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Why Emojis refused to tolerate political surveys for forthcoming elections

In an early morning several Emojis practiced in the mountains in the improvement of their own voice before an election event in Emoji Pants. Thus they loudly started to pronounce their own name. From it there originated several echoes. Many Emojis who lived on this island had to analyse very carefully these tones with their ears. An alien from the Mercury had a record device for noises with himself. He heard the echoes of the running for election Emojis. That's why he put two batteries in his device. Then he began with the recording of the echoes. Thus he became the echo collector of the political Emojis. At this time the youngest son of a judge from Japanese Emoji wanted a short-term working place wanted to find after his holidays in the wilderness of Emoji Pillows.
He found a media enterprise which provided for forthcoming elections several surveys of the first successor after the last Horror Clown regularly.
Thus this Emoji became the survey leader. He had to question Emojis in the middle on the street about their candidate. Some Emojis complained of the time robbery on the part of these meddlesome survey leaders. Similar surveys were also carried out by the different candidates nationally on own order. An employed snail collector worked very much intently on a small highway which was closed for moving Emojis with the police. At this time appeared the son of the judge and started to speak in Japanese with the working Emoji. He wanted to question him about his electoral behaviour. The diligent Emoji did not react. He had to protect snails against the death on the highways. The meddlesome survey leader repeated his questions. The snail collector shouted at him: Go away. Don't you see that I have to work!!!
The survey leader mourned a lost opinion. Then he left this place. He went to the railway station of Japanese Emoji. There were Emojis from the island Emoji Pants who worked on their voice before. They said of course their own names. Several nervous Emojis in Laughing Emoji mentioned quite different names in the surveys than they really at the elections bragged. Many candidates who appeared in the surveys completely in front appeared as very proud and haughty before the audience. The son of the judge moved more and more meretriciously by his surveys among the Emojis. Thus he stood quite cheeky before two waiting Emojis in a bus station. He stopped them from looking to the left in the direction of the moving bus. He began with his questions about the electoral behaviour. Because he had also a month subscription for journeys in bus and ships of Japanese Emoji, irritated he Emojis on the journey with his questions.
Regularly he was shouted always nothing but by furious Emojis. Later he was asked by his employer to go in a ship to Emoji Face. Among the jugglers were also many aliens from the Venus who lived in Emoji long time. They were also questioned by the irritating survey leader about their electoral behaviour. Thereon an alien got up from his place. He took in hand a broom. Then he hit quite brutally the son of the judge with the broom on his face. Many aliens and Emojis applauded him for his courage because of irritating silly surveys. The survey leader felt unwell and wanted to jump out of the ship in the cold water. He jumped and swam out. More and more there rose the readiness among the elective Emojis and aliens to offend the survey leaders or to hit even. This case spread in Emoji like fire. Some opponents of the surveys distributed even pamphlet of candidates who had as a main election pledge to forbid the surveys before the elections of all kind.
In reality not a single one candidate wanted to forbid such surveys. At this time the alien from the Mercury tried to sell his recordings with the echoes to politically eager Emojis in Emoji Meanings. Nobody was interested in paid-up echoes of the politicians. Finally the alien had to sell his echoes to a museum for election rallies much more favourably.
The judge from Japanese Emoji was angry very much at the moderately severe injury of his son who worked as a survey leader for a short time. That's why he decided to forbid political surveys in the code Emojis in writing. Stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots could persuade the other lawyers against the ban. That's why the high-powered judge from Japanese Emoji decided to use his forces and contacts for a survey ban. Thus he started to organise with other Emojis and especially aliens from Pluto several intensive events on the subject. That's why the judge wanted to skip several meetings of the events. Instead, he appointed two Emojis as his deputies. Thus they decided to collect signatures from the people.
An important advocate of the survey ban was a magician from Star Emoji. He already practiced a trick. Thanks to his trick collecting Emojis had a lot of forms for their signature collections. More and more voluntary Emojis, aliens, Stars and other prospective customers joined to the group "No for political surveys before the elections". Within two days this group already counted 4,567,676 members. After other days nearly 10,768,457 Emojis and other inhabitants of the kingdom signed the form for the ban. After the gathered lawyers got to know about the great success of the population, they decided to discuss unanimously the problem. This time the judge from Japanese Emoji took the law book of the country in own hands and wrote the law of his life: § Political surveys for elections or votes may not be abused any more by advocates or opponents. Who offends against this law, must be punished in the prison for at least 2662 days.
When journalists heard this hard law, they wanted to organise own signature collection against this law. Besides, they might expect on support by Jupiter's and Saturn's elite. Even the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn's Rings interfered with this subject. Thus he sent several professional bribers from the Saturn, who paid Emojis for the change of their opinion. Thus journalists also collected signatures for the "protection of the valuable political surveys".
Many Emojis could not resist the Saturn's briberies. That's why journalists had also collected 26,657,584 signatures. Finally, Emojis with their signature once in the life also wanted to earn money. This time they had this possibility. Only that's why they also signed. The judge from Japanese Emoji reacted very much disappointed about the great success of his opponents. He did not know that the opposing success was so successful by sponsors from the Saturn. The gathered lawyers had the problem that they might not extinguish written laws simply thus from the code. That's why they decided to shift the election of the dictator. Instead, Emojis had to vote about the abolition of the ban of the political surveys.
This time Saturn had so high debts that nobody could bribe Emojis. So the abolition with only voices Jupiter's and Saturn's elite was supported. Also stingy Emojis and journalists recommended the abolition of the written law. Because the elite and journalists could not represent the clearest majority of the population, the abolition of this law with 76 percent was rejected.
That's why Emojis called this day as a funereal day for political elite of the country.
Also the uppermost religious leader found out in Saturn that Emojis rejected his efforts. He insulted Emojis as thankless beings of the galaxy. Moreover, he required a personal conversation with the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji.
By the threats of the Saturn's religious leader the uppermost official of the mightiest tax authority felt big compassion with the Saturn. That's why he promised to increase the taxes for Emoji Poops. Because of the tax rise several Poop Emojis fled to Emoji Pants.
After these events lawyers wanted to discuss the problems of the surveys before the elections for the first time essentially and without emotions. An opponent of the surveys from a village close to Emoji Face argued: Anyway nobody is obliged to express his own true opinion on a subject by the surveys. The time-consuming and manipulating surveys which steal unnecessary time for objective discussions originate from it. After this statement applauded even stingy Emojis who were for the political surveys. An advocate from Laughing Emoji said: Then all survey participants would also make wrong declarations on other subjects. He also called examples: Surveys about the income, property, private life.
Some opponents also wanted to allow to forbid other surveys. This failed. Finally, decided lawyers that journalists might not carry out representative surveys for their employer. According to this decision all journalists could deeply inhale. They went together to the mountains of Emoji Pants. There they would shout in the mountains their arrogance. A mass echo originated from it. This echo led to a light earthquake. These journalists fell on the ground.
Then they crept quite quietly to the direction from which they came before there. A journalist discovered an incredibly coloured thing on the ground. He decided to dig out the thing with the help of his fingernails. He had been surprised. He found an old wristwatch. Thereon was written a little bit. The journalist could understand only the concept Emojis. That's why he looked for a historian by emergency.
In the interim the judge from Japanese Emoji wanted to celebrate his success with the legislation with his family. Finally, he wanted to forbid the political surveys only because his son became a victim of this work.
The journalist visited a historian with the found wristwatch. The historian had to contact one more archaeologist. Both Emojis looked with a total of four eyes the wristwatch from the natural area of Emoji Pants. They could not identify the identity of the wristwatch. The journalist left both Emojis very much disappointed. The historian recommended him to visit his colleagues in the mechanical watch factory in Middle Finger Emoji. Really Emojis with their middle fingers could say exactly, where from came this wristwatch.
This clock had a historical meaning. It was thrown down by the Egoists from Mars during the big conflict with the Circus Union probably from an alien from Mars. Some Emojis thought that among the Egoists from Mars was also a spy from Emoji. Later researchers found a slip of paper in the wristwatch. There somebody explained something about the conflict with the aliens from Mars. At least, several candidates tried to persuade Emojis of the fact to the state dictatorship that a wristwatch threw down their father or grandfather as a sign to Emojis in the island. That's why these candidates lost their credibility faster than the election day came. After lawyers finished their discussion, many Emojis wanted to ask them whether private political surveys remained permissible. That's why the main lawyer explained that representative political surveys because of curiosity might not be carried out. According to this decision Emojis could make secretly political surveys.
Thus running for election politicians also tried to examine their chances by private survey leaders. What did not seem, however, any more, were the political surveys which allowed representative opinions.


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