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Is Emoji a language?

In the censored building at least 10 Emojis sat in the town where Emojis hid their laughing formula strictly from foreign looks in Laughing Emoji. Among them were two lawyers who worked regularly in new laws of Emoji. At the same table also there sat a former general of the amusing town. He wanted to know about other Emojis what they thought about the fact that their face expressions on the planet Earth were used as a language sometime. Finally, many Emojis discussed in the last time own future on the foreign planet. While Emojis intensely discussed own future, a geometrical shape of the last Horror Clowns suddenly appeared to before the door where the laughing formula by Emoji was strictly protected against foreign tourists and was kept. Ten Emojis feared that the former ruler could open the door.
💩💯😂. ➡️👤💡❗️🛠️➡️👥. ❗️😕📔🌝. By this second a professor pressed in Pluto a button. Then the ant researcher landed in 2021 of the planet Earth. He looked at several sent SMS of the people. He noticed that every fourth word seemed to him famously. Finally, these were Emojis. In comparison to the traditional language of the Emojis Emoji L, used persons exclusively Emojis in the☎️🧓➕😷🧮⏰📻️👑🦠⚙️. 💡👍️🐔➕💸💉. 👮➕💵🧬🛠️🤘➡️👤. 😍➕❌️🛠️. ➕💡❌️🏠️⏱️.
Suddenly the main lawyer appeared behind the last Horror Clown. This time realised all Emojis that it was no fiction. That's why Emojis rejoiced in the city of Emoji Meanings. The lawyer wanted to begin his day meeting with his occupational colleagues. Instead, he met the dead 🖕➕⬆️👥❌️📢. 👥⬅️💗⬆️👤📁⬅️. ❌️⏱️🛠️➡️👤🎁. Moreover, he wanted to visit his head office in the capital of the former Circus Union again. By several strict former military the flying object from Kepler-16 close to Crying Laughing Emoji was made a forced landing. Both aliens were arrested. Both Vampires had to be brought to the last Horror Clown. Finally, the Horror Clown wanted to see them with both eyes. In the interim the first dictator reacted very nervously to the return of the former ruler. Finally, he knew him from his former cooperation. The royal descendant Devil Emoji wanted to use the mess in his favours. Thus he sent his Saturn's friends to that place where the first dictator could meet the last Horror Clown. They had to organise to them a surprise.
The first dictator decided to consult his friend from Poop Emoji. The uppermost tax collector said him that the former ruler had to swear on the protection of the tax authority. At this time recovered the main lawyer and explained to the spectators that on this day no day meeting was possible. Emojis left their houses and celebrated the return of the last Horror Clowns. The photos of the first dictator were kicked ostentatiously in Emoji Symbols with feet. The first dictator reacted very much anxiously that he could lose his power. 🤡➕🤴❌️🤔➡️🥔. 🛠️🤡2️⃣ 🔑➕🔒️. ➕💰️⚙️🔈️♾️⤵️🙏. 🛠️👥⬅️💆‍♀️🤡🧓3️⃣0️⃣ 🧬8️⃣2️⃣ 🇺🇸. ❌️➡️👤🛠️➕8️⃣ . 👥⬅️🌲⬆️💆‍♀️⬆️➕🤡🔇. 🛠️👥⬅️💆‍♀️👥🚵⬅️🤱🏠️.
Emojis became tired after this movie a little bit. That's why they shifted their discussion to the other day.


What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

Story: What is the difference between an Emoticon and an Emoji?

Who invented the first Emoji?

Story: Who invented the first Emoji?



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