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What is a publishing contract in Emoji?

In Japanese Emoji several authors from different countries visited a book fair for interplanet-Aryan literature. Several authors wanted to present their books to the audience from completely Emoji. The caretaker government which took over the political business in the country of the Emojis after the end of the Circus Union had to search from all areas of the country before translators. Finally, every author spoke in his mother tongue. A Saturn's author was the next speaker. He spoke about his book " Flying potatoes und swimming Emojis". He underlined that he wrote this book specially for the book fair. The audience began several times to laugh. From that there originated even a wide echo. Even several mountains trembled.
Also the yellow sea reacted to the laughter of the Emojis and aliens. The niece of a judge presented this book fair.
At this time a furious alien from the Venus who was in the audience moved more intensely. He threw two gas cylinders on the Saturn's speaker at some time. The other gas cylinder met the presenter of the book fair. Both affected persons were seriously injured. Several recumbent books were destroyed by the dropping of the gas cylinders completely. Moreover, their sheets of paper were scattered in all directions.
Several Emojis who sat quite near before the speaker and the presenter were dirtied by the dust of the bottles. The criminal from the Venus could hide under the audience well.
That's why policemen had to copy fingerprints in the author from the Saturn and the presenter. Then doctors were admitted for this emergency. The father of the presenter reacted extremely angry that nobody could detain the criminal alien. Was even worse and more embarrassing that Emojis behaved passively. That's why the judge from Japanese Emoji insulted the whole audience. He wanted to put through a punishment for all present Emojis and aliens. That's why he wanted to run for election even for land dictatorship. The judge had to get as the first candidate of his hometown a defeat on his forehead of the electoral office later. In the interim the criminal alien from the Venus wrote a book on the subject:
"How I provide a gas cylinder and throw it on my opponent without being visible, besides." He wrote the book into language of the east Venus. That's why he looked for a publisher who could translate his book into Emoji in local language.
He remembered Emojis who were able to do his language in Emoji Meanings. In spite of the dust was the biggest advantage of this city that it was very big. This had the advantage that everybody could disappear there easily. Policemen often had trouble with criminals who fled from other towns. Because the criminal alien was able to do only few words of the Emoji L, he communicated with the Emojis with the help of his pocket calculator.
At that time was also common the numbers language as interplanetary. Thus he reached Emoji Symbols. There he found a train to Emoji Meanings. In the city he could find by several detours a publishing company for his book. There the publisher specialised in literature from the Venus. The publisher wanted to see the book with his both eyes and peruse in rest. The alien from the Venus wanted to observe him while perusing. Thus he hid behind a wall. He was observed by three Emojis. They informed the publisher. He reacted something confused. He wanted to know, why the author wanted to see him while reading. Thereon the criminal alien explained that he wanted to estimate thus the chance of the success of a publication by the publishing company. The publisher wanted to read the book up to the end.
After the publisher read the book completely, he laid it on the side. He still wanted to give to several Emojis in his sphere the book for judging. Thus he wanted to consider their opinions about the book. In the interim paused the publisher with a teacup and two bananas. He switched on his radio. In the news an Emoji explained that in the book fair in Japanese Emoji a stranger threw two gas cylinders on the speaker and the presenter. The publisher compared the book of the alien from the Venus and this attack in his brain. Both events had many parallels. He did not anticipate yet that the criminal alien was also the author of the book. That's why the publisher wanted to use the actuality of the events for the publication of the book. Thus he renounced the reading of the book by other Emojis.
He called the author from the Venus and accepted to him. The criminal reacted pleased and nervously to the assent. The publisher went to his office and wanted to sign a written publishing contract with the author. He wrote his conditions in the contract quite fat.
The alien from the Venus perused the publishing contract several times. He said that he wanted a least participation in profits of 44 percent. The publisher rejected this. He was ready to raise the participation on 26 percent. With it the criminal alien still wanted to look what other publishers would offer to him. Another publisher was a stingy Emoji with Jupiter's roots. He came originally from the neighbouring town Emoji Meaning to the city. He perused the book of the alien from the Venus carefully.
He offered a participation of 10 percent to the author. The other publishers feared that they were specially confronted with a topical event. Nevertheless, most publishers wanted to publish the book. Most publishers wanted to pay on an average maximum 20 percent in profits to the author. The criminal alien wanted to return by Emoji Symbols to the first publisher. On the way two attentive Emojis with their special binoculars were on the move. They noticed a suspicious alien from the Venus. Immediately they pressed the alarm button. After some time several policemen came to the place. The criminal read his own book seated on the bench. The policemen perused the title of the book: "How I provide a gas cylinder and throw it on my opponent without being visible, besides." A policeman was able to do the language of the East Venus. He had to read this title. He said other Emojis: This alien reads just a book about the topical event in the book fair in Japanese Emoji. That's why Emojis decided to arrest him. During the pre-trial detention witnesses from the book fair were asked whether they saw this alien before in the book fair. From the audience nobody could remember him. So the Saturn's speaker and the injured presenter were brought personally to the alien after their rest. The niece of the judge recognised him. After this event the fingerprints had to be still compared in the victims to the suspect. Later the criminal was placed together with his book in a prison by several hard armed Emojis.
During his custody he required the establishment of contact with his publisher from Emoji Meanings.
The publisher noticed that he should use the chance even faster. That's why he looked for the imprisoned writer. In the prison cell the both signed the publishing contract. Because of the actuality of the book a lot of Emojis and Saturn's aliens were interested in this book. The publisher rejoiced that he hardly had to advertise to the new book. The news main entrances did this for him. Finally, several journalists pursued the imprisoned alien from the Venus almost every two hours. Thus his book became within 7 days the best-seller in Emoji. Many Emojis wanted to buy above all the book in his original language. That's why they learnt diligently the language of East Venus very intensely with this book.
Among the gathered lawyers the whole story was also discussed. The judge from Japanese Emoji was outraged about the fact very much that this alien got the attention at the expenses of his niece. That's why he wanted that his niece sues the successful alien for compensation. This complaint was granted. Thus the publisher had to pay a portion of the participation of the writer to both victims of the book fair directly.
Because of this story Emojis more exactly decided to discuss the subject publishing contract in their legislation.
A professor for publishing company being from Heart Eyes Emoji explained the concept:
A publishing contract obliges the author to the handing over him entitle publication to the publisher. The publisher undertakes to publish the book or another artistic work in an agreed number in copies.
The author must know about the number of the copies at beginning. Moreover, the author at least 45 percent must get as well in the income. Both contracting partners can also agree on an order of the author. In this case the author pays the production costs. The sales rights remain unilaterally with the author. Moreover, the author may sell the licences independently. At this time the announcement of the successful best-seller of an imprisoned alien reached the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. He decided to write a book with the following name under a pseudonym: "Thus you prevent a taxation of your property in Emoji!"
This book became the best-seller among the books on financial subjects. The uppermost tax collector laughed at the buyers secretly in his office.
The book was liked particularly among stingy aliens from the Jupiter very much. The uppermost tax collector wanted to have the names of the buyers of the book on a list. That's why he required of his publisher the names of the buyers. Moreover, he threatened the publisher by non-publication with criminal results for the publishing company. Thus the official from Poop Emoji got a whole book with all names of the buyers. Later he ordered to his employees that they should send to these Emojis bills of the mightiest and haughtiest tax authority. The tax collector profited several times by his engagement. Thus he got rich by book sales and raised massive pressure on the new taxpayers.
Can the publishing company giver change the publisher?
An author from Middle Finger Emoji wanted to know this. A defender answered: The publishing company giver must keep according to the publishing contract to the number of the agreed copies. At the end or the end of the agreed copies, the originator of the book can require better demands in his favours in the new contract. Thus also made a famous author from the former Circus Union: He required for the first edition of 20000 copies, after his breakthrough an increase of his profit sharing. He reached this by a new publishing contract.
Two other Emojis who worked as journalists for a newspaper wanted to know:
Our old newspaper articles are published every year regularly on the 14th of November. The employer denies to pay us from new one these articles. Thereon said a lawyer from Star Emoji: In journalistic works agreed the employer and the employee that the newspaper articles may also appear later and any time without other compensation of the publishing company. With it several journalists started to flow into completely Emoji nearly one flood in tears from their eyes.
Who has the copyright in the book or other artistic work in Emoji?
Three especially creative Emojis wanted to know about this from the gathered lawyers. A professor for jurisprudence who publishes regularly books about the legislation at different publishing companies explained:
The copyrights 50 percent must be ordinarily guaranteed with the authors and 50 percent with the publisher. Both contracting parties can agree in writing on divergent regulations with each other.
Several publishers from completely Emoji wanted to protest against this formulation in the code. The lawyers agreed for the protection of the writers unanimously. Only few stingy Emojis from Emoji Meaning were against this law. They wanted to attach a copyright of the publisher on at least 80 or 70 percent.
Nervous Emojis wanted to ask: What happens if the writer hands over his work to the publisher? The publisher loses the work somewhere.
Thereon explained an accuser from Heart Eyes Emoji: In this case the publisher must pay a compensation to the author. The accuser still complemented: The publication of the book must always occur after common consent. Moreover, the work may not be published if the author did not confirm his approval in writing personally.
A lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji expressed himself on the subject:
The publisher must have an assurance for a failure of his printers. In this case the arrangement about the producing copies should be protected. Moreover, the publisher is obliged to consider every change by the author in his work in the next edition. In this case also belong improvements of the present work.
Which duties does the author have?
Four Emojis who worked together on one single book already during 1212 days asked this.
Thereon explained a clerk of the court from Poop Emoji: The author must always have at least two copies of his work with himself. If the work should be brought to several publishers for the examination, at least one copy must be with the author or the authors at home or in the desk.
When does the publishing contract end in Emoji?
A publisher from Alien Emoji wanted to know this because he finished up to now still no contracts with authors.
A copyright lawyer expressed himself: The publishing contract ends according to the written arrangement according to the contract. If this regulation falls, the contract ends after the printed number of the promised copies. Another possibility can be a disinterest of the publisher. If a book could not be sold in the desired area, the publisher can finish the cooperation voluntarily. This may happen only if the publisher renounces the printed copies in favour of the originator.
An author still wanted to explain his case exactly to the Emojis:
With the first publisher we had sold only 200 copies. Other 9200 copies could not be sold at the desired time. That's why the publisher discontinued the contract with me. I was persuaded of the success of the book. That's why I advertised independently to my book. This led to the great success. Moreover, another publisher contacted me. He wanted to produce other 20000 copies. The first publisher required a compensation, although he dismissed me voluntarily from the publishing contract. Can I reject the first publisher?
A lawyer from Japanese Emoji said: The first publisher can be rejected because he discontinued the contract after his failure. Moreover, he can claim no compensation because of envy. By the way: If the publisher goes bankruptcy, the author with his work may change to another publisher without term of notice. Even if the author dies, his descendant leaves bequeath his contract partially. Moreover, the publishing contract goes out in Emoji if the originator dies or becomes incapacitated. The originator can instruct a third person to the fulfilment of the present contract. This can happen above all for health reasons. At this time Emojis were so hungry that they started to eat the traditional national bread 🍠 before running camera. Several spectators complained for the clandestine advertising by Emojis at the television broadcasting station.


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