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The first dictator was elected in Emoji

Nervousness rose among Emojis almost every second by 10 percent before the announcement of the election results. The gathered lawyers feared demonstrations of disappointed Emojis. That's why they commanded to all policemen and soldiers nationally in particular in cities to provide for rest. At this time Devil Emoji appeared before eager audience. He had a lot of Saturn's friends in Crying Laughing Emoji. He coordinated the distribution of the old newspapers in different locations in Emoji. Thus his fans were always ready if the first dictator makes the first speech to the people.
In the meantime, spies were very nervous in Emoji Keyboard. They had monitored plans of an unknown Devil Emojis about 14 days before the elections in their notes. That's why these spies informed the elite soldiers about the reinforced protection of the important places in the capital against meddlesome Emojis. Also lawyers recommended to the winner of the elections not to appear publicly on a big place. Many Emojis became impatient and looked on television the election results. An alien from the Mercury visited his relatives in Emoji Meanings. There many Emojis and aliens assembled and waited for the election result together. Some Emojis still organised short-term bets. Many stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots organised similar bets, so that they could still earn money. The most promising candidate with the number 3 was contacted by spies from Emoji Keyboard. They recommended him the use of several bodyguards. Because of this conversation it became clear to the future dictator that he should urgently introduce the tax duty for all Emojis. Finally, he wanted to finance the luxurious bodyguards at the expenses of the population.
In Pluto several aliens observed the events in Emoji very carefully. Moreover, they programmed other Emojis for Android. They stored their results on the special wind which will occur on the planet earth in the future in the brains of the right people. After the second recount was officially finished in Emoji Pillows, responsible Emojis contacted the former candidate with the number 3. They informed him about the victory in the elections. Among the informants was also the employee of Devil Emoji who worked as a responsible communication boss in the ketchup factory. Hardly he found out the final result he informed his boss. So that he did not look suspicious, he called up of the phone cabin. Moreover, he spoke with Devil Emoji into confidential language which important employees of the enterpriser had to learn in a cave after the death of the last Horror Clowns. Therefore these Emojis were valid for spies of all levels as puzzling and incomprehensible. Moreover, Devil Emoji examined personally who might learn the language. Every learner had to leave his fingerprints with the enterpriser. Saturn's friends of the enterpriser provided for it. Shortly before 20:20 o'clock a presenter explained to all spectators who became the first dictator of Emoji.
In Emoji Meanings and in the capital of Emoji SMS rejoiced most Emojis. In other towns still many Emojis and aliens were glad at the beginning. The elective dictator thanked the Emojis for his election. At the same time he explained to the spectators that the country of Emoji had hard time economically. That's why the state must search new sources of income, so that all officials and he could lead Emoji in the rosy future even with the biggest motivation. With this television speech the dictator disappointed many Emojis who elected him. In Crying Laughing Emoji supported Emojis and aliens the enterpriser with the protest. They hoped for a suitable opportunity. At the beginning the elective dictator excluded a personal appearance before the population vehemently. In Pluto a chief programmer intervened in the events. He sent a thought directly in the brain of the elective dictator of Emoji. Suddenly the dictator changed his opinion and explained that he wanted to appear his plans still on the same day in the city centre near the old Trojan donkey sculptures in Emoji Free.

By good contact with the uppermost and mightiest tax collector from Poop Emoji the dictator elective anew might use the flying saucer of his friend.
In Emoji Free many Emojis waited for the planned appearance of the first dictator. On the way the dictator felt motivation variations. Nevertheless, sometimes he wanted to renounce an appearance. In Pluto the chief programmer had to strengthen the motivation clearly. Thus the dictator was made practically appear before big audience at 22:30 o'clock. Because of this astonishing appearance in the town of the freedom concentrated Devil Emoji with his followers on the movement of the old newspapers to Emoji Free. All together Emojis and aliens brought 89079 old stinking newspapers to the place of the appearance. Many onlookers came to the event with their friends. The dictator had at least 76 bodyguards who should protect him of all directions. He began his speech:" I am glad to be allowed to appear before several thousands of Emojis and other inhabitants. Today Emoji proved that the country wants to begin a new chapter in its history after the end of the Circus Union. I congratulate all Emojis that they support the democracy in spite of difficulties with the counting up of the electoral slips of paper.
I promise that I will lead Emoji in a much better future than this the Horror Clowns did. We will have furthermore good relations with the states of the former Circus Union. Now our country must be led from the economic crisis. This is a hard reality which may not remain unmentioned."
The dictator elective anew knew as a political professional how he should lead cleverly his speech from positive aspects persuasive to the negatives.
Thus he still said different facts which had to do the future tax duty to fair-ready.
The dictator said: "The death of the last Horror Clowns surprised many inhabitants of the former Circus Union. However, in hearts knew Emojis about that sometime a new political system would come. These changes lead to uncertainties among the population and thus originate the new problems which did not exist before. Thus the lawyers had to assemble after the end of the Circus Union in the capital, so that new laws would be adapted to the needs of the Emojis. Before us stand still a lot of duties!
We must motivate the parliament and the ministers also financially. Otherwise there disappear the best politicians. That's why I must inform you of something important: The tax duty for all inhabitants of the democratic Emoji is introduced at the beginning of the new year. Do, however, no worries about the taxes! We will hold the taxes quite low. At least, we need to build no new building for the tax authority. In Poop Emoji the suitable building exists for a long time. Therefore costs are saved for the construction of a new tax authority."
Then the dictator praised the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji for his successful taxation of the Emoji Poops.
By this second Devil Emoji felt very growing envy that the new dictator would like to profit from the tax authority. That's why he signalled to his followers that they should act immediately. Then there rose several Emojis and aliens on a roof of a house. From this location they started to pelt the dictator with old and stinking newspapers. Many bodyguards were powerless. They tried to shoot with their guns at the throwers. Besides, it was made holes several old newspapers. A wet newspaper started to burn. Then it fell on a bodyguard. The protector of the dictator easily injured himself. Many present Emojis applaud for the courageous application of the strangers. Finally, local Emojis were very much angry about the fact that the dictator abused just the town of the freedom for the introduction of the tax duty. Above all Emojis and Stars in Star Emoji and Alien Emoji began a memorial service because of the nationalisation of the income. By this second the boss reprogrammed the thoughts of the first dictator of Emoji in Pluto. Now the dictator regretted his appearance so much that he did not exclude a resignation. Nevertheless, he swore to the throwers of the old newspapers revenge. After these events many Emojis felt the need to arrange some adventures in their country.
In Emoji Free an owner of a greengrocer's was very furious and disappointed that he allowed to burn own business. At least, his outbursts of rage were insured. His assurance paid to him much more money than he earned with his business per month. Some Emojis sprayed the ground on which the dictator elective anew spoke. The city administration of Emoji Free spoke about a chaos. In contrast to most furious Emojis nationally there were also positive reactions. Thus reacted Emoji Poops something with malicious pleasure that also other Emojis and aliens became taxable. Finally, they felt it as unfair that other Emojis were without tax authority. Other pride of the Poop Emojis was that their hometown was this time as the capital city of the tax authority. This meant for Emojis of this town that they would get additional jobs in the biggest building. This although the tax collector increased the taxes for Poops Emoji regularly. As well as the joy at the tax duty came for all inhabitants, this joy also disappeared quite fast. Finally, the suffering of the Emojis began under the tax duty. Many inhabitants fell ill with rising laziness and went increasingly to doctors, so that they might legally skip their work. In Crying Laughing Emoji an alien from Kepler-47 visited several places of interest. This tourist had as a domestic animal a duck whom he carried along everywhere.
This time he experienced furious Emojis who kicked several portraits of the dictator elective anew with their feet. They were very much noisy. The duck and its owner started to tremble. At least, there remained quietly in the big cities Emoji Meanings and the capital of Emoji SMS. Finally, most Emojis switched off their television sets, before the dictator elective anew spoke about the tax duty for all inhabitants. Only the next day Emojis of these towns read in the new newspapers about the plans and the entire appearance in Emoji Free. Journalists could better persuade Emojis for the future tax duty than this the dictator acted. Anyway mass media conveyed the impression that tax duty was normal for Emojis and temporary. Moreover, the censorship authority tried to extinguish all negative historical experiences from the history books. This failed. Attentive Emojis in Alien Emoji collected all data about abuses of the former tax authorities, the existed ones. The uppermost official of the tax authority could record the speech of the elective dictator still on time with his video device. He looked every evening at 8:07:15 PM the most important speech of the dictator. He enjoyed that all Emojis were condemned from this second to the tax duty. Even if his friends visited him, the uppermost tax collector interrupted the conversation and applauded with this speech. In Star Emoji all inhabitants hoped for the return of their hero and name giver of the town. Devil Emoji celebrated the success of the right dropping of the old newspapers on the dictator with his followers. All Emojis in his surroundings might drink tomato juice as a reward. This event was intensely discussed among inhabitants by Emoji. Also gathered lawyers wanted to deal with the first elections.


Count of votes in Emoji

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Emoji after the election of the first dictator

Story: Emoji after the election of the first dictator



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