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Who invented the first Emoji?

Four Emojis visited the wood of Middle Finger Emoji in an early morning. There they met a former judge who drank a water melon juice seated on a bank. These four Emojis recognised the famous judge from the telecast of the legislation. These Emojis wanted to ask the lawyer something. That's why they decided to walk together in the wood in good atmosphere. There Emojis met a group of tourists from the Mercury. This group led the diligent Emoji Guide.
He told the local history into foreign language to the tourists very much enthusiastically. The former judge asked him into which language he talked to these tourists. Emoji Guide said that he expressed himself into globalised language of the galaxy.
The judge and the other Emojis did not understand which globalised language of the galaxy was meant. Several people from the planet Earth were brought at this time by the informatics professor Setag Lib in Pluto from their places in the wood with the valuable ground to Emoji. Suddenly several people stood before the Emojis and aliens from the Mercury. Setag Lib checked the people for their occupations. Most people were either lawyers, psychologists, doctors, construction workers, Offline marketing specialists, programmers and two designers. Most people would deal professionally a little to nothing at all with the future popularity of the Emojis on the planet Earth. That's why it was important that only both designers to themselves should notice the faces of the Emojis especially well. Thus placed Setag Lib to both designers from the planet Earth especially good recollections of Emojis for their professional future. Besides, a former designer changed his occupation.
That's why an information scientist's team decided in Pluto that the Japanese called Shigetaka Kurita should get the honour to create the first Emoji on the planet Earth. Finally, professor Setag Lib praised Japanese for their active progress in the area of the robotics. That's why aliens wanted in Pluto unanimously that Japanese should work on the first Emojis on the planet Earth. At the same time it was also very important for information scientists from Pluto that people on the planet Earth forget their experiences from old times with the Emojis. This concerned the history of the port city Japanese Emoji. The feeling should be thereby given that people Emojis would have invented for the first time what should bring advanced aliens in Pluto later for smiling.
Emojis asked themselves who were these beings who suddenly appeared in the wood and disappeared afterwards again. A trainee from the Uranus observed these curious Emojis on his screen. He decided without being asked Setag Lib to answer these Emojis their question during a theoretical reading of the professor for informatics at once. Thus he sent these Emojis to a device where they were used as Emojis for Android by people. Suddenly affected Emojis experienced how helplessly they were abused by people. A user of a Smartphones said his friend that very funny Emoji with judge's wig appeared with him. The friend had a similar device with himself.
He looked in his Smartphone. He found no Emoji with a judge's wig. That's why the both decided to look on the Internet for an Emoji with judge's wig. On the Internet there were exactly 0 results with all big and small search engines. The affected user feared that his Smartphone was hacked. That's why the user went for a specialist shop. There his device was checked for viruses. The former judge felt how the anti-virus programme walked over his whole body. He started to cry. Suddenly an employee said that this Emoji with the judge's wig had several tears. The anti-virus programme was destroyed by his tears. Then the owner of the device had to find out that this Emoji was indelible. In the interim spread in the mass media and on the whole planet Earth the news that an Emoji with judge's wig was found incredibly in a Smartphone. The owner of the device decided to extinguish his notes, contacts and other private things from the Smartphone. He used the whole attention to auction his Smartphone with the Emoji with the judge's wig on the Internet to the highest bidder prospective customer.

Moreover, several videos circulated on the whole Internet where all these special Emojis were to be seen in this device. The highest bidder prospective customer was ready to pay 2,000,000 Bitcoins. Upwards in the interim the pride of the owner this Smartphones grew. The suffering Emojis felt strong noise. At this time the buyer and the seller had to agree where the handing over of the Smartphones will take place. At this time a colleague sat beside the alien from Uranus and took for a short time his device. He pressed the button "undo" several times. After some time all Emojis from all devices of the planet Earth were brought to their native country. Moreover, the colleague extinguished all previous codes, so that the alien from Uranus again do not torment Emojis.
At this second the handing over of the Smartphones had to take place to the buyer publicly. Several curious journalists came for this handing over. The proud seller had to show the Emoji with the judge's wig to the buyer. At the beginning he thought that he made a little bit wrong. Then he looked disappointed for this Emoji. The owner of the device was insulted as a swindler.
His defenders showed the video to the buyer where these special Emojis with the judge's wig were to be seen. The buyer rejected the purchase of the worthless Smartphones without special Emojis. However, with it the story was not over. Several scientists of the planet Earth wanted to deal with this special phenomenon. The owner of the device hoped that scientists would buy his device. Really several researchers wanted to have the device for their work. However, nobody bought the Smartphone so overpriced as this would be the case with the auction. At least, the device was sold for 4000 Bitcoins for research purposes.
When Emojis returned to their native country, the informatics professor Setag Lib wanted that Emojis see all experienced. That's why a screen appeared on a thick tree where the whole adventure of the Emojis was shown them.
At this time several misers from the Jupiter who had several own baker's in the town Star Emoji came to the wood of Middle Finger Emoji.
They hoped unnoticed to steal the valuable earth. They were too loudly. That's why noticed Emojis who saw their own adventure before that it was to loudly. Thus they went to this direction. There they found the stealing misers. The former judge was so annoyed that he hit a tree several times. Then several heavy cherries fell on the heads of the misers. That's why they had to be delivered to the hospital. Then these misers had to pay a punishment for the tried theft of the earth.
After this event Emojis met the assigned counsel from Middle Finger Emoji and told him what they experienced before. The lawyer reminded of own experiences which later all lawyers wrote in their notes as " Why were Emojis created?".
At that time all lawyers experienced together how on the planet Earth the decision came to the first Emojis.
At this time the Secret Service informed the first dictator that Emojis again became victims of the people in their devices. The ruler wanted to sue the planet Earth for compensation. It was stupid only that Emojis and people had at that time no contacts. The most advanced programmers not even had a notion of Emojis at this time. That's why this wish landed only on the list of wishes of the first dictator of Emoji. At least, more Emojis respected their elective ruler after this statement.


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