♲ Universal Recycling Symbol

♲- Universal Recycling Symbol
Recycling is in Emoji very important. That's why Emojis try to place everywhere the ♲ Universal Recycling Symbol.
2 weeks after the victory against the income taxes succeeded Emojis to recycle materials which were not recyclable before.
That was the special material of the tax declaration. At the times of third Horror Clown started residents of the former Circus Union to use the ♲ Universal Recycling Symbol for the first time because there were a lot of waste that should be recycled. For this purpose the Horror Clown sent several Emojis and other residents to Jupiter to learn all about the ♲ recycling there. Later they returned with several written 📗 Green Books about different methods of ♲ recycling.
In communication use Emojis this sign for universal recycling symbol.


Universal Recycling Symbol

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Unicode:  ♲


Polyethylene Terephthalate


High-Density Polyethylene


Polyvinyl Chloride


Low-Density Polyethylene





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