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What is a letter of credit?

Five students of the art university in Emoji List wanted to found own gallery. These Emojis knew that they could found their gallery only in Emoji Art with maximum success. That's why these Emojis left the university town. The art students looked in their savings whether they had enough capital for the foundation. Emojis noticed that they needed a loan for their foundation. So they became nervous a little bit. Finally, distributed banks and loan institutes loans very much limited. The reason was that the death of the last Horror Clowns and other political future was unsafe in Emoji. Five Emojis went for too different banks. There they requested of loan for their foundation. The cashiers passed on their wishes. Most talks ended with it. Later Emojis received a phone call of a bank. The bank manager decided the handing over of a letter of credit to the art students. Emojis had in this document all conditions and the maximum amount which was accepted as a loan by the bank. Thus they had received a controlled loan from the bank.
The bank manager granted this loan because he himself hid a big collection of art objects in his subterranean bunker. At this time other creative Emojis from Alien Emoji looked for investors for their decayed banana bowl collection. That's why they went to the economic metropolis of Emoji Meaning. There tried Emojis to persuade stingy investors from the Jupiter or Emojis with Jupiter's roots of their business idea. Most misers laughed only at them. An alien from the Uranus wanted to invest 120 Bitcoins in this idea. With it he protected to himself a participation of 40 percent in future sales. Really gifted Emojis from their decayed banana bowl collection could create a creative work. This art could be sold for a price by 49075 Bitcoins to an art fan. The misers from the Jupiter regretted very strongly that they did not invest in this strange idea. They started to eat their fingernails. Thus an Emoji visited the stock exchange in Emoji Meaning. There sat several financial jugglers who chewed their fingernails together.
At this time several amusing Emojis assembled in Laughing Emoji for photo shootings. They found out from a researcher from Pluto that in future people on the planet Earth communicate with their faces. A public prosecutor was active as an amateur photographer. He took a photo of at least 70 Emojis in 777 different positions. Thus a laughing Emoji became on the planet Earth later as symbol for the most amusing people of the galaxy. Some aliens from Mars wanted to introduce together with six Emojis a travelling restaurant with Japanese kitchen in completely Emoji. They planned with a food truck to travel nationally. They needed a total of 26799 local Bitcoins for their business idea. They had to buy not only for the moving food truck, but also all plates, glasses and also ingredients. With the search for investors Emojis with the aliens paid attention to the body form of the investor. Thus they visited the famous presenter called Big Face in his job. The ambitious journalist was thick.
He looked for investment possibilities, so that he could come faster to his capital for own television broadcasting station. That's why he liked the idea of a travelling restaurant. One day these Emojis drove falsely to Japanese Emoji with their food truck. There nobody was interested in Japanese food. The reason was that the Emojis there knew anyway Japanese kitchen. This was nothing new for them. That's why they fled from Japanese Emoji like criminals from the prison.
These Emojis experimented with their locations in completely Emoji. They always tried to sell above all in cities their menus. For that they chose for every weekday another town. Particularly in Heart Eyes Emoji they had great success. Many religious Emojis brought the big breakthrough to the Japanese kitchen from the food truck. Even other Emojis suddenly wanted to try out Japanese salads and other food.

That's why several stingy investors from Emoji Meaning contacted the successful entrepreneurs in writing. They offered direct loans to them.
With this loan kind it was usual that an investor could automatically take part in the company. In Heart Eyes Emoji stingy investors tried to persuade the owners of food truck of the acceptance of their investment. Angry Emojis reacted with a hunger attack to these investors.
The son of a judge went, as usual, to his training period to a solicitor's office in Star Emoji. Because he was the youngest employee, he had to appear in earliest from all lawyers to the work. Before the front door he found a big packaging. He wanted to empty first the mailbox. After he brought all letters and advertising material on the table of his boss, he still took this packaging. To his astonishment it was not difficult. He put the packaging on the table of his boss together with other things from the mailbox. He heard strange noises. He looked from the window and thought that these were noisy Emojis. When his boss came to the office, he reacted furiously.
He said his trainee: "I was at a bank and wanted to apply for a loan. The employees and the bank manager looked at me at the beginning friendly. Later they got together their magnifying glasses and microscopes, so that they could better analyse me. Finally the bank manager from Mars granted a letter of credit to me. In it I got a confirmation that I could get a maximum loan of 124807 local Bitcoins. I got the first payment immediately with 10000 Bitcoins. With it I can build a new house for my solicitor's office." At this time the first customers knocked at the door. The boss commanded to his trainee to open the door. Moreover, the trainee had to deal with these Emojis. The boss sat down on his place. There he started to peruse all letters and advertisements. Then he threw everything on the side. He got the packaging on his table and opened it. There he found a small puppy. The boss shouted so loud that the other Emojis had to come to him. Thus the customers and the trainee came to the lawyer.
The boss explained: I found this puppy in this packaging. The lawyer considered what he should make with this dog. Thereon Emojis decided to go together to an animal home in Star Emoji. That's why they renounced their present shops. Thus the boss wrote in the front door: Excuse. Because of an emergency I am away with my employees for a short time. Some Emojis who ran past exactly looked. Thus the lawyer got even more customers by this action than was reported in a local newspaper about this case. At an animal home the puppy was checked for the effects of his packaging by veterinarians. The police in Star Emoji initiated an investigation. Later several Saturn's aliens were condemned because of maltreatment of an animal in a court a prison sentence of at least 4444 days. The accused aliens wanted to write against it a complaint. The responsible judges sent their wish to the nearest waste bag.
Therefore their pardon was rejected by Emojis.
Exceptionally the gathered lawyers met only for a short time. They wanted to present the legislation on the subject letter of credit and loan order quite briefly to the Emojis. Thus a defender of a bank from Emoji Meaning began his statement: The letter of credit allows to the applicant for the credit to get the loan in smaller parts. For example: Somebody receives an at most allowed loan from 100,000 Bitcoins. At the beginning the applicant for the credit agrees maybe in 5000 or more. Thus the credit grantor can estimate the risk of a repayment better. Moreover, the applicant for the credit can also correct the maximum amount down easier. This can be above all with an initial misjudgement the case. For example: A building contractor applied for a loan of 5,000,000 Bitcoins for the construction of a multi-storeyed house. After the end of the construction time the company notices that 456,689 Bitcoins were not required. Thus this amount can be corrected on time in the letter of credit in Emoji.
An entrepreneurial Emoji wanted to know:
My two brothers and I wanted to get a loan from our bank in Emoji List. Then our inquiry was sent to a third to Japanese Emoji. Thus we received the loan from Japanese-speaking Emojis. Unfortunately, we are able to do no Japanese. That's why we have to negotiate difficulties into foreign language.
Our question: Can we persuade our credit grantor anyhow in our mother tongue to take over this loan order from Japanese Emoji?
Thereon several lawyers started to laugh. Also Emojis who observed at home this discussion started to laugh long.
After the rest of the laughter explained a lawyer who had good contacts in Japanese Emoji that he would help these enterprisers with the communication free of charge.
The main lawyer criticised his colleague: Basically we should create a possibility that these Emojis get the loan order at least in their mother tongue. Also an employee must be able to speak in Japanese Emoji the language of the majority of Emojis. Really a bilingual employee could be found in Japanese Emoji by intensive researches. He played the role of a translator.
Then an assigned counsel wrote the following sentence in the code Emojis:
§ The commissioned credit grantor can hand over by a preserved loan order into three parts. Besides, the commissioned credit grantor sticks for the damages which have originated from the forwarding of the loan order into three parts to the applicant for the credit.
Several stingy credit grantors decided to extinguish the concept loan order from their encyclopaedia when they got this law in their ears.
Later one more accuser from Emoji Art complemented: Basically credit grantors should take out a special policy for such contracts.
Then lawyers decided to visit a restaurant together. By this second a candidate suddenly appeared instead of the gathered lawyers for land dictatorship before millions of Emojis. He said that he worked as a pizza baker somewhere in Emoji. He promised free pizza every second Wednesday of one month to the Emojis if they elect of course him.
Several spectators puzzled what was this advertisement. Later Emojis on the electoral slips of paper searched in vain an interesting candidate who promised free pizza. At least, ordered Emojis the next day a lot of pizzas. At the end several pizzerias celebrated their common advertising success. This was to be financed the only possibility for many pizza baker's the expensive advertisement.


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