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Which rules must follow distributor in Emoji?

In the middle of the clean city centre of Middle Finger Emoji two Stars, three aliens from Mars and six Emojis put their tables. Both Stars advertised to products of third. The Martians told the pedestrians about an app, which indicates the right assurances on account of own needs. Besides, the distributors profit for every concluded contract. That's why the insurance canvassers were especially meddlesome. Emojis advertised above all to local jam from Cute Emoji. They might expel these products in Middle Finger Emoji. At this time two Saturn's prospective customers came to the Emojis. The aliens from Mars and Stars looked with very envious looks at these prospective customers. They turned at the same time their heads to the direction of the Emojis. The aliens from the Saturn explained the Emojis that they wanted to buy immediately this jam.
Thereon two Emojis decided to go along with the buyers. In their warehouse Emojis noticed that they had no inventories. They were very nervous. They had to order at once the products. They were also ready to pay policemen for the delivery of their product an emergency bribery. Both Emojis were glad that they might bribe policemen for the delivery of the jam. Four policemen received from the factory from Cute Emoji nearly seven gigabytes in jam. When policemen wanted to get out on the border to Middle Finger Emoji, they were attacked by a group of aliens from the Venus and seven criminal Emojis. Most packaging of the jams were stolen. The criminals disappeared faster than policemen could realise the theft. Nearby there was a photographer from Crying Laughing Emoji.
He was interested very much in the nature of Middle Finger Emoji. That's why he took a photo almost every fourth second of a place in the nature of the miraculous town. His camera was produced in Uranus. That's why Emojis stood in the town ordinarily queue, so that they received a photo impression from this photographer. Several his unique photographs with the best resolution in Emoji were shown above all in galleries by Jung's enterprisers. Of it profited above all Emojis in Emoji Art. This time the criminal Emojis with the aliens from the Venus landed in his photos. Behind a very thick tree sat several hungry thieves. They ate jam. The photographer did not notice this at the beginning at all. In the meantime, policemen noticed that their delivered product was absent. They became very nervous. They decided to claim the help of their colleagues.
An alien from the Venus noticed how he was injured by strange flashes of a camera. He said his colleagues that somebody took photos of them. The criminal Emojis became very nervous. Aliens from the Venus decided to find the supposed photographer, so that they could destroy his camera. Near a puddle the criminals found the photographer. The rich Emoji took a photo of this puddle of all sides. The criminal aliens and Emojis attacked the photographer and took away his camera from the hands from him. The photographer shouted at the thieves. He required the return. Besides, an alien from the Venus answered that they were photographed illegally. That's why they must destroy for their own protection the camera. The photographer became very nervous. He explained that he extinguished the photo with these aliens and Emojis immediately.
The criminal Emojis and aliens mistrusted the photographer. They decided to look at the device with their eyes together. After some time looked a former watchmaker the camera. He remembered that he might take part in an exhibition in Uranus before the death of the last Horror Clowns. There the newest models of the cameras were shown. Among them was also this device. His boss at that time promised to every employee to buy such a device as a recognition for their good work to the next new year. The death of the last Horror Clown and the end of the Circus Union these plans missed. My boss at that time died of an overdose of the bad news after the final end of the Circus Union. Most watchmakers were dismissed at once. The criminal aliens from the Venus and Emojis decided to commemorate together with the photographer of the times of the rule the late Horror Clowns.

The photographer extinguished after this event immediately that picture where the criminals were to be seen. Then they said goodbye of each other. In the interim Saturn's prospective customers were annoyed very much that Emojis could not fulfil the delivery of the jam in spite of bribery of the policemen. At this time aliens noticed in Uranus that in Emoji was searched for the thieves of jams. At the same time a photo with hungry Emojis and aliens from the Venus landed in their archive. The photo was delivered by a short blackout in the brains of the Saturn's prospective customers with several background information. They realised that their jam from Cute Emoji was already delivered by policemen up to the town border. Besides, all packaging were stolen by Emojis and aliens from the Venus. The criminals were photographed by a photographer and were extinguished later. Both Saturn's prospective customers ruled very much angry that the photographer the accomplice became of these Emojis.
So they looked for the photographer. They found him near an oak. There the photographer recovered from his experience with the criminal Emojis and aliens who experienced a sad past.
Both Saturn's prospective customers confiscated the camera and hit several times on the face of the photographer. Moreover, they took his expensive wristwatch. They tied up the photographer in a subterranean bunker. They would shout at him. They said him, why he extinguished the criminal Emojis and aliens from his camera.
The unsuspecting photographer could not react. He was degraded so strongly in his pride that he almost already forgot his professional success.
The Saturn's prospective customers hoped somewhere with the photographer to find jam. This was not the case. The Saturn's prospective customers wanted to compensate thus for their wasted waiting period. At this time a hunter with ten Emojis and six Stars from Star Emoji were on the way to the wood of Middle Finger Emoji.
There the hunter showed how to have the aim before the eyes importantly. He wanted to shoot just with a bow and arrow a flying banana. In the interim both Saturn's prospective customers left their place where they locked up the photographer. The eager hunter shot his arrow directly at a Saturn's prospective customer. His friend feared that somebody got them. That's why he tried to flee. The other Saturn's prospective customer shouted so loud that several Emojis left the hunter. They ran to the direction of the injured alien. The hunter had great fear about his professional reputation. That's why he organised as the first persons present the first help to the injured alien. The injured person started to say something: Because of me a photographer sits in a subterranean bunker. Emojis did not understand these connections. At least, there fled his colleague with the wristwatch of the photographer. On the way further details from the mouth of the injured Saturn's alien fell on the ground.
Thus Emojis decided to look for the photographer. They really found him. The photographer was released by Emojis. Moreover, he received his camera. He explained the Emojis that these were two Saturn's aliens. The other Saturn's prospective customer found hungry aliens from the Venus with the Emojis who ate jam. He was so annoyed that he wanted to throw his wristwatch on them. Instead, he made noises like a lion. The criminal aliens and Emojis had great fear that several predators were on the move. That's why they left several packaging of jam on the ground and fled. The Saturn's prospective customer was so thankfully to his destiny that he got the jam after big expenditure even free. He took several packaging with himself. He left the wood of Middle Finger Emoji. Three Emojis noted the suspicious alien and alarmed the local police. The policemen came exceptionally very fast. Finally, they had big problem with the stolen packaging of jams from Cute Emoji. The Saturn's prospective customer was examined by the policemen and was arrested.
He explained that he took away the packaging in the wood of several criminal aliens and Emojis. The policemen did not believe him. Four policemen who accepted the bribery examined the fingerprints of the Saturn's alien. They explained that his fingerprints were not same with the other.
That's why the Saturn's alien had to sit out only one prison sentence for the stolen wristwatch. His injured friend was arrested after the hospital stay for 298 days. Emojis who sold the jam had to note their loss because of the bribery of the policemen in the accountancy.
In this time just the gathered lawyers discussed the rules for distributors. A clerk of the court from Alien Emoji wanted that distributors were better protected by indirect mediation of goods and services to customer.
Therefore the responsibility of the delivery was shifted by goods to the supplier legally.
Emojis who suffered a loss as a result of own bribery to the policemen wanted to sue their supplier judicially for compensation. The court examined this case of all sides. Moreover, all witnesses and policemen were questioned. Affected Emojis tried to pay an other bribery to four policemen, so that they would pass on in court the guilt for the suppliers. The supplier surprised them in court with a photo proof which he did before every release of his dispatch. Emojis saw how on that day the packaging of the jams was loaded carefully in the police vehicles from Middle Finger Emoji. After this event all judges saw that four policemen accepted briberies. That's why these officials with the Emojis had to sit for 246 days in the prison.
Which duties have companies which work together with distributors?
An alien from the Uranus asked this. A specified lawyer explained his opinion:
With successful mediation companies must pay a commission of at least 10 percent. The contracting parties can also agree on higher commissions for distributors. This must be signed everything at the beginning in writing by all involved parties.
For the mediation of flats and houses the distributor must get at least one agreed wage of the principal. If the distributor could sell a product thanks to his conviction for a higher price, he can also require a bonus from the principal.
At this time a message reached the gathered lawyers from kidnapped Emojis who had to sew several swimming trousers in Saturn for misers from the Jupiter. That's why lawyers threatened with a military freeing action of the Emojis.
The Jupiter's authorities threatened with the bombardment of several important buildings in Emoji. That's why contacted Emojis strong aliens from Pluto. By an intensive crisis meeting several programmers were requested in Pluto to the reprogramming Jupiter's and Saturn's aliens. After some time the kidnapped Emojis were brought voluntarily from the Saturn up to the front door to Emoji.
The stingy layer in Jupiter prescribed a several days memorial service because of the loss of cheap workers from the kingdom Emoji. A clever alien from the Jupiter said that cheap manpower was to be had in Poop Emoji easily.
Thus misers flew to Poop Emoji and looked for a suitable and qualifying location. Really they could find there Emojis as cheap manpower for their swimming trousers. The uppermost tax collector organised even a thanks celebration to the misers from the Jupiter.
The misers felt honoured. At the same time they demanded a tax freeing on their sold things. The tax collector said that, primarily, Emoji Poops were strongest to be punished. But the profits of the enterprise must be also punished.
The misers noticed that they were in all trap. On the one hand they had good cheap manpower, here, on the other hand, they had to pay taxes. That's why they had to calculate with their pocket calculators everything. Finally they accepted the power of the tax authority at the expenses of the cheap manpower of the Emojis.
At this time several Emojis who wanted to prepare for forthcoming check wanted to ask the gathered lawyers something.
Can students use the building of the lawyers as learning places?

All lawyers with a strange look reacted to it. They asked themselves where they were generally. The main lawyer explained the Emojis that they can use this building only after the end of the legislation for other purposes. His colleagues agreed with this statement. Then Emojis left ostentatiously their room.


What is a letter of credit?

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