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Is Emoji a language?

In the censored building at least 10 Emojis sat in the town where Emojis hid their laughing formula strictly from foreign looks in Laughing Emoji. Among them were two lawyers who worked regularly in new laws of Emoji. At the same table also there sat a former general of the amusing town. He wanted to know about other Emojis what they thought about the fact that their face expressions on the planet Earth were used as a language sometime. Finally, many Emojis discussed in the last time own future on the foreign planet. While Emojis intensely discussed own future, a geometrical shape of the last Horror Clowns suddenly appeared to before the door where the laughing formula by Emoji was strictly protected against foreign tourists and was kept. Ten Emojis feared that the former ruler could open the door.
Moreover, they had fear that the most confidential laughing formula of the country from their place could flee. After the death of the last Horror Clowns invested Emojis in at least several 200 locks, so that the confidential laughing formula would not be slightly accessibly for thieves.
The last Horror Clown tried to put his ghost in an Emoji. Finally, he wanted to restore after 4 months of his death the Circus Union. Among ten Emojis was an ant researcher. He said the concerned Emojis that he still wanted to strengthen the closed door. The last Horror Clown learnt different tricks after his death. That's why he was able to do the ant researcher with an invisible power supply line in such a way injured that the affected Emoji left his physical body fast. In the interim the geometrical shape of the last Horror Clowns took the body of the ant researcher. The remained Emojis noticed that the ant researcher looked very strange and stated that it was the last Horror Clown. Because Emojis recognised before the geometrical shape of the former ruler, they thought him.
He said the present Emojis: "What you and other people made with the former Circus Union, a real betrayal is in our preliminary work. Then he took over the guidance of other Emojis. Moreover, he forced them that he would have to be shown on the state television. In the interim the ant researcher landed on the planet Earth. He sat beside several ambitious information scientists. He looked as people worked on two operating systems. Both information scientists were about equally old and they tried each other to compete. By this second a professor pressed in Pluto a button. Then the ant researcher landed in 2021 of the planet Earth. He looked at several sent SMS of the people. He noticed that every fourth word seemed to him famously. Finally, these were Emojis. In comparison to the traditional language of the Emojis Emoji L, used persons exclusively Emojis in the form of the picture language. The ant researcher wanted to know more about the use of the Emojis on the foreign planet.
Instead, he was sent to Jupiter at once. There he experienced a dog holder who worked on a plan as he could get back his dog from the greedy authorities. Finally, it was usual in Jupiter that politicians under the excuses like the list of the dangerous dogs might get rich at the expenses of the citizens. Thus so-called dangerously dogs were taken away from the dog holders. Later these dogs were transferred to the animal home as intermission, so that the interested politician could buy to himself the dog much more favourably. After this event the ant researcher from Emoji had a worse impression of aliens from the Jupiter.
Remained 9 Emojis brought the last Horror Clown to the TV studio at this time. There the last Horror Clown was shown live to all Emojis. Several Emojis contacted their relatives in other states of the former Circus Union. Thus the news spread over the return of the last Horror Clowns like the fire.
The rulers of the succession states tried to include the last Horror Clown as a historical personality not in their present. The first dictator of Emoji tried to calm his colleagues: This is probably an old unpublished video of the dead ruler.

This speech looked very persuasive and plausible. In reality the first dictator of Emoji became very nervous. Finally, he analysed the video exactly. Moreover, he knew the reality movements of the last days very exactly. That's why he informed his Secret Service that the last Horror Clown should be arrested live on television.
Suddenly the main lawyer appeared behind the last Horror Clown. This time realised all Emojis that it was no fiction. That's why Emojis rejoiced in the city of Emoji Meanings. The lawyer wanted to begin his day meeting with his occupational colleagues. Instead, he met the dead last Horror Clown. When he saw his face, he got a fright. He lost his consciousness. Several chimney-sweeps and Emojis went to the TV studio where the last Horror Clown spoke. They wanted to celebrate his return in Emoji. Two aliens from Kepler-16 kidnapped two Vampires from the planet Halloween. They wanted to know about them how they could become immortal. By this second the ant researcher from Emoji appeared before them. He said that after more than 4 months of his death the former ruler of the Circus Union returned. When they heard this statement, they wanted to fly together with this Emoji to his homeland.
Both aliens took both Vampires on the trip as hostages. The last Horror Clown felt that very foreign flying object passed the airspace of the Circus Union. That's why he commanded three Emojis to encircle the whole airspace. Moreover, he wanted to visit his head office in the capital of the former Circus Union again. By several strict former military the flying object from Kepler-16 close to Crying Laughing Emoji was made a forced landing. Both aliens were arrested. Both Vampires had to be brought to the last Horror Clown. Finally, the Horror Clown wanted to see them with both eyes. In the interim the first dictator reacted very nervously to the return of the former ruler. Finally, he knew him from his former cooperation. The royal descendant Devil Emoji wanted to use the mess in his favours. Thus he sent his Saturn's friends to that place where the first dictator could meet the last Horror Clown. They had to organise to them a surprise.
The first dictator decided to consult his friend from Poop Emoji. The uppermost tax collector said him that the former ruler had to swear on the protection of the tax authority. At this time recovered the main lawyer and explained to the spectators that on this day no day meeting was possible. Emojis left their houses and celebrated the return of the last Horror Clowns. The photos of the first dictator were kicked ostentatiously in Emoji Symbols with feet. The first dictator reacted very much anxiously that he could lose his power. That's why he wanted to meet the last Horror Clown. He wanted to explain to him that a return was impossible to his rule. Suddenly stood in the TV studio the last Horror Clown, the first dictator and some fans of Devil Emoji. There sat a presenter and explained the Emojis that they were soon informed about the unsafe situation. By this second a discussion began between Horror Clown and the first dictator of Emoji. Behind them stood quietly the fans of the future king.
While the both claimed the rule for themselves, they were pelted with several old stinking newspapers. In particular the last Horror Clown felt unwell. Later the first dictator lost his consciousness. In the interim the ant researcher used the chance and returned to his physical body. The last Horror Clown tried to get dressed the body of the first dictator. This failed. The ghost of the first dictator defended to 1/5 his body for 4/5 his ghost. At this time the first dictator landed on the planet Earth and read: Emoji is the new official language of our planet which substitutes for the other languages for reasons of the simplicity at once. The first dictator did not know that he landed in wide future of another planet. At least he felt very proud thereon to be a real Emoji. He tried to notice this sentence. After his return in his physical body he wanted to tell Emojis the good message: Somewhere I saw a sign where Emoji officially became the language of a whole planet.
With this statement the first dictator became a little more tolerably for his opponents. After this adventure lawyers wanted to discuss themselves the future together.
That's why Emojis visited their traditional job in the capital. After all lawyers sat down comfortably on their chairs, the main lawyer wanted to begin with his introduction speech.
A group of aliens from the Uranus and Pluto sent by this second at the beginning an invisible later well visible screen on the wall. Emojis got a short movie about the humanity of the planet Earth. Therein it was explained who people were and what they did.
Lawyers asked themselves, why they had to consume so much information about people.
A sentence briefly dealt with the meaning of the Emojis in the future of the planet Earth: Emoji becomes the picture language on the planet Earth which will substitute for all the other languages from all regions. After this sentence appeared several pictures about humans:
Several people were shown who shoot predators because they are too lazy to pay attention to their sheep independently. Moreover, people were shown who had the feeling to have a property right on nature. That's why several woods were pointlessly cut down what led to higher carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Emojis became tired after this movie a little bit. That's why they shifted their discussion to the other day.


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