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Who can command in Emoji?

On account of new menace by spies from other planets or countries authoritarian Emojis wanted to look at their satellite arrangement in Emoji Keyboard more exactly with their eyes. At this time explained a public prosecutor who also worked on the legislation Emojis that by him checked employees would be sent to the satellite arrangement to Emoji Keyboard. ❌️🤔👤🎭️≡👤. Thus the enterpriser of tomato ketchup factory and student of the politics sciences Devil Emoji called up his employees.
He said to the Emojis that they should collect several old newspapers for the big day. For this additional job Devil Emoji promised a bonus for their regular wage to them. 🤔👤🎭️➡️👤👥👀≡1️⃣ 👤😄👤. At this time he lived close to Crying Laughing Emoji. There many Emojis wanted that Devil Emoji runs for election in the state dictatorship. He promised to them a much better option for the good future under his guidance as king of Emoji. 😂1️⃣ ❌️👤🎭️👀1️⃣ 🖼️🎥. 1️⃣ 👤🤔2️⃣ 🖼️. 💡🎥⤵️👀. In the interim several pedestrians looked in Emoji Meaning certainly at these strange Emojis with old newspapers.
Later Emojis could lock up their old newspapers in a special safe deposit. Devil Emoji reacted after his success made easier. 👤👨🙃👤👨⬅️🎭️🛠️👤⬅️😀.
🎁➡️👤👨. 🎁➡️⚓👤👨🛠👨. Thus he visited different towns, before he discovered the religious Emojis in Heart Eyes Emoji.
There distributed aliens from the Venus books about their religion to Emojis and other prospective customers. Quick local Emojis noticed that these books were written into foreign language. 🤔➡️👤🎥⚙️❌️⛏️👤🔧👤⤵️.
At this time small children of the Emojis and aliens from the Uranus played near a wood with several stones in Sad Emoji. Among them was also a clever Emoji who wanted to rub two stones with each other. 🐻➕🔎👥👎️💄. ➡️❌️🤔▶️👤👨👀≡👤👨💅👤👨⬅️➕👤🎭️🎞️❌️.
The small Emoji turned out too clever not only for his age, but also in comparison to adult Emojis he was clearly cleverer.
At this time the tax authority of Poop Emoji was properly visited by exceptionally many candidates of the state dictatorship. 👀🧬🤔👤👩🎯❣️🎼🎧️.
The exception formed above all Poop Emoji. There taxes were also collected after the foundation of the Circus Union exclusively by Emoji Poops. The gathered lawyers wanted a law on the subject: Which authorities may command in Emoji?
In addition they agreed that basically in emergencies like fires the responsible policemen and firefighters might command their subordinated. 🛠️💩👥⬅️▶️🛠️👎️☹️.
In the meantime, Devil Emoji with his employees celebrated the new record of the accumulated old newspapers. Now this collection counted 900,000 newspapers. More and more Emojis and above all stingy aliens from the Jupiter donated voluntarily their old newspapers to Devil Emoji and his team. The old newspapers were kept like real treasures.


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