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What is a freight contract and the kidnapping of the transport ship in Emoji

On a very long transport ship from Japanese Emoji were transported several yottabytes in sweets and tomatoes by the yellow sea. Several clowns of a good circus provided for good mood of the fabric guides. At this time Emojis tried to attack a ship by a possibility. These Emojis had confidential contacts with Saturn's aliens who hid behind the old eucalyptuses in Crying Laughing Emoji. Together they wanted to kidnap several transported food from a ship. Finally, many Emojis and other inhabitants of the former Circus Union became impoverished after the death of the last Horror Clowns.
Among the clowns who worked on the ship was also a charlatan with Saturn's roots. He had the job to inform his colleagues about those ships where his circus just appeared. Thus he became the assistant for the robbery of several food. Emojis and Saturn's aliens took a medium-sized boat. They sat down thereon. At this time the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji found out that two hard working Emoji Poops on the transport ship wanted to transport several silvery coins. 😂➕👤⬅️💯, ➡️👥🎭️👤⬅️, 😨➡️👥. 👨‍🏫👤⬅️➕😂➡️👥➡️🔙🥲1️⃣ ➕🧪➕👑🦠👤⬅️. On the transport ship both Poop Emojis looked for their boxes. They noticed that partially their boxes from the ship disappeared. They said: Damn stingy tax authority!!
At this time was a ship with aliens from the Uranus on the way to the harbour of Emoji Pop. The captain looked with his binoculars exactly what waited for his ship in front.
There a very long transport ship and a relatively small boat were nearby. The captain had to pay attention very much that there was no collision by other ships. 7️⃣🎃👤👨⬅️📛➕🗣️❓️🎃💬🔊. 💩1️⃣9️⃣ ➕🛳😕❌️💡🗣️❓️🏫. 🤣➕👤⬅️➕🤔💡🆕❓️. Please, arrest both Emoji Poops!
When both Emojis on the connected boat heard this announcement, they felt very unwell. At least, they changed in clowns. Thus they were not recognised more than Poop Emojis. Both Emojis thereby managed the escape from the kingdom Emoji and they hid from the tax authority in the country of the Vampires. The arrested pirates had to justify themselves at the court in Emoji Meanings for the problems in the transport ship as well as for tried theft of sweets.
The gathered lawyers more exactly decided to deal with the subject freight contract.
The main lawyer asked his colleagues: What is a freight contract?
A judge from Emoji Meanings who worked just on a punishment for tried theft of the transport property for pirates answered: ☔️⬇️🎚️➕🐶🤡. 🤔1️⃣ 🛑👎️👨‍🏫👨‍🎓️. 🗣️❓️👨‍🎓️🗣️👤⬅️.
A farmer from Alien Emoji wanted to know:
When can the sender cancel the freight contract? Under which circumstances must the sender compensate in this case the carrier?
A lawyer with specialization on transport law from Emoji Copy Paste said:
🗣️➡️👤➕💯➡️👤👨‍🎓️3️⃣ 👂️😂. ❓️🤔📐🦐. 👩👥⬅️🔚⬆️🦋🪴💡👂️👈️❌️👂️👨‍🏫📅5️⃣ ×.
Thereon a judge from Alien Emoji described a case from his work experience: 7777 days ago a trader ordered several masks for the celebration of Halloween on account of a pattern. When the carrier wanted to hand over to him 60 masks, he denied himself to accept the masks. That's why he was condemned to the return at own expenses judicially unanimously.
A clerk of the court from Laughing Emoji still wanted to write important duties in the code Emojis with his hands: § 👨‍🎓️💰️➡️❌️💆‍♀️❌️💰️➡️. 🤔🏫👨‍🏫➕❌️👂️.
After other watching even other Emojis switched off the television.
Suddenly a lamp indicated the emergency. The engineer reacted something anxiously. He contacted his older colleague who had a work-free day on this day. 👨‍🦲🛠️❌️😡➡️👥💬👨‍🏫❌️🥇. 👨‍🏫📣➕🖕🤝➡️👥. Then Emojis were forced to finish their work involuntarily. The engineer left the TV studio as a first and went to Crying Laughing Emoji with contented face. Finally, he was jointly responsible for the former end of the discussion in the legislation Emojis.


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