally from the neighboring town Emoji Meaning to the city. He perused the book of the alien from the Venus carefully.
He offered a participation of 10 percent to the author. The other publishers feared that they were specially confronted with a topical event. Nevertheless, most publishers wanted to publish the book. Most publishers wanted to pay on an average maximum 20 percent in profits to the author. 👨💬3️⃣5️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 💶👥⬅️⤵️💰️➡️❌️👪️.
Because of this story Emojis more exactly decided to discuss the subject publishing contract in their legislation.
A professor for publishing company being from Heart Eyes Emoji explained the concept: 🐦️❌️1️⃣ 👀🌵🌊➕💭🌵🥤. At this time the announcement of the successful best-seller of an imprisoned alien reached the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. He decided to write a book with the following name under a pseudonym: "🧯👂️👊🦈👃🏖️➕💗⬆️👊🌪️."
This book became the best-seller among the books on financial subjects. The uppermost tax collector laughed at the buyers secretly in his office.
🥾🧗1️⃣4️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣ 👥⬅️⌛️×⏱️🏃‍♂️☁️§🧗👥⬅️🗣️🔙⬇️.
Can the publishing company giver change the publisher?
An author from Middle Finger Emoji wanted to know this. A defender answered: 👥⬅️⤵️👫🧗🩳👕➕👥⬅️🚶.
Two other Emojis who worked as journalists for a newspaper wanted to know:
Our old newspaper articles are published every year regularly on the 14th of November. The employer denies to pay us from new one these articles. Thereon said a lawyer from Star Emoji: 👥⬅️📻️📱☎️, 👥⬅️👶👥⬅️🎁➡️➡️👥➕👥⬅️🐪⛰️➡️👥⬇️👥⬅️👤🤝👤👥⬅️➕➡️👥.
Which duties does the author have?
Four Emojis who worked together on one single book already during 1212 days asked this.
Thereon explained a clerk of the court from Poop Emoji: The author must always have at least two copies of his work with himself. If the work should be brought to several publishers for the examination, at least one copy must be with the author or the authors at home or in the desk.
When does the publishing contract end in Emoji?
A publisher from Alien Emoji wanted to know this because he finished up to now still no contracts with authors.
A copyright lawyer expressed himself: ❌️💡➡️👥👥⬅️⤵️❌🤔💆‍♀️🔂➕⚙️🔙. This can happen above all for health reasons. At this time Emojis were so hungry that they started to eat the traditional national bread 🍠 before running camera. Several spectators complained for the clandestine advertising by Emojis at the television broadcasting station.


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