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🕴 Man in Suit Levitating

🕴- Man in Suit Levitating, man in business suit levitating, first Horror Clown: entrepreneur, business owner, 🤴 Prince: high-ranking politician
At the times of Bronze Stone Clown wanted his followers to mark their opponents with a special symbol. First Horror Clown wanted to use the 🕴 Man in Suit Levitating. Scary Clown and other fans wanted an other symbol for their political group.
After the end of Circus Union saw Emojis every day 🕴 Men in Suit Levitating and female Emojis who worked on the new law of the independent state. At that time every Emoji knew: If they saw a 🕴 Man in Suit Levitating, he would probably have to be one of many candidates for the dictatorship. The first elected dictator appeared after his election 🕴 in Suit Levitating in front of a large audience.
One day a 🧙 Mage surprised his audience with a trick. This Emoji wanted that a spectator comes to him. He chose extra a 🕴 Man in Suit Levitating. The 🧙 Mage used his 📷 Camera and photographed him. After 17 seconds that Emoji experienced how his clothes changed.
At that second he wore a 👕 T-Shirt with 👖 Jeans. The spectator wanted to get back his expensive 🕴 Business Suit Levitating.
The 🧙 Mage said that he wanted gratuity from his spectators because he suspected that former 🕴 Man in Business Suit Levitating was paying too little for the show.
When that male Emoji returned 🏠, he found out that the value of his company increased.
Almost every stingy male Emoji wears a 🕴 Business Suit Levitating in the town of Emoji Meaning.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for man in business suit levitating.


Man in Business Suit Levitating


Unicode:  🕴


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