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Who can command in Emoji?

On account of new menace by spies from other planets or countries authoritarian Emojis wanted to look at their satellite arrangement in Emoji Keyboard more exactly with their eyes. At this time explained a public prosecutor who also worked on the legislation Emojis that by him checked employees would be sent to the satellite arrangement to Emoji Keyboard. Finally, the public prosecutor also worked as a head of secret service with the competence to the uppermost dictator of the local Secret Service. Thus he commanded unasked hearings of the telephone calls of the suspicious Emojis or aliens. Moreover, spies had to filter out all telephone calls after certain headwords at his command. Thus all talks were monitored more intensely if the names of the candidates were mentioned in the land dictatorship by Emojis at least once. Thus the enterpriser of tomato ketchup factory and student of the politics sciences Devil Emoji called up his employees.
He said to the Emojis that they should collect several old newspapers for the big day. For this additional job Devil Emoji promised a bonus for their regular wage to them. Several spies took down all important moments of this conversation. Then they sent several elite policemen on the search for Emojis with old newspapers. At that time thanks to his good contacts with different aliens and Emojis nationally, Devil Emoji much more often changed his personal residence after the death of the last Horror Clowns. At this time he lived close to Crying Laughing Emoji. There many Emojis wanted that Devil Emoji runs for election in the state dictatorship. He promised to them a much better option for the good future under his guidance as king of Emoji. Finally, he came from the royal family Emojis. Because Devil Emoji was not 10966 days old yet, he had to fill very bureaucratic forms for his candidature.
Instead, he decided to proceed to himself in the old Emojis with the conquest of the power much more skilful. Thus his sympathizers collected old newspapers for his plan. At this time Emojis discussed how they could detain the enterpriser of the politics. Thus several employees who collected old newspapers for Devil Emoji were arrested on one day by elite policemen. Then they all had to deliver old newspapers at the police. Devil Emoji found out in the news that several Emojis who collected old newspapers for him were arrested. He reacted very much angry. That's why he consulted his Saturn's friends from Crying Laughing Emoji. They recommended him to pay a phoney bribery to the policemen for the release of his employees and the preservation of his old newspapers. That's why Devil Emoji took together a printer with other friendly Emojis. Then he started to print the highest bank notes professionally himself. With the phoney bank notes he sent aliens from the Saturn to the prison.
There Saturn's friends of Devil Emoji showed the bank notes in such a way that all policemen directed their concentration on the money. Within 16 minutes all Emojis with all old newspapers were released at once. Quite proudly with high noses Emojis with the Saturn's aliens left the prison. In the interim several pedestrians looked in Emoji Meaning certainly at these strange Emojis with old newspapers.
Later Emojis could lock up their old newspapers in a special safe deposit. Devil Emoji reacted after his success made easier. Spies from Emoji Keyboard wanted to get from the uppermost police chief in Emoji Meaning several documents about the arrested Emojis. Thereon he explained to them that these Emojis were identified as innocent by several researchers. The public prosecutor from Emoji Keyboard reacted angry that the suspicious Emojis were released so fast.
The uppermost police chief explained, that every suspicious passenger caused huge costs for the prison. On account of the thrift of the city of Emoji Meaning too expensive prisoners would have to be released periodically prematurely. Among them are especially economic criminals or other Emojis who had used no physical force. After this event the discussion kindled who can command in Emoji. The local head of secret service from Emoji Keyboard thought that his command was more valuable. That's why the public prosecutor with his colleagues at the round table wanted to discuss this subject.
At this time an important religious leader sat in the south of Venus before the screen and looked at meteorite. Suddenly he had the idea to send several aliens from the Venus to Halloween. He wanted to know where just after the death of the last Horror Clowns the religious weak spots could be used. A scholar for the religion of the east Venus had to fly together with other aliens in the countries of the former Circus Union. Thus he visited different towns, before he discovered the religious Emojis in Heart Eyes Emoji.
There distributed aliens from the Venus books about their religion to Emojis and other prospective customers. Quick local Emojis noticed that these books were written into foreign language. They were disappointed. Finally, the envelopes of the books saw very hypnotising to the reading. Only one monk understood this language. He briefly started to read. He had got a fright very much from the messages, the aliens from the Venus to Emoji wanted to mediate. That's why he commanded the confidential collection of these books of all. Thus he paid to every Emoji who brings back the book at least 9 Bitcoins. Many Emojis and aliens brought back the books. In Venus religious aliens celebrated their success in the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji.
They looked at their meteorite in the screen and were very grateful.
At this time small children of the Emojis and aliens from the Uranus played near a wood with several stones in Sad Emoji. Among them was also a clever Emoji who wanted to rub two stones with each other. After some time originated thus fire. The eager children were glad about the surprise. They wanted to show this to their parents. That's why Emojis threw these stones on the ground. Within short time a big fire began in Sad Emoji. Several trees were damaged.
The fire brigade urgently had to come to the scene. Moreover, there came several Emojis and other inhabitants of the country from solidarity with many pots of water. In the interim the uppermost firefighter dealt with the circumstances which led to the fire looked. That's why policemen still had to come. They had to copy all fingerprints of all before present Emojis and aliens with their children on their papers. When policemen found out that the arsonist caused an Emoji under age, they had to contact the gathered lawyers. Finally, they did not know whether they could arrest a 1640 days old Emoji. The lawyers wanted to know, where from the small Emoji had his knowledge to a fire. That's why policemen had to search the whole place for lighters. They were astonishing that there were no signs for a lighter. All parents threw all things from their pockets voluntarily. For policemen this was a big riddle as a small Emoji could cause a fire without logical aid. That's why the small Emoji had to go to a psychologist. There an intelligence test was carried out.
The small Emoji turned out too clever not only for his age, but also in comparison to adult Emojis he was clearly cleverer.
At this time the tax authority of Poop Emoji was properly visited by exceptionally many candidates of the state dictatorship. Every candidate tried to persuade the uppermost tax collector of the fact that he explains the taxes for all inhabitants as compulsory after the successful election. After these visits the mightiest and the stingiest official dreamt about higher income for the tax authority of all Emojis and aliens. Really all candidates felt secretly guilty that they promised a dreamlike new life after the end of the Circus Union to the Emojis. Inside all politicians wanted to get rich by the mightiest tax authority unwarrantedly. Thus the tax duty on all Emojis and inhabitants of the country was developed. Up to now the tax authorities were defeated in different towns earlier.
The exception formed above all Poop Emoji. There taxes were also collected after the foundation of the Circus Union exclusively by Emoji Poops. The gathered lawyers wanted a law on the subject: Which authorities may command in Emoji?
In addition they agreed that basically in emergencies like fires the responsible policemen and firefighters might command their subordinated.
In the court a command was excluded by the judge sitting singly. Instead, several judges must compile a common command. At the governments they also wanted to place on common commands. When the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji heard this discussion, he reacted disappointed. He feared that Emojis would undertake together against the power of the tax authority a little bit. Until this was the case, still many dreamlike days passed and the rise of the stingy tax authority led to an economic crisis among the Emojis.
In the meantime, Devil Emoji with his employees celebrated the new record of the accumulated old newspapers. Now this collection counted 900,000 newspapers. More and more Emojis and above all stingy aliens from the Jupiter donated voluntarily their old newspapers to Devil Emoji and his team. The old newspapers were kept like real treasures.


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