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Commercial travelling contract in Emoji and modernisation of the bus stations

Because of old infrastructure in Emoji Keyboard local inhabitants decided to modernize several bus stations. Finally, the last Horror Clown neglected the renewals. The student of the journalism called Emoji Characters visited every occasion at this time, so that she could make her dissertation. Several Emojis wanted to renovate several destroyed bus stations in initiative. Many inhabitants were ashamed for the appearance of former successful town. The mayor of Emoji Keyboard promised the furious Emojis that the bus stations would be renewed in close future. ➡️👤🚨➡️👤👀2️⃣ 🛣️🚚👀👈️🪟. 😁👀👈️👀⬇️🚘️➕❌️. 😁👀🐐🛳️💺👤💺. For this purpose students of the military academy were taken by Emoji List.
Among them an air force boss and different soldiers were in the continuing education to leadership positions of the army. They flew by an old airplane up to the station of a small flying saucer. 😁➕👀🚚💡3️⃣5️⃣. 🎛️➕💺🍑➕🚼️➡️⬇️🛣️6️⃣5️⃣ . 🚚2️⃣0️⃣ 👉️👌🎭️👤👩✂️🛹👤👩⬅️, ✂️⬆️🍇➕🎳🛳️💺. A well-trained Emoji explained something to him. The concerned Emoji wanted to pay a bribery to this group.
Thereon two Emojis accepted the bribery. These Emojis made the lawyer go by Poop Emoji. There the lawyer was surprised by several furious Emoji Poops. They held posters with the following texts: "Betrayer of the kingdom Emoji!"
He did not understand, why he was insulted so. The Poop Emojis expressed themselves very negatively on the avoidance of the old labour law. This law guaranteed every badly paid-up work for the enslaved Emoji Poops. Also the uppermost tax collector insulted the lawyer as a damned betrayer of the tax authority. That's why the uppermost official required the payment of the taxes of the aliens from the Mercury who built the bus stations in Emoji Keyboard.
🛠️🍇🥗🛣️. 😁🔂👀3️⃣5️⃣ ▶️🎺➕🤩. Thereon the main lawyer started to write voluntarily the following sentence in the law book of the kingdom Emoji under big pressure of the people:
§ The commercial traveller's contract may not lead the employees to undesirable house visits of the customers. Only the customers who granted before a house visit of an employee in writing can be visited by such employees.
According to this law many Emojis calmed down. However, Saturn's aliens became very much angry.
At this time several bakers thanked the lawyers with the traditional national bread 🍠. After Emojis ate the bread, a clerk of the court explained: The commercial traveller's contract must be concluded always in writing. Therein the following information must be held on: Duration. Wage and compensations of travelling to the customer. Accommodation costs if a longer mission abroad or a foreign town. Responsible courts. Moreover, the employer must have a special travel assurance for the affected employees.
Which duties does the commercial traveller have?
Six Emojis who searched a professional adventure wanted to know this.
Thereon explained a full assigned counsel from Japanese Emoji: ➡️👤🍆➡️😮, 👥📸➕💄☀️🪞1️⃣ ⏱️🐶🐫🚇️👜💺.
After this statement Emojis wanted an example from the practise. An accuser from Emoji Symbols said: A customer had concluded a contract with the commercial traveller in his flat. Later the boss of the company noticed that in this contract, for example, the delivery time was absent. In this case the whole contract must be printed anew.
The employer can pay a commission for especially actively successfully advertising commercial travellers. An example: 👀👤👨⬅️🎸.
What can the hindered commercial traveller do?
The former judge from Cute Emoji answered this: If the commercial traveller was hindered without his fault in the trip, the employer must continue to pay the wage.
With omissions because of laziness the commercial traveller is able to do a wage shortening which might not exceed the working day. In such cases the employer can oblige the commercial traveller in his company to the work. After the end of the employer-employee relationship the employer must pay all deserving commissions which the commercial traveller concluded with positive success to the former employee.
Moreover, the former employee must return all aid and the whole material to his employer.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. The former professor for labour legislation opened the door. Before him stood several Cucumbers and Emojis. They wanted to sell a horror movie from the Salted Cucumbers to the lawyers. Very strangely, answered the specialists. The main lawyer asked the traders, why they sell a horror movie only after the end of Halloween?

Thereon an honest Cucumber could not lie any more: 👤👩🤪👤👩⬅️👶🧷👤👩⬅️🦶. Everybody agreed with his idea. The military should kidnap all gathered lawyers for the prayer to Heart Eyes Emoji. When the commander came to the Emojis, they asked him whether the army could not bring them to the laughter in the religious town of the kingdom Emoji.
The commander was glad that he could send his thoughts telepathic to the main lawyer directly. Really all lawyers went without exceptions to Heart Eyes Emoji. There they could laugh with other religious Emojis nearly 120 minutes with short breaks. 💩👁️‍🗨️🏞️🚚🪨➕👀👶⬇️🛋️💺👀👤👨👉👤👨🗺️. Then Emojis forgot their worries after the horror movie. After the laughter all lawyers with good mood said goodbye to each other.


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